Biden Family Catastrophe | Joe’s Cancer & Hunters Prostitution Charges

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In this week’s episode, we take a DEEP DIVE into the Hunter Biden iCloud leak. We discuss his salacious text messages, shady business dealings and potential creepy situations with his underage family members. We also discuss Joe Biden admitting to the world that he has cancer in what appeared to be another rambling speech as the white house scrambled to disprove his own words. We talk about AOC pretending to be handcuffed, and Merriam Webster changing the definition of the word Women.

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Full Transcription

Welcome to the revolution.

Hello, and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. This is episode number 36 of the red pill revolution podcast, and we’ve had a very, very interesting last few days and some crazy, crazy outbreaks of new information, including what is going to end up being a deep dive today.

So we’re gonna have a few topics before it, but the main topic of today’s discussion is going to be hunter Biden’s iPhone iCloud leak. So we will get into that in detail. I don’t know how long this is gonna go, but I got myself a nice bottle. Of, uh, basal Hayden here. That is absolutely, uh, just, just water in the bottle.

It’s not actually whiskey. So, you know, I’ll go ahead and pour myself some of that water now, because this is gonna be a fun, fun episode, the deep, uh, deep dive into hunter. Biden’s iCloud leak. Now, the other thing that we’re gonna talk about today is Joe Biden. Speaking of the Biden family, Joe Biden today saying that he has cancer in what seemed to be another dementia ridden speech.

Um, so the white house seemingly backtracking, we will discuss that as well. We’re also going to touch on Miriam Webster, changing the definition of a woman in true 1984 fashion. They are now going back and changing the definition of our words and it is no surprise. The other thing we’re gonna talk about is AOC faking her own arrest.

I guess she actually did, uh, get arrested apparently. During a protest about Roe V Wade, but, uh, we’ll discuss that more and actually watch the clip together. Uh, we’re also going to discuss quickly and briefly a article that I just found to be the most ridiculous title you’ve ever heard, which is humanity faces a collective suicide over the climate crisis, warns the you UN chief.

So this isn’t like this, isn’t just some random news article written by Joe Mo in his basement. This is the UN chief saying that there is a collective suicide over the climate crisis. And then on top of actually digging a deep dive into the iCloud leak from hunter Biden, we’re actually going to discuss the possible federal prostitution charges that he may be facing after this leak.

So all of that, and more today, I’m very excited to talk it through with you guys. Um, so without further ado, episode number 36 of the red pill revolution podcast.

Welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams. Red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that I knew, everything that I believed, everything I interpreted about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a child, religion, politics, history, conspiracies, Hollywood medicine, money, food, all of it, everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power.

Now I’m on a mission, a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain. And I’m taking your ass with me. Welcome. To the revolution.

All right. Episode number 30, six of the red pill revolution podcast. And the very first article and discussion we’re gonna have today is in true 1984 fashion. Merriam Webster changes the definition of female and they do it in a very obscure way. I find it to be very interesting here. So we’ll read the article first, then we’ll actually look at what Miriam Webster has to say about what a female is today.

Um, and then we will discuss it. So it says Miriam Webster’s online dictionary has cave to the trans agenda. In order to appease woke activists, the dictionary publisher has added a secondary definition of female that defines the term as having a gender identity. That is the opposite of male. . The key term here is gender identity, which demonstrates that Miriam Webster maintains that gender is not directly connected to sex.

A female is a woman trans identifying males are not female. This is an article from. National review. So I don’t know where their bias lies, but it seems pretty prevalent that they’re not for this . It goes on to say that this is not only a part of the definition that has changed the online edition of Miriam Webster notice, the preliminary definition of female was originally of relating to, or of being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.

Hmm. That seems, you know, quite direct. And unobscured, to me, seems to make sense, right? If you can have eggs, allegedly, you are a female, but accordingly, according to Miriam Webster, that is not the case anymore. All you have to do is have a feeling in your gut, the eggs that you have, no ma no longer matter your actual ability to, uh, you know, make children and birth children.

You know, you’ve heard all these, all these terms now it’s like birthing capacity last week. Um, before that was pregnancy capable, like all these ridiculous terms that you’ve heard lately, So what I find to be the most interesting without diving too far into some random article from the national review, um, is gonna be the fact that they changed it from originally what it was now, the original definition was, um, let’s see here, if I can pull it up for us now, there, there was a few different definitions that they changed the first one being girl.

Okay. They changed the definition of what a girl is from a female child from birth to adulthood, to a person whose gender identity is female. So that’s where this started. And I think that’s where it’s important to note is that the very first definition that they changed, when you look at the, you know, how the actual, you know, how the steps went here, the very first thing that they changed is what is a girl?

Well, a girl is a person whose gender identity is female. Okay. Now, if we’re talking about what the actual definition and what words mean here, now we have to go look at the next step, which is what do they define as female? Okay. And that’s what we’ll look at here. So they originally had female. Definition was of relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.

Okay. Makes sense. Now what they changed that to was, um, person who let’s see what they changed that to was somebody who identifies as being female or the opposite of a male. Okay. So now we’re playing ring around the rosy with definitions. So  we first started with what is a girl? Well, a girl is somebody who identifies as a female.

Okay. What is a female? Well, a female is the opposite of a male. Okay. What is a male? Well, a male is the person who identifies as the opposite of a female. So now there literally is no definition for what actually a male or a female is. It’s just a sound that we say with our mouths that has no meaning.

Okay.  it seems to be, like I said, if you’ve read the book 1984, you know what I’m talking about? You know, what they do is they change the literal definitions of words, um, to change the way that society interacts in their language and change the way that people literally think, right? You think of, you know, double think and the, the ministry of truth and all of these things.

And one of the very first things that they did is they started to change the definition of words. And now we’re actually seeing this happen here in reality.  so Miriam Webster has now made the definition of a female, the opposite of a male and the definition of a male, the opposite of a female, but nowhere clearly at all, identifies what either of those terms.

So they’ve essentially stripped humanity of the ability to, you know, identify with their own sexual organs. Like, you know, we’ve talked about this before, to me, it just, you know, you can be whatever you want, call yourself whatever you want, wear, whatever clothes you want, have, whatever job you want, do whatever you want to do.

You know, you can have whatever reality you want to create in your own head and, you know, surround yourself with people who believe the same things, but you don’t get to push those ideologies onto other people. Right. You don’t get to, you know, um, you know, like go back a few years and you remember the video of like the game, uh, what was it, uh, you know, in the, uh, God, what was it?

Um,  there was the story where it was like the, the I’m a maam. Like you remember the, how, the, how that, you know, whole situation went where this woman who I, I guess woman identified as a woman screamed at, at the guy behind this counter. Um, because he called him se, but she very clearly looked like a sir, you know, generally, according to societal standards in biology appeared to.

In every category, a man. Um, so, you know, kind of just pushing your ideology onto other people. And that’s what we’re seeing here with Miriam Webster is they’ve literally taken away and stripped everybody of their femininity and masculinity. And I think that’s like kind of the end goal here is like, if you can take away the, you know, feminine power, like if you understand that, you know, I’ve, I’ve had this conversation, you know, before, it’s like if you think of, of, of women in a literal sense, and you think of like what actual superpowers they have, um, between being able to 3d organically print a human  and multiply in the world.

