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Declassified: Project Blue Beam, Unaccounted for Pregnancy & UFO Injuries

In this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we discuss recently declassified DIA documents that show data on human contact with aliens, and the potential side effects which include things such as “Unaccounted for Pregnancy”; The documents also outline human experiences with Yeti’s, Elve’s, Ghosts, Poltergeists and other mythical creatures. We also discuss Brian Stelter getting verbally ripped apart by a college freshman over CNN’s involvement in spreading propaganda, Nancy Pelosi getting the notorious infection the day after receiving a warning from china about her next day’s trip to Taiwan & More!


On this week’s Patreon-only bonus content, we discuss the contents of the claim that “the supply chain disruptions blamed on COVID were actually due to massive amounts of weapons being moved as well as countries scrambling to change who they rely on for imports and exports in preparation for World War 3” as written by a Redditor who cites several very compelling sources.

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Full Transcription:


Welcome to red Pill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion politics and history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken your ass welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to read Pill revolution my name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today this is episode number 24 of reptile revolution podcast and again thank you so much for listening I can tell you how much I appreciate it we have some really interesting stuff to go over today anything from Nancy Pelosi coming down with the vid in a timely manner right is she supposed to travel to Taiwan so we’ll talk about that and potentially why in the conspiracy surrounding that situation were also going to touch on Brian Stelter basically getting ripped apart by a college freshman over the disinformation campaign by CNN and the propaganda that’s been pushed over the the previous few years and then were also going to touch on all yeah this tiny thing where the DIA came out with 1500 documents from a freedom of information act regarding alien abductions onion planned or explainable pregnancies on women by these potential aliens Burns high-frequency basically attacks on humans and flying objects basically just released in last week and literally nobody is talking about this so all of that and more today really really excited to talk about these things oh and also working to get into a little about Project blue beam never heard a project will be before it is a conspiracy’s arrest that goes all the way back pretty far basically to the understanding that they are using all of these alien campaigns to eventually implement some type of New World order and bring all of the world’s religious messiahs together in a holographic beam onto the sky and all of this crazy other stuff so make sure you stick around for that that will be at the end and again thank you guys so much for listening if you noticed hopefully you noticed the sounds way better than it used to I went from having a $100 microphone basically USB plug in the my computer to a whole huge awesome set up here because I wanted to you know give everything I can see you guys so thank you so much for listening I hope that you enjoy the improvements I really do because I spent quite a bit of money on it so I hope it sounds better I hope it looks better and I appreciate you guys so much so thank you for listening if you could go ahead and press the subscribe button leave a five star review of your Apple podcast YouTube spot if I were ever the hell you rat there’s probably a button to rate the show and again I would appreciate it so much beyond that go ahead and join the patron revolt during our sub step for subs that companion I which is rental revolution.sub and for now that’s all I got for you guys so again thank you so much for listening over to jump into now is going to be Nancy Pelosi coming down with the bid as as she’s in a timely manner surrounding the Taiwan visit so here we go it’s go to Marsha’s video and we’ll talk about it Nancy Pelosi has tested positive for calls it her Deputy Chief of Staff out with a statement saying after testing negative this week Speaker Pelosi received a positive test result for COBIT 19 and is currently asymptomatic the speaker is fully vaccinated and boosted and is thankful for the robust protection the vaccine has provided the speaker will quarantine consistent with CDC guidance and encourages everyone to get vaccinated boosted and test regularly it’s going around Washington Valerie Valerie Biden I don’t know Valerie is actually in Washington but it’s a going around Washington circles hi Kim hi all I do know that it was still around me I thought that COBIT had come and gone anyway and that we were waiting for it to come back me and I thought we were focused on Ukraine now in the we didn’t really care about covert anymore and I was slightly three weeks ago I’d I lose track of time but it it it is it is hitting a number of members of Congress and staff others is specifically hitting some yeah political people I have a startling way with Alma Krohn in December it’s amazing that anyone can state it could have not got like my everyone got every single person got it I guess some some people who will doubt that on that one Muriel Bowser got it some people who missed out on that way I guess there now doing well here is yeah because now there’s an even more