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Fact or Fiction: Watch the Water Documentary | Mask Mandate Lifted for Travel | Netflix Goes Woke

In this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we discuss the recently released Watch the Water documentary which claims that we have all been secretly poisoned with king cobra snake venom disguised as a virus through our water supply; We also discuss Twitter going broke because they went woke, Musk still attempting to save the free world and buy Twitter and the difficulties he is running into and also the federal travel mask mandate being dropped! All of that and more on this week’s episode!

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Full Transcription:


Welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams. Red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that I knew, everything that I believed, everything I interpreted about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child, religion, politics, history, conspiracies, Hollywood medicine, money, food, all of it, everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power.

Now I’m on a mission, a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain. And I’m taking your ass with me. Welcome to the rebel.

Hello, and welcome to red pill revolution. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for joining me today. This is episode number 25 of the red pill revolution podcast, and we have some very interesting stuff to get into today. The things that we’re going to touch today are going to range anything from Joe Biden being directly.

By the Easter bunny himself. Yeah. You heard that, right. And then we’re going to talk about the dropped recently dropped federal mandate surrounding masks, which is a big, big win for freedom. Now that our oppressors have allowed us not to have to have our face covered all of the time. If we want to have the privilege of going somewhere across this great nation, we’re also going to touch on where the is at currently with Elon Musk and Twitter.

We’re going to talk about the four, the per cent increase in overall death in the ages of 19 to 40 years old. I really can’t begin to fathom the implications of that. But I’m sure we all can conclude maybe potentially why there’s been a 40% increase in overall deaths in the ages of 19. Just in the last two years, and this is a life insurance study we’re also going to discuss briefly the watch the water documentary, which was also quite deep and concerning.

And I have some questions. I have some reservations. I have some observations that we will talk about during that as well. And then we’re also going to discuss briefly the Netflix situation with Netflix dropping basically 30% overnight, which a lot of people are attributing to the woke agenda by Netflix, themselves.

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Go ahead and leave a review right now. Apple podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, wherever the hell you’re at. Go ahead and do that for me. Now let’s go ahead and jump into this first topic, which is going to be the Easter bunny himself now being in a better position to manage our country than our own president. It was Easter weekend.

And on on Sunday, Joe Biden went and spoke in front of a group of people and was basically ushered around by what seemed to be a, possibly like a secret service agent or I don’t know who it was, but, but there’s some, some funny, some funny thoughts on that. So let’s go ahead and I’ll walk you through the video here, if you’re listening.

And we’ll, we’ll talk about it after. What you’re going to see here is going to be Joe Biden on this fence, talking to some nice people and beginning to answer questions while the, the Easter bunny basically runs in front of him, waves his arms in front of the president of the United States.

Like he’s a toddler who is about to jump off of a cliff so that he doesn’t answer this individual’s questions. Then I want to see that again. Let’s see if we can get that back. So it was really funny to me. I think, I think my favorite viewpoint on this was the idea that it was not the Easter bunny that was doing this.

It was actually Barack Obama hidden in the Easter bunny costume. You know how there’s all these conspiracies around how Barack Obama is in his third term. Just like you said, that he would do by the way, which is kind of eerie and weird that he mentioned that he would, you know, if I could have my way, he said, I don’t have a very good Barack Obama impression.

If I could have my way, I would have a third. And do my third term. I would just have somebody else that pretended to be there for me, I’ll have to find the clip to get the exact, to the exact information that he said there and maybe improve my Barack Obama voiceover. But it it’s a hilarious, hilarious idea that Barack Obama himself dressed up as the Easter bunny to usher the president of the United States around and eliminate him from actually as answering questions from the general population that he should answer to technically.

Um, but who am I? Just a guy, right? So the next thing that we’re going to touch on. It’s going to be the mass mandate and this is pretty, I mean, it’s pretty awesome and it’s pretty sad that it’s awesome. I think is the best way to put it. When, when your oppressor loosens the handcuffs, right.

I think is the best analogy for this. I’m sure there’s a better one, but I think that’s the best one I have on the, off the cuff right now. Oh, off the cuff. Good, good one. There I’m. So off the cuff, the best one I have is based on handcuffs and but, but I think it is, it’s like they they, they, they backed us into this position where you literally were masking toddlers, who were, you were forced forcing Todd three year olds, three year olds to, to wear masks and, and have to be put in a situation where they’re uncomfortable for hours on end with no scientific backing for the reason why at all, at all, not a single reason, not a single reason that a toddler should be wearing a mask and you force them to do there’s many people like my family, I have children. Who we just didn’t travel on the plane. We weren’t going to do that. I would never put my, my three, two, whatever year old in a position where they have to wear a mask like that because I just think it’s wrong. I think that it, it positions you in a place where you’re going to end up in some, well, at least for me, I know I would end up in some sort of conflict if somebody tried to force that upon my child.

And it, it’s just unbelievable to me that we have such Stockholm syndrome that when they loosened our cuffs and allowed us to not have to wear a piece of cloth over our face that we know did literally nothing all of a sudden it’s a big party. Right? You see all the videos of the pilots coming on over the loudspeakers.

If you’re, if you know the pilots that this was coming though, it’s like a pilot’s personality is, is a little interesting. I was air traffic control in the air force. So similar, similar site type of atmosphere there. But but the, the pilots that were coming on were just like kind of excited to go over the loudspeaker and excuse me just to let you guys know, the TSA has now told us that you no longer have to wear masks and yeah.

Enjoy your flight wins one 70. It’s a, it’s a, it’s pretty cool to see that everybody is celebrating this. I haven’t really seen very many negative videos surrounding this, which. You saw like flight attendants, walking down and dancing and singing music and like trying to get people to throw their masks.

So it’s, it’s pretty, it’s, it’s cool. But like I said, it’s almost concerning that it’s cool because it should have never been so in the first place, right. There’s no reason I should have ever showed about implemented. It was unlawful. And hopefully I had somebody comment about kind of like what w where could we go legally from here?

I think that’s an interesting conversation that we kind of have to have is because if there was a, if there is some sort of legal recourse if you were kicked off of a plane or put on a no fly list or forced to wear a mask while you had that’s one thing that bothered me is like, even the medical exemptions, right?

Like now there’s people who are going to take advantage of that, but there’s always going to be people who take advantage of things, just because there’s people who take advantage of things does not mean that you don’t have to submit to them based on the Americas American disability act. Right. Like, just, just because there’s going to be a Small few who take advantage of that.

Maybe it sound small for you, but fuck you. I don’t have to wear a mask anyways. Right. Like, and, and how do you know, how can PIPA laws don’t even allow you to know my medical history? Right? So there was people who were being shut out, people who are being not allowed on flights because they wouldn’t wear a mask because they wouldn’t violate HIPAA laws and tell a stewardess about their anxiety disorder or about their breather CLPD and all of these things that would affect them negatively to have to wear a mask.

There’s literally no reason that we should have been in this situation to begin with. And it’s so frustrating being a parent, knowing that for three years, almost we weren’t able to travel that way because of some unlawful mandate given out by the, the, the powers that be the CDC and the TSA and the the whatever bullshit acronym you want to give.

Some, some power to it’s just so frustrating. So I, I think it’s cool. I think it’s awesome. Let’s go ahead and watch this video about the mass mandate so we can get a little bit more details on it, then we’ll discuss it again. Real real briefly. Here, here it is out of Florida where a federal judge has just overturned the CDCs national mask mandate for planes and other forms of public transportation.