And not only that, but the fact that a, a woman is, you know, they have their own cycle, right. You know, it’s kind of a weird conversation they have, but you think about it this way. The moon has cycles, the earth has cycles. And so do women, they’re literally attached to the world in a way that men are not.

If you put a man in a closed room with four walls and no windows, he will not be able to tell. When the months go by, a woman will be able to, her body does not need sunlight to know when the month changes. It, it it’s quite crazy. So sorry, Miriam Webster, you don’t get to change what a woman is. A woman is still and has always been and will continue to be somebody with a capacity to produce eggs and bear children.

Sorry. That’s just the way it goes. All right. Now the next topic that we’re going to discuss here is going to be AOC fakes, being handcuffed after an arrest at an abortion rights protest. And we’ll actually watch the video here. Cause I find that quite comical now AOC has had a tendency of doing this, you know, between faking the fact that she was like, literally about to be murdered on January 6th, hiding under a desk.

When she was, you know, there was all this talk about, you know, she was actually had people around her who, um, you know, wanted to do her harm. And then little did we find out that there was no harm even close to her, but she said she was about to be like murdered on January 6th. She seems to like, to like incite these things.

And then if you go back a little, even further than that, she like took pictures in front of an ice facility. Like, um, and now she’s pretending to get arrested. Like you can actually do, like, you can get handcuffed, like do something deserve to deserve being handcuffed and they will handcuff you. You don’t have to go to these links to like.

Um, so we’ll actually watch the video here, but we’ll well, before we do that, we’ll go ahead and read through this article, which says that, um, AOC was roundly mocked on social media Tuesday after she put her arms around, behind her back to imitate being handcuffed, following her arrest at a pro-abortion demonstration outside the Supreme court, the Bronx and Queens democratic lawmaker was gently escorted the way by a capital police officer, along with fellow.

City representative Caroline Maloney, after blocking traffic outside the court building AOC, it kept up the charade of being restrained for a few steps before raising her fist to supporters watching from the sidewalk. Now she’s literally just doing this. So the, the three, four photographers that she sees, like up in her grill, get the shot that they’re looking for and she gets to post it on her social media.

Right. I’ve talked about this before. It’s literally click bait politics, right? That’s all they’re trying to do is get likes on social media and try to be famous. Try to be famous on Instagram and famous on TikTok by these videos of them, pretending to get arrested with her arms behind your back, like AOC, if you wanna get arrested, get arrested.

it’s not that hard. Right. And you know, apparently they did actually get arrested, but never were actually, you know, in jail or anything like that. Of course. Right. Um, so let’s go ahead and watch the video. I find it to be quite comical and I think that you will too.

So she has her arms behind her back until the photographers get their shot. And then two steps after that she raises her fist like she’s Martin Luther king for pretending to get arrested at a pro-abortion rally  you can get arrested. It’s really not that difficult. Right. You can actually be put in handcuffs if you want to be, if be about it.

Right. Um, so AOC as always, you are a clown. And, uh, maybe, um, if you actually did your job, instead of just looking to get likes on social media, people would like you. But I don’t see that happening in the near future. All right. Um, now the very next article, which I’m just gonna touch on for a second here.

I really don’t see it being worth our time to, to, you know, sit and harp on this, but I just found this title to be very interesting to me. Now, the UN chief warns that humanity faces a collective suicide over climate crisis. Now we’ve been seeing this conversation ramp up this week, like crazy. Like I’ve never seen so many articles being shoved down my throat, as I’ve seen this last week, over the climate crisis right now, it, before it was climate change.

And then it was global warming. And then it was, you know, what was it with Al gore, something about, you know, the, the next ice age is coming like, and now all of a sudden it’s a collective suicide. Like I think that’s probably a little disingenuous to say the least. And if nothing else, it’s probably a little, um, You know, it, it, it’s probably a little bit more than disingenuous to the actual word suicide because you know what you’re doing there, right?

There’s actually people who commit suicide now, I’m not gonna be soft enough to believe that he actually meant that that way.  but just to point out the fact that maybe we shouldn’t use the word suicide, unless it’s actually applicable. And in this case, it’s obviously not right. We saw the heat waves in Spain and Europe, uh, temperatures above a hundred degrees, right.

It was like 40 degrees Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the, um, in Europe today or yesterday. And they were freaking out about it saying how all these young, healthy people are going to die. Um, And in reality, you know, Arizona’s 112 degrees the same day and nobody’s dying. Afghanistan’s like 175 degrees in the middle of the night and nobody’s dying just because of the heat, especially healthy individuals.

Right. Um, and I saw some people saying like, oh well, but they have, we have air conditioning here. And their houses are meant to keep heat in. Okay. Air conditioning was invented in 1851. We have been here as a species homo sapiens for 200,000 plus years and probably a lot more than that. And we did that without air conditioning.

They literally built the fucking pyramids without air conditioning.  and yet you’re gonna say that these random healthy CrossFitter Europeans are just gonna die because it’s a hundred degrees out. Like, eh, I think you’ll be all right. All right. So I do just think it’s interesting. And this comes on the back of Biden saying that he’s going to issue a climate emergency or something like that, which basically is, um, you know, uh, just a deeper way of saying he’s gonna under more Mon money to his buddies who put him in office and, you know, kind of control everything that he’s doing anyways.

Um, so, you know, we’ll see what happens now, if he does do that, I wonder what gas is gonna be. You know, one can only imagine now, speaking of Joe Biden, Joe Biden today says that he has cancer. Thanks to the oil industry. Now the white house goes on to say that it was skin cancer years ago, but that is not what Biden said.

So let’s go ahead and watch the clip. Then we will read this article and then we will discuss it. Here we go. It drove us. And rather than us able to walk and guess what? The first frost you knew what was happening. You had to put on your windshield wipers to get literally the oil slick off the window.

That’s why I, and so damn many other people, I grew up have cancer and why I can’t for the longest time.

So he says something about an oil slick, and you had to use your windshield wipers to get rid of the oil. And that’s why I, and that’s not why I did. That’s not why I had, that’s why I, and so many others have cancer. That’s what your president of the United States just said today. Now I can’t imagine what the actual administrative office of our government is thinking right now.

Watching the most powerful man in the world say that he in a dementia ridden, you know, speech like everyone that he ever gives, you know, and again, this is like, it’s hard to have sympathy for the man when he’s literally shoveling our country’s grave. As we speak by peddling every single tax dollar that you’ve ever given and given in your entire life to Ukraine, just so that he can, you know, make the money back to Barisma through hunter Biden, which we’re gonna find a little bit about more here when we go through all these text messages and iCloud situation.

Um, but let’s read through this article. It says that president Biden said Wednesday that he has cancer. Forcing the white house to have a press conference to quickly clarify you mean lie on his behalf, cuz he said something that you didn’t want him to say.  that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had before taking office last year, there were micro initially appeared to be a stunning CA stunningly casual health announcement during a speech about global warming.

And this is like, when you think of the president of the United States, they literally don’t flush his shit on air force one because they’re afraid of people like finding his poop and like figuring out the medical situation that he’s in. Right. So then he literally goes on to TV. I don’t know what this is.