transmissible strain that’s out there it’s the kaizen and yeah yeah because another cousin the s’mores transmission around really deadline environment just because it actually started waving your excitement I think that because I wasn’t really following is much anymore but I know that it had gone through Europe and even as it was waiting for Europe and all of these countries were having massive surgeons like Denmark has adequate having another sorry nobody cares let’s see if it talk about anything that omicron was the sick on what I’m looking for here is to see it and they talk about the Taiwan situation something they are here anyway because that is missing that the most ridiculous thing I should not do it at all but but DC correspondents Association dinner coming up in like 3/30 over three there aren’t any generally well be three weeks quickly as this thing moves yeah could it could be mostly gone be kind of funny if they had to cancel it because I watch them still try to do it anyway because they visited missing that the most ridiculous thing I should not do it at all but but DC law the political class loves the there’s a real elaborate days in so there there is today when they would try to strong-arm like force that likely boosted with the yeah the I’m looking for here is conversation surrounding Taiwan taken in whatever now I know I don’t think it’s 43% I think it was like I think that even during even at our doesn’t look like were to talk about it when I was looking for there was to see if they to cover conversation surrounding why the idea is that she had COBIT so you know what been supposed he was supposed to go to Taiwan this week basically I don’t know exactly why but she’s was what I want and is to issue basically the Chinese government came out and if you don’t know anything about the Chinese Taiwan situation China does not want to recognize Taiwan as its own country because eventually they want to do it Ukraine did I’m sorry what Russia did the Ukraine and just completely taken over and have the history books that tell it as if Taiwan was always a part of our country and so there’s this whole thing there where they want to kind of eliminate any conversation surrounding Taiwan’s legitimacy and we saw it earlier I think it was last year where there was a woman on the basically grilling a US official about this and she literally pretended as if her microphone on the first year he but pretended as if her microphone literally didn’t work like a the run is in call imagine if you’re a business income and some just like you do you estimate serious question about your business or about profitability about your net return on investments and all the sudden they just but it’s like it did the old crinkling of paper against the the phone the situation where she is she acted there he acted got a new look that up as if you the they couldn’t even participate in the call like they froze we just didn’t move on camera because they didn’t want the Chinese government to be mad at them about recognizing Taiwan answering this question surrounding it so Nancy Pelosi hears the Chinese government does not want her going to Taiwan and all the sudden that the day before she supposed to go there she comes down with COBIT oh okay yeah really believable so so there’s this whole idea that basically she she just uses COBIT and that’s kind of what they hinted to their when they were saying that there’s this government told dinner were there there kind of mixing and mingling with celebrities in three weeks and it be kinda funny if they all got it just timely right around there you know because it because it basically just uses a political tool at this point if you can if you can cry wolf you missed a get out of anything right now you know how I see it and a lot of jobs where you know people are calling out you know Cindy got the cove it because now they gotta be out for two weeks now our politicians are literally doing that so I just thought that was funny I thought that was interesting the timeliness of that the day before she supposed to go to Taiwan she all of a sudden has covert interesting now the next thing that over the watch here is going to be Brian Stelter basically getting ripped apart by a college freshman you heard that right in the panel looks to be disinformation in the erosion of democracy and here’s Brian Stelter if you haven’t seen the Brian Stelter clip with Russell Brand to where he makes front of Brian Salter if you don’t know Brian Stelter is you will immediately recognize his list and lack of testosterone as soon as you hear him speak but he was a CNN there is to this day works for CNN and in you’ll be able to hear who he is and just a moment once you hear this college freshman basely rip apart CNN for everything that they’ve done rightfully so go ahead and watch the clip now you for coming my name is Christopher Ppillips on my first year at the college my question Mr. seltzer Steve all spoke extensively about Fox News being a purveyor of this information but CNN is right up there with them they pushed the Russian collision halts they push that Jesse select hoax they smeared justice Cavanaugh is a rapist and they also smeared Nick Sammon as a white supremacist and yes they dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop affair as pure Russian disinformation with mainstream corporate journalists becoming little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime is it time to finally declare that the decanting of journalistic ethics is dead or no longer operative all the mistakes of the mainstream media