Joining me now is NBC news, justice correspondent, Pete Williams. So Pete will this, does this mean that everyone can take their mask off inside a plane or is there another step? Well, that’s what the judge says. We’re waiting to hear what the centers for disease control TSA and the FAA S. I doubt that planes in flight for example, know about this or that most airlines are even quite aware of what they’re supposed to do now.

No comment yet from the justice department about what it will do, although I suspect that the government will seek a stay of this judge’s order. So this is a federal judge in Tampa, Florida, who has ruled in a lawsuit, brought by a group called the health freedom defense fund, and two women who said that they didn’t like wearing masks on a plane.

One of them said that her anxiety was aggravated by having to wear a face mask. And the other said the mask constricted breathing and provoked or exacerbated her panic attacks. And the judge has said two things here that the centers for disease control did not have the authority to issue this mask under the law that set up the CDC.

And secondly, but the federal government failed to go through all the necessary. In making a rule like this in seeking public comment. Now, the judge said, normally speaking, in a case like this, she would issue a ruling in favor only of the parties to the lawsuit. In other words, would not apply only to them, but the judge who is Katherine Kimball, Mizelle of Tampa said that’s not possible that it would be hard to distinguish them from others.

And then she says if, if she were to try to limit it, how is the ride sharing driver, the flight attendant or the bus driver to know that somebody was a plaintiff to this lawsuit with permission to enter mass free, that just wouldn’t work. So she has declared the mask mandate illegal. She has struck it down now as I said, I don’t know what the government’s going to do about this.

I would see, I would think they’d seek a stay of her ruling. This was the mass mandate. Of course, as you mentioned, applied to airplanes, trains buses, other kinds of mass transit. And in the case of airplanes, it’s been extended several times because the government has said that it’s been effective in helping to prevent the spread of COVID, but we just don’t know what the federal government is going to do here.

I would certainly guess they’ll try to put a stop to this and get, and get a stay while this is appealed. Pete, two years into the pandemic, though, with this mass mandate that has been in place for so long. Why the lawsuit now? Why would it get overturned now? Well, the lawsuit was actually filed last year.

It was filed last July. So it’s been going through grinding its way through the court in the, in, in this before this judge who, by the way, issued this a decision without a trial on summary judgment based only on the arguments that were made in the written briefs. I think that may be another cause of concern here.

This this is going to be a very controversial ruling. It’s going to be a victory for people who have hated the mass mandates, but the government seems to believe that they are effective.

All right. So that’s enough of that guy. So, the, the point of it is it was struck down by a federal judge. They’ve gotten some heat for it. And what’s even more interesting is that the white house is now coming back and saying that they’re going to fight this. Like, Biden’s now saying that he’s going to push for this to be appealed and in, see if he can get this changed back.

Right. So what it was is they came out and said, we’re gonna, we need two more weeks. Right. They extended us two more weeks. And then within those two weeks that they were extending it from the white house’s perspective. This federal judge struck this down as a response to a group, the freedom, something you heard of in that video, who basically put in a lawsuit was saying that this is an unlawful mandate and is not constitutional.

And the judge agreed with. So now where we’re at is basically that the Biden administration is now saying that they’re even going to go back and fight this. Now, even on the, especially one thing people have pointed out is that sound in the election year, right? We’re where his approval rating is so low already.

And now he’s going to go against what majority of people believe should, should be the case and make a big push against people’s right to their own body. So it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. I think if anything else, it’s good for the Republicans that this is even a conversation again, because it’s gonna look really bad on Biden if he makes this push to eliminate or make mass mandated again, beyond what the federal government or judge ruled which is seemingly it shouldn’t be his place, right?

I mean, if they make a ruling that’s based off of the constitution not based off of the opinion of the woke mob which I think is an important distinction. However, one that. Don’t seem to have our politicians make very often. Now the next conversation we’re going to have us running, Elon Musk and Twitter.

So it’s, it’s been a tough week for Elon Musk. I mean, never, probably I wonder if I bet you every week’s actually tough for him it seems like it wouldn’t be with how rich he is, but I’m sure he has more responsibility and more weight on their shoulders than any of us can even imagine. I digress.

What I think it is going on here is, is basically the Twitter did something where they basically purged their shares, where they put out a big pump of, or going to, I don’t know the exact case of it, but they’re going to put out a bunch of new shares to dilute the overall value, which again, is, is leading them into a position where they could be given a lawsuit by their shareholders because they’re not accomplishing their fiduciary responsibility, which basically means that they have a responsibility to their shareholders to do what’s in the best interest of the company and to them.

And, and they’re obviously not doing that when somebody offers far above what it was worth two weeks ago to buy the entirety of the company. And, and for the purpose, specifically of the reason of not wanting to give the anything Alonzo, like as Eve on the Elon, even the right, has he ever come out and said, he’s a Republican?

Like, why is this, why is this so crazy that, that a billionaire wants to buy a social media outlet, right? Like like people were showing that. I think it was Bloomberg came out with articles, like raving raving, about how about how Jeff Bezos bought the Washington post and how it was great for democracy and how mark for the entrepreneurs of the world that they get a say in the political sphere and this whole thing.

Right. And, and, and now the second that Elon Musk another. It says that he wants to jump into the conversation around social media, because he feels like the freedom of speech hindrance is being taken too far right between these companies. Which again, I agree with fully as I sit here completely shadow banned on Instagram.

It will be one month to the day where I lost my entire Instagram platform tomorrow. So we’ll see if the 30 day mark allows that shadow ban to fall off. And I hope it does. Cause I found some new, awesome ways to do some videos and do a lot more content for you guys. So look out for that. If you don’t follow our Instagram, it’s at red pill revolt on Instagram you can also check our new website.

I made it, I made a website over the last A couple of weeks trying to get off of these platforms a little bit and have a place for you guys to go. That’s not specifically based on somebody allowing me to be there. So I built a website it’s red pill, revolution dot C O M red pill, revolution dot C O.

And eventually I’ll probably get I’m waiting on some response rooms. So anyways, I digress again. I’m digressing a lot. Yeah, go check out the website, red pill, revolution dot C O, which is kind of cool. Yeah. Anyways, let’s move on. Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter. They are diluting the shares and they’re trying to stop him from doing so.

So here’s a video on that. I believe it’s from the hill. And we’ll go ahead and watch that right now. And then again, we’ll discuss it. Robbie, what’s on your radar. Well, Elon Musk offer to buy the entirety of Twitter, turn it into a private company and correct what he feels is a waning commitment to the principles of free and open source.

Has drawn both praise and criticism. So many people who share Elan’s to satisfaction with the platform, including Republicans and conservatives who think it discriminates against oops, Robbie, what’s on your radar. So here it goes again. Let me, let me go hide. And Twitter turned it into a private company and correct what he feels is a waning commitment to the principles, order free and open.

Every indication that it sides with the traditional gatekeepers of information is inclined to fend off must bid. So the company adopted a poison pill approach late last week. This is a well-known corporate tactic intended to thwart a potential buyer. So in this specific case, Twitter would flood the market with additional shares available for sale.

If must stake in the company reaches 15% effectively Twitter plans to dilute his stake, making it much harder for him to reach the 51% threshold. Now, Twitter is ultimately interested in muscles. Well, this gives them more time to consider it and time as well to look for other potential buyers. So we have a pretty good idea of what the board of Twitter wants.

