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Biden’s Liberal World Order, Creepy Disney & Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced

In this week’s episode, we discuss Joe Biden’s Advisor admitting that the reason for high gas prices is due to having to maintain the “Liberal World Order”, We discuss Disney pushing their Trans agenda onto your young children, leading to a discussion about the dark creepy history of other Disney movies. We also discuss the recent sentencing of child pedophiles and sex traffickers Ghislaine Maxwell.

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Full Transcription

Welcome to the revolution.

Hello and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams. Thank you so much for listening today. I appreciate it so much. It has been a little bit since our last episode. Uh, so I’m really excited to jump back into it. I’ve been literally like itching to do a podcast episode with you guys. There’s been so much that has been going on over the last, I don’t know.

Uh, several, several weeks, I guess, two and a half weeks now. And, uh, again, I’m really excited to jump into it. So today’s episode, we’re gonna jump into some of the more interesting topics that have come up over the last several weeks, including, uh, we’ll touch on the liberal world order that Biden’s, uh, advisor spoke to over the last, uh, I believe it was in the.

Several days. We’re also gonna touch on the Baymax situation with Disney. If you’re not familiar, Disney had a new series come out, uh, regarding Baymax and Baymax is . Um, what is the movie called? Uh, big hero. Six, if you don’t have children, you might not know it, but big hero six was the movie. It’s a great movie, but they came out with a series recently where there’s some interesting things that they, uh, talk to your children about.

That a lot of people are kind of uncomfortable with, um, some parts of the, uh, trans agenda. So we’ll discuss those things today. We’re also going to talk on the Joe Biden cue card situation.  if you haven’t heard about that, basically they were telling him when to breathe and what to say when to sit down the fact that it was going to be him who is sitting down and not somebody else.

I don’t know how you make somebody else sit down, but, uh, yeah, they were very, very specific in their words. So we’ll talk about all of that. All right. Before we jump into that, though, I need you to do one thing for me. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button, whether you’re on apple podcast, YouTube, Spotify, rumble, uh, wherever you’re at right now.

Go ahead and hit that subscribe button. It means the world to me, it takes. Five seconds, five seconds of your time. I know that every day you go through your day, you’re trying to look for a way to get some good karma, to feel good about yourself and know that you’re doing something for somebody else. And you can do that very easily right now.

And all you gotta do. Just tap, tap, tap that subscribe button real quick for me. All right. The next thing you can do leave a five star review. If you’re on apple podcast, if you’re on Spotify’s YouTube, wherever, leave a five star review, it helps us with the rankings. Again, I appreciate it so much. And that’s all I got for you there.

All right. So what we’re gonna go into first is going to be the liberal world order that Joe Biden’s advisor talked about. And we’ll go ahead and watch the clip first. Then we’re gonna look at a clip of Joe Biden, actually referencing the same exact world order, uh, at the world economic forum. So we’ll look at that clip from back in 2017, I believe it was.

So let’s watch this clip. Uh, we’ll listen to it together. And then we will look at Joe Biden’s clip of him, discussing it back in 2017. And here we go. It’s fairly quick. It’s like 10 seconds. Um, so here is this clip

 It’s sustainable. What do you say to those families who say, listen, we can’t afford to pay 4 85 a gallon for months. If not years, this is just not sustainable. Well, we heard from the president today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.


 so you heard it right there. This is about the future of the liberal world order. You paying $6. A gallon is about the future of the liberal world order that nobody even wants you to talk about. And you heard it right from the mouth of Joe Biden’s advisor there. So that was a question regarding gas prices, right?

They were asking about gas prices. And, uh, the question was basically how long do you expect people to be able to pay this and this, I don’t know, airhead advisor, his response was as long as it takes be as long as we can keep up the liberal world order. Well, I don’t know about you. I know about my bank account.

I know about my friend’s bank account. Family’s bank account. None of my family members or friends or anybody gives a shit about the liberal world order. None of them, not a single one. Haven’t heard him, you know, Hey, you, you really glad the liberal world orders doing well today, aren’t you? No, nobody’s talking about that.

Nobody cares. Right? These, this Joe Biden and his advisors are so far removed from the general rep, uh, public that they think you actually care about the liberal world order. If anything, that’s a concerning statement, right? For how long have we heard that the new world order is a conspiracy theory, right?

Is, is something that, you know, doesn’t exist. And, and, and you’re just saying that because, uh, you know, you, you’re a conspiracy theorist, a tin foil hat wearing crazy person. And now they’re just saying it outright on, I don’t know, whatever that was MSNBC or whatever. Um, so the liberal world order is what that advisor just said is the reason that you need to pay six or $7 a gallon for gas.

And again, I don’t care about the liberal order world order. I don’t care. I don’t think you do either. I don’t think even liberals care about the liberal world order, especially when they have to pay six or $7 a gallon for gas. It’s crazy. Um, so we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna watch a clip real quick of Joe Biden saying a very similar thing in 2017.