and CNN for I like to use the word regime there I think that’s an important term to be able to use that you know lick that this cooperative cohesive unit across all corporations and political government ties celebrities Hollywood you know we saw those things all all kind of intermingle here and I like how use that word regime he’s literally just laying out every single thing that CNN has done recently it is a perfect manner so let’s let’s continue watch this clip and I just I thought that regime word was the perfect term to be able to use when it comes to the collusion of CNN of the mainstream media talking heads even like Fox news and in the ways that we’ve seen it in the modern day last two years and he really just rubbing your face in it so I thought anyways good good use of that term squatting continue the particular seem to magically all go in one direction are we expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence or is there something else behind it was a college student bankrolling St. and Brian felt a minor liberal network is just as guilty and perpetuating intonation as any other media that has been accused of doing side Brian felt was a guest on the panel at the invitation, Australian Australian accents are great by the wife see Krista Ppillips he was a college freshman at the University: a panel for labeling functioning as that the value of this information but David thinking man is right topic to a few examples including when training pushed the Russian collision hi when I push the chassis montage and of course my studies of late when the network dismissed Hunter Biden laptop story Ppillips launched into a blistering argument whether it’s time to finally declare the kind of journalistic ethics instead of the mainstream media continue to act as she arranges for the right same thing the Democrat party take a look at how the same engine let’s answer the question arguing that Christopher is watching a different channel to the one that he watches too bad sign for lunch got 1/32 there there is a closet is 30 seconds but my honest answer to you I will come over and talk in more detail after this is that I think you’re describing a different channel than the one that I watch but I understand that that is a popular right-wing narrative about CNN it’s important what about shared reality and democracy all these networks always outlets have to defend democracy when they screw up admitted but when Benjamin called Fox correspondent was wounded in Ukraine the news crews at CNN the New York Times stopped what they were doing they tried to help they try to help get the country try to find the dead crew members that’s what news outlets do that’s how they actually do work together to your question about sharing those kinds of connections and trust we’ll talk about it enough the we don’t share that reality about how that happens with regard to the regime I think you mean Pres. Biden last time I spoke with her by name we held each other so that’s the reality of the news business people see people don’t hear they imagine that it’s a situation that simply is not but I think your question it speaks to the failure of journalism to show our work and show the reality of how our profession operates we have a lot of work to as a dividing story finally gains okay so I actually saw the the remainder of that clip for the first time I did when I saw before was just the response was I can try to dance around like you’re watching a different TV channel than me so you know we want to watch the full clip on these things we don’t want to just sit in and take the clips that conservative right wing media outlets on Instagram or twitter or tick-tock just put out put out for us because outreach culture right so even in that situation I didn’t know that he went into full detail on those things and in kind of you know said that we we have work to do right they know that you do not trust them that you know that you know in the but EPO still dances around it and give you some cracker should you know we yelled at each other like there’s no correspondence between me and Joe Biden’s government like of course there is and we know that CNN is just a puppet talking had for in the right way the regime right what a perfect way to put that so you know in in that particular situation Brian seltzer went to a little bit more detail and in the hopefully he did go talk to that guy like he said he was going to because he didn’t answer a single question about maybe how they were trying to combat this this idea that everything that they’re saying is corrupt or wrong in in he didn’t even really deny it you know he say what he said was basically they tried to find dead people in Ukraine are journalists when they were killed in but hey at least he didn’t you know at least it wasn’t as candid a response as we thought before you know it it’s it’s a sad day when eight and I talked about this last episode I think it it’s when you go back and read the comic books when you go back and read comic books like you know who it was Superman was a journalist to write like all of these superheroes all the superheroes were like there is theirs there was a certain amount of like the steam that came with being a journalist and even to the point where you were like idolized in in in comic books right and so we completely lost that way right it was like the hard-nosed cigarette smoking whiskey drink in truth finding journalists that used to be thought of in like that those 70s 80s and 90s and now it’s literally just political talking heads for for big brother and in so you