It wants to hold onto its power. They’re offered to make musky member of the board was probably one board of a desire to control and quiet him as a board member. He would have an obligation to the company not to disparage it publicly and thus, he would no longer be able to tweet his thoughts about ways in which Twitter should be different, but that brings him to the real subject of this radar.

What exactly does Elon Musk want to change about Twitter? If we know that then we don’t have to get into the thornier questions of which group of people do you like better, which governance structure do you think is preferable. Instead we can just quite literally evaluate the individual ideas for improving the platform.

Now, fortunately it must cause. And interview late last week, let’s watch. Well, I think it’s very important for that’d be an inclusive arena for free speech where, so yeah,

Twitter has become kind of the de facto town square. It’s just really important that people have the, both the the reality and the perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the law. And know, so one of the things that I believe Twitter should do is open-source the algorithm and make any changes to people’s tweets.

If they’re emphasized or deemphasized that action should be. It made apparent. So anyone can see that that action has been taken. So there’s, there’s no sort of behind the scenes manipulation, either algorithmically or manually later on in that interview, Musk articulated support for a feature of many people have demanded a Twitter edit button.

So you could alter a tweet after you send it book has this function. So it’s workable in some sense, there’s a little note that appears showing that you edited. It must also talked about removing ads for premium subscribers, providing other perks for those willing to pay more. He also wants to eliminate spam and scam bots, and he’s even given some indication.

He thinks some tweets should be longer, should not be bound by the character count. Now, in my view, many of these ideas, they have merit more transparency. It would be a massive improvement. It’s critical for the people to know why and how the platform decides to reward and punish them. So the ultimate goal should be to devolve content, moderation to users, instead of Twitter, deciding for you what it thinks you ought to see what it thinks is dangerous or what it thinks is.

So one thing that I think is interesting about that is, is the approach that Elan’s talked about, where, where he basically says that he believes that it is absolutely necessary to the survival of humanity, that there is freedom of speech and the survival of democracy. Right? That’s a very fair statement to make.

I think that Elon Musk is like literally the, the, the, if there was like a legitimate, real world, iron man. I think, I think it’s Elon Musk it’s, it’s, it’s great to see that there is somebody who represents the general public, somebody who is, is in our corner at least feels like they are. And maybe that’s a reason to question that I I’ve seen some people say that Elon Musk is like a shill or whatever.

And I, I do think that it is a an interesting conversation to be had around anytime. There is somebody, but I also think it’s like to the conditioning of, of where we’re at as a society where we just can’t trust anybody, even when they’re willing to spend $41 billion in the pursuit of the freedom of speech and truth.

I think that’s a fair buy-in of your trust. Like if he’s willing to spend a fair amount of, of the entire world’s forge. And ensuring that you have the right to talk shit on Twitter, about everything that you want to. I think that’s a fair buy-in of my trust. To me, I, I don’t have very many suspicions of Elon Musk.

I think that he’s shown fairly clearly that he has at least in most cases, the general populations best interest in mind, maybe not when it comes to neuro link or putting microchips in people’s brains. If we were going to have somebody who does it, I would rather it be him than bill gates. So there’s that.

So I hope that this goes through. I really do. And, and, and if not, it’s going to be a really sad day for the freedom of speech and another, another blocking of, of, of the ability for us to speak out. And if you recall what happened with parlor, right? I think that we need to revisit that we need to look back on what our oppressors did to us.

Just a year or two, two years ago, year and a half ago now where they completely de platformed parlor at every stage, along the way from. The de platforming of them not allowing the, basically Amazon, their servers even pulled away from them. The app store made it so you couldn’t get on there after a certain amount of time after a certain amount of users signed on, because they were so afraid of what was going to come, if you were able to speak out against their hypocrisy and, and, and their deceitful ways.

Right. So it’s, it’s, we’re seeing it again, right. Twitter and the powers that be BlackRock, Vanguard, whoever it is. I think it’s, I think it’s Vanguard maybe BlackRock that owns or owns a very large percentage of Twitter that just bought more shares in order to be the primary stakeholder. I don’t know if that’s led to a bid war of any type recently with the Elon Musk.

But we have seen that LMS said that he would be coming out with a counter response to what is going on here within like 10 days Time will tell, we’ll see, is Elon Musk going to be able to take over Twitter? I hope so now I’m not a big Twitter. I don’t even have a Twitter. I, if Elon Musk gets on there and owns it, I think I would just have to, because you kind of have to support that.

I, I’m not a huge fan of like the short form, text content. Just think it’s boring and I like shooting videos and maybe I’ll find a use case for that on Twitter. But as of right now, I do not have a Twitter, but if Elon Musk owns Twitter, I’m definitely going to go get on Twitter. I think it’s just, just to show my support there.

So I, I really do hope that Elon Musk is able to take over Twitter. I think that it would be not only a good day for democracy, but also it would check the check. Those who believe they’re so protected in their positions. The ministry of truth like the 1984 or Wesleyan belief system that they have their best, your best interest in mind.

And you’re too stupid to think for yourself. And there’s no way, freedom of speech of all these heathens out there who disagree with me on these topics should be able to actually express their opinions, right? Like the, the Justin Trudeau there’s a small fringe minority who has opposing opinions and they are expressing them.

Uh they’re they’re so scared. Right? And, and again, as I said, last, last time, it just shows you how weak their arguments are and how, how S how weak they are and how scared they are of just words. Right? And, and they’re scared of you having a platform to talk about them truthfully and not be able to silence you as a result.

And so it will be a great day if that follows through. And now, now here’s one that I think. It is going to be a, an interesting side of it. So it’s like the w the other reason that Twitter wants this platform is because then they can point the laser pointer, right? Like, if it’s like the we went from the, the, I got jabbed Facebook overlay on your picture to the Ukrainian flag next to it.

Like when, when Instagram or Twitter or whoever it is just points a laser pointer at the next woke idea that the, the, the liberal infestation, licks their their, their paws, and then just scurries after the next thing that they can identify with and feel like they’re better than everybody else.

And so it’s not just silencing opinions. It’s, it’s directing a thought from their party and eliminating thoughts from your. And assuming that you’re on the side of not the side of the woke mob of Twitter, or maybe you are. And if you’re listening to this kudos to you for listening to an alternate opinion than what you normally would.

But I highly doubt it, but if you are thanks, I appreciate it. I’m always happy to have, here are the other side of things and we would always be open for a conversation. But anyways, I, I do think it’s important and I do think it’s important that not only do we allow the human, the human brain, the human organism as a whole to, I, I just think that when, when left be the human organism, the human mind, the human hive generally moves towards goodness, right?

There is a small fringe minority, and those that small fringe minority is the ones that are directing our consciousness towards these negative environments and these negative conversations and these terrible things for our children and, and these the, the, the, it, it, it just, there’s, there’s a small group that.

Trying to effect effectively taint the water of human consciousness. And, and they’re so scared of you taking away their ability to do that and into allow the human hive mind to, to point it’s, it’s almost like a religious conversation. I had somebody comment that because I asked a question I posed it in one of my, the last episode, which is like, what, what is that right?

Like what, what is the human need for truth, right? What, what is inside of us that makes us want to, to speak out when we hear things that are being said that are not true, that we see these deceitful individuals in positions of power, trying to control the masses. What is that drive like? It has to, it’s not a PR, it’s not an animalistic drive, right?