If you’re looking, I did like a robot  he goes on to TV and just casually announces that he has cancer talking about the climate crisis. It’s uh, goes on to say, that’s why I, and so many damn or that’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer. And why for the longest time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation.

Well, I’d like to see that compared to your soldiers, because the actual amount of U United States, military members and veterans that have cancer as a result of burn pits, agent orange, uh, asbestos, um, P OAS on air force bases that are the result of like leaking fluids at, uh, you know, um, you know, if you don’t know this, it’s like there’s a documentary called the devil, you know, I think is the name of it.

And it’s a whole documentary about 3m and it talks about the, uh, basically when, you know, we had a situation happen in my air force base when I was there. Uh, where, if there’s. A jet fuel fire. Like if one of our aircraft lit on fire in a hanger, they had this foam that would basically cover up the entirety of the hanger in like 30 seconds.

And it would stop the, the fire from happening. But what they didn’t tell you is that when it did that, it also leaked into all your water supplies and caused high, high levels of cancer rates and all of our veterans on us air force bases. And if there’s a tracking website that you can go to where you can actually look and see the maps, like a heat map of where there’s high levels of P OAS in the water.

And, uh, literally every single red mark on the map is an actual air force base. It’s unbelievable. Um, so it’s gonna be really, you know, quite terrifying to see down the road, how many people in the air force actually end up with cancer, um, terrify.  anyways, side note. You should look at the documentary cuz it’s crazy.

Um, it goes on to say it’s unclear. Why Biden chose to use the present verb tense to describe his experience with cancer? Well, you can’t even say that he’s an idiot and can’t speak a full sentence or has dementia or, you know, you, you have to say it’s unclear. Like, no there’s either one of two options either.

He has cancer.  and you don’t wanna talk about it or B he has dementia. That’s a and B there’s no C here. That’s the only options here. But you decided to say it’s unclear. Yeah. Okay.

um, Greg prince of X strategies, LLC tweeted. He said I have cancer in the present. You absolute dip shits  I love, I love how they quoted him there. Like it was a, just a beautifully articulated tweet about our president, um, anarchist author, Michael malice. Meanwhile joke. Don’t worry about Joe Biden, having cancer.

He is married to a doctor

oh, the doctor Jill Biden thing just kills me. Um, it refers to the fact that, uh, first lady Jill Biden uses the honorific doctor to note her 2007 doctorate in education. Hmm.

It goes on to say that skin cancer is extremely common, especially among older adults who didn’t wear sunscreen in their youth and generally isn’t life threatening. Okay. Who cares? All right. Moving on to the thing that we all want to discuss here. Is hunter Biden facing possible federal prosecution for prostitution charges after new documents are released.

Now we’ll go ahead and watch this video. Um, the video that we’re watching is coming from ABC 33 40. I don’t know if that’s an actual yeah, it looks like it’s an actual ABC news. Uh, good on them for actually posting this. Um, so let’s go ahead and watch this video where it discusses the actual prosecution chart or the, the prostitution charges.

And then we will discuss it a little bit. And then we are going to do a deep dive into everything about this iCloud leak, every single article, every single topic, all the disgusting pictures, which we won’t show, um, cuz they’re terrifyingly gross. And so is hunter Biden. Um, all of the drug use all of the shady shady business deals that hunter Biden was involved in.

Um, but first let’s go ahead and watch this video and then we’ll discuss. But before we do that,  the first thing I need you to do is go ahead and hit that subscribe button, whether you’re on apple podcast, whether you’re on Spotify, whether you are on Google podcast, I don’t know who listens to Google podcast, but if you do shout out to you, um, wherever the hell you get your podcast, audible, I don’t know, but go ahead and hit that subscribe button and leave a five star review.

It would appreciate it so much. It means the world to me, if you want some good karma in your day and you don’t know how to get it, you can get it right now. All you have to do is hit that subscribe button. All you gotta do is hit that five star review button. Tell me something you love about the podcast.

I would appreciate it so much. All right. The next thing you need to do is go over to red pill, revolution dot sub And every single week I am back at it. Sun. I am putting out subst stacks every single week with a podcast companion, all of the articles, all of the videos, all of the topics and a little, uh, transcription slash article that I’ll write up about one of my favorite topics of the week.

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All right. Here is the hunter Biden, uh, video about him facing federal prostitution charges. After a new document is less leased released. Hmm. And here we go. The secret service now saying they are aware of a potential hack in a hunter Bidens iCloud account, some alleged content already posted online. The hack still UN unconfirmed suspicions.

Now arising that Google was censoring search engine results. As hunter Biden related news broke Monday, multiple users posting photos on Twitter of fruitless searches. The daily mail reporting hunter Biden may Face’s federal prostitution charges for bringing three escorts from Boston to New York for a fun night.

That may actually classify as a, not so fun. Federal offense, transporting prostitutes across state lines. Hunters escorts often have ties to Russia timelines show. He would pay for these services after receiving large money wires from his dad. No evidence shows Biden knew how hunter spent that money.

Another controversy emerging involving the president, his son, and the sale of nearly a million barrels from the American strategic petroleum reserve to China, literally giving away our emergency supply. And we’re not seeing the gain from that. A private equity firm previously tied to hunter Biden has a $1.7 billion stake in the Chinese state owned company.

Biden sold oil to is another example of how bad things really smell with all the issues around hunter Biden. How hunter Biden got high up positions in these companies, still unclear critics, arguing his connections had more value than his talent. I think the American people deserve the truth on this because Joe Biden is certainly compromised.

DOJ, still assessing if they. All right. So that sounds like they’re going a little bit more in detail than I want. But basically what this says is that the secret service confirmed Monday, that they are aware of a potential hack, a potential hack. Yeah, absolutely. Is his hack. You can tell by his grimy little hands, all over a crack pipe, you know, and, and, you know, stroking the hair of a, I don’t know, didn’t see that, but allegedly underage Asian women, um, or children.

Uh, so it says secret service confirmed Monday that they’re aware of a hack into the president’s son’s iCloud account. Some alleged content has already been posted online through the site. Four Chan suspicions are now arising that Google was censoring search engine results. As hunter Biden related news broke Monday, multiple users posted photos on Twitter of fruitless search.

Yeah, right. Fruitless. There’s a whole Reddit feed. I found very easily that shows all of this very, uh, very in depth. So, um, and again, I’ll share that on the subst. So if you’re listening to this right now, or you’re on the live on TikTok, go ahead. Over red pill, revolution, subst All right. Now, um, it goes on to say that, uh, hunter Biden may face federal prostitution, prostitution charges for bringing three escorts from Boston to New York for a fun night that may actually classify as a federal offense transporting prostitutes.

You mean sex trafficking? That’s what that is. That’s not transporting prostitutes is sex trafficking, not whatever the hell they just called it. Transporting prostitutes, sex trafficking across state lines. Hunter’s escorts often have ties to Russia reports indicate timelines show he would pay for these services after receiving large money wires from his dad.

No evidence shows president Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s. How hunter spent that money? No evidence really, because he literally sent him, like, it was like $5,000 while he’s sitting there talking with a prostitute on a video or something. I don’t know. Um, wild. So we’ll, we’ll go into that in just a minute.