have to go to these one-off channels like you know this one to to find the actual full stories right you you can’t just listen to these mainstream media has because we know growing up we always heard about China right we always heard that China wouldn’t even let you watch that did the TV channels that are out there right they they wouldn’t even let you hear that the fact they won’t even let you use Google right now it now we know that our own government is censoring certain media outlets regarding Russia and Ukraine right like root routers Reuters rockers are you this RT news think root routers there being completely centered like II try to find a YouTube video about Putin doing judo if you didn’t know Putin is actually a judo black belt in competed in Sambo as well enough he competed but I know he participated and that is legit judo black belly watch the videos of him doing some throws he’s a legit judo black belt and I want to go find them when Elon musk threatened to beat his ass and twitter over over a country and that when I went to go find that they would literally on YouTube said you cannot watch this video or or did this channel is not supported in your country and so we have become the China that I used to took to frown upon in middle school and high school when I heard those things I just thought it was the craziest thing in the world that they were able to watch TV channels they were able to go to certain websites write it in and it all surrounds what were seeing now with our media and even YouTube and in the Internet being actually censored and that’s the problem with these like this the strip mall that we have today is is you know back in the day when you surf the World Wide Web you know the times of AIM in your away messages it was a different Internet right is like you used to go to different different specific websites and used to know the websites that you want to go to and it didn’t always just be three or four websites right like that right now you’re probably use Google I hope you don’t you should be on brave browser and break search engine now that Dr. Koza will snitch to but you probably use Google probably go on Facebook you probably you know have a few different news outlets and if you listen to this podcast probably not right you probably have a few better ways of looking at his brother that is most people write most people use the Internet like it’s a strip mall like this for five options that they can go to and if they deviate from those options is like the wild wild West and it’s our fault for letting it get to that point that’s awful for allowing the mainstream that the general public to be brainwashed into thinking that you know you can’t venture out on the Internet from those specific websites right and so I think that there is a certain conversation to be had around then I do think that our media obviously has a long way to go in the ways that they correct these things that I don’t see any way that they can redeem themselves I think that we have now shifted to a new environment where podcasts like this were journalists like that Matt taibi be where where there’s people out there who are doing real journalistic work where we will go find them now I think were going away from the last five years even 10 years or so were we’ve had this like stripmall approach to the Internet and I hope to see this continuance of the rising of podcasts of the continuing rising of sub stacks and in conversations around individuals who have no vested interest in corporations who have no vested interest in politics and in just her speaking the truth because they know that that’s there’s like a certain part of you I think there’s like there’s a certain part of all humans that search for the light that looks for truth in times of deception and in it which is interesting for Leica animalistic perspective right like it I wonder if there’s anything in any other animals like it would add obviously they’re not generally sentiment enough for us to ever know what it’s it’s a curious conversation to me is like what is that drive as I know I have it like I can’t just sit back in if you haven’t watch the documentary the dissident if you haven’t heard about the dissident it is a unbelievably crazy spine chilling documentary surrounding the literal murder murder of a Saudi Arabian journalist and he floats it from fleeing to the US running you know away from his family being threatened in Saudi Arabia for speaking out the truth about the government about the royal family and then while he was in it went basically up to the consulate in Turkey and was assassinated by the Saudi Arabian government cut up into pieces dismember there’s a literal literally in the entire transcript of the conversations that happen because there is a recording device in the consulate and in talks about how this man was this like murdered sauna part horrible horrific things happen to this man because he was speaking the truth and I was sitting next to my wife when we were watching this and it was like almost like a really eerie because I’m in the space that I am talking about the things I’m talking I literally like this guy was talking about the Saudi Arabian Kings son who was actually running the show and all the terrible things that he was doing and you know while my last episode was entirely about Hunter Biden’s laptop it was a little a little concerning and in a little those little bit of a reality check it but but again there was that something in me that was like like you can’t just not talk about these things is on the voices speaking the truth