It’s not, there’s not monkeys who are like shouting from the mountaintops that the other monkeys are lying to the masses. Like it’s, it’s a consciousness, it’s a second layer, it’s a prefrontal cortex issue. And we, we have to explore it from the sense that There, there is humans when left to themselves are generally good, but when directed by, by those who are, who are insistent upon tainting the water.

And, and that’s an interesting analogy to you is with what we’re going to watch here in a few minutes with the watch the water documentary. But it w when you take away their ability to taint the water, they’re so afraid of that human hive mind going towards goodness, right? Going towards positivity and, and, and realizing that we’re all just literally a sliver of the same divinity, like to take the words of Marcus a really us, like we are all cut from the same cloth.

We are there, there’s so many different analogies that you can use, but we are all that same sliver of divinity. And we have just been thrust into different bodies and then different family situations and in different households with different parents and different upbringings. And, and, but, but at the end of the day, we are the same.

Right. We are the same. We are human. We are, we are a part of this individualistic, like a perception of a greater high of mind of consciousness. And if you look at life from that perspective, you start to view the people who are on the other side is just like you, right? Like, like, yeah. The way that I view, like when people are so like involved in the mask stuff and so involved in, like everybody should get vaccinate.

It’s like they are the victims more than you were. I, they were, they’ve been taken advantage of, they are. They’re the ones who are naive enough to believe these these lines. And so you shouldn’t demonize the individual. They are just you in a different position, but they’re just more agreeable potentially, or they’re just more naive or they’re just more willing to be manipulated by these people.

Or they gave them more credit than they should have. And now they’ve been deceived into a point where they believe they have your best interest in mind. And that’s maybe not everybody, there’s definitely some assholes who were out there just being decks because they think they’re better than everybody.

But even those people, like there’s a reason that they’re there in that position, acting like that. And it’s generally not because they want to do what the, the, the the, a ruling. Class is hoping for, which is push us towards totalitarianism and giving them more power. They’re just trying to go through life and, and just so happened to be thrust into the river of propaganda that eventually led them to believe that you were killing people with your breath.

It’s like, how paranoid do you have to believe it, to be it to believe that that’s a reality. Right. And in a high too, like at the beginning of the pandemic, right? Let’s, let’s take it. The backstop, like the beginning of the pandemic. I literally wanted my wife to go to the grocery store with gloves on, like I was taking this seriously.

I wasn’t just like laughing at this stuff frivolously and. Giving it no merit, what, before we knew what we knew before we knew the PCR tests were being manipulated before we knew that the, the numbers are being inflated with comorbidities before we knew that they were throwing people with COVID into nursing facilities in hopes of leading to a higher death rate.

Before we knew CNN came out with the bar on the side of it and admitted the literally the only reason they had the death count up on the CNN newscast was to instill fear in you because it drove more views. How gross, how disgusting. Right before all of that, before we knew those things, I was scared to.

And if you were following what was going on, you probably should have been also like if you, I remember watching like world or something like that. And it just, it had its own death count. And I remember watching it before CNN and before everybody else really jumped onto it before it was this like big mass hysteria.

I remember following it pretty closely and pretty seriously. And to a point where, when it was at its peak, you know, to where we, none of this information came out, I was scared for my family and, and, and would have went to seemingly to somebody else, irrational lengths to ensure that my family was safe from these things.

And so it, I could have very well been in that position too. And, and so to realize that it’s not the individuals that are on the other side, it’s not the general population and it’s not the civilians that are out there. It’s not the, it’s the it’s those who are working the proverbial Puppet whatever.

I wonder if there’s a word for that. It’s probably a good analogy to know that the thing you hold when you have a puppet, right? The puppet masters, right. We know that those are the people who have ill intentions. Those are the people that we should be concerned about. Those are the people, the masses should be talking about that the same people who stifled the antiwar movement in the seventies, because it’s a machine it’s because it’s all about money.

And so when you realize that you should not be looking at the, your neighbor with a Ukraine flag, which was pretty stupid, right? To be honest, although I wonder how crazy it would be. If I put up a Russia flag, can you imagine how quickly your house would get AGD? If you had a Russia flag up? I kind of do want to do that low.

Like literally just go in the middle of a city and have a sign that goes Russian lives matter and like, see how many people get mad and yell at you without any reasoning as to why. It would be, it would be an interesting interview and conversation to, to get into with some people, because I think you get very many people who are mad at you, none of which actually have a legitimate reason as to why.

And of course, Russian lives do matter. Right? You want to use that slogan. They do. Right. And so it would, it would cause mass hysteria though, if you had a Russia flag on your house or you, you went to the middle of the town square with a Russian lives matter poster it would be a really interesting thought experiment to see people’s reactions.

Anyways so, the point of all that is that. Don’t don’t demonize the individual, right? Realize that that individual could just have very well been you and they just haven’t had the same access to information or the same personality that you had to drive your search for the truth and took everything the oppressor told them at face value without questioning it or without really following up on it.

And now there are some assholes for sure. There’s absolutely some assholes who think that they’re better than you, who generally put their I’m vaccinated flex picture on Facebook or whatever it is. But there’s definitely some assholes out there, but majority of people who are on the other side of you just want to keep safe and, and, and just are following the information of the individuals that they believe are worthy of them following.

And didn’t have the. Mind to second, guess them and to question them and to look up the information that opposes them and to ask the right questions and look for the right information that may lead to you, finding out what the real truth is. I think that a lot of people just go straight to demonizing somebody and you shouldn’t do that.

You should, you should always be open to having a conversation. You should always be willing to look at the other side and put your hand across the fence and shake a hand and maybe ask them a little bit why, because that’s the only way that we get to a point where things are positive again. And obviously we’ve seen that the point of all of this from their perspective is the diverse or the divisiveness that has come from these last few years.

That is the point. That is the goal of all of this is divisiveness and at least a portion of it. And if he realized that we’re literally giving them what they want by demonizing people. So, quick. Without question or without without putting yourself in a position to actually engage in a real conversation with that person that may turn out to be very positive and makes you question your, your narrative too, because you should be open and willing to change your opinions too.

Right? If you, if you would expect that of somebody else, you should be on the same, the same side of that to, to allow that for yourself too. So on the backs of that, here is a video where we will watch about this talking about people, posting their vaccine on Facebook flexing with their bandaid, from the, the McDonald’s they went to, to get injected with an experimental drug.

Here is an individual from Canada who I believe it’s from Canada, who said that there was an overall 40% increase in death rates in people from the ages of 19 to 40, specifically in the last year. And that is. Very terrifying statistic, and one that we can’t fake because they had to make life insurance payout.

So the, accurate, the information on this is completely accurate and can not be fudged and, and, and will not allow the mainstream narrative to position them the position, the, the information in a way to where it’s not showing the truth, because these companies are being costs millions of dollars, millions, and millions of hundreds, of millions, of dollars on the backs of these deaths of these young and healthy individuals who have died over the last several years.

So they have the data and this is what the data says.

No one is saying with any certainty, Jason, what is causing this, but we certainly would be remiss as scientists. If we didn’t look at that and say, there is something going on, what happened in 2021 that was so different from the previous five-year average, that would cause this massive increase in certain medical conditions.

So the, the, the, the source of the information is several us life insurance companies that have been reporting this correct. And these three career physicians. Yes, there are separate groups of data. Jason, the previous study from the U S life insurance companies. Many of them were reporting a 40% increase in deaths from all causes in the 18 to 49 year old group.

