Hero’s Exist | Freedom of Speech Died & The Media’s Pandemic of Fear

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On this week’s episode we discussed Elon Musk denied having an affair with the wife of Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, Jim Harbaugh’s offer to his students, and the upcoming climate crisis being the new pandemic as a leaked conversation with CNN Executive exposed. We also discuss the death of the freedom of speech via AI algorithms and the white towel seemingly being waved by our politicians. Lastly, we discuss the recent mass shootings and the fact that hero still exists in a world where there seems to be plenty of villains. 


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Full Transcription

Welcome to the revolution.

 Hello and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams, and today is episode number 37 37 of the red pill revolution podcast. And I appreciate you listening so much. We have a very interesting episode today. Got some pretty, uh, intriguing topics today that we’re gonna discuss, including Elon Musk denying an affair with Google’s co-founder Serge Brins wife.

 that’s one we’ll touch on. We’re also going to talk about, uh, the Highland park shooter being indicted by a grand jury on over a hundred well, 117 total charges. Um, Jim Harborough. From the university of Michigan, shout out to Jim har har Harba Harba yeah, something like that anyways, so that he was willing to raise his or his, uh, players’ babies.

Um, basically telling them that they, he said, don’t get an abortion. I will raise your children for you. We’re also going to discuss the world’s first named heat wave. Hmm. We’ve been talking about this for the last several episodes where there’s been this humongous, humongous push recently through the mainstream media to, I don’t know.

And sensationalize, you know, heat  as a, as a, as the next killer pandemic. Uh, so find that interesting. Um, so we’ll discuss that, read about that article, see where, um, what the actual name of that heat wave is going to be. Uh, we’re also going to discuss a update as the Biden administration offers to exchange Britney Griner and Paul Whelan for release of Russian arms dealer.

That doesn’t sound right. Offers to exchange. Yeah. So two people for one, they want to exchange a Russian arms dealer for a w N B a basketball player who got caught with M. I dunno, find that one. Interesting, but all of that to more all of that, to more all of that and more, uh, on today’s show. So stick around, I appreciate you so much.

And if you’re wondering if you’re watching this, why I have this white little, I don’t know, eye patch over my eye today, I look like a mix of Nellie and Rocky Balboa. Um,  I will, I’m happy to tell you, so stick around and we’ll talk about that too. Um, welcome to the Revolut.

Welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams. Red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that I knew, everything that I believed, everything I interpreted about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a child, religion, politics, history, conspiracies, Hollywood medicine, money, food, all of it, everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power.

Now I’m on a mission, a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain. And I’m taking your ass with me. Welcome to the revolution.

All right, let’s get. Into it. All right. So the very first thing that we’re gonna discuss today, oh, I have a couple other topics, uh, that are gonna be discussed today, including Kamala Harris’s conversation about her, uh, blue suit  and so hilarious. Um, so we’ll, we’ll also discuss that. All right. Um, so thank you again so much for listening.

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Uh, just got, uh, banned for a full week on TikTok because I posted the video about last week’s discussion about hunter Biden. Um, basically getting in trouble by his own family members for being inappropriate with his niece, Natalie. Um, so I posted the video to basically just reading some of the information about that reading, um, some of the texts which were not graphic whatsoever, um, and somehow managed to get myself banned for putting negative connotations around a pedo.

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Underage family members. I get censored for that, right? So I need you guys to help me out, share my stuff, post it on your story. You know, re-share my videos. Um, you know, do whatever you can to help me get the word out about this. I would appreciate it more than you’d ever know. You know, this is something that I would love, love, love to do as my full-time career.

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And, uh, turn on your notifications for the red pill revolt, uh, Instagram page. And that would mean a lot to me. Um, and just share my shit. I appreciate it. Like I said, but the very first thing that we’re gonna jump into today is going to be Elon Musk denying his affair with Google co-founder Serge Brin’s wife.

Okay. So Elon Musk denying his affair with the Google co-founder’s wife. Um, and we’ll discuss this because it, it seems to be like, you know, Elon Musk is shouting disinformation  whereas the Google executive, I’m pretty sure basically. Divorced his wife over this. So if Elon Musk is just, you know, or if they’re going after Elon Musk, this guy’s pretty committed to doing so by divorcing, like actually legitimately divorcing his wife over this , but it goes on to say that TE’s, uh, Tesla boss, Elon Musk has denied having an affair with Nicole Shanahan, the wife of Google co-founder Serge Brin must comments came after the wall street journal reported that his friendship with Mr.

Brin had ended over the alleged affair, replying to a link to the story posted on Twitter. Must refer to the report as total BS. Musk went on to say that he is still friends with Mr. Brin and that they were at a party together last night. Hmm.  citing people familiar with the matter the wall street journal said that Musk has, was engaged in a brief affair last year with Ms.

Shaham. This prompted Mr. Brin to file for divorce earlier this year, over this and ended the long friendship between the two high profile technology billionaires. The paper also went on to say, but must tweet it. I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many people around and nothing romantic.

His tweet said verbatim. Um, this is total BS, Serge, and I are friends. And we’re at a party together last night. I’ve seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many other people around, nothing romantic at the time of the alleged affair in December Mr. Brennan and his wife were separated, but still living together.

The wall street journal said citing a person close to miss Shanahan. Then cite them. What, in this separate tweet, Mr. Musk said the wall street journal has run so many BS, hit pieces on me in Tesla. I’ve lost count even though they have PR uh, even though they have a prenuptial agreement, Mr. BN and miss Shaham are currently negotiating a divorce settlement, which could be as much as $1 billion.

uh, Mrs. Shanahan is a California based attorney and founder of legal technology company, clear access IP and the bio echo foundation. Uh, according to her LinkedIn profile, the BA echo foundation is a philanthropy organization that promotes reproductive, longevity, inequality, criminal justice reform, and a healthy livable planet.

Wow. That is the most vague thing ever. Sounds like money laundering to me.  Mr. Musk, who is also the boss of rocket firm. SpaceX is also known for how he operates his many companies, but is also attracted press interest in his private life. Um, So this goes on to show a few other recent articles put out about Musk just in the last three months.