We’ll finish reading this article though. It says another controversy emerged involving the president, his son, and the sale of a, nearly a million barrels from the American strategic oil reserve to China. And that’s another part of this. So there’s like really three main parts of this hunter Biden, iCloud leak, which is, you know, a, a, an in addition to the Mac release, like the, the, his, um, his, uh, laptop release that was during the presidential election.

And this is like 456 gigabytes, like a ton, a ton of data. Now there’s a website. I’ll give you guys where you can search through every single one. Of his emails that were on there, including all of the, uh, Barisma emails, um, the Rosemont Seneca emails, which was his, uh, um, which was his company that he was a part of, that was an investment in consultant foundation company that, you know, basically just Pedald his dad’s influence for money.

Um, so we’ll talk about all of that, um, in just a second here, but now we’ll move over to basically what is a, a really good breakdown of this. Now this is through Reddit. Um, and then the title of this article was, and it was posted six days ago by Walter Oche. Um, and it’s the title of this is the hunter Biden saga continues.

Now he goes on to post what, um, some, you know, basic screenshots and, uh, talks about how they’re talk. They’re kind of trying to, you know, push a lot of this conversation away from the business dealings and more towards his like crack and prostitution usage. Um, Which eventually is tripping him up anyways with these prostitution charges.

Uh, but um, this individual says I have followed the hunter Biden saga for years. Allow me to sum up and address some of the disinformation. I just hate the word disinformation. I think it’s so stupid. We don’t just get, like, what, how, what was the first time you heard that word? Right? Like how, how many times have you heard the word disinformation?

Five years ago? Um, I dunno. I dunno. Just rubs me the wrong way. Um, I have follow, allow me to sum up and address some of the disinformation. That is a part of the modified limited hangout, modified limited hangout being run. Okay. That’s. Obscure. Um, first there are three pictures that have been making the rounds that are intentional.

Um, the first one is Natalie Biden with cocaine on her nose. It’s not Natalie sure. It’s a striking resemblance, but it’s verified as being a cam girl. Um, this as being used by others to say that the data is fake, but really their argument is that is what’s fake. Anyone with the data knows this picture.

Isn’t real Joe Biden with an Asian girl. This is actually a BDSM, uh, video from X videos that has been around for years now. I’ve seen this circular. I like had some people send me this and I like didn’t even open the video. Cause I was afraid that it was real. And you know, I don’t know. Didn’t, didn’t want to get caught in that, you know, crossfire of whoever’s gonna, you know, be seeing exactly who’s opening this, but there was a video that looked, uh, quite a bit like Joe Biden where he’s has this woman like kind of like, I don’t know, a little, a little too, uh, uh, crazy, but he was basically like, um, I don’t know, it looked like a younger Asian girl and he was like some way assaulting her with some type of like object.

I don’t know, not like sexually, but like, yeah, kind of weird anyways. Um, he’s saying that that was fake. And in the next one, he says, is hunter Biden with five young girls. This is not hunter Biden is hunter Biden was never, uh, sported the eight black soul patch.  that’s probably the only thing that would make hunter Biden look crazier is if he did have a black soul patch  um, now it goes on to say that is hunter Biden a pedophile?

Yes. He searches for underage pornography as it states here. And that’s was shown by in his search results. During this, uh, iCloud leak, there was something that he searched like 12 year old girls, like. Some type of websites that he was looking for that, um, it says that he is constantly accused of being a child molester.

He sleeps with Natalie Biden. Natalie Biden is, um, he sleeps with young cousin Lilly and he’s engaged in grooming behavior and is likely providing drugs to underage family members. Um, now this person comes with the receipts, every single thing that they’re talking about, he kind of, uh, or she, somebody, um, kind of links, a bunch of different things showing, um, his search results, right?

So he was looking on X videos for 12 years old. He was in shows some of his like searches that he was looking for. Um, and then the other thing that it goes on to show that, uh, and I’ll post all of these, you know, not obviously all of the data, but I’ll post the actual post itself for you guys. So you can see it through the subs stack.

Um, but it also goes on to show these screenshots. Now, if you don’t know, I believe, um, Natalie is his younger niece. Um, Natalie is his younger niece who is underage. That is the daughter of his late brother, Bo Biden’s wife, like his niece, his niece, and he’s being super creepy. And it goes on to show you some even worse things about their conversations, including them meeting up in like a trader Joe’s bathroom.

Like you think that Joe Biden would have a classier place, um, but pretty, pretty wild stuff. Now I have a thing here where I would love to just contact every single trader Joe’s within 25 miles of where they live and try and because there’s literal timestamps, this was on, you know, the, the actual conversations that they’re having here was October 8th, 2018, so four years ago.

Um, and I’ll read the conversations for you. Um, and this is coming from his underage age niece. It says, I love you more than anything in the world. Are you coming home to sleep with me? Underage niece, Natalie, you are wonderful. He says aunt DIA and maybe uncle David will be there tonight. I know that David thing was just a joke, but aunt Daria is not.

So I’ll see you tomorrow. I guess. Call me in a few minutes, please. Um, she says, I love you. Come home, please. Where are you? Come home. Can you call me please? DIA, just left. So you are the person watching us. What does that mean? You are the person watching us. That’s creepy. Um, I love you so much, uncle. I fully understand why you are mad at me.

You are the re the adult said I’ll never, uh, I’ll never be over in a bit or I’ll be over in a bit. I love you, Natalie. Can we please just have a little faith and compassion in and for each other right now and you’re right. I am the adult and I need to take responsibility for myself and for my connection with you no more playing the cop or the guardian angel, no more playing the role you think your daddy played.

I failed you in that way. I can only take responsibility for myself. That is like, even if you’re not being creepy, that’s a creepy, weird conversation for you to be having with your knees. Super weird and creepy. Um, then there shows a, another screenshot of him saying, you know, in the conversation with somebody, like, it seems like a prostitute, uh, or a, you know, what do they call the woman?

The Madam saying that your child bride is having a tough year. So that was another conversation that was had, um, even shows him like writing a rap  hunter Biden wrote a rap. All right. You want to hear hunter Biden’s rap? Um, it’s called lolli girl lolly girl. Okay. Um, which is telling, because it talks about toes  and a lot of hunter Biden’s, uh, videos and stuff that was, uh, that was pushed out, showed him having some sort of weird feet fetish.

I don’t know. Um, lolly here’s here’s his rap. Okay. Lo lolly, your okay. There’s explicit words here. So if they hurt your ears, you know, close ’em Lolli lolli your bi%#h on her knees sucking my toes. She a thoty popped a lot of Molly lolli lolli that thoughty has a body. She is very naughty sucking on my lolli doing lots of Molly.

You are such a thoty Wow. This 50 year old man is writing raps about somebody sucking his toes I don’t know how, if you’re hunter Biden, you haven’t like moved to a far away country to escape the embarrassment of your own actions. Um, This goes on to say that there does appear to be nudes of Natalie, which again, this is niece underage niece.

Um, but his criminality doesn’t stop there. I get that. People want the salacious stuff first, but keep in mind, hunter Biden participates in policy decisions that the president of the United States. So that’s the important part is like, there’s a lot of deflection here, like showing him smoking crack.