They know that because these are life insurance companies that provide group life insurance policies to employers. So these are working age individuals with a 40% increase in all costs. That was a different report from this bombshell that came out last week from, as I said, three career military physicians and the question is what, what has changed in calendar year 2021 that is causing number one, an increase in all cause deaths as reported by the life insurance companies and an increase in certain medical conditions, such as heart attacks, what clots to the lungs congenital malformations of children born that year, female infertility and those sorts of things.

Did these three career military physicians offer any type of speculate? They did not. And they, but they did not do this anonymously. They signed an affidavit on this. I have not seen the raw data. I’m not a military physician. I don’t have access to that database, but I don’t have any reason to believe at this juncture that the data is in question.

These are again, based on ICD codes and it should, I should make it clear because it’s very easy to make statistics of these sorts. Deceptive. So what I say that there’s a 300% increase, for example, in cancers is what they found. This wasn’t an increase from one case to four cases. In the case of cancer, for example, it was an increase from an average, a five-year average of 38,000 cases per year to almost 120,000 cases in calendar year 2021.

And. Wow. So that’s, that’s pretty crazy and pretty alarming too, is, is the idea that, that it’s not just a small margin, right? It’s not, like she said, it’s not one person dying from cancer going to a hundred people dying or even 50 or 30 or 10 it’s, 38,000 or whatever. The number was going to a hundred thousand, like, oh, crazy, unbelievable.

Drastic difference in the last year for cancer deaths of the age of 19 to 40, like how, what are the odds of that? Right? What are the odds of that? And what changed since 2020 that made it like, what is a medical large medical big rollout push of the medical industrial complex that has come out and basically invited every single person, not even just invited, manipulated and, and pressured and bullied.

Young healthy individuals to get a vaccine that they didn’t need to get a experimental MRI and a drug put into their body that we know none of the effects of what would absolutely. That’s a causation they’re like, I guess you can’t exactly say causation until it’s proven, but is a very, very interesting correlation that F F like 40% overall deaths, 19 to 40.

And when you think about the most deaths from 19 to 40, like, I wonder what the actual statistics are on that. Like, what is the average what are the most common deaths for younger individuals, like most common reasons for death in, in 19 to 40 years old? I think it would be interesting to see, and I bet you they’re pretty closely associated with car accidents or drug overdoses or suicide or things like that.

Like, especially in 19 to 40, that’s a generally speaking, a very healthy individual with no medical issues, right? No, no ongoing issues at all, for them like statistically speaking in that age bracket commonly, and you have a 40% overall increase in death, that’s terrifying, terrifying. And, and, and how can anybody try to diminish that?

And, and they all. Right. The that there’s going to be a big push for these life insurance companies to keep their mouth shut. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a payout to these life insurance companies, where the government has to come to them. And behind the closed doors say that we know you had to pay hundreds because the, the life insurance industry is 100%.

The one that will take the brunt of these large scale deaths of young, healthy individuals, because they didn’t take into consideration when they were doing their underwriting. The fact that everybody was going to get bullied into taking an experimental drug that we knew, none of the side effects, I’m surprised the life insurance companies weren’t shouting from the rooftops in, in, in funding, anti campaigns over this stuff, because they are the ones who are going to have to monetarily deal with the outcome of, of this pandemic.

From the perspective of. Of the vaccinations and the 40% increase in overall deaths of 19 to 40 year olds. Right. They are the ones who are going to have to deal with this. I I’m surprised they haven’t spoken out before this and, and, and made people second guess whether or not they may want to put, put these things in their bodies.

Right. And so I don’t know how anybody is willing to, to take to, like, they’re still pushing this, right? Like, I think they’ve kind of accepted now that if you’re not getting, or you haven’t gotten it to this point that you’re probably not going to get it. Like if McDonald’s free burgers and a a hundred dollar gift card to.

I don’t know burger king didn’t do it for you. I guess nothing will cause they’ve really given up on the vaccine push. I haven’t been told to get a vaccine from the radio in at least a few weeks. But, but it has to make you wonder why, why, why are these individuals at such a young, healthy age dying at such high alarming rates and why is nobody sounding the alarm on this?

Like, I, I really have to go back and I want to look at these statistics for myself and see, because that just seems so terrifying. If there was like, if there is a pandemic, it’s the 40% of whatever is causing 40% more people to die in the ages of 19 to 40. And there is one, right. There is a reason for this.

And now we’re seeing the result of that being from not the like if you didn’t know this, John McAfee, the antivirus guy that was mysteriously died in the last two years in his apartment in Miami He basically admitted to the fact that it, the beginning of the computer age, they would basically make viruses and then come out with the antivirus software.

So they would infect a bunch of people’s computers because they were a bunch of nerds in garages and they would infect your computer and they would have ransomware and viruses and all of this crazy stuff. And then they would come up with a solution and then they’d charge you for it. Right. And then, and so they could exactly target the people that they knew had it, it was like this crazy money making scheme that he made billions off of.

And John McAfee’s are crazy. Do it. He’s like really interesting conversations. He did a a podcast I believe with gosh, who was it? It wasn’t Joe Rogan. Was it? John McAfee podcast. I’m sure you’ll find it. If you, if you look it on your end too, but he, he did a big podcast and talked about his crazy.

Crazy life. There’s a documentary called gringo the dangerous life of John McAfee. But I am fairly positive. He did a very big podcast. I, I don’t know if it was Joe Rogan, but but it was something like that where he spoke out on. Yeah, he did the episode two 90 John McAfee on Joe Rogan. And that sounds Spotify right now.

And, and it allows John McAfee just to go into some crazy detail on some of these things in his life. And you hear that he’s like a, he’s just a wild dude, but he would basically create these viruses and then profit off of coming out with a solution. Right. And, and so, now. You see the effects of that.

And we see that, that what is actually going to come of that. And we’re seeing that very quickly. If we’re seeing a 40% increase in deaths in ages of 19 to 40 now, what are we going to be seeing in 10 years from now? What is the percentage uptick going to be in, in 20 years from now in 50 years from now, when these individuals who are 19 25, 30 today are in their seventies and eighties, and they’ve had this, whatever it is, and something gets snake venom as a little, a teaser for the wa watch the water here.

But some, some people think it’s some crazy stuff. And, and, and what are the effects of that going to be longterm, right? Where, where are the statistics going to go from here if it’s already at 40%? And that is super, extremely alarming. I know I have had experiences with more people in my life suffering from heart conditions than I’ve ever seen.

And so it’s, it’s very concerning. So the next thing that I’m going to pull up for you here is going to be. The Netflix situation. So Netflix stock plunged 37%. And it’s open and it’s open today as it heads for its biggest drop in a decade. So Netflix stock plunged 37% on open as it has for the biggest drop in a decade.

Now it also goes on to say that the streaming giant is set to lose 50 billion, billion dollars in value after shutting 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, as viewers complain, there’s nothing to watch at least nothing that doesn’t have to do with grooming your children or but what we’ll, we’ll talk about that in a minute here.

So it goes on to talk about their reasons of what they believe it is the reasoning behind all of this. And so a lot of people have attributed this to the woke agenda of Netflix and even one of those individuals was Elon Musk himself. Iron man, I think we should normalize calling Elon Musk Ironman.