And it does seem like there’s been several, several hit pieces on Elon Musk over the last 90 days or so leading up to the Twitter buyout. All right. So let’s just read through some of these articles, which says that, uh, let’s just read on down. What are the Elon Musk headers from this? Uh, the, the news company that I’m looking at here is BBC.

All right. The, the first one is Twitter spent 33,000,003 months on must deal. Tesla sells most of its Bitcoin holdings. That was six days ago. Twitter must dispute heading for October trial, Twitter, sus Elon Musk, over 44 billion takeover deal. None of those are hip pieces must became father of twins. Last year.

Elon must daughter cut ties with her father and Elon must deny sexual misconduct allegations. That was all the way back in may. So. Who knows. I could see Elon being a sneaky little bastard, especially knowing that he was in some type of sexual engagement with Amber herd. If you’re willing to do anything with that bat shit crazy lady, then you’re probably not above, you know, banging your buddy’s wife.

so it is a strong potential that this has actually happened in my opinion. Um, but you. Nothing, nothing, uh, nothing, uh, coming out yet. That gives us one way or another, besides a close, confident informant. Like they, you know, alluded to on there. Uh, but I found that to be interesting. Elon Musk out there doing the dirty, dirty deeds against his own friends, uh, wives  now, um, I guess we’ll have to see what comes of that.

If there is any further tweets, um, but time will tell, uh, who knows. Um, I think Elon Musk is probably, and she’s getting a billion dollars, right? If she goes from being with Elon Musk to this Google executive or from this Google executive to Elon Musk, and you get a billion dollars while cheating on your husband and screwing, you know, the world’s most rich man  I think, I think you’re doing well.

Um, so this sounds like a lose lose for both of the men and a win-win for Mrs. Shanahan. Or miss Shanahan now to clarify,  no longer misses. Um, but sounds like she won right. Elon Musk lost as in this hip story, although maybe he did get some late night shenanigans with the Google co-founder his wife. Um, and the Google co-founder seems to be the loser loser here because he both got cheated on and will lose a billion dollars as a result.

all right. Now the very next thing that we are going to discuss is going to be Jim Harbaugh. Saying that he is willing to raise his players’ babies instead of them getting an abortion. All right, now it says that, uh, Jim Harbaugh is fiercely against abortion, says that he’d be willing to raise the baby of any of his university of Michigan football players.

If they had an unplanned pregnancy and the couple decided to have the baby, he went on to say that I’ve told them the same thing. I tell my kids, boys, the girls, same thing. I tell our players and our staff members. He said that on Saturday, I encourage them to have a pregnancy that wasn’t planned to go through with it, go through with it.

He told ESPN, let that unborn child be born. And if at the time you don’t feel like you can care for it. You don’t have the means. Wherewithal then Sarah and I will take the baby. He said the Wolverines head coach who signed a $36.7 million extension in February was the key note speaker at a recent right to life event.

Hmm. Interesting. I didn’t know that about him. Um, I don’t happen to be a university of Michigan fan, uh, but a, you know, one of their rivals fans  um, however, uh, I would say that he just went up in my book, right. To know that he’s actually at, out, out there, um, you know, boots on the ground and pushing for some of his beliefs, including, you know, not, uh, AB boarding slash killing potential human life during the abortion speech, 58 year old Harba spoke and about having the courage to let the unborn be born as for why he chose to speak out about the controversial topic.

Jim says, while it may be difficult, it’s an incredibly important issue for America.  um, now it goes on to say, uh, another quote from him, which is just, I just think the issue of life. I think, I just think this issue of life save the, a life. The abortion issue is one that is so big that it needs to be talked about.

It’s a life or death type of issue. And I believe in and respect people’s views, but let them discuss it because there’s a passion on both sides of the issue. This is on the backs of the row verse Wade decision to be overturned now, um, good on har for doing this right? I would. Absolutely. I love that. I love that, right.

That this man is so willing in. So in his own beliefs about this, that he’s willing to take on the responsibility, right. Even of his staff members, not just his own children, not of, you know, his, just his players, which is a pretty audacious, uh, position to hold to begin with. I don’t know if that word applies there  but, but then all, not only that, but your staff members too.

So good on Harba for speaking out, speaking up, going to these rallies, um, being a keynote speaker at them, um, just looking through some of the pictures of this conversation that he had here, uh, posted by Detroit Catholic, um, in Plymouth, Michigan in the recent speech. Um, but. Very cool. I love that. I think that’s so awesome and, and good on him.

You know, I think there’s a, a longer conversation to be had. We’ve had this conversation several times since then, but, you know, as my position is held, you know, there’s definitely some options. One of those options is adoption, right. Or, you know, worst case scenario, foster care. But I don’t think if you interviewed any child ever who’s ever been birthed ever after not being aborted by their mother and being given up to foster care or via adoption that any of them ever would say that they would rather be dead.

Just my opinion. Um, but good on him. I think that’s awesome. You know, there’s very little positive headlines being pushed out there today and I’m sure 100% positive that he’s going to catch a bunch of shit for this. Um, and he knew that going into it full well. Right. He knew that, but he decided to do that anyways, which I think is just awesome.

All right. Um, so one of the next things we’re gonna discuss here is going to be the name of the world’s very first heat wave  right now. But before I do that, I need you to do one thing for me, head over right now to red pill, revolution dot sub stack.com. All right. Now, every single week I put out a sub stack podcast, companion newsletter directly to your email.

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All right. That’s what I got for that now. Um, the name of the, the world’s very first named heat wave and the name is Zo Zo. How anti climactic and they started at Z , so, Hmm. Interesting. Uh, so it says blistering temperatures ranked as a category three, the most severe tier in Seville’s Spain’s new heat wave system.

Um, the world’s first named heat wave hits Seville Spain this week, pushing temperatures past 110 degrees Fahrenheit and earning the most severe tier in the city’s new heat wave rink, new heat wave ranking system. Interesting how new this is. Oh, and they’re also gonna call it zoo, which has brought scorching temperatures to the Southern part of the country for the last few days, particularly in the region of Vania where Seville is located when in the evenings, the Spanish meteorologist service recorded temperatures that hovered above the mid eighties in some areas and extra stress on the human body, which relies on cooler nights to recover from high daytime.

uh, so this is all just telling you, like there was a recent video that came out from, I think it might have been project Veritas, but it basically, um, caught a CNN executive basically saying that the climate crisis is now going to be the new COVID push that they had. Right. So they they’re over the pandemic.