and and there’s not enough people out there who are willing to have the balls to speak up in a time like this where you you know literally got my entire Instagram my whole platform 50,000 people that follow me shadow banned for posting a Senate hearing for posting a Senate hearing that’s were read today and so in in that situation you know when when when you’re going after the king’s jester right when the king kills the jester that’s when you know the that the road the monarchy is crumbling right in and there was there was a quote within the dissident that documentary that he said when when speaking the truth I got a remember the right way that he put it if speaking words makes you a if if speaking words makes you the enemy or or they go after you for speaking the truth that shows you how weak they are shows you how how would the foundation of their arguments the foundation of their their their world to their government to their everything is just so so that there is no structure there is no foundation in it so weak that if you speak a word you say a word now they’re in a come after you for in this case actually assassinate this man and and that shows you how weak they are his words literally words when your government with that big house scared they are of you how scared they are of us how scared they are of the truth and I know it’s gonna come out eventually and it’s just a waiting game right when Facebook is shadow bans you when scram shadow bands you when tick-tock shadow bans you there’s going to be another platform affiliate is not to be true social anytime soon and maybe it’s Twitter after Elon saves the day but whatever it is there’s going to be something the light always shows in that light comes from like humanity from the heart from people like you and people like me that seek the truth and know there’s truth out there and and and smell the bull shipped in and know that everything that they’re saying is is is an effort to manipulate you right if you’ve ever been around us a psychopath they literally do it’s a microcosm of what our governments been doing to us and so it is literally as you know all of the all of the gas lighting all all of the you know abusive tactics the shutting down of part like everything that happened over the last two years was abusive tactics and so it shows you how weak they are it shows you how the it’s been built on a house of cards and in the truth is is the wind right and there’s so afraid of it there’s so scared further further Empire of lies to crumble that they’re willing to go to whatever lengths they can including not even allowing you to speak words right not even allowing you to have a conversation surrounding their their their wrongdoings and into their faults it in and that shows you just how weak they are all in all go watch that dissident documentary it’s is really really interesting and I think you’ll take away a lot from it and it will show there’s a reason so like the guy that did it I don’t member’s name right off the top my head I believe his last name is ogle he’s the same guy that did the documentary Icarus that caught all of the Russian Olympians doping that got them basically thrown out of the Olympics so same guy that did Icarus did this documentary the dissident and he went to Netflix he went to Hulu he went to talk to all of these huge streaming services that he had connections with in the past from his other documentaries and none of them would touch this none of them none of them would stream this this documentary and that once you go into it you realize why you realize that they’re there they kind of show the cards of of what the next steps of the regime are right they show it that the lengths that a government is willing to go to hide their lies and they show the tools that they use like there was like an 80,000 person Saudi Arabian royalty farm that was eliminated for basically what it was like 88 80,000 accounts on Twitter that word done away with by Twitter itself because they were all going after singular hashtags like if you spoke up like a break right now with the Ukrainian situation like you’ll see that hashtag save Ukraine hashtag this hashtag that there’s these campaigns and then there’s that there’s it they go after accounts to so if you speak up against the things that they’re talking about those and 80,000 accounts after your account after year one video that speaking the truth and then they’ll get your account shut down right maybe that’s not Instagram doing that maybe it’s not twitter doing that it’s it’s the government’s shadow little bot farms that they’re sending there is little they call them those like the bees or something in the dissident but you really gotta go watch a movie it tells you it shows you your hand shows you the links that are willing to go and it shows you how how desperate they are to hide the truth and how weak they actually are and it’s a reflection of our own government in its infantile stage is now however he did flee to the United States that’s worth noting that this journalist did flee to the United states at one point because he felt that the the freedom of speech platform was the best here but concerning nonetheless because you see where it’s all coming to an right now right we see where this is going you see that it does not seem that far off for what happened in the dissident to happen here in the United States so on that note let’s go ahead and watch this clip surrounding the DIA documents that release there is 1500 documents released surrounding UFO encounters drowning people who were around UFOs people