And what you’ll notice if you’re actually looking at the video format of this is that the background has three interesting words while he’s discussing these things. And it says world economic forum. Hmm. If you don’t know what the world economic forum is, you don’t know who Charles Schwab. Who leads the world economic forum?

Um, it’s basically the, the weirdest, uh, star wars, Imperial army. Uh, I don’t know, like the legitimate new world order being ran by all of the world governments. 

All right, now Disney had a new series come out, uh, regarding Baymax  this, the wokeness that Disney put into this TV series and I love this show. Like if you’ve ever seen the big hero, six, show it or movie, it’s a great movie.

All you have is go to the new show that they have. And again, this is, uh, the new bay max series and there’s two episodes in a row. Two episodes in a row where they have this woke ideology and woke agenda being pushed on your children. Now, I, you know, I don’t care what you want to get put in front of your children.

I don’t care what you want to teach your children. Honestly, don’t teach my children, your ideology at 5, 6, 7 years old. Right? And even if you wanna introduce it be because there’s a reason, there’s a reason that you are not allowed to advertise to children. You’re not allowed to advertise to children because they cannot make sense of what is true and what is false.

They cannot make sense of when somebody is trying to deceive you for profit. Right? So there’s literal laws around advertising to children because they know they’re susceptible highly susceptible to somebody of authority or somebody like their favorite movie character, pushing an ideology and making something normal that maybe isn’t.

Or maybe, you know, shouldn’t be pushed on a five to six year old. And again, there’s two sides of Disney plus the show’s on Disney plus, and there’s two sides of it. There’s like the parent side in the child’s side and the kid’s side of Disney plus doesn’t have a ton of movies that you would normally let your child watch, right?

Like Moana’s not on there. Uh, cars, three Peter pan Dumbo wreck it, Ralph, like all of these, uh, onward, which is another awesome kid’s movie. All of these movies that seemingly should be allowed for children that aren’t for some obscure reason, but this new bay max series is on the kid size kid side of Disney, the kid size of di side of Disney.

So you start to see in the series very quickly, what they’re starting to push. And so we’ll watch this clip right here. And what it is is it’s this Baymax. If you don’t know the, the background of big hero, six big hero, six is a movie about a kid who’s, uh, his parents are dead and he lives with his aunt and his brother, his older brother, and his older brother dies in a fire during the movie.

And he’s a really smart kid and he makes this robot and his brother has a robot. Who’s like super nice and like heals people. I don’t know. It’s a great movie. You should go watch it a hundred percent. You should go watch it. What you shouldn’t watch if you’re a child, is the bay max series. Because what they do is they, they place the Baymax, this robot, first of all, which is weird in a Pharmac.

Like a CVS type of deal. And he’s asking what type of tampons he should buy. And I think the context of the episode is that he’s looking for tampons for some girl who needs them because it’s her first period. And again, this is like five to six year olds can watch this because the, the apparent side of it is like seven or eight plus.

So they’re expecting five to six year olds to watch this series. And in this series, we’ll, we’ll go ahead and watch this. Um, he’s asking about tampons and there’s seven or eight people around him who are answering questions about tampons, which is like, whatever tampons who cares, periods, whatever, like, yeah.

You wanna talk to my kid about how the re you know, how their body works at 7, 8, 9 years old? Honestly, it doesn’t rub me the wrong way, as long as you’re doing it from a medical perspective, but that’s not what they are doing here, because one of the individuals is wearing a shirt that with the trans flag on it, As appears to be a male person of the male sex when they were born.

I’m not assuming their gender , but it appears to be a man in the way that I was brought up, thinking men look based on their appearance, jawline, clothing, voice, testosterone level genitals, I don’t know. Um, but here’s the story. Here’s the, here’s the clip right here. And then we’ll talk about

 Excuse me. Which of these products would you recommend? Oh, um, well these are the tampons I usually use. Thank you. I prefer pads. They’re more comfortable for me. Thank you. I always get the ones with wings. Thank you. Get incented and bleach free. If you can. Thank you, yo, my daughter loves these. Thank you.

These might be easier if it’s her first period. Thank you. These are really environmentally friendly.

 what they don’t show you. There is that one of the individuals is wearing a transfer is a man and says, this is the type of tampon that I use. Excuse me. Ma’am or sir, don’t want to, you know, believe what your pronouns are based on your, uh, actual gender at birth. But I don’t know where, where is this person with a trans flag on their shirt?

Putting this tamp? What is it doing for them?  and why are you trying to teach my five, six and seven year olds that periods are, have men have periods, biological men have periods because this was a biological man wearing a transfer in Baymax. Why are you trying to teach my 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 year old? Why are you trying to begin these questions at that age?

Because all you’re doing and if again, and if you go back to, there was a book written by a woman, um, I forget the name of it, but she wrote a book basically about how the mental health crisis that was prior to this, uh, era. So let’s say between like 2000 and 2016, there was a big manifestation of mental health issues for young women in the area of, uh, anorexia and bulimia.