The death numbers are off the side of it. Right. And now the new way that they’re going to instill fear in you gets you to lock down your businesses, take away your rights is going to be through the climate crisis. And now we know it because CNN’s executive just said it literally from his mouth while being schmoozed on a date that wasn’t really a date.

I find that to be one of the most hilarious parts of the project Veritas stuff is like, not only did you get leaked saying some shit that you probably shouldn’t say, not only are you going to probably lose your job for doing so and get ridiculed by everybody you’ve ever known in your professional career, but you also now know that that probably pretty hot girl that you thought you were going on.

A date with that was super into you was full of shit. And just having a conversation with you. So she could steal information from you. Like literally like some cagey B spy stuff going on here in, uh, I believe it was project Verto it looked like a project Veritas video. Um, I don’t know of anybody else who’s been doing stuff like that.

So it, it likely has to be, uh, but.  it says that the, the, uh, the worst of the heat is expected to begin tapering off today. It was poised, uh, as it a, it posed a significant risk to human health while last day, according to ProMED Seville. Yeah. Who cares this big, big push by all the mainstream medias. I’ve talked about it several times over the last several weeks, every new article, the hu thousands of healthy people will die in the UK, right.

Or wherever it was Europe. Um, all of these articles coming out now, CNN coming out and saying that they are literally going to instill fear in you through this. And then they come out with a naming system. For a heat wave. Like they’ve never done in the history of humans ever. And not only that, but they were dumb enough to start it at Z

So we’ll see where that goes. But I, I really do think this is exactly what’s happening is they’re going to push for a climate lockdown 100%. Right? Everybody knows C’s over. Everybody knows besides maybe Fauci, who wants to still try and push fear in you because he’s so irrelevant at this point. And nobody cares what he says, but this is their new way of trying to instill fear.

This is their new way of trying to instill totalitarianism. This is their new way of trying to take away your jobs and your. It’s just what’s gonna happen. And there’s, this is like the scariest part about all of this for me is there’s like, literally nothing we can do. There’s not like, I don’t know what, what we can do.

Like protests, maybe like get, gather and get in front of these people. I guess that’s the, the OG way of doing it. Right. We gotta get, there’s gotta be some type of organization. That’s going to put these things together because there’s not even a whisper of these things happening right now. Not even a whisper of anybody at all in the United States of America, pushing back against this totalitarianism over the last several years, right there.

Wasn’t like even the trucker rally that was supposed to go on, like just drifted off into the winds. Like nothing happened. Nobody heard about it. Nobody talked about it. It didn’t help with any change at all. Right. So on the backs of all of this climate crisis, all of this food shortage crisis, which is basically just bill gates in China, buying up all of the farmland in the United States so that they can force you to shove bugs in your mouth.

Like Nicole Kidman. If you saw that video, you, if you haven’t seen it, you gotta go watch it. Nicole Kidman, basically. Uh, what does she say? Like 50% of the world are some stupid statistic that she gives eats bugs. Mm. And then she has like a four different types of bugs that she eats. It’s like this gross, gross mixture of Hollywood and global elites pushing their like next wave of societal shifts that they’re gonna profit trillions off of.

And then, and I think that’s an interesting point too, is like, that’s the way that when you have billions, when you have hundreds of billions of dollars, you know how you get trillions, you make societal human systemic shift.  right. Like shifting everybody from eating meat, to eating beyond meat, shifting everybody from focusing on, uh, good whole sourced beef to crickets and meal worms and all of this grossness.

Right. It’s like, what they’ve done is they’ve found ways over the years to take a whole way of human beings, operating systems and shifting it in a direction of something that’s profitable for them. Right? Like we saw it with the pandemic, with the vaccine. We saw it with like this hyper inflated sense of fear that they instilled in people to do.

So, um, you know, here’s an example of, of, you know, just the, the beyond me is such a good example of it. Bill gates, trying to ma basically shift the whole world from eating literally what was put on this planet for us. To consume just like every human ever has consumed forever. It’s not like cow farts. All of a sudden are tearing down the ozone.

Like cows have been around for a very long time. Right. They’re not just now, you know, pooping enough to, to blow up the world. Right. It’s it’s so stupid. And so you see them make these huge societal shifts, right? These huge, you. Concerted efforts to instill fear in the human psyche enough to make you want to spend your money and holy shift over to something new.

And here’s an example that I’ve used before. It’s like if bill gates decided that he wanted to take a 500 billion and turn it into $5 trillion, what he could do is he would go and he would lobby and he would push through all of the mainstream media. That water is now toxic. The water you drink is bad for you.

You should stop drinking it because if you continue doing so, you’re going to die, everybody’s gonna do going to die. And if you don’t stop drinking it, your neighbor’s gonna hate you. Your friends are gonna hate you. You’re gonna be the most hated person in the world. Cuz you’re contributing to all these people in the world who are now dying because they’re drinking water.

And then after pushing that message for so long, he decides to lobby against all these politicians who are now going to. Gates are raid, right? The brand new water. That’s better than the old water. It’s like Gatorade, but better. Right? And he’s gonna in, he’s gonna lobby through all the higher up governmental societal positions and he’s going to pay them off.

Like I said, 500 billion gets you pretty far with politicians, pay off all these politicians, right. Pay ’em off. And now eventually you’re gonna get these infrastructure bills that are gonna be passed to put in new pipings for gates raid, right? Bill gates, Gatorade  that is taking over water. And then eventually every single person in society is going to point their grubby little finger at you for drinking water.

And now gates took that 500 billion and turned it into 5 trillion because now nobody’s drinking water and they’re all drinking gates, array . And if bill gates steals that name from me, he owes me some damn royalties, cuz that would, or my idea if he steals my idea or. My name, he has to pay me royalties, calling it right now.

All right, because that’s a pretty damn evil plan that I just outlaid for him and a pretty damn good marketing name  for doing so, uh, definitely better than beyond meat, right? It’s like, I’ve seen all of these like vegan, vegetarian people like shoving their BS meat down your throat. Like if you’re gonna be a vegetarian, great.