Right. And then Joe, Biden’s gonna turn that into a positive, right? Like, oh, everybody smokes crack. You know, even though there’s a video that surfaced recently of him saying that, you know, even if there’s, um, like fingernail size amount of crack, that you should go away to jail for a really long time. Um, but it goes on to say, uh, it goes on the show, like a lot of his, uh, emails and stuff, and even, um, some voicemails, it appears.

So let’s see if we can even hear this voicemail and see what it has to say here. Now, again, this is gonna be a slower episode than normal. We’re gonna take a, a deep dive into this. So we’re gonna kind of jump around here and have some slower conversations than usual than just, you know, Uh, one off, uh, topics here.

So let’s, let’s see if we can actually hear this. Hey, who is dad? I’m in DC. Mom’s teaching. Uh, I left, I have to go visit, uh, have a meeting. I told you about Hillary. I’ll be gone. I’m in the car now heading there. Probably won’t be back till one, my meeting 3, 4 30 my guess, but I left the door and the gate open to the house.

If you’re in DC, I love you. Let me know where you are when you get choose. Okay. So that sounds very much sounds like Joe Biden  um, uh, just appears to be a voicemail, um, goes on to show, oh, just showing that. So basically what that portion of it is just showing is that he’s engaged in these policy decisions and that he’s flying all around and getting voicemails from his dad about, you know, the meetings that his dad is going to and other things, uh, Now, it also shows now an individual that’s been a huge part of this and including Rosemont, Seneca, a ton of the emails that were Le released, um, a ton of the shady business deals that were done.

Um, it was actually the individual who helped him set up Rosemont, Seneca, so he could pedal his dad’s influence. Um, there’s an email here that says your dad’s Delaware tax refund check came today. I am depositing it into his account and writing a check in that amount, back to you since he owes it to you, don’t think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead, I’m gonna give you money.

And if you want to ask him if it’s okay, you can do that. But I don’t think you need to, if not, I will deposit it tomorrow. Now again, that’s Eric swearing. Um, who is a kind of a shady character within the Biden family who is taking care of their finances for a while also helped run and helped pedal his dad’s influence to all these companies through the shell company, Rosemont, Seneca, um, which we will talk about more in a little bit.

Um, this goes on to say the a hundred Biden engages in a lot of illegal behavior, which makes him ABL, which makes him black mailable. This is a huge national security concern. His payments to Ukrainian based escort service, U B E R G F E triggered a bank red flag as over $200,000 that hunter Biden paid to a single prostitution company in Ukraine.

Um, this also comes with receipts showing the actual, uh, suspicious activity information from JP Morgan bank.  so there’s the actual email from them talking about the payments that he was making to this prostitution company in Ukraine. Um, now, uh, don’t see the reason to read through that for you, but if you wanna find it, go ahead and find that, write it article and you can see exactly what I’m talking about here.

Um, let’s see. It says hunter writes checks to his escorts to cross, um, to cross state lines via plane and train. Now, this is what tripped him up, I believe from the sounds of it. Um, so it says hunter Biden participates in human trafficking and it shows the actual checks that he’s writing as well as the plane and train tickets for the individuals that he was sending.

So there’s literal receipts of him buying train tickets for prostitutes. In other words, sex trafficking.

All right. And it goes on the show, basically all four of the receipts there. It says, in one instance, hunter Biden buys a GPS tracker and has a woman place it in another woman’s car, literally stalking. And it shows the conversation in the text messages. Now this is what’s crazy is again, there’s 456 gigabytes of data on this release.

So it’s like so difficult to even go through it all. Um, but I’ll read you a little bit of the conversation. Um, it says let’s see here. Um, it says that I want to get my phone under her seat. Um, no, do it tonight. And this is hunter saying this? No, do it tonight. If you come with old phone and get a backup power thing there for it, get, get a backup battery.

So he was taking a cell phone, having a different woman, put it under the seat in a car of another woman’s car. So he could stalk and track somebody. Um, Crazy. Then he goes on to like, literally go after this woman to make sure that she did it. She said, I charged the phone in battery pack leaving. Now. I also ordered that GPS to the device work call.

Uh, we’ll call you in five minutes. This is obviously a foreign individual with the way to texting. He said, dude, you’re killing me. She said, sorry, you gotta work no other way to get money. Um, he says, Hey, just text me some info that you’re getting, babe. I may come in tonight. She said, huh? What info? He said in all caps, didn’t you put phone in car?

she said, yes, I didn’t understand your tax. Sorry. Ready to send it? He said that’s because you don’t love me anymore. Like literally like a 15 year old in a weird early stage relationship. Um, she said, yes, I do. I’m just going through a lot. He said, kidding. Kidding. If you can get me skinny spinner chick, that likes what I like.

Let’s hang out at R R N. What’s wrong. How do I help sweets? What a fucking creep. All right. Next thing it goes on to talk about is going to be the Troy hunt database, um, which has all of your email and password combinations while hunter Biden’s credentials are in them along with the rest of the Biden family.

Now, this is the Troy hunt database is basically a large, large data. Of email and password compilations from a huge leak that was done free, or a, a huge leak that you can find, um, where this is. I’m pretty sure where they actually cracked his password from, um, this is like four Chan and this like, whatever weird, um, whatever four Chan is, , it’s like a, a, a, um, Reddit just without rules.

Uh, basically just went on a big effort to try and see if they could break his iCloud and they found it through these leaks here. Um, now it says that this data is a source of many, many leaks, including the who and Wuhan Institute of virology. It says in early 2019, hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca email password, along with Rosemont, Seneca passwords were leaked.

Even prior to that, the corruption surrounding hunter Biden, Rosemont, Seneca was already widely reported on, and it shows some articles, including a New York post article titled inside the shady private equity firm run by Carrie and Biden’s kids. And that was in 2018. Another one was by the AB Q journal, which was there’s a hunter Biden, Santa Fe connect.

Through its uh, through the old Rosemont Seneca, uh, Rosemont Realty now controlled by a Chinese firm. It shows some emails from that. It says a freedom of information request provides the allegations in the aforementioned news articles where true Rosemont Seneca Behe, uh, bank records listing. So it shows the actual bank records.

And it says prior to the leaks, we were already looking at a 100% certainty of corruption with a web of cutouts Rosemont, Seneca Boha harvest Barisma Robinson Walker, LLC transatlantic energy group. Um, can’t pronounce this Chinese name, Syne Hawk Thornton group, LLC, Seneca global advisors, Hudson west, uh, the third boys Shiller Lionheart group.

Um, and it goes to show receipts for each one of those.  um, and is talking about all the different incomes that he is making through each of these different shell companies. It says this corruption is merely an extension of why Hillary Clinton began with the uranium one scandal where the mining and energy complex is consolidating power monopolistically.

Uh, it says, in fact, we see an extension of these globalist type plans for American resources, plain as day in Hunter’s data. I don’t really have an opinion on the originating laptop draft off for repair, but I suspect that the leak was inevitable because hunter Biden’s accounts were already compromised by the run of the mill internet investigators.

The floodgate was already opened, but where I sat, I was concerned, the laptop repair story was exceedingly convenient, but whatever, eh, it seemed convenient because they held onto it till when they needed it. And then it got shut down just like this story did by Google  of course, cuz that’s just what they do.