And so what they saw was a similar drop between 2000 and I think it was 17 and 2021 when trans. Started to become a very popular topic of conversation. Um, what they saw was a very similar drop in the amount of women who were identifying or, or had a mental health issue represent itself in the way of anorexia and bulimia now representing itself in the way of gender dysphoria.

And if you don’t know what gender dysphoria is, ask a psychologist because they learned about it in school, in the DSM five, where it outlined what that actually is. And so why are you trying to push? And again, I don’t have a problem if you wanna, like, bring this up to a 14, 15 year old in school and represent these ideas and let them know that this is something that’s out there.

And this is what people think. And you know, maybe, you know, somebody who’s in a situation, but don’t try and tell my children that a man can have a period. Don’t try and tell my six year old, seven year old, five year old. That the, the actual reproductive organs of a man allow for that situation to happen because you’re confusing them.

That’s not science, especially when you’re claimed to be the party of science. That’s not science. A man cannot have a period, period.  it doesn’t work that way. I don’t have a uterus. I don’t have a vagina. I don’t have anything. That’s shedding its wall or it’s lining that’s causing, uh, bleeding. I don’t have that.

I don’t bleed from anywhere once a month. It does not work that way. Sorry to tell you Disney, if you were so far uninformed that you actually believed a man could have a period, they can not. So don’t groom my child to thinking that they can. And, and, and so you see it prior in the next episode of this bay max series, because I watched it with my daughter right there in the very next episode is.

Of, um, a show about a guy who ends up asking another guy out on a date. And again, if you wanna do this with like 12, 13, 14 year olds where they’re aware of these things, don’t do it to a five, six year old. I, I just don’t see the place for this, like sexual orientation being brought up to somebody who is literally a toddler Leah toddler two years ago, because you know what you’re doing, you know?

Right. And, and then, and again, and I wouldn’t have a problem if with this, if it was coming from an independent company, this is literally the biggest entertainment company in the world. You know, the same entertainment company who, when you go back and watch the OG lion king wrote sex in the stars, because they wanted to subconsciously program your children to be hypersexualized.

When it was convenient for them, it’s the same company who had the, whatever that guy was from the little mermaid with a boner sitting there with a, another character on his lap. It’s the same company. I literally have a list here in an article of all the crazy shit that Disney’s done. That’s been hyper sexualizing, our children for decades, like 55, 60 years.

Right. And yet you wanna take off Moana wreck it, Ralph, uh, Molan Peter pan and Dumbo, but you’re trying to groom my child into believing a man can have a period. What the fuck planet do you live on? And you’re trying to like shape my child’s reality because that’s what you’re doing, right? When you’re PO positioning your child in the way, when you’re teaching them something, you’re shaping their reality because they don’t know better.

They don’t know how these things work. They don’t, they haven’t been introduced wi by the reproductive system. And all they do is, you know, maybe they watch Netflix, they watch Disney plus they watch a little YouTube and then they speak with the parent. And now they’re trying to interject their ideology into your child’s mind at five years old, the same way that they were writing sex in the stars.

Hyper sexualizing you at the age of 5, 5, 6, 7 years old. When you were watching the lion king back in the nineties, the same way that they were, you know, they had a Ladin saying, good teenagers, take off their clothes. That was in Aladin. That was literally in the OG Aladin to where they, there was like all this controversy around it.

But Aladin, there was like, everyone has heard the claim. I have the article up here. Everyone has heard the claim that Aladin says, good teenagers, take off your clothes in the balcony scene, where he’s about to take Jasmine on a magic carpet ride while it was argued back and forth. For many years, Disney muted the line in his rerelease of Aladin.

Why would you mute a line in the movie unless you believe what it was doing was wrong? Hmm. Now let’s look at some other stuff and they literally don’t even have Fantasia on the children’s Disney side. Like this children’s side of Disney. They don’t have Fantasia. Fantasia is a literal music based movie from like 1940.

With like lights and all this weird, cool stuff. And like, and this is also the same exact company that had Allison Wonderland. They did multiple movies on Allison Wonderland, which is literally just a movie about tripping balls on shrooms or acid. And you can go watch that on Disney plus right now, yet you want censor Moana in cars, three, like you can’t watch cars three on there.

It’s it is just so interesting to me that they want to push this ideology on the child side of Disney. Now, again, I don’t like if you want to have, and, and I’ll play this clip here of the Baymax, like the, the guy asking the other guy out on a date, which is like, cool. I, you know, do your thing again. I, I don’t care what you do in your sex life.

I cool. If that’s what you do, if that’s, you know, your sexuality, I get it 100%. Go ahead and do you, but. I don’t think that the same company that’s writing sex in the stars should be introducing this to five and six year olds. When at the same time, they’re not allowing them to watch cars three in the name of doing the right thing.

So, and then if we go back to the aristocrats aristocrats, right, they, they took that off there. Um, because of it, they, they took, um, what was it? The movie, the rescuers, if you go watch the, the old OG Disney movie, the rescuers in the background on a poster, there’s a literal naked woman on the poster, still on Disney plus.