If you’re gonna be a carnivore diet, great. Anything is better than the standard American diet. Literally anything is better than the standard American diet, but don’t try and tell me that eating meat is horrible for you. And the reason that people die don’t try and tell me that eating too many vegetables is that no, it’s the standard of American diet is the enemy, which by the way, was pushed on you by the government, right?

Anyways, just a side tangent that this is what they do. They’re going to cause these big societal shifts like climate change, like vaccination, like COVID like lockdowns, like, uh, gates array, right beyond me, all of these things that they’re gonna eventually try to make these huge societal shifts to turn billions into trillions.

And this is how they’re doing it. They’re gonna start with the mainstream media pushing these scarce scare tactics on you. Right? They’re gonna start putting up counters for all the people who died from heat shock. And then what they’re gonna do is just the literal the same exact playbook of COVID is just gonna be implemented for climate crisis climate.

right. The heat waves everybody’s dying. And then it’s gonna be the, you know, the ice age and all of this crazy fear and stilling stuff then comes the societal shifts. Right? Then they’re gonna start pushing and pumping money, which they’re already doing into the governmental structures to try and make you stop driving a gas vehicle.

They’re going to try to make you stop eating meat. They’re going to try to make you stop heating your home with gas. Like all of these things are gonna go away and now they’re gonna shift you, even though they didn’t need to. They’re gonna shift society from one thing to the next, so that they can take an entire industry and plop it back into their wallet and profit trillions off of something that is likely a complete bullshit facade.

Like we saw with the pumping up of numbers of COVID with the ages or the death certificates being shifted at the last minute, like the, you know, the, the literally murdering people like mass murder of people by shoving REM VIR down their throat and not giving them access to ivermectin or to, you know, any of the other holistic, you know, monoclonal antibodies, all of these things that were proven to help that they did not allow, right.

Just like, they’re not going to allow you to, they’re gonna cause these big shifts, they’re gonna buy up all the farmland and they’re not going to allow you. They’re gonna cause these like scarcity and meat. And eventually they’re hoping that everybody goes to either eat beyond meat, which is a 45 ingredient, chemical bullshit or meal worms like Nicole Kidman.

Right. I wonder how much they paid her for that.  I’m sure it was a fair, fair amount of money to eat bugs, right? If you’re Nicole Kidman, are you eating bugs? No, unless you’re getting paid a shit ton of money, which I’m sure she was. Now, the next thing that we’re going to discuss here is going to be the deal that is going down, that the Biden administration is willing to trade a convicted Russian arms dealer for a w N B player who got caught with a marijuana cartridge.

Hmm, that to me doesn’t seem like a fair trade  I don’t know. Um, so I find this to be interesting. Let’s read this article. It says that the Biden administration has offered to exchange a convicted Russian arms trafficker in order to secure the release of two Americans in Russian custody. After two months of debate, w N B a player Brittany Griner and former us Marine, Paul Whelan may be freed.

If the us offers to release Victor bout, it says that bout is star a starving bout is starving a 25 year prison sentence. That probably should be serving. Who am I reading this from the sun? Yeah, not the, I don’t know, decently legitimate kind of sensationalist, but, um, I don’t think they’re starving a 25 year prison sentence.

The sun, if you need an editor, gimme a shout.  Austin at red pill, revolution.co happy to help bout is serving a 25 year prison sentence in the states after being convicted by a federal court in 2011, for conspiracy to kill us citizens and officials. And we’re trading that for a w N B player who got caught with weed, we put substantial, substantial, a substantial proposition on the table weeks ago to facilitate the release that secretary of state Anthony blink, blink added that he plans to speak with Russian foreign minister Serge Lara to bring up the proposal.

It will be the first time the two have spoken since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February, Wayland has been held by Russia for a legend espionage since 2018. Russian authorities said Whelan had confidential documents in his hotel room while he was visiting the country to attend his Fred’s wedding and was given a 16 year.

Well, in a sense, claimed his arrest was a political stunt, according to ABC news. And he said, the guards call me tourist. He spent 18 months in detention and spent a waiting trial and said that when he was first arrested, he didn’t believe it was even happening. How was this a fair sentence? How was this a fair trade at all?

Like, I don’t know. I stopped playing Pokemon a long time ago, but I know if bullshit trade, when I see one  we’re trading, a convicted Russian arms dealer who is allegedly conspiring to kill Americans for a w N B a player who took weed into the country, doesn’t seem all that fair to me. Now, if you go back during Trump’s presidency, he I’m pretty sure it was, uh, like little Duval or something.

Right. I’m pretty sure. Uh, he got him released with like literally no. Oh, wait. No, that’s that? Not Lil Duval. Lil Duval is a comedian that was recently airlifted to a hospital after a car crash. Um, I don’t remember who it was, but Trump basically released a rapper without any negotiations like this without any trades.

He just basically said, Hey, that’s mine. Give it back.  and they were like, uh, okay, fine. Right. We’re not gonna mess with Donald Trump. What kind of deal is this, what kind of no negotiations is that maybe you should start a little bit lower than murderous Russian arms dealer for w N B a player who smokes weed.

That’s I don’t see the, and on top of that, they threw somebody else in there. Like it wasn’t enough, right? Like, oh, I, no, nevermind. That’s wrong. They, they did two for one the opposite way. Okay. So maybe that’s better  than what I was thinking. Um, but obviously this isn’t a fair trade. It it’s crazy to me.

Now, now the most crazy, the most ridiculous part about this is that we are literally negotiating with Russia to release somebody for somebody who we know 100% violated their laws and is rightfully being IM prisons. For something that we currently have people sitting in jail in the United States for today is, is Joe Biden going to start trading?

I don’t know, German scientists from the Nazi regime to release, you know, people who are currently in marijuana, in jail for marijuana right now, probably not how many people are sitting in jail right now for marijuana charges in the United States. And we’re literally negotiating with Russia with a murderous arms dealer to get one individual out as a publicity son, publicity stunt.

This is 100% of publicity stunt, right. They’re just trying to show that they can negotiate. Right. And I would be surprised if at this point, Putin does anything. Why would he care to get this arms dealer back, especially when you can shove it down the United States throat and go? Nope. Nope. She was here head illegally.