who basically got like sucked into UFOs women who were impregnated by aliens like all of this crazy stuff 1500 documents released by the DIA showing alien encounters showing encounters with alien weaponry alien propulsion systems and all of the crazy stuff that happened with that so let’s go ahead and watch this quick little video surrounding that an MO actually read the documents themselves and go into detail surrounding these things and potentially what the conspiracy could be turning into here with project blue beam which is kind of out there so stick around for that again I don’t know if I believe all this but I fight it either I don’t know why they tell us now right why would what would the aliens all the sudden be such a hot topic right for how long was it like the tinfoil hat wearing all the movies like try to diminish the conversations around you you were crazy 510 years ago you are crazy if you thought aliens were real right now how how short after that every now accepting it having all the CIA documents, all of these DIA documents, about how there could be potentially real to hold all of these sightings in the military aircraft’s and how it it’s affecting general public right whereas they used to demonize people right all the way back to Lake Roswell so let’s go ahead and watch this clip and I will discuss it will read the actual article surrounding this and then will go into the actual documents and then we will discuss project blue beam but before we do that what a need to do first is go ahead and press the subscribe button wherever you are on this listening to this platform right now how to press the subscribe button head over to Apple music or specify if you could and leave a five star review that helps the podcast a lot it basically puts us up in the ratings let people know that what I’m doing here is quality work which I hope you feel after this the half hour or so that we been talking here I hope you feel that the audios them better I hope you feel it that the videos been better I really redid 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new topic and then you also get to the entire video podcast episode which you can go to pill revolt for right now it’s gets about a half-hour on YouTube and it tells you to go over the patrons of you want to watch the flower were going to talk about the UFO stuff to talk about these documents were to get into project blue beam which I’m really excited to talk about with you guys I think is a really interesting conspiracy and I will discuss all these things together over on the patriot so if you watch the video right now I’m head over the patron that come to watch the rest of it if you’re listening you’re so to be able to hear the rest of it here but if you want here just that and bonus content were we talk about an little bit more depth of the topic head over to patriot on five dollars a month if you want to pay $15 I am going to be doing a live episode just the quality of the same microphone same set up everything live for you guys it’s an additional episode only user submitted content hopefully my Instagram comes back soon so some other people see and we can grow that audience together but had over the $15 a month will also get you the additional podcast episode that were doing weekly in some other awesome stuff like being able to submit your topics here right without further ado let’s go ahead and watch this UFO conversation on the news and then we will discuss it and look at some of those documents together so again thanks for listening this guy washes together say the truth is out there and it might be terrifying hey just uncovered Defense Department summary of UFO induced effects ranging from abduction and paralysis to electrical shocks and even sexual encounters is shocking the world tonight the report again from the Defense Department but what does this all mean how we supposed to interpret it when talking about UFOs restarting this investigation national correspondent way mustiness shows us tonight pilots tracking unidentified object balls of light suspended over the ocean UFOs chasing warships all part of a growing body of sightings of you APs or unidentified aerial phenomena now become something even more explosive 1500 page Pentagon report of previously classified documents cataloguing accounts from witnesses and victims claiming radiation burns brain damage and even paralysis after close encounters with UAVs is the most haunting of all the reports from from my perspective because it shows immunological deficiency it shows altering human DNA it shows degradation on a cellular level prepared in 2010 by the Pentagon’s secret advanced aerospace weapons program the report was released only after a freedom of information request it found sufficient incidents and accidents have been accurately reported medical data acquired as to support the hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed and opaque to full US understandings this is from within the documents themselves of the report says humans have been injured from exposure to UFOs from objections at perceived time loss the sexual encounters and unexplained pregnancies were talking about an area where there is an intervention with the human being on such modeling it is beyond just the negative health effects some of the stuff is really bizarre so what’s next while this program ended in 2010 Corbell says the Pentagon continues to study UFOs and more military documents are likely to be released this how crazy so I believe it was the son news company the sun basically came out into the freedom