Let’s see, what else do we have here from Disney now they took off, uh, the Peter pan. Now the Peter pan one, like they, I think they did the same thing for mul. Like Mulan has, uh, you know, they did it for racist ideology because, um, I don’t know what the part about it was for Mulan with Peter pan. They did it because he wore like the feather hats.

Um, and it said the probably the most recent Mo racist moment in the mainstream Disney film is the moment of Peter pan where he a lovely tune explains why native Americans are red in the catchy tune. What makes the red man red? We learned that engines started off as white people. Then they were kissed by girls and turned bright red and the redness never went away.

okay. That’s one hell of an origin myth. And when it’s delivered by a chorus of natives, why wouldn’t a six year old child, believe it. And that last line is important there. Why would a, you know, when it’s delivered by a chorus of natives, when it’s delivered in a situation where there’s seven people standing around Baymax, a literal robot, looking for a tampon.

There’s seven people around him shouting out, you know, uh, tips and tricks for how to use a tampon. And then you have a actual man biological man in the trans shirt. Who’s throwing his opinion out about how he utilizes tampons. Now, again, let’s take the last sentence of this article, where it says when it’s delivered by a chorus of, in this case, individuals in the Baymax show, why wouldn’t a six year old child, believe it, why wouldn’t a six year old child believe that a man can have a period is, and, and why are you gonna confuse a 11 year old girl into believing that, you know, what happens to you happens to him?

And everybody’s, you know, it’s just, it’s not how it works. And we don’t live in the fantasy land of Disney, right? And then you get into, you know, even the darker side of Disney, where they find out all of these, you know, all of these, um, sex trafficking rings, where people are being busted as pedophiles in actual Disney world.

And it gets even darker. So I don’t know, to me it’s bothersome, you know, I just watched that clip with my, I actually watched the show with my daughter and to see that, that Baymax clip where the man is talking about how he utilizes tampons and then immediately follow it up, like back to back episodes.

Um, where, you know, I don’t know, again, I don’t care what you do. I think you should absolutely have. I think like in onward, the movie with Disney, they actually have a scene where a woman talks about her wife and like, cool, get it cool. A hundred percent. Um, but trans men don’t have periods. Men don’t have periods, they don’t bleed, they don’t shut a uterine lining on their, you know, it just doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t happen. And why are we trying to teach our youth that that’s actually a thing it’s gross. All right. Now, speaking of gender ideology, Major us airlines to allow gender neutral option on ticket reservations. This is an article from Reuters as of July. First, it goes on to say that major us airlines have agreed to update computer systems by the end of 2024, to allow travelers to purchase tickets with an X gender marker.

An airline trade group confirmed on Friday. Us Senator Ron widen in a letter to airlines for America, chief executive Nick Callio that was seen by Reuters said member airlines committed to the change after he had engaged with the group, a spokesman from the airline group confirmed that widens letter was accurate.

Airlines for America, represents passenger carriers for Delta airlines, United airlines, American airlines, Southwest airlines, Alaska airlines, Hawaii airlines and jet blue airways.  now it goes on to say in March, the Biden administration said that Americans would be allowed to choose an X for gender on their passport applications and select their sex on social security cards.

Now I’ve said this before, I’ve said it about the bathroom thing. I’ve said it about sports. I’ll say it about this too. If we’re gonna have an X option, why don’t we just not ask people’s gender? If it no longer is if no longer matters, if we can just be whatever we want any given day, depending on how we feel, why not just have it be not gender, like not genderless.

You’re not genderless. Let’s just stop asking gender because literally why does it matter what your gender is when I’m traveling on a plane? Are you gonna check and make sure when I walk in the door or through security, and if I don’t have a, a penis, you’re gonna turn me around. Like, why are we asking this to begin with?

So if you wanna play these silly games, don’t make an X. There’s no X in gender. It doesn’t exist. It’s not a thing. There’s men and there’s women. Those are the only two genitalia that exist in this world. So if we’re not checking for anything and there’s no reason, same thing with the bathrooms, same thing with sports, right?

If you want sports to be allowed to women, to compete with men and men to compete with women. Cool. Do it fine. Leah Thomas, the number one record breaking swimmer of all time and female NCAA IV league swimming.  when she was number 400 and whatever, you’re just gonna see that women’s sports become men’s sports.

Unfortunately, that’s the way that biology works. Men tend to have, you know, better, you know, thicker bone density. They tend to have different muscular structures. If we’re gonna say that it doesn’t matter what your gender is. If it doesn’t matter how your chemical and bodily makeup is and your muscle structure, then just say it doesn’t matter.

Don’t don’t tell me that a woman is a man or a man is a woman, and then can then compete in women’s sports and shatter every record ever, cuz you’re not living in the real world. So in the same case here, if we’re gonna have X on our passports as a gender option, then just don’t ask me my gender. Cuz obviously it doesn’t matter if I can put an X there just don’t ask.