It’s against the rules. Maybe don’t travel with weed to Russia. Probably a bad idea, right? Even if you’re a world famous w B player, maybe you should follow the rules. I don’t know if there’s any, I can’t name a single w B player.  no, on the backs of that. You should go watch the, uh, it’s actually, um, a little bit of a letdown to me, but you should go watch, um, bill burs has a special on Netflix.

There’s some funny parts to it. It takes a minute to get heated up, but there’s definitely some good enough jokes that it’s worth your time to go to go watch it. Um, a couple of them that I’ll highlight for you. I won’t give ’em away completely, but there’s one about abortion. And he talks about how it’s like the perfect analogy is like, you know, you can, I’m all for abortion.

He says, but you, you can’t tell me it’s not killing a baby because if I’m cooking a cake and somebody comes by before that cake is done halfway through the time in the oven and throws it on the ground. And I go, Hey, what, what the hell? Why why’d you. Destroy my cake and they go, well, wasn’t a cake yet.

it’s like, no, it would have been had you not thrown it on the ground. Right. It was a great, great bit, much better executed than I could ever do. So go watch that. Um, pretty funny, uh, but even better as Andrew SCHs, uh, recent comedy special, that’s just released. I think there’s probably like three days left.

If you’re listening to this, you probably gotta buy it in the next two days to actually listen to it. But they pulled Andrew schuls comedy special from a major distributor, like Netflix, Hulu, somebody, um, and told him he needed to edit out jokes. Andrew schuls said, screw you and bought his for like a million dollars, bought his special back from them and then released it on his own and made three and a half times the money that he would’ve made in the first, like four days, then he would’ve made from selling it to one of those streaming services.

And I think this tells you where people are at on this. Like, people don’t want somebody to be censored, right? People are willing to give their money up and don’t want the censorship, AI fucking mark Zuckerberg algorithms to beat the human race out. Right. That’s what I found to be like the most gross about this.

And I could go on a whole long tangent on the censorship stuff because I’m so, so beyond frustrated with how much it’s like been the lynchpin for my success, with this, um, in, in how difficult it is to do anything without it. And, and the fact that just, I could go on forever about it, but the fact that Andrew S SCHs won out against these streaming services who wanted to censor him about his own jokes.

I find that to be incredible. I’m so glad that he did that. And it just proves, you know, to me that people are willing to support you. If you speak your mind and don’t give in to the censorship, right. Um, So even better than bill burs is go watch Andrews schuls is special. I think it was just like, I I’m personally am definitely gonna watch it here in the next couple days and buy it.

Um, so definitely, definitely put that on your list of things to watch, uh, and support somebody who is speaking their mind in a time where you get ridiculed, ostracized, and censored for doing so. Uh, so anyways, that’s all I got for that portion of the shocking update. Joe Biden trading a murderous arms dealer for a w N B a player who had weed.

I just, it baffles me that that is the trade. All right. So the next thing that we’re gonna discuss here is going to be let’s go ahead and watch this video of Kamala Harris at a recent discussion. Just basically giving the most hilarious intro of herself. Like it, it literally seems like a skit from of Michael Scott  from the office.

If he was in a position of political power right now, and just didn’t understand how pronouns works. So here’s the clip. Let’s watch it together. And then we’ll just, uh, good afternoon. I wanna love these leaders are coming in to have this very important discussion, um, about some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Um, I am KA LA Harris. My pronouns are she and her. I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit and, um, Oh, my God, my name is Kamala Harris. My she, my pronouns. Are she her? I am a woman sitting at a desk in a blue suit.  it’s like, how ridiculous, how ridiculous are these pronoun things gonna get?

Like, how far are we gonna take this to where we have to, like, you could have given me an, any number of like, first of all, you’re Kamala Harris. We know who you are. Second of all, you’re Kamala Harris. We know you’re a woman third. Well, yeah, we know you’re a woman. Third of all, we know you’re wearing a blue suit.

Fourth of all, we know you’re sitting at a desk, like we’re getting to a point now where reality has become so obscured that you have to identify the object in front of you.  because we’re afraid somebody’s gonna miss gender it as a chair instead of a table. Like, my name is Austin Adams. I identify as a, he him, I am a man sitting at a desk in front of a microphone with a blue shirt jeans.

I have 10 fingers and my favorite color is blue. Hmm. Like how far are we gonna take this? And, and also, I don’t think Kamala Harris knows how pronouns work.  like saying a pronoun does not have to do with the color of your shirt, by the way, Kamala, if you didn’t know that , it’s like this clown show of an organ, uh, of an administration is just every, I I’ve yet to see a clip yet to see a clip, a single clip of a powerful.

Like, and I’m thirsty for it. Like I wish Biden and Kamala Harris would be incredible leaders. I wish the words coming out of their mouth would just run along my ears. Like the softest of silks  I wish they were bold in their speech. I wish they were confident. I wish that they said things that made people feel better in times of terrorism.

Like we’ve seen all across our nation domestically over the last year and a half of this presidency. I wish this administration the best. And that says a lot, but because I want what’s best for our country. I what’s be what’s best for you and your family. I want what’s best for me and my family. I want what’s best for our country.

Despite my political beliefs, despite my beliefs about the election and how that went down, despite all of that, I want what’s best for our country. And what’s best for our country is when somebody is locked in for four years as the leader of our country, that they do a good job. And I have yet to hear a single speech, a single speech by either one of these individuals that was coherent, let alone powerful and impactful or comforting.

And I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. I’m sure you understand, right. This is, this is our country. I like, I grew up as a Patriot. I love what our country stands for. I love what our people stand for. I love what our flag stands for. I love our constitution. Like if anything, I’m a, like a constitutionalist.

I believe in our constitution. I believe how it was written is how it should be.  and they’re just literally trying to strip that away from us line by line with gun reform laws and censorship through third party AI algorithms. And like that’s what baffles me the most about the censorship conversation and sorry that I’m going back to this again, but you’re just so bothersome to me that we’re being governed by AI algorithms in our speech.