of information act request to the DIA regarding documents surrounding a secret unit will not so secret but kind of like shadow side of the government which was looking into these UAP’s which they you know I like how they just change the name and think you’re stupid enough to forget that they tried to make you seem crazy for questioning these things because that’s exactly what that was right like the UAP to UFO like the UFO is like what would people with tinfoil hats talk about but UAP is these things are legitimate they they just this the gas lighting right it’s it’s the it’s the making you seem crazy until there is there ready to expose the truth or until they’re ready to make you think they’re exposing the truth in an attempt to weapon eyes it against you which will talk about through the project blooming conversation but I digress I do think is really interesting that this conversation came out recently I do think that there’s something to this but also I do question everything at this point Ray I think that anytime the government’s giving a big push on something huge like this then you need to question why now why are they releasing these documents this request was done in 2017 so took them over four years to dictate what parts of these documents they were going to release and why and so you see that some of the things that they discuss on there are the sightings themselves are different types of like bodily effects that the radiation poisoning has on them from feeling the propulsion systems from Mike making looking at these UFOs in the air and then like basically having like losses of time and are reality different perception changes which will talk about were actually looking at these documents but I do think this is this is probably one of the biggest releases knows Jeremy Corbell if you don’t know who Jeremy  is he did a documentary with fellow who – why can I remember that guys name you’re probably screaming that in your head right now he went on Joe Rogan with Jeremy Corbell and said that he was a part of the team that went into Roswell itself and looked at the actual aircraft spoke to the people surrounding these these aircraft and actually found one of the chemical compounds from the aircraft itself which became added to our periodic table as a result of this years later but they told him that he was crazy for all of us so Jeremy Corbell was the one is being interviewed and that he’s been looking into this for a long time is in a few documentaries on it so looking to Jeremy Corbell’s work because it’s it’s quite interesting so now were going to do is were to head over to some of these documents here and read through them so I’ll read the sun article which is the actual company that’s actually requested these documents let’s see right so won’t be the sun and the view from the sources UFO docs re-declassified Pentagon reveals more than 1500 shocking documents this is from and this is just showing the actual documents here so okay perfect now were going over the son who did the actual freedom of information act request and this was written on April 5 so four days ago this is shooting us in the night so I got is released at 1574 pages of real-life X-Files related to its secretive UFO program after four year battle this online first requested a copy of all files reports and video files related to the advanced aviation threat identification program or otherwise known as AA TIP in other words Tip December 18, 2017 they sent this document to them back to them which said this response your freedom of information act request dated December 18, 2017 that you’ve submitted to the Defense intelligence agency for information concerning base which is asked for the documents from the agency and class of an unclassified program which ran between 2007 2012 which was the AV advanced aviation threat identification program does apologize for the delay Amber responded to your request as the DIA continues his effort to eliminate the large backlog of pending requests probably how many of them are related to aliens, search of DIA’s systems of records located 52 documents totaling 1574 pages responsive to your request upon review I have determined that some portions of 52 documents 1574 pages must be withheld in part from disclosure pursuant to the freedom of information act the withheld portions are exempt from release pursuant to exemptions 34 and six exemption three applies information specifically that allow talks about these options are forcing us and say here is the letter from the Defense intelligence agency confirming is released in 1574 files and then it goes on to show some videos actually taken by Navy pilot pilot showing interactions with unidentified aerial phenomena or otherwise known as UFOs you the cats if we filed in and freedom of information act this is what the article goes on to say from the actual son Mrs. finally after more than four euros rears they release more than 1500 documents includes government commission scientific reports and letters to the Pentagon regarding the UFO program the hall includes reports insert into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans sets out to cat it sets out categorizations for paranormal experiences and studies the Syfy style text one thing they going to hear is basely talking about like elves and yetis and you know they going to some crazy stuff so the DIA the department of defense aspirants that some portions of the documents must be withheld in part due to privacy and confidentiality concerns but the agency added the DIA has not withheld any reasonably sag