It’s a silly thing to do. So it goes on to say that in March the Biden administrations, that Americans would be allowed to choose an X for their gender on their passport applications and select their sex on social security cards. Nobody should have to misgender themselves in order to book a flight widen wrote and by forcing travelers to book their ticket with inaccurate gender information airlines also end up providing inaccurate information to the transportation security administration.

Is it now I want to identify the way that language works, cuz I think this is important to note here when we’re talking about gender. That’s how the word breaks down. You’re talking about the, um, Latin, uh, where the word actually comes from from the Latin language, right? A lot of the American or the English language derives from Latin derivatives and the word gender breaks down to two points within the Latin language, which has meaning itself.

Gender is not, or I’m sorry. Language is not a construct. At least in our sense language from the English language does not just derived from air and we can change the way that words work at any given time. No language is sounds that give meaning, and we have derived the meaning of our sounds based on basic languages that came from before English.

Right? And in this case, Latin is the, is the derivative of much of the English language. So then when we look at the actual derivative of Jen du. It comes from the same derivative of gen it tolls, genitals, gender. You don’t just get to make it a construct and change it to be whatever you want. You don’t get to put an X there.

Now, if you wanna identify as whatever you wanna wear, whatever clothing you want and say that, you know, you have, you know, go back to the DSM five and talk about that conversation from earlier. That’s fine. Do what you wanna do, be who you want to be, wear, what you wanna wear, call yourself, whatever you wanna call yourself.

And I will respect that, but X is not a gender doesn’t exist. So let’s just call it the same way you can have gender neutral bathrooms. Let’s have a gender neutral passport. Maybe it doesn’t matter what your gender is to go fly on a plane. It shouldn’t, it shouldn’t matter at all, what your gender is to fly on a plane.

It shouldn’t matter what your gender is to go to a different country. Shouldn’t matter the, in the same way that it shouldn’t matter what your sexuality is. You shouldn’t have to identify your sexuality when you go fly on a plane. One place that it does matter though, is sports because sports have real repercussions, especially when you’re talking about contact sports, just in the same way that we saw, you know, um, transgender MMA fighters, literally breaking the face of women without telling them that they were a man and had different bone density and different, different bodily structure and different, uh, muscle tone in structure.

Right. And that’s the whole, that’s the whole argument. Right? So, so there should be no reason that we have an X on a passport. Okay. Now it goes on to say that widens letter said, member airlines will publish a page on their website detailing the specific steps that non-binary individuals can take to obtain tickets that reflect their gender such as working with a customer service representative who can manually update the gender marker on their ticket.

Widens letter noted that United and American airlines have already changed their booking process to allow travelers, to book tickets with an X gender marker, but not all us airlines have followed their example. The state’s department in June of 2021 said that us citizen citizens could select their gender on applications without having to submit medical documentation.

In October, it issued the first American passport with a X gender marker.  what, what does X stand for? The TSA in March said it would implement gender neutral screening at its checkpoints. Now all of you in the comment section here, posting pride flags a hundred percent go pride, right? Pride month, whatever sexuality, whatever trans is not a sexuality.

Trans is a, is a gender issue. It’s not a sexuality being gay, being lesbian, being bisexual is a sexuality. They’ve muddied the water of the L G B community. With the tees go watch the, what is it? The, um, oh, what Dave Chappelle, Dave Chappelle has the literal best comedy bit ever, where he talks about the, uh,

He like breaks it down into where they like all get into an Uber. There’s the LS, the GS, the bees. And they’re all mad that the tees are trying to hijack their thunder. It’s it’s such a great construct that he breaks it down as, because the way that they’ve tried to like hijack the sexuality movement, because it should absolutely be allowed, you should absolutely be able to marry somebody of the same sex should be like, and, and have it be socially acceptable and raise children together adopt like everything a hundred percent, a hundred percent.

But the fact that you want women or men to compete in women’s sports and break their fucking face in an MMA fight and not even have to tell the other individual that they’re a man and have different bodily and bone structure than the other individuals is a problem. That’s a real problem. Again, do what you do sexually, like again, a hundred percent on board with you.

You should absolutely be able to get married. You should absolutely be able to date whoever you want to, but don’t expect someone to work their ass off their entire life as a woman in female sports, and then to just be super happy and clapping their hands on the podium. As they take second place by a half a mile to a man who had a severe, severe, um, you know, much better bodily makeup to win that event.

It’s unfair. It’s not fair. And in the same case here, let’s just call it all gender neutral. Right? Let’s have a gender neutral league.  for sports. And the problem with that is let’s say we mix that. W N B a with the NBA throw LeBron in the w B a throw, you know, what’s gonna happen is all of the men are just also going to represent the women’s sports.

There’s not going to be any women in the sports. And the fact is they’re bigger, they’re stronger. They, they generally are more athletic because of their bodily makeup. They’re faster. Now, literally go. I’m not saying these things frivolously. I’m telling you, if you go look at the Guness book of world records or the Olympic records for any event ever, that is specifically athleticism, you will find that the men generally are faster.