Our constitution was not stripped from us by some politician with votes. Our, our freedom of speech was not stripped from us by somebody that we even put into power. Our freedom of speech has been ripped away from us by mark Zuckerberg’s AI, robotic algorithm. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Nothing you can’t, you can’t even write a fucking support ticket to Facebook or TikTok and expect a response from a human, right. Like. It’s so crazy that we’ve gotten to this point. It’s so dystopian and literally every politician has dropped the conversation. There is not a single politician right now, who is vehemently going after these social media companies for censoring, all of the American societies, freedom of speech, all of the freedom of press.

Like nobody watches the news anymore. Nobody watches the news. Nobody’s getting a damn newspaper delivered to their house. Nobody’s doing any of that way of like the, what the press was before, the way that it is now we need constitutional, like fucking little bullet points under it that now outlined that like, how is there no conversation around the fact.

Where 90% of speech and news is released is also a freedom of speech platform, right? How is it that where so much of our conversations are like 90% of human interaction occurs on the social media platform, whether it’s DMS, whether it’s posts, whether it’s Instagram posts, whether it’s videos, whatever it is.

Freedom of speech where people where speech lies today is in social media where the press lies today is in social media, right? Where all of the, like people don’t get their news the same way that they used to. So the fact that Instagram and YouTube and Google and Facebook, and all of these grimy little dweebs sitting in Silicon valley and China, communist China right now today, determining what you can say, determining what I can say and deciding whether anybody gets to hear it at all.

Right. They, it is just a, a loophole and it drives me nuts that there’s not a single politician anymore. Who’s even discussing this. Now a single politician is even talking about it on social media, because they’re getting silence too. How the hell are these politicians? Not the ones who are speaking out against this because they’re getting like, why isn’t Ted Cruz?

Why isn’t Rand, Paul? Why isn’t Ron DeSantis? Why isn’t Donald Trump? Like, we’re like, oh, we’re gonna take our party over here. No, the speech is happening where it’s happening. The reform needs to happen there. And we need to make some type of legal recourse when a company decides who gets to say what and when.

Right. And we found this out recently that, you know, the FBI whistle blowers have come out and said that they are purposefully stifling, the recent release of information about hunter Biden’s iCloud. Uh, league and I saw it literally with my post. I just got ripped off of TikTok for negatively talking about a pedophile.

I lost my platform for saying something negative about a pedophile who happens to be the prince of the United States of America, allegedly who can do no wrong. Even when he smokes, crack has sexual relations with underage family members that all of his family talks about gives half of our country’s economy away through shell companies in Ukraine.

And yet I’m the one that’s getting silenced for talking about it. And nobody, nobody in politics is currently making any concerted effort that I’ve heard of recently at all right. If you think back to like two years ago, where a year and a half ago where Ted Cruz was grilling mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress, um, like.

A congressional hearing where he was like the robot with the water and all this weirdness, I don’t know this, this, this censorship stuff just drives me nuts. And what drives me nuts even more is the fact that it’s the conversation’s done. They conceded, they are now allowing freedom of speech to be a thing of the past.

Like, like anybody’s buying a newspaper and you’re going to legally stop them. Like they’ve, it’s just a proxy. They’re, they’re stifling your freedom of speech by proxy, through AI algorithms with social media networks. The, if you don’t think the FBI, the CIA, the department of justice, the Homeland security is actively in conversations with these social media platforms to stifle conversations around news stories and topics that they don’t want discussed when they don’t want them discussed.

Like the very thing that we saw with hunter Biden’s laptop initially, and what we’re seeing now today with the iCloud leak round two,  and nobody’s talking about it. Nobody’s doing anything. No legislation or bills are, are being written to be passed about it. Nothing. And they’ve conceded, they, they threw their hands up and they threw in the damn towel and they’ve literally allowed our freedom of speech to be ripped away from us in the last two and a half, three years.

And we are ideally standing by and allowing it because what are you gonna do? You gonna not use Instagram? And like, if, if you are not using Instagram to get the word out on something like this, or you’re not using Instagram to promote your business, or like, what are you doing there? Cuz Instagram sucks right now.

Instagram sucks right now. Like you scroll Instagram the way that they just changed everything. And it’s like every other post that you have on your timeline now is either sponsored or recommended in some way. And it’s all shitty content cuz they’re algorithms suck, go look at your Explorer page. It’s terrible.

It’s awful. And meanwhile, there’s, they’re, you know, stifling free speech about people saying negative things about pedophiles, cuz that’s a going to be a protected class, just like all the other, you know, alphabet soup, transgender BS. So infuriating anyways, anyways. So the next video we’re gonna watch, there’s two situations that have come up recently about the shootings that have happened, both the Highland park shooting and the UAL day shooting.

Um, we’re gonna discuss that. And so we’ll jump right into it. The Highland park shooter was indicted by the grand jury on 117 counts. All right. So one more time. The Highland park shooter indicted by a grand jury on 117 counts. The Illinois state attorney’s office has announced that a grand jury has indicted July 4th, Highland park shooter on 117 separate accounts.

Robert. Not gonna say his name is being charged with 21 counts of first regain murder, three counts for each child, victim killed 48 counts of attempted murder. 48 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm for each victim who was hit by a bullet or a bullet fragment. Um, in a statement, the state’s attorney, Eric Reinhardt said that I want to thank law enforcement and prosecutors who pre presented evidence to the grand jury today.

Our investigation continues and our victim specialists are working around the clock to support all those affected by the crime that led to 117 felony counts being filed today. And this is  just a sensationalist way of going, like, what are you gonna do with 117 counts? If five of those stick, he’s going to jail for life. They’re just trying to like sensationalize and get the, the public eye and spotlight off of them. After so many people are pointing it. Every literal thing that could have went wrong, went wrong.

Every coward who could have been wearing a badge was wearing a badge that day. Even, you know, like the, just the grossest situation you could imagine. If you go watch the new footage, that’s come out recently. It, it is just infuriating to even see like some guy literally getting hand sanitizer in the middle of a shootout where children are bleeding out in another room, five rooms away from him.

And he is getting hand sanitizer, another guy on his phone, laughing, smiling about whatever he saw on his phone at the time. And there was almost 300 officers on. And, and so we’ll watch this video of prime time, Alex Stein, if you know who that is, he’s the guy that’s been going from, uh, like school district board meetings to city council meetings, to all these things.