Um, now. Let’s see, uh, this goes on to say that this was approximately, this is an early October of 2020. The first trip, uh, occurred publicly. I was sent a mega link that has now expired that contains some of the laptop materials. This was approximately the first sample I received. Um, the first damming thing was evidence of a wire transfer from Chinese intelligent asset to Hudson west.

The third LLC, the rest was a bit random and it shows that, um, wire transfer and actually gives the links to all of it. Interesting. And even more of what’s going on here, including what appears to be a pregnancy test. I think this is all of hunter Biden’s conversations. Um, yeah. Interesting. Wow. There’s some really, let’s see if this is even his stuff here with DIA.

Wow. Um, now there’s some even more interesting text messages that talks about his niece, right? Um, And even like, you know, talking about how he met up with her in that trader Joe’s bathroom, I’m pretty sure it was trader Joe’s or some, something like that. Um, but it says, we already know that the emails and banking records are real per the free freedom of information act, request.

The number of emails can also be verified with D K I M authentication and also being available to see both sides of the conversation like the Devon Archer’s email from his own account to and from hunter Biden. It says the second largest set of files included a mass amount of salacious content. The, the people surrounding this conference controversy love to focus on hunter Biden’s genitals in order to distract from the corruption.

Indeed, a file named screenshot blank, blank, blank, um, shows hunter Biden’s. In his Wiener on a piece of pizza.  what, what many escorts are featured in this data? Dump? Unlike what was minimally reported on their faces were visible and uncensored. I rant them all through facial recognition right away with mixed results.

Indeed. They are mostly escorts, but Hailey Biden and other friends. Ash Akai grant are also feature featured with hunter Biden naked. And one of the pictures hunter is with his computer, where he is logged into, uh, a porn account where he is uploading videos of him and Hailey and others engaged in sexual behavior, Bo Biden.

Then by the way, seem to be fully aware of the relationship between hunter and Hailey, Hailey being his brother’s wife, who ended up dying. His brother ended up dying and he ended up being in a relationship with his brother’s wife, his dead brother’s wife. So that tells you anything about his character says seem to be fully aware of this relationship between hunter and Hailey, where hunter sent him pictures of acts together.

This is why many believe Natalie and or hunter, maybe hunter Biden’s biological children. So he is doing that to his own daughter. Says at this stage in 2 20 20, the Q movement, all, but shut down, they had seemed to be waiting for something like this. For years, they finally had it all in the entire Q astroturfing movement, completely shut down.

And, uh, they deleted itself from the internet. This was very suspicious. The conservative new news outlets refused to cover what was in the first set of leaks, which was only a portion of the hard drive. Uh, it says zero hedge, gateway, pun, big league politics, all these outlets. I would’ve expected to jump all over this content did absolutely nothing.

In fact, they even participated in some light disinformation. In some cases

it says, um, I pose it don’t know what that means that the cube movement was a Carlisle group SIOP, um, aided by numerous astroturfing firms like up, but was also a by government contractors like C a C.  in Q I N E T I Q. Um, it says one concerning aspect of hunter Biden’s data, data that was available in 2020 was that the heavily featured Natalie Biden, hunter Biden was in possession of hundreds of her personal pictures.

It appeared to be obsessive beyond the pictures. It became clear that many people were concerned about hunter Biden, sexually inappropriate interactions, where he is naked and smoking crack in front of Natalie Biden. Um, it says what is also concerning concerning, and it goes on to show some of the conversations here, and this is where it gets interesting.

Okay. So finally found this portion of it. Okay. So here’s the conversation where he is talking about, uh, talking to Natalie. Um, and this is what the conversation says. It says, I’m sorry, Natalie, but she won’t even take my call. She’s made her decision clearly she’s chosen what, uh, she’s chosen to do what ha Haley wants her.

And she says like, Dar teaches the rest should just worry about themselves. That includes me and. I guess you and hunter and your aunt, and I love you, but your mom just decided that she is willing to risk having you taken from her rather than spend a month with family in Malibu. She told pop that she would call the police if you tried, if I tried to see you and hunter, um, so it’s basically just outlining, you know, exactly these like weird obsessive inappropriate conversations with a minor that is within his family, including a, I want to fold clothes for you is what he sent her, which is, I think is a reference to a J Cole song.

I don’t know, you know, any other reference to that other than this J Cole song that I know, um, which is, uh, you know, go look it up. Um, but it says in bathroom at whole foods, so not trader Joe’s, but whole foods. And this was 5 29 of 18 at 1:51 PM. Why would you text somebody that you’re in the bathroom at whole foods?

Now the conversation continues and it says, yes, it seems like an endless test of my sanity to hate as much as I do right now. Um, Hailey won’t let me see Natalie, without my father present, it says, can you imagine that that is messed up? So it says that is, you know, effed up that I’ve effing shielded for two years and taken all the heat is keeping me from, uh, talking to or being around her.

Um, it says, hunter, it is imperative. You call me or your father. Now I believe this is his mother. This is from, uh, this says Jim Biden. Hunter is imperative that you call me or your father. Your father is, uh, getting as I am, uh, barrage by Hailey. He has not responded and I have not responded. We both agree with you and trust you.

She is spreading what you told me and I believe you, which is the fact that he was in a sexually inappropriate relationship with his niece. And he says that there lies once again, we both need you to side or your side of the story so we can both shove it down. Her effing throat. I implore you the call, please.

I, we are on your side. I believe you. This is nothing short of character, assassination, assassination. Love you. Jim sounds like Jim is his uncle. And it goes on to say that, um, let’s read through more of this conversation and says, or my mom tells him things like I’m sexually inappropriate with the children.

This is hunter Biden’s words too, in this case, uh, which just gives you the phone number. Um, now continuing this conversation about who he is sexually inappropriate with his own cousin and all of the receipts and text messages showing this says, call your mother. Now, this is a, uh, I can’t read it through it, but it says call your mother.

It seems every time we talk, she’s telling people I’m inappropriate with you. So this is too Natalie. And the only reason it’s blurred out, which I can’t see is because she’s underage. Um, and you can tell by the way that she talks, uh, she says, call your mother. It seems every time we talk, she tells people I’m inappropriate with you.

I don’t want to make matters worse for you or for myself. This child said bra. And then a bunch of words, hate life, man. I’m on the airplane. A I R P L a I N  with no headphones. Um, and then, uh, he says back to that, she said that when aunt blank told the girls, they shouldn’t be with me alone, that it proved she was just plain evil and mean, and that she was hurting the girls more than she was hurting me.

um, it says, lastly, that he is inappropriate with Natalie. He Factimes everyone naked. Wow. What an embarrassment he is. He clearly can’t be around my children. Um, there’s the phone number directly on this three oh two five three oh zero six. I’m not gonna give you the rest of it.  um, and it goes on to say that, um, he says, again, telling people I’m inappropriate with her daughter.

So we get the point. He was absolutely. And his entire family believes that he was sexually inappropriate with Natalie, who is his niece, um, who was underage at the time of all of these conversations. I don’t know how she old she is now. Um, and then goes on to say, and the last one that you would have to, when she says, can I come up there, please?