They generally lift more. When it comes to weights, they’re more athletic in, in their events. That’s the same reason that the us women’s Olympic soccer team plays 14 year old boys teams. And, and a lot of times gets beat. That’s a thing. I saw a, an actual, uh, athlete from the us women’s Olympic team post about it.

and they made a marker, a point of that, the fact that there’s a reason that there is differentiations in gender. Now that doesn’t exactly pertain to this. That’s just a little side note, but let’s just call it. Why do we need gender on a passport? Why do we need gender on an airline ticket? It seems stupid.

Right? So if we’re gonna play these little games where you can put an X on there, let’s just not put gender on there. Why does it matter in the first place? All right. So segues  segues. Um, so another big event that has come out recently, another big topic of conversation has been that Gale Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case 20 years, who would’ve thought.

Now I’m surprised because this article was written on June 26th or June 28th, June 28th, that she has not somehow managed to. Kill herself already magically in a prison with, you know, padded walls. But I’m also surprised that you can get a, a sex trafficking case when you’ve never actually trafficked it to any individuals who are being charged with the crime in the first place.

Who did she traffick these people to cuz we know there was a big, long black book. Epstein’s black book of every individual, uh, videotapes VHS’s in boxes, boxes of VHS tapes that were taken from Epstein island, literal names of all the flight logs, not a single individual at all that we’ve been told of has been prosecuted for having children trafficked to them by Gale max.

So here it goes, it says British socialite turned convicted sex trafficker gal Maxwell finally got her due Tuesday when she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. For her role in helping richen powerful pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein abuse, young girls. Now, what this doesn’t mention too, is that she was also accused of raping young girls with him as if you follow the trial you would’ve saw because there was actually testimony by a, a a, I think it was, uh, guff, G I R a F F E, who testified that she was inappropriately touched.

And Glenn Maxwell was actually a part of these actions that happened on the island and was a part of grooming them and actually exploiting them sexually goes on to say that us district judge Allison Nathan said the sentence of 240 months was sufficient and not greater than necessary for Maxwell who appeared, who earlier addressed the court and told victims in a halfhearted apology.

I am sorry for the pain that you experienced. Yeah. Okay. As she finally learned her faith, the 60 year old predator’s face remained inscrutable and she briefly hugged her attorneys before leaving the courtroom, wearing blue jail scrubs, her dark brown locks cut in a Bob  in her ankles and shackles. She did not speak to her siblings who were seated in the row behind her.

The number of people harmed is impossible to measure said victim Annie farmer, who testified at trial, told the court during Tuesday’s hearing as Maxwell, shoulders, tensed the Epstein. Madam tried to avoid looking at her victims as they spoke, but she did lock eyes with Sarah ransom. When her victim told her you broke me in unfathomable ways, but you didn’t break my spirit nor did you dampen my internal flame that now burns brighter than ever.

And it’s amazing how we got so much coverage, so much coverage of how many trials over the last, how, you know, year and a half between Kyle written house. And like, we’ve literally never had more celebrity trials than we’ve had in the last, I don’t know, seven months, all these huge, you know, inside the courtroom Hollywood ask type events.

And then speaking of that, Nancy Pelosi hiring a literal, uh, you know, director of movies to try and put a, a celebrity ask spin on the January 6th trials, which I think are still going on today. I don’t know nobody’s watching them and nobody really cares cuz everybody knows that.  potentially set up by the FBI as pointed to, by Ted Cruz who interviewed the CIA director assistant of national security.

I don’t know some long name where she’s, you know, if you recall, I put out a video on it where she goes, you know, I can’t answer that. You know, did you guys insight violence on January 6th? I can’t answer that. Did you guys have agents present who were pro uh, provocateurs to attempt to get into the capital building?

I can’t answer that. Well, why can’t you answer that? Well, you can’t answer that because you know the answer’s yes. And then we saw, what was it? Ray apps, right? Ray apps. You go back and look at Ray apps. And Ray apps was the individual who I put in my video who was going into the capital into the cap. We gotta go in there, you know, and then no out of everybody, who’s literally still sitting in a white jail cell right now in the bottom of Joe Biden’s, uh, white house.

Being held by the CIA secretly, allegedly, uh, Ray a is still sitting on his, you know, a hundred acre farm with a golf cart, not facing any charges when there’s actually footage of him telling people the day before that they have to go into the capital. I don’t know. I digress, but it’s all a conspiracy theory.

I don’t actually believe any of that. Um, it says Maxwell’s defense attorneys. Meanwhile, I don’t know how we got into that. Um, Maxwell’s defense attorney. Meanwhile had begged for leniency saying she should get no more than four to five years. Wow. For raping and sex trafficking, dozens, if not hundreds of young women in a literal Ponzi scheme of pedophilia, if you look back, if you go watch the documentary, which I started and didn’t finish because it made me sick to my stomach, having to watch this and all the horrific things that they did to these kids.

But if you go back the way that they did it is they literally recruited it. Like it was a multi-level market. They would get one girl in the school to go back and recruit other girls from the school to go back and recruit other girls from the school. And they would pay them money for every girl that they brought in to give massages to these old men.