And he is done like the raps about COVID and like all these very comical he’s a comic to begin with. He’s a comedian. Um, but this one ended up being a little bit different than what you would expect, uh, a little bit more serious on his part. I didn’t, I, I was kind of expecting some type of comedy. I didn’t know how he was gonna walk that line.

Um, but he did it fairly well here and there wasn’t really much, much comedy. It was pretty serious and, uh, glad that he did here. Um, so let’s go ahead and watch this clip. I’m here in Uvalde, Texas at Rob elementary school, the site of the mass shooting where 19 children and two teachers died. Normally I try to bring awareness in a humorous way, but tonight I’m speaking at the local city council meeting to expose the lack of response time from the police force 372 officers.

Waited 77 minutes to go in and stop Salvador Ramos. I’m here to bring attention to that so that nothing like this happens in the future. And we have police that are more courageous.

Thank you, council. My name’s Alex Stein. And uh, a lot of times I speak at a lot of city council meetings. And usually I like to use my platform to make people laugh, to expose a lot of the leadership problems that we have. But here today, there’s nothing funny. When I drive into your city, there’s a stain on this city that will never be lifted ever.

It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter how reactive you are. It’s your lack of proactive result. We have principal Gutierrez who was fired that knew of security issues, knew of it. The principal knew of security issues and now 21 people are dead 19 students. So you can say, oh, well, it’s not. It’s the lack of police force.

What? Let me go chip. Let me use my three minutes. We’re not the school district. Listen, I understand you’re not the school district, but this your city. Are you the leader of this city? Do you lead this city? You’re telling me the city council is not the leaders of this city. Is that what you’re telling me?

Is that what you’re trying to tell me, chip. So you guys don’t consider yourself leaders. See, that’s why it’s because you don’t consider yourself a leader. You don’t take responsibility for your action. That’s why you sit there. And that’s why you are a direct reflection of these cops. They were cos it took them 77 minutes.

And you’re a coward. You sit there like a coward, trying to combat what I’m saying. I’m bringing awareness to your city. You still had the audacity. After 21, people died. Chief Aaron Dondo, you SWM in. I don’t care that he resign. You swore him in, you do two meetings a month. Mayor MC that’s 20 meetings a year can’t even show up.

I don’t care where he is at. He should be here digitally. I don’t see a screen with his face. This is 2022. We just had a pandemic. People can be at a meeting digitally and remotely, but you’ve all day. You can’t figure it out. Because you can’t protect your 21 kids and you can’t run a meeting digitally because you know why he do protests too much, you know, you’re guilty and you feel guilty and that’s why you’re yelling.

That’s why you’re combating me. And that’s why I’m here to expose you guys because we gotta hold our leadership responsible for 21 people being dead. Do you realize that? Do you know how many people I think we all know, and we’re all very frustrated with it happening. I know you did not pull the trigger, but it doesn’t matter.

There is a set of circumstances that a domino effect happened. One domino set off stuff that a kid was able to get through an unlocked door and shoot 21 people.  that’s pathetic. That’s disgusting. And now this is the biggest story in the entire world. And guess what they’re gonna take away. They’re trying to take away the guns from 350 million people because a school couldn’t lock a back door basically.

And because of the response time was so disgusting. 77 minutes. I have these pictures. This is not you’ve bald there. I want you guys to show you this. This is somebody doing hand sanitizer. He’s more worried about protecting himself from COVID than protecting the 19 children that were bleeding to death.

This is a cop on his phone, smiling. There’s nothing funny about 19 children bleeding to death on their cell phone saying I want my mom. And then when their mom tried to run in, what did they do? They stopped the parents from coming in the school. That’s pathetic. That’s disgusting. You guys should all be ashamed of yourselves and I’m going to expose this.

And I know with, let me just say my last point. I know the investigation will come out and you guys will probably not get in trouble because it’s not necessarily your fault, but you guys as leaders should take responsibility for this in order to be proactive instead of reactive. So no more children had to die because right after the fact, you didn’t let go of a Redondo.

If another school shooting would’ve happened, he still would’ve been in charge. Think about that. Thank you. Thank you guys. Oh, and if any parents wanna meet me and get any, you know, you want any attention, please contact me after the meeting. I’m Alex se, thank you.

So there you have it. So prime time, Alex dying, if you don’t know who that is, he’s a comedian and political commentator he’s been on, uh, Tucker Carlson and stuff for, he did these like funny raps and this was a bit more serious for him.

You see him literally going off and the, uh, school or the city council. Now I, I don’t know exactly what his point was on that. Was kind of a obscure, um, argument where he was just really frustrated and angry at them. It seems like he was mad that the, the head of the city council wasn’t there. Um, and they weren’t seemingly taking responsibility, you know, and that the individual that they allowed to be in the position that was there at the time made the wrong call, you know, and this is something that we’re seeing come up recently is the fact that the, uh, it came out recently that the, I think it was the police chief was had, was struggling to find keys for a like 77 minutes or so until they realized that the door was unlocked.

Ugh. If it’s, it’s so sickening to me being a parent and just, I cannot imagine the heartache. And like, if I was a, a family member or a, a father or a mother of one of those children and, and he even points out like they, the mom was trying to go in there. Trying to go in there and got stopped and like literally put in handcuffs by, by police officers for trying to do so to save her children.

And there was another police officer who was there, whose wife was the teacher who got shot. And he got stopped from going in there when he was walking in there and looked at his phone. And, and she said that she got shot and texted him. And, uh, he like started to walk towards there, like halfheartedly and got stopped by the other guys who brought him back.

And like just a horrific situation. Now, again, I don’t know what’s exactly gonna come from something like that, just that, you know, really riled up speech, but God, some, somebody has to shed a light on it and I’m glad that Alex Stein did. Um, so, you know, tho those situations to me are just, just horrific and all of the new video evidence that’s come out and the like almost was a 300 police officers, or even more that were out there at the time that literally did nothing.

and it seems like beating a dead horse because everybody knows it. But how do we get to that point? Where, where nothing was being done in this situation. And there wasn’t a single person besides a mom who jumped a fence to go save her children. Um, just baffles me and I don’t know, it, it, you try to go into like the systemic issue.