Uncle I’m dying inside. So depressed can’t handle life. He said you would have to come with adult because you can’t stay with me. Cuz everybody thinks that hunter Biden is a pet aile.  interesting. So it shows literally all the text messages, which you got directly from the iCloud dump. All right. Now that.

Probably should be brought up legally anyways. Um, but it goes on to say, um, it says what is also concerning that despite being banned from seeing her alone, hunter Biden is still meeting in secret with Natalie in places like a whole foods bathroom. Natalie is. On a family outing, then sneaks to the bathroom to meet hunter Biden, to fold clothes by mid 2021, it is clear many people had Hunter’s data and the hard drive was repackaged in a variety of ways with each repacking, data was taken and inserted.

I gave up relying on these anonymous dumps and focused on how to verify what was important. And with the, uh, with the usual O S I N T techniques, they always cry about source verification and context. So what is important to preemptively? Give it to them, to take away their crybaby ammunition. Now that the issue is, has gained more steam.

You can actually per peruse a lot of these emails yourself and the website. Now this is important. The website that you can actually go to to search every single one of, one of hunter Biden’s emails is hunter laptop emails dot. Now, when you go to this website, I went to it and there’s some really interesting things that you can search.

The few ones that you can search is the big guy, a second one that you can search is come pizza. And you’ll see some emails from that. Um, you know, you can see emails about, you know, another little key search term I used was illegal and you can start to see some of the shady business dealings that he had there.

But I recall one where the swear or whatever that guy’s name was, that was a part of Rosemont. Seneca actually discussed him, going to a Hillary Clinton party at come ping pong in Washington, DC. And if you don’t know about come ping pong, if you’ve ever heard of the term Pizzagate pizza gate was allegedly a conspiracy where, uh, all of these celebrities, um, and Hollywood elites were getting together at comic pizza and doing all sorts of satanic pedophilia, ritualistic BS, um, and you can see it directly in there that he was invited to these parties, which allegedly never happened.

And we’re all, you know, A bunch of politicians playing ping pong together at a pizza place.  um, now it goes on to say that, um, in most of the reliable ways to see the new leak is just by downloading the torrent yourself and opening an iPhone backup extractor, um, it gives the magnet link and it says, so now here we go again, whenever conservative news outlet should be screaming this stuff from the rooftops, it seems that nearly all hunter Biden’s posts are getting deleted on all sites, even for Chan, especially Reddit, Twitter, and in Twitter is banning people consistently over it.

Um, it says in short, there are one, there is 100% proof of criminality of a variety of types showing that the Bidens are above the law and will destroy your country for pennies. On the dollar says that hunter Biden will sell out billions of American resources for crack and hookers. He must be stopped and this behavior is ongoing and it continues to give screenshot after screenshot, after screenshot, after screenshot of these.

Transfers from these companies in the millions of dollars for these shady, shady business deals. Okay. Um, we’ll see if I can go through any of these here. It just seems to be a receipt after receipt, after receipt of him receiving just hundreds of thousands of dollars from all of these Chinese corporations, um, all these conversations that are, uh, through about his payments from these companies.

So on and so forth. Um, now let’s go see if we can actually jump over to that website with all of the emails here. Cause I think that was a little interesting to me and it’s where you can actually get. Put on your tin, foil hat and get pretty, uh,  pretty wild going to this website here. Um, so let’s go there and see if we can search some of these emails.

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Cool. So let’s go back to the Biden laptop emails from a conversation about doing what’s right for your family. . Um, now the website for this again is Biden, laptop Doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. All right. So it says, here are 128,000 emails from the Biden laptop, which is the modern Rosetta stone of white and blue collar crime under the patina of the Delaware way.

Don’t know what the hell that means. Um, it says prior to the discovery of the Rosetta stone, a number of ancient languages where mere gibberish and hash marks, similarly, the emails and hunter Bidens illuminated, uh, hunter Bidens, laptop illuminated previously convoluted webs of the people you are seeing, uh, the charge for global governance.

Truly the emails can be considered a translation tool for open source, intelligent gathering. Um, and this actually. References back to what that individual was talking about on Reddit, which is the O S N I OS I N T, which is what they referenced for how to properly translate these emails. Okay. Now what you can do on this website is you can search different individual terms.

Um, a few of that they recommend is, you know, the big guy now, some of the fun ones that I’ve done has been, um, you know, we’ll just start off here and look at that comment, uh, pizza emails, cause I’m pretty sure, you know, that’s an interesting topic when people want to talk about, uh, pizza gate and Hillary Clinton and you know, all of the shady, weird stuff that was going on there, um, seems to get a little bizarre.

All right. So here we go. This email is again from that shady figure. Eric swear. Schwerin Eric Schwerin. Um, Eric Swen sent him an email and this was on two, uh, March 30th, 2016 at approximately two 16. O’clock. Two 16 o’clock  two in the afternoon. Um, and it says presidential pizza, Mattie Beckwith, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Tony Poda, and Chris Petula are hosting a pizza party for Hillary Clinton next month, featuring campaign chair, John Podesta, senior policy advisor, Maya Harris and pizza chef James Avantis of comic ping pong, a maximum $27,000 contribution includes a special reception with John Podesta and all Clinton logo.

Haters need to check out this version, which has pepperoni pizza slices for the arrow. Now let’s see if that works, cause it would be no surprise to me that Hillary Clinton has a pizza  in her logo. Now by clicking this link, I’m probably immediately sending five FBI agents to listen to this live stream on Reddit.

Ron TikTok, sorry. Oh yeah. Look at that link expired. Well, that’s probably good for my behalf.  um, it goes on to say nothing, cuz that’s the last of that email. Um, but there’s several other references to comment ping pong, but I find that one to be the most interesting. Um, as far as the come ping pong situation goes, I don’t know.

I just found that to be an interesting one to look up. Now, when we go look up illegal, you can start to see some of the shadier business deals of them talking about how not to do things illegally. Some of the interesting conversations that they have between these shell companies of Rosemont, Seneca of, uh, VDI V I D E was one that I recall that was a Chinese technology firm, which had no technology, um, just a shell company.

But if you search the term illegal, uh, it comes up with let’s see how many pages, 23 pages, ages of emails. Now it is interesting to note, well, it’s not really that interesting, but it’s probably pertinent to note that some of these emails are just newsletters, um, like from, uh, but some of them are not like the morning score from political, um, other ones, uh, like this, a cheerful Biden family gamely fills in for his boss.

Um, and that’s, again from Eric Sherwin, let’s look up who this Eric Guy is because he’s a shady character. Um, so Eric Sherwin, besides having a stupid name, um, let’s see if we can find out who this guy actually is. So the New York post has a article, um, That says, who is Eric Swen? What to know about hunter Biden’s business partner.

All right, now this goes on to say that Eric Sherwin CA became one of hunter. Biden’s closest friends, business associates, and an emotional pillar to the Biden’s troubled second son over the 20 year relationship that transformed the enigmatic money man into a DC power player. The 52 year old fixer who made at least 27 visits to the white house and other official venues during the Obama and Biden presidency is likely to be the focus of the looming Republican house probe into hunter Bidens, overseas business dealings while Swen Swen, Swen has not personally been accused of any wrongdoing.