And eventually they would be sex traffick to an island of celebrities. And their parents were like, it was just so gross, but it was like a multilevel, literally like a multi-level market, like the Avocare of pedophilia and Glenn Maxwell ran it all, literally ran ital was the one who convinced the girls would go into the, you know, go buy the schools and pick these girls up, would have them in the room with her and then actually sexually assault them the way that they were outlined within that as well.

So it goes on to say that her sentence marked to the end of a lengthy criminal proceedings that started after Maxwell’s arrested a sprawling New Hampshire estate in July of 2020, prosecutors brought the charges against Maxwell months after Epstein, her former partner in crime killed himself. In Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking, raps today’s sentence holds gal Maxwell accountable for perpe perpetrating heinous crimes against children, us attorney of the Southern district of New York Navy and Williams said in the statement, this sentence sends a strong message that no one is above the law and is never too late for justice.

Maxwell’s attorney Bobby stern Heim. And if you watched any of the trials like, or if you listen to the, um, actual, uh, outlines of the trials, or like what was actually said, it was dis this woman was disgusting. She literally related Jeffrey Epstein to James Bond in her opening statement, literally called him a modern day.

James Bond in her opening statement about sex trafficking children for pedophilia. It goes on to say, in addition to the prison term, she also imposed a $750,000 fine on Maxwell who could potentially get credit for the two years she’s already spent behind bars or have some of her time shaved off for good behavior.

That’s terrible. I don’t think there’s any amount of good behavior that overcomes you. Literally sex trafficking, children for profit, and then also sexually assaulting them. It also says that her attorneys requested that she serve out her time at the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. The low security women’s lockup that served as the inspiration for Netflix.

Orange is the new black, the, uh, Oxford educated Aris and daughter of late publishing tycoon. Robert Maxwell, who spent much of her life hobnobbing  with the rich and famous hobnobbing. That’s an interesting term, um, was convicted of sex trafficking. Now, if you don’t know anything about Gale Maxwell’s dad, that’s another interesting conversation.

Gale Maxwell’s dad was alleged. A agent for the Maad, which is like a secret intelligence agency. Um, for, I think it’s like Saudi Arabia or something like that, or the Saudi princes, I don’t know. Um, but he also purchased, uh, the books. Um, what is it? It’s uh, McGraw hill, Gale Maxwell’s dad bought McGraw hill EV you know, every single textbook ever that you ever got ever in high school that had McGraw hill on it was owned by Gale Maxwell’s dad, who at one point considered changing the name to Maxwell, but then didn’t do so in fear that it would come back on him and who his actual, you know, his background was, but owned McGraw hill.

And I believe still does today. Like that family still owns McGraw hill, which is literally every textbook ever in both high school, middle school, elementary school, and college. Every person out there right now can identify with that book company, McGraw hill is owned by Gale Maxwell’s dad. You know, the Gale Maxwell who, and it’s like, I think our dad actually died.

Got pushed off. Well, didn’t get pushed off, fell off of a boat, his yacht in like the middle of the ocean, uh, mysteriously that family’s nuts. And you look back at their background. The sister of gal Maxwell, like was one of the very first internet technology tycoons who came out with a search engine or some shit back in the early nineties and became a billionaire off of it.

It’s crazy. When you look into the history of Gale Maxwell in her family goes on to say that, uh, four women testified at her publicized, highly publicized trial and not enough, highly publicized as, uh, you know, pirates of the Caribbean actor over, uh, minor spousal abuse. But the widely publicized trial in Manhattan, federal court, and two of them, several other accusers also addressed the court Tuesday, calling out on the judge to lock Maxwell up and throw away the key.

They hailed the sentence that Nathan opposed with one Elizabeth Stein calling it vindication in validation, Virginia guff Roberts, which is the individual I was talking about earlier, who had long accused Maxwell and Epstein of trafficking, her to Britain’s prince Andrew described Maxwell like a Wolf in sheep’s clothing in her letter to the court.

Yeah, it’s interesting. How, uh, prince Andrew per Andrew literal royalty was accused during this trial of sexually abusing a girl who is in the trial under oath. And he’s sitting free somewhere right now, probably on a different island, sexually assaulting other young children. Like how, what the fuck kind of world is this.

Says, um, she went on to say that Gale, you deserve to spend the rest of your life in the jail cell. She wrote you deserve to be trapped in a cage forever. Just like you trapped your victims. Kate, a former British model who also used her first name and testified at trial said Maxwell and Epstein’s victims are unified to bring justice to a common enemy.

No person should be shielded from the consequences of their actions. Case said, calling Maxwell, a manipulative and cruel person who has shown a lack of remorse for how she ruined the lives of countless women and children staring at Maxwell. She said today I can look at gal Elaine and tell her that I became what I am today in spite of her and her efforts to make me feel powerless and insignificant the disgrace socialite, who has denied that she abused.