And obviously it has a lot to do with mental health. It has a lot to do with SSRIs and there’s all these conspiracy theories. And like speaking of that, Alex, uh, Jones is on, you know, defamation trial or something like that for the Sandy hook situation. But. You know, there’s been things that have come out that have showed grooming by FBI and CIA agents, pushing for people to commit things like this in the past.

And you know, this, this isn’t a crazy, like the Sandy hook idea was that it was all staged and none of these kids existed. And there was a video of a dad, like smiling at the podium and getting into character. He went out and that was like defended somehow. Um, but I don’t think it’s that complicated. I, I think there’s way too many loose ends for it to happen like that.

And, and all it could have been is a kid who’s super troubled and they know where these watering holes of these like misguided youths are on the dark web and on four Chan and on Reddit. And they can find them where they’re at and just prod them a little bit and send them a nice little care package.

And next thing you know, something like this horrific happens because we literally have yet to find a motive for these individuals doing this. It makes no sense, no sense in either of these cases, you know why this would’ve been done the way that it was, why they went after children, why they went after, you know, people on July 4th, like all of this horrificness is just baffling.

And, uh, so again, happy to see somebody shed light on it. Happy to see somebody like get riled up because we should be, we should all be so emotionally frustrated at this point with these things happening and in the conversation just immediately being politicized into something about the weapons. Right?

And we saw that with like the 22 year old, who literally shot a potential shooter at a mall, uh, last week and hit him eight times from 40 yards, which is like nuts and saved how many countless lives and how many you. News companies did not post about that. Right? That should literally be the shouting from the rooftops right now, by, by media companies that look, somebody saved these people.

There’s a hero, these things happen, but there’s also good people out there doing good things, protecting people from these things happening again, and they didn’t wanna talk about it. They didn’t wanna shed light on it, right? Just literally a 10th, a hundredth of thousandth of the media coverage on somebody saving lives with a weapon, protecting the lives of children and family and friends around him and random strangers in a public area.

And did it in a unbelievable fashion. If you know anything about shooting 40 yards with a Glock or whatever type of weapon he had with a pistol eight outta 10 rounds hit his target. Like. Nuts. And it was 22. Right. So obviously, you know, had some, I’d be interested to see what type of training he had there if he shot a lot or, um, but on a positive note, there are very good people out there like this young man.

Who are there to protect you, who carry with them every day, a tool just in case something happens around you and you should applaud those people. You shouldn’t condemn them for carrying a weapon because they wanna protect people. Right. I thought, I thought that was an interesting statistic and the way that people view it, like people who view guns as the issue on this often view themselves as the potential victim, not as the potential protector.

Right. I know in these situations, if I’m ever in a situation like that, luckily I will have something around me. Most of the time, far high percentage of the time, where I would be able to protect myself and protect those around me in a situation like this. And I carry that for a reason because I know I am a protector.

I know, well, I will put myself in a PO position to stop something like this from happening. And I know too that I don’t wanna be in that position and not be carrying. And not have the ability to protect myself or my family or my friends or random strangers or children around. And there’s people out there that are like that.

And, and just applause to this young man for being one of those people who carries on him enough to have it in this situation and have trained too, not just carry it on you. Like it’s a, a damn watch, but train enough to be able to utilize it in that situation effectively. Um, so on a positive note, there are heroes out there around you at any given.

Willing to put down their lives and protect you and protect your family members with a weapon. And we should applaud those people. We should scream their names from the rooftops. The fact that how many people can name the Highland park shooter, the UVA shooter, and how many would never even know an ounce of information about this 22 year old man?

Um, let’s look up his name by the way, and give him some credit, talking about the fact that we don’t bring these people up enough. Uh, let’s find this man’s name because he, his name should be brought up. His name should be on every news network, um, where they’re talking about this, this individual. And so his name was so this reads a 22 year old man with a gun stopped in mass shooting at an Indiana mall on Sunday, saving countless lives.

According to authorities, the man who fatally shot the active shooter has been identified as Elijah Dicken. Here’s what we know about the young man and the shooting. So Elijah Dicken is the hero who shot down a potential mass murderer mass shooter in this mall from 40 yards away with eight, very, very accurate, accurate rounds.

Using what I was correct. A nine millimeter Glock handgun. Um, Dicken started firing after only 15 seconds of the attackers. First shot. I will say this, his actions were nothing short of heroic. Greenwood police, chief Jim eon said Greenwood park mall surveillance footage captured early the entire incident.

He noticed he noted Dicken engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun was very proficient in that very tactically sound. As he moved to close in on the suspect, he was also motioning for people to exit behind him. A good guy with a gun. Elijah Dicken, 22 years old has been cited as the hero who saved lives when he used his concealed carry weapon to stop a mass shooter firing into a crowded food court.

And these are the type of conversations that they’re not having. Why? Because he carried a weapon. He protected people. He saved lives. His gun was legal. He carried it on him rightfully right with the constitutional carry that was passed in Indiana. Right. It did not fit the narrative. Right. And that’s why they didn’t want it being talked about because if constitutional carry was around, how many of these potential shootings would’ve been stopped?

How many people don’t carry on them because they believe that they’re, they don’t wanna worry about these silly little laws and going to jail for legally carrying a weapon or they’re whatever their card expiring or not wanting to go to the class, whatever it is that stops people, you know, how many lives would be saved.

And that’s the, the, the conversation they don’t want us having is there’s heroes out there every single day. You. Willing to lay their lives in a line to move towards the shooter in these situations and stop them with the same thing that you’re sitting here, trying to condemn and stop people from being able to carry, because one dumb ass child decides to go after people when they’re gonna find a gun either way.

And we found that with Shinzo Abe’s assassin who assassinated, you know, him in Japan, that he had a literal two pieces of metal pipe with duct tape wrapped around it and a piece of wood and found a way to make his own makeshift weapon and killed somebody with it. So we, we don’t need to eliminate guns completely from the good guys because there’s more guns than there are people out there.

And there’s a very, very, very small percentage of sick individuals completing these, doing these crimes, but on a positive note, Elijah Dicken, you are a hero. Thank you for doing what you did and more of the mainstream media companies need to be covering this. All right. So again, thank you guys so much for listening today.

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