He’s the Tony stark of the modern era era. So Elon Musk tweet it on April 20th at 3:10 AM. Wow. What a G the woke mind virus is making Netflix and watchable. There’s literally a show about a man. Believing he can get pregnant and some girl behind him holding his beer belly. If you think that’s the type of content that the general public wants to see is the same shit that you’re pushing in Silicon valley to your employees, that they eat up because you have bananas in the, in the break room and a knapsack in the, in the back office for them to sleep in.

And you’re this cool woke place. Like if you think that’s what the general population is, your dad wrong, and you will see that when 30% of your stock drops after pushing woke agendas and pregnant men and small children twerking in, in acuities and all of this bullshit on top of just having shitty content like Netflix, hasn’t had bangers in like a while.

The only thing that’s worth watching on Netflix is Ozark. And besides that, which comes out next week, if you’re watching this in real time, which is a great show they just have garbage content. I literally can’t think of three or five shows that I would watch on Netflix right now. I see literally, no reason why anybody should have a Netflix subscription unless they’re watching a single show and then dropping the subscription.

Somebody who responded to that Prenay pat hall, who said woke mind. Virus is the biggest threat to the civilization. While I said civilization, where to the civilization and Elon Musk said, yes, somebody else said, which is niche gamer said not just Netflix movies in general, video games, TV, it’s all infested with current year trend woke garbage for fear, offending a green haired freak next to the band button, nothing original anymore at all.

Except the media coming out of places like Japan or Korea ironically. Hmm. That’s interesting. And the Lama said true. This shows the he’s expecting video. So a new Netflix show says he’s expecting to a man who becomes pregnant with some viewers turns. Edit at it’s woke programming. Yeah. That’s not how that works, buddy.

And like, there’s literally, like, I’ve seen people Google this, I guess we should Google this too. Like, can men, men straight, like who can man straight, let’s see what Google has to say about that. This is literally a thing. It says having a period, this is the first thing that comes up on Google. When you search who can menstruate having a period is not a feminine thing.

And people of all genders, men straight, including non binary, people, age, gender people, and even plenty of men menstruation doesn’t change anything about your gender. It’s just something that bodies do. Excuse me. Where am I as a man going to men straight from? Because if it’s my ass, that’s disgusting. And if it’s my the thing on the front of me, Madame.

And it’s bleeding and just a bunch of men are walking around with their dicks bleeding. I think that we would have people literally going into a panic. No men can not menstruate, not one bit. We don’t have a uterus that’s shedding its lining. We do not believe from our penis or our butts for that matter.

It is not a thing. You can not hold a child because you did not have a uterus. You did not have eggs to fertilize and you can not menstruate because your uterus that you don’t have is not shedding its lining, sorry. No Google, no trans Menstruating is not something that bodies do. It is something that happens to females because they’re a female because of their chromosomes, because they’re able to bear children, which this man from this Netflix show is not able to do.

Sorry to tell you. So I am so could not be more happy to see that Netflix is stock is dropping as a result of this. I could not be more happy to see that Disney is taking the brunt of this woke agenda too. And I think they’re next up on the list. I really do think that Disney is going to be the next person who has to deal with the the wokeness that they have turned their business into and the results that are going to come from that.

So now the next thing we’re going to look at is going to be the what’s in the water documentary. I do think that this is a very I think that this is a very important conversation to have. I do think that there’s some questions that I have to, and I, I do believe that there’s some interesting information in here and there’s some very compelling.

And I, and I’m not going to discount it, but I also have some questions and I also have some concerns. So if you’ve watched wash the water, we’re just going to watch a couple of minutes of the intro and then we’re going to discuss it. If you have not watched it, you should go watch it right now. You can go to rumble and just type in, watch the water, which I’m doing at the moment, and you can pull it right up and watch it.

It’s, it’s, it’s quite unbelievable to me that this is I mean, there’s enough people watching it to where it is circulating, but it’s not a mainstream conversation and there’s enough evidence and enough things that are brought up here that are very interesting and very compelling. And if you watch it if you’re somebody who is very Very mindful of the information that you watch.

It’s it’s, if nothing else, it’s very entertaining and it’s approach. So I would recommend just giving it a shot and if nothing else, it’s a 45 minutes of your time and you may learn something and maybe you have some good entertainment as a result. So let’s go ahead and I will pull up this right now and we will watch this together, at least the first couple of minutes of it, and then we will discuss it.

Cause I think there’s a really interesting conversation to be had surrounding this. So here we go

we’re good to go. So earlier this month, a lot of you may remember a post that I made on my telegram channel. There was a lot of concern about the water and not to drink it. And there were certain things that I could say and could not. And I referenced that certain people’s lives might be at risk. And one of those people is here with me now, Dr.

Brian artists. Thanks a lot for being here. I do really appreciate the opportunity to do this. Yeah. This is actually going to be the only time I’ve ever been nervous in any interview. I’m not kidding. Like I’ve never been nervous to discuss anything in relationship to the COVID pandemic whatsoever, but this has bothered me and it scared me putting things out is probably oftentimes the best way to protect yourself.

But people have lost their lives over what you’re about to tell the, I have to get this off my chest, my spirits, like screaming to say something and bring it to the forefront to protect as many innocent lives as possible. That’s all I’ve been trying to do since may of 2020. As when I read Anthony  memo on room desk severe, when I actually just hyperlinked clicked the links to the studies that he was quoting, saying that room Desiree were safe and effective.

I knew right away that he was lying. I knew right away that this drug was going to be used to mass murder, a whole bunch of innocent people in America that did not need to die. Then he was going to sell the world on the idea in the media that they were dying of a virus. When in fact I knew they were being poisoned to death with this drug, I knew 30% of all people were going to experience multiple organ failure, kidney failure, septic shock, and hypotension.

That’s what the study said. Now we’re a year and a half after that. And it’s exactly the numbers that I said based on those studies,

I’m pretty much called the room desk of your guy, but where I go, which is odd for a retired chiropractor to be referenced as a pharmaceutical guy. But it is true.  is a very toxic, deadly drug. There are a lot of medical doctors and professionals who will mention it that as it’s just proven to be ineffective.

It is not ineffective. It is very toxic and deadly. It is known and proven to actually injure specific organs in your body. It targets specific organs. This is a part of why I think my spirit is so moved to make sure this gets out. Is that a

in January,

January 21st of this year. So it’s just two months ago, the FDA decided to authorize. Rim death severe as the only drug to be authorized to be used in all newborns in this country.

I can’t, I cannot even fathom the men or women in charge that would actually do that. So it’s now been moved since January 21st, 2022. It’s been moved out of hospitals as the only drug to be used only allowed in hospitals, this entire pandemic. Now they’re moving it into, in and out of hospital care for children.

As young as newborn seven pounds heavy through the 18 year pediatric age range, it’s the only authorized drug. There is nothing else that they’re allowing for COVID-19 treatment. And I find that incredibly evil. And then they’ve also now canceled monoclonal antibody uses throughout the United States and all us territories for COVID-19 early treatment.

And they’re moving room desperate. Infusion centers, where they were using monoclonal antibodies as the only IB infusion drug allowed. I’ve been moved with one singular purpose since may of 2020. When I read Anthony Fowchee memo about rim death, severe, I felt this spark inside of me that I now had to go voice to the world, a warning to try to protect as many innocent lives as possible from being killed.