Uh, his deep, personal and financial ties, both to Joe and hunter Biden. Continue to cast out on past claims about president Joe Biden, that he has no involvement in his son’s business dealings, hunter Biden, and shrin. Uh, likely first met when they were worked in president bill Clinton’s commerce department.

Sherin arrived at the agency in 1994 with a stir Sterling resume, having earned a bachelor’s from the university of Pennsylvania and a master’s from the Elliot school of international affairs at George Washington university. Before graduating, he spent a year in Czechoslovakia as an English teacher. He rose through the ranks quickly becoming an international trade specialist in 1997 before claiming the title of senior policy advisor to the secretary of an international trade in 1999.

And here’s a lame picture of hunter Biden in a leather jumpsuit, taking a picture of himself with what seems to be a gin and tonic in an elevator in elevator mirror. Um, alright, cool buddy. Um, I worked with him in the department of commerce and I always found him to be a good and decent guy. A nice pleasant guy said former colleague.

Um, which they told the post, um, hunter Biden was the same age as Sherwin in fresh out of Yale law school, where he had one admission after president Clinton personally lobbied Dean Guido Calabresi to admit him after bouncing around some cushy banking gigs in Delaware, he landed at commerce as a policy director, specializing in the burgeoning internet company, according to the new Yorker, the pair headed off when George W.

Bush became president hunter Biden, left government and started a lobbying shop with William Oldaker, a DC lawyer who worked on his father. Uh, his father’s aborted 1988 presidential campaign in 2002, shrin joined him and became a partner in the company. Lobbying disclosure forms shown here in 2008.

Senator Barack Obama sought more than 3.4 million in congressional earmarks for Hunter’s clients. The Washington post reported at the time. He stayed with a lobbying firm until 2008 shady, shady business character. Here’s another picture of Joe Biden or hunter Biden in an all white outfit, a yellowish  sweat stained shirt with some white pants.

with his face like this in his legs crossed like he’s a GQ model. Um, I don’t know. So this guy seems to be a shady character. Who’s all over, all over, um, all over these emails, all over the shady business dealings with Rosemont, Seneca, all, all over. All of it. All right. I don’t know, it seems a lot like you could really dive deep and find the correlations.

You know, I, I guess where you should start is looking at Rosemont Sanco, looking at the, um, Barisma deals that happened, looking at the China deals that happened where he was peddling, his father’s influence. And you can go back, let’s go back to that email list and see if we can find some, the big guy emails.

You know, if you’ve heard that before, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but in these emails, hunter Biden, uh, refers to the big guy, right? And he refers to the big guy in these business dealings where he’s basically peddling somebody’s influence, um, to basically, uh, exchange conversations with his father, Joe Biden, with world leaders, uh, for profit and, uh, economic leaders and CEOs of companies for influence in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in retainer fees.

Okay. Um, and we can look into these here. Now. There is 19 pages with the term, the big guy in it, right. And there’s approximately, I don’t know, 25, 30, 40, maybe 50 emails per page, and a ton of these have Eric Sherwin within them. Okay. Um, now if we go, this starts all the way back from 2010, uh, February 12th, 2010, he started peddling his, uh, dad’s influence.

Um, interesting. His first email with Eric Sherwin was with in 2010 about the big guy. Um, let’s see if we can find where this actually happened. Um, but basically what he ended up doing was giving a percentage of his companies, giving a percentage of these profitabilities through these corporations, to the big guy, the big guy, allegedly being Joe Biden, um, as he was exchanging his influence.

Uh, for these conversations. Now, when I went into these emails, I went like line by line, by line, by line, um, to see these actual shady business dealings. Now I, if I recall correctly, one of them was with Rosemont Seneca. Um, and we’ll see if I can actually find the email where they had this laid out because they actually had it in a literal business, uh, dealing outline, like who is getting what percentage from where, um, and for what right.

And there’s actual pictures that you can use to corroborate these emails, where you can look at the pictures. You can look at the emails and see the dates line up with pictures of Joe Biden, having golf outings with these CEOs of these companies, um, in exchange for putting his son on retainer, right? And this is where all the, the, the weirdness gets into play because hunter Biden was peddling.

His father’s influence. Um, In Ukraine. Right. And all of these Ukrainian companies and a lot of them had to do with energy companies. Right. And so now when we’re seeing Joe Biden give hundreds of like almost a hundred billion dollars now to Ukraine, it’s like 70 billion at this point. Um, it, it all starts to make sense to me.

I mean, obviously I haven’t taken a year, a piece of yarn and like connected every single dots, but it just seems super shady. Um, again, this is a podcast called red pill revolution. So take it with a grain of salt  um, but I think it’s important to, to take a look at who he’s talking to here. Right. I don’t have time to go through all hundred and however, many thousand of these emails.

Um, but, uh, it seems to me that. They will eventually have people going through each one of them. And we will get that yarn string from company to company, to individual, to individual from Joe Biden, to Barisma from Barisma to China, from China to Zelensky and to Zelensky to, you know, so you get all of these hundreds of billions of dollars that they’re gonna be Pedald to these companies over time.

Um, and eventually it all leads back to Joe Biden. Now, again, that’s all a conspiracy. I don’t know if what I’m saying is correct.  you can look at these emails for yourself, double check and see. Um, but to me it seems pretty shady that now we’re sending billions of dollars to Ukraine after his son did billions of dollars of, of influence peddling to them over, you know, what appears to be 10 to 12 years through Rosemont, Seneca and his other show companies, um, shell companies.

And, uh, I don’t know, pretty wild, but the other side of it, you know, there’s like three categories of this when it comes to these text messages and it comes to the iCloud emails or the iCloud.  the first one is pedophilia, right? Let’s just highlight each one of these categories for you.  the first side of it is him being super creepy and sexually inappropriate.

According to all of his family with Natalie Biden, who’s his niece and potentially his daughter. According to that, I don’t know. Um, the other side of it is super shady business dealings that were happening with Ukraine, Ukrainian energy companies and China. The other side of it is peddling his father’s influence for profit through those companies.

The next part of it was his unbelievable amount of drug usage. And then the last part of it was allegedly sex trafficking that he’s now being indicted for federal. Okay. Um, so again, you can check out the Reddit article directly for yourself by going and searching the topic title. So just search Reddit, the hunter Biden saga continues.

It’s under the subreddit conspiracy. Of course. Um, you can find the emails for that at, uh, Biden, laptop emails, dot com. You can actually use every search term you could ever want in there to see use names, emails, individuals, illegal might be a good one to look at, um, pretty wild. Um, but I guess we all know that thingss gonna happen about this.

That’s the most frustrating part is if I did this, or you did this, or your friend did this or anybody that we know every single one of us would be literally in jail right now. No questions asked now, obviously he’s the son of the president of the United States. But that might change if hunter Biden is correct and he has cancer, if he’s correct about his own medical status, which apparently the white house seems to believe that he’s not.

But anyways, I did wanna just touch on each one of those categories for you guys. You gotta jump into this and, and dive in deeper if you’d like to, but I gave you the resources to do it. All right. Um, but anyways, I hope you guys have a great day. Thank you for listening. I appreciate it so much and welcome to the revolution.

Have a great day.


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