Anyone has remained, locked up in Brooklyn’s metropolitan detention center for nearly two years since her bust and throughout her month long trial. Federal prosecutors at trial portrayed Maxwell as a sophisticated predator who was inextricably linked to Epstein, including in his pursuit of gross to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004, it goes on to show a literal picture of prince Andrew with Virginia guff with Gale Maxwell smirking behind her Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand said, assistant us attorney general, or us attorney Allison Moe.

As she said in her clothing, state closing statements in December 20th, Maxwell and Epstein were partners. She said they were partners in crime who sexually exploited young girls together. So ding dong the witch is dead bitches. Glenn Maxwell is in jail for at least 20 years. Well, at the most 20 years, which I think is insignificant, I think she should literally be given a 40 year sentence and on good behavior, have the opportunity to be out when shes.

125 years old. I think that, uh, 20 year state, uh, sentence for all of the horrific things that she did is unjust. And eventually we’ll either see that, you know, maybe she’s gonna wind up hanging herself in her prison cell that with padded walls, with, you know, the video being cut at exactly the right time with while on suicide watch , or maybe we’ll see her, uh, get out on good behavior after seven years, which I think is the more likely of the scenarios.

All right. And then the last article that we’re going to talk about, because it just caught my eye based on all of the weirdness and diet today, um, is going to be this one by New York post, which says that vegan mom starved her toddler to death with diet of raw vegetables and fruits. This was on July 1st, 2022 written by the New York post goes on to say that a Florida vegan mother has been found guilty of murdering her 18 month old son after only feeding him raw fruits and vegetables.

Sheila O’Leary 39 years old is facing life in prison after a jury life in prison after, uh, convicted her Wednesday of murder in a string of child abuse charges over 2019 death of her toddler, Ezra O’Leary her little boy weighed just 17 pounds, seven pounds below average. When his parents noticed he had stopped breathing O’Leary and her husband, Ryan O’Leary told police that Azara followed a strict vegan diet, but that he was also breastfed.

They said the boy hadn’t eaten in the, for about a week prior to his death and was having trouble sleep. An autopsy found the little boy died of malnutrition complications. Prosecutors accused the mother of failing to seek proper medical care for her son. When she realized he was ill, she to, she chose she’s.

She chose to disregard his cries assistant state attorney. Sarah Miller said she didn’t need a scale to see his bones. She didn’t need a scale to hear his cry. Prosecutors added that the couple had also been neglecting their three children all under the age of 11. When Ezra died, we’re here because their children were starving so much that the youngest starved to death, like that’s horrible.

And there’s this like the, this situation with all of these fad diets and you see it every day with like all of the individuals who are out there who are literally like the vegan cat hashtag on Instagram.  where people try to feed their cat, who is a carnivore lettuce. Um, like all these little crazy people that are out there, uh, because they’re vegan, like somehow, you know, they’re, they’re helping the world by not feeding their cat, the proper nutrition that they need.

So we see it here with this woman who obviously tried to impose her, her nutritional ideology onto her infant at a very young age, in this horrific incident. Um, I just can’t imagine what a 17 pound 18 month old would look like. And to know how long she must have known that he was, you know, not given the proper nutrition.

Uh, but that’s just so frustrating to read. And, and again, it comes back to like literally fad diet, you really fat diets. Your toddler does not need to be vegan. Your toddler needs proper nutrition. It needs protein. It needs much more than raw vegetables and fruit. But I would say if that’s all this, like if she just literally just didn’t feed him proper nutrients and he died, that’s horrible.

And she definitely deserves to be treated as such and to go to jail for. Uh, not giving her child proper nutrition, but a life sentence for that compared to 20 years for gal Elaine Maxwell, who purposefully sexually assaulted in trafficked young women for decades to Hollywood and political elites, at least that’s similar, at least that’s comparable.

And so the fact that Gale Maxwell got 20 years and this woman’s facing a life sentence, you know, if that’s the only thing to the story, I don’t know what the other types of, of, you know, um, you know, improper care that was going on here was, but if that’s it and they were just improperly feeding this child, now, obviously the child died and that’s horrific and, and this is a terrible situation.

Um, but if the mother wasn’t just actually starving her child with purposeful intent to. Kill her child off and was feeding them just the wrong diet was an absolute idiot and had no idea of how nutrition works or to look at a child and know that they’re obviously in need of better nutrition standards.

I dunno it still, it still seems to me as if maybe there should at least be a comparable standard anyways, um, on that note kind of a negative way to, to, to end off here.  but it’s good to be back. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I appreciate you so much. Um, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, uh, and we will be back again a second time this week for another episode, cuz I have lots.

Lots to talk about. So, um, again, thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you so much. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now, head over to red pill,, and make sure that you’re not leaving your children, your spouse, your wife, your husband, um, without the proper financial backing, if you do die, because one thing is for sure, every single person that’s listening to this.

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Have a great rest of your day. If you are listening to this, uh, in the, um, as it was put out, it is the 3rd of July, uh, when I’m recording this in 2022. So happy fourth, I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a great day. Welcome to the revolution. Thank you.


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