So let’s talk about what happened. It all started with a text. There’s a medical doctor that I admire and love because he is nonstop from the beginning of COVID has had the ability to project information and say to people around the world, you do not have to fear COVID we have an answer. This guy has been on many stages with me.

He’s still practicing.

So one thing that I think he said there that is a compelling as the conversation around REM does severe. So REM does severe was the one that they’ve actually pushed and allowed in the hospitals. And there’s a big push from this conversation where he believes that REM does a, is being utilized to actually do the deed at the end of the COVID situations where people are dying.

And then it’s the kind of the final situation of what what’s been. And then, so where, where we go deeper into this conversation with what’s in the water, as he actually discusses what he believes is water treatment plants that are being utilized to disseminate. I believe the virus where he actually talks about the fact that he believes that within these water treatment facilities, they are tainting the water with what he believes based on the information.

So this is where it gets a little crazy is where he talks about everybody talks about the woo woo Han bat situation. And if at the very beginning. You mentioned anything about the bats you get hit with a big a big misinformation sticker on there. And, and, and now the only one where you get a misinformation stickers, if you actually Google anything or post anything about snit, And COVID, and he ties a bunch of data into the idea that it is not a virus.

It is not viral in nature. It is a venom and the snake venom was disseminated through the water and finished off through the REM desert veer, which was also included the snake venom of a king Cobra and of a crate, I believe is the other poisonous snake that he gets into. And so it turns out to be a crazy, crazy connecting of dots.

And we’ll watch a few more minutes of this year and, and discuss a little bit more about it, but I, I recommend watching the entire thing. So I do think that’s very important to do let me go ahead and take a look and see if we can find some compelling parts of this conversation, surround the water and surrounding REM desert veer and the snake by them.

Cause I, I think it’s an important conversation to have let’s, let’s see if we can find the here, give me let’s let’s watch it again.

Gilly ad bought two facilities that deal with biological studies from Genentech in 2011, and then brought 55 of their executives into Gilliad in 2011. Just when that king Cobra study started,

Gil yet is the manufacturer of room. Deciview guess what’s been known since 2005 below. The nicotine receptors in the brainstem being injured by Cobra venom in Viper venom. Guess what drug does that or hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine rim death, severe packaged and stored as it is delivered to hospitals comes in a little glass file.

It’s called lyophilized powder. It actually has a white tee yellowish tint. Guess what colors snake venom has when it’s stored

then to be diluted in sodium chloride or distilled water to be administered IV, or if people are buying king Cobra venom lyophilized they mix it in the same preparation as listed on the fact sheet for rim DESA, severe to actually take Cobra venom or any other Viper venom and injected into horses to make monoclonal and.

When you read the emergency use authorization for him to severe, it states this one from January 21st, that every practitioner who administered this to a COVID patient pediatric or not, you have to evaluate for what’s called prothrombin time. Prothrombin time means if it increases the prothrombin time, it means it’s taking your blood’s ability to cooperate in making it longer.

So it thins your blood, you can’t clot, right? You will internally bleed to death with rim death, severe. It is stated on the emergency salvation. Every patient has to have its prothrombin time checked before you give it rim severe. And during treatment, do you know what do you know what king Cobra venom does to the blood?

It makes it so that it can’t clot. It makes it so it can’t clock. One of the evidences is it’s prothrombin time. And if you look at the CDC website and then H is website. Adverse events from deciview called Beckley. It actually lists, it actually says it increases prothrombin time, which is exactly what king Cobra venom does to the human body and rim desk.

Severe is lyophilized peptides, proteins of king Cobra venom. The university of Arizona published last summer, the paper, when they actually evaluated the blood samples and tissues of people who died, hundreds of them from two different hospitals after being treated for COVID, which means they got what drug rim deciview when they evaluated their blood.

The title of their published article is

welcome back. Why do some people seemingly perfectly. Die from COVID and others. Don’t it’s a question. Baffling experts during this pandemic, that’s sure is a new research from the university of Arizona suggests we’re closer to getting an answer as team 12, just winners explains. It seems to boil down to an enzyme.

That’s also found in rattlesnake venom. What does this rattlesnake have to do with COVID-19 depths? Shh. We turned much of my research in my lab towards COVID a year and a half ago. Chilton says he got blood samples from more than a hundred patients in a New York ICU. They either had no COVID a mild, moderate or severe case of the virus.

He did some fancy schmancy artificial intelligence in his lab and discovered two distinct patterns in the people who were dying from COVID. These patterns one. The the, the vital organs were in trouble, but the other looked as if they were being attacked by some enzyme, he says he then found the highest concentration of this enzyme that has ever been found in humans.

These levels attacking internal organs means multiple organ failure and death. So where did the rattlesnakes come into play? This enzyme is a humanized version part of the same family as the active ingredient in snake, better in simple terms, this enzyme related to rattlesnake venom that’s been found in humans is likely causing tremendous damage leading to COVID-19 deaths.

And then they take you through all of the elevated enzymes in the blood samples of these people that are naturally found in rattlesnake, venom and viral. That are in levels they’ve never seen before. Do you wanna know how they got there? Five to 10 days of room deciview they’ve known since 2005. If you inject a mouse with Cobra venom, you inject it like they’re doing with, from deciview injecting into your veins.

It actually causes a cytokine storm in the lungs of all animals. I am convinced that COVID-19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind. It is actually venom poisoning and they’re using, I believe synthesized peptides and proteins from venoms of snakes, and they’re administering them and targeting them to certain people.

Now, the amazing thing about these 19 toxins found in Cobra venom, and they’re specifically sequenced to target specific Oregon.

Wow. So I think I had to let that go for a little bit extra than I expected to, because I think it’s such a compelling argument and it’s such an interesting correlation and he’s not the only one saying this. Right. And my reservation with the watch, the water documentary is that this chiropractor goes by doctor.

I guess that’s probably my leading reservation regarding the possibility of truth in this. I think it’s a. I don’t trust any chiropractor who considers themselves doctor in an interview. If you understand that they go, they can go through two years of schooling and become doctor compared to what an actual doctor does.

And the only reason they did that is because back in what was it like the forties they lobbied forties and fifties. They lobbied the association to allow them to use the word doctor, to legitimize the chiropractic practice which was started with a seance of ghosts. If you don’t know anything about that, the chiropractic situation is crazy.

Like is literally like the very first person that came out with chiropractic did it because he had had some type of. Go say on, since this ghost came to him and spoke to him and told him that he could cure deafness and blindness and all of the diseases of the body by manipulating the joints. And he claimed to have cured a child’s deafness and all of the crazy beliefs that, that, that the, the lower that comes with the original chiropractic.

And that’s not to say that chiropractic doesn’t do good stuff but, but so does a foam roller. And I think that it’s I don’t know, that’s a personal bias. I, and if you’re a chiropractor and you’re listening to this, I appreciate you and your business, and I’m sure you do plenty of great things.

It’s all jokes. Kinda, but it’s serious. And it came from a wish seance. And, and then the, the son of the man who started chiropractic also basically ran over his father for cheating or for, for sleeping with his girlfriend. It’s crazy. It’s a crazy, a series of events. But all in all, I don’t trust chiropractors and at least ones that go on TV and so happened to have a bottle of the, the solution to the problems that they say there are, which this man does on his website.

I don’t know, but that’s my only reservation that besides that it’s a very logical seemingly argument and there’s new stations that have articles that are out. And just like we listened to that confirm this situation. And he’s not the only one saying these things and he’s just kind of connected a lot of the.