ripple nonexempt portions of the records the bombshell freedom of information Hall includes reports on the DIA’s research into the biological effects of US a UFO fight sightings oh my goodness on humans and this includes burns heart problems sleep disturbances and even bizarre occurrences of as a parent abduction and unaccounted for pregnancy now if I was him and I guess you can alum like you get some child support like that would I guess that be the worst part of being pregnant by an alien they go on to talk about like what happened to these pregnancies that would be an interesting conversation I don’t think there’s any information on what I see happen but if there’s unaccounted pregnancies I’m sure they followed the mom to see if there was some men in black type baby born member that seen men in black where the woman’s in the car with the crazy guy and ends up giving birth unlike the side of the road and with like a little squid alien if you I need to go back and watch that but the men in black there’s a great scene of an alien a woman pregnant with an alien who gives birth and is either of anyways if you haven’t seen that my apologies for that picture you just hadn’t had the reports that it has 42 cases for medical files and 300 similar unpublished cases where humans have been injured after anomalous encounters now it says at a tip was a secretive Pentagon program that ran between 2007 in 2012 the study UFOs it was outed by former intelligence official turned whistleblower Luis Elizondo who headed up the program back in 2017 bombshell videos of unexpired UFO sightings by US military personnel investigated by a tip were also first published at the time it says that the revelations on new program marked a step a step change in the way the US talked about UFOs now more commonly known as a different name because they’re trying to guess that you as unidentified aerial phenomena in the phenomenon has stepped from the fringe into a serious national security concern discussed by lawmakers defense officials and even former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton one fascinating document included in the inquisition threat support report sets out how to categorize anomalous behavior which includes encounters with ghosts yetis spirits elves and other mission other mythical legendary entity is classified as a and three seeing a UFO with alien aliens and board would be ACE three poltergeist crop circles spontaneous human combustion alien adoptions and other paranormal events are also categorized studies into advanced technology such as invisibility cloaks mind control robots were also included in the document cash other documents obtained include studies into communicating with alien civilizations and plans for deep space exploration and colonization alright so now it will actually look at some of these documents here and see what they have to say were in a so it goes on to say now let’s let’s just kinda skip over to the documents themselves so if I when I was scanning the documents there is a few pieces of these are really caught my attention the first ones being the catalog of UFO related human physiological effects it talks about frequency distribution so you see in these documents they talk a lot about like the radio frequencies or radiation frequencies that have to be reached to accomplish some of these things including like things like telepathy and so what we’re going to go through here is a table of the facts and frequencies now that the documents that I have here that all include in this week’s sub stack is 38 pages I’ll see if I can find the entirety of these documents but for now the ones I have is 38 total pages and this is going to be the reference of a table of effects frequency so it says let me just kind of run through all of these with you the different effects that coming into contact with UFOs has had in the situation so I don’t know what they kind of like timeframe as of this I think that’s an important thing to say you know if this was happening like back in the 30s I think we want to know that if it was happening with like George Washington getting abducted and in you being you know sexually assaulted by aliens I kind of want to know that what what is the timeframe that were actually talking about here so what will start from the top it says the table of the facts when basically coming in the contact Sosa’s apparent objections is page 129 electromagnetic effects on vehicles paralysis perceived time loss light beam affects eye injuries heat medical exam oh gosh that sounds horrible is that like probing I think that think you have to be probed in the human world when you’re like 40 or 50 right of the colonoscopy burns unconsciousness marks left on body significant sound effects like humming electrical shocks physiological emotional shocks intense fear prickling tingling sensations pain skin sores rash induced headaches and migraines force field impact nausea vomiting sensation of cold disorientation and confusion the ground traces weakness fatigue amnesia apparent experience of telepathy numbness significant odors voice loss appetite loss insomnia perceived time suspension dehydration swelling of tissues dizziness weightlessness levitation healing sexual encounters deaths diarrhea hair loss and nightmares know the ones that I would say are the most interesting to me would be obviously sexual encounters I wonder if like you know why are the aliens that are coming into contact to like kinda given something back here they just you know in it for themselves I think we need to know what type of