Now the next conversation that becomes quite interesting as the conversation around the water, which he believes is being used to disseminate this venom in a way that it is targeting specific communities as a singular time. And I, I don’t want to waste your time by sifting through all of this data, but I really, or this, this video, but I really do think that you should go watch this documentary.

I really do think that there’s a, a lot of important information and conversations that should be had. But I do think that there’s a part here where we can watch it, that does have to do with the water. So let me go ahead and start this for you. And we’ll talk about the water situation briefly, and then I’ll let you actually go and watch this on your own.

Cause I think it’s such a, such an important Conversation to at least thought, thought experiment, right? If nothing else, take this into consideration and think about it. And if you think it’s all bullshit, then go with that. But at least you, you heard them out because I think a lot of people are quite concerned about this being a real possibility right now.

I saw this, I knew, I knew I was right. I knew I was supposed to see that because it was confirmation to me that other people knew this was planned all along, which we’ve known this as a plan. Yes. The FBI figures out that it’s actually peptides found in crate venom that poisoned Reddington in the show, you learn that he was poisoned by drinking.

It was put in his drink. And then I realized something. I realized how they’ve been spring.

this is a video of somebody putting a test strip underneath their sink faucet to see if it test positive for the snake venom. I’ve actually told my wife six months prior to this, that it’s very odd when you go on the CDCs website that they have this wastewater surveillance tab on the COVID data tracker site, and they have 400 water testing sites in 37 cities in this country.

What no one knows is the data from the CDC between January of 2020 and September of 2020 in relationship to their water testing of these 37 cities. They only let people know they were doing it in September of 2020, and now releasing that. They now just announced two weeks ago, Willinsky did have the CDC that they’re now upping their water testing.

They say, and have been reporting to media outlets. That how it works is they are PCR testing our wastewater because we, as we get COVID-19 are pooping in the water and we’re going to test our wastewater. And we can tell the city when there’s high amounts of SARS, COVID two in the water. They can actually tell that same community four or five days later is going to be an outbreak of COVID-19 in that city.

That is completely backwards. If, if a community has had SARS COVID to go through their body, they already had their symptoms. When they eliminated the virus, supposedly the virus out of their body. And it ends up in your wastewater. You no longer have symptoms. How could you know, and then be able to confirm that.

In the future four to five days from now, and we find it in your wastewater supply from your city. When we see it being shed in your water, four to five days later, we can actually tell you there’s going to be an outbreak in your city. It’s not because there’s an outbreak in the city. Just like in the show blacklist, I had to break this down for every aspect of COVID.

One thing that’s been very unique to COVID is this sense of loss of taste and smell that last for months, even years, holy cow, I had no idea. They already knew this, did this to people. When you drink it for the people who are the natural healers or the individuals who’ve got bitten, when they actually suck the venom of Cobra into their mouth and then spit it out, they have this loss of taste and smell that can last 12 months a year and a half.

It’s just from having exposed in the mouth, which is exactly what’s happening. When it’s being put into our water. Now, the thing about the waters. They are using the water systems because they can target specific demographics. They are absolutely confident that the peptides they have chosen for COVID circulated throughout the earth and throughout the populace specifically targets and the vaccines and the marinade in the vaccines specifically, target organs, like your spleen, your pancreas for diabetics.

That’s a concern brain tissue, liver tissue, lung tissue, and heart tissue. So if you already have a disease, all right. So there is the water theory. Now I still don’t believe there’s enough evidence there for how for, and maybe they go further into it. And I don’t recall it from when the first time I listen to.

But I, I, excuse me, for, for a documentary that’s called watch the water. It seems to be, should be called king Cobra or something. Cause they go very little detail into what that actually is about, because if there was something they were disseminating through the water, I guess they’re kind of they’re they’re basically saying like the connotation there is that, because they’re able to say that they’re predicting where it’s going to go there.

Basically. I don’t see the correlation between somebody putting a a test within the waste and, and then saying that there’s going to be an outbreak in that city having to do with the fact that the water has been tainted with the venom itself. It doesn’t correlate specifically for me there.

And I was hoping this here at this time, and maybe I just didn’t go further and far enough into it. But that’s all I remember them touching on when it comes to the water situation. And I think that there should be a further investigation as to why the he’s saying that you should not be drinking the water.

Right. That’s the, the that’s the statement that was made prior to this anyways, is that you should be watching the water. You shouldn’t be drinking the water, and if you do, then you’re somehow going to get COVID. So I would like them to go more into detail with that. I am not convinced that it’s in the water.

I’m not convinced I, I, I get the correlations with the snake by them. And that makes a lot of sense with all of the, the weird symptoms that have gone on, especially when you points out the loss of taste and smell, which I experienced myself at one point when I had it and still experienced for months afterwards, which is so bizarre, but I just don’t see enough of a conversation surrounding the water within this documentary to make a full statement, like third poisoning, our water facilities.

I wish I did I not, I wish I did. I, I think if they call it, watch the water, they should probably have gone into more detail on that. But I, I do think that you should go watch it and tell me if I’m wrong and let me know why they’re calling it that and what, what they said here. That makes that statement.

Other than the fact that they’re saying that they’re pre they’re basically calling out who they’re going to, in fact, based on these water treatment facilities prior. When actually it should be based on a reactionary state where the people in that area have COVID and then shows that they have COVID and they already have the symptoms.

Not that there’s going to be an outbreak from testing the water, but in testing the water, you’re testing the fact that it is being poisoned. So, maybe that’s it, are they saying that the CDC has these water testing facilities and they’re showing that the water itself is being poisoned prior, then people are getting COVID.

That’s why they’re being able to call out. Who’s going to get it. And when based off of the water treatment facilities and testing, that’s there as a result of that. So I guess maybe that’s it, that, that makes a lot more sense to me that, that based on the fact that they are testing the water in the waste treatment facilities, the water is what was tainted, not the hoop of the people who had COVID.

And as a result of that, they’re saying that there’s going to be an outbreak. And then there is one that have they correctly identified that there’s outbreaks. I just have a lot of questions around the water situation. So maybe you have some clarity and you can message me at red pill, revolt or Austin at red pill,

Send me an email and let me know what you think. Because I, I really don’t see the correlation there. It doesn’t make much sense to me why they would be telling you that it’s in the water. And then, then that’s a, that’s deeper than I’ve gone before, where I it’s makes a little bit of sense. And maybe I’m just missing something in that in that statement where, where it’s, it’s very clear to other people, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I, at least not enough to, for me to not. Water. Obviously you should have a, have a, a filter because it’s just gross without it. But anyways, so there you have it. That is the watch, the water conversation. And I, and I, and there’s obviously more that we could go into there. And then I would love to go into it and fact, check this and, and look at the statistics and really sit down with Dr.

Mr. Chiropractor artists and, and have these questions together and have a good conversation around it. I actually did reach out to see if I could have him on, so we’ll see if that happens. But very, very interesting conversation. Go watch that documentary. Let me know what you think. Send me a message.

At red pill revolt on Instagram and let me know. Now the very last conversation that we’re going to have here is going to be on the Patrion. So you got it, man. If you, if you’re listening right now, you’ll be able to catch the bonus content. What we do in basically every week as I go through conspiracy Reddit and find my favorite conspiracies of the week, and we discuss them in the bonus content on the Patriot and the Patrion just cost $5.

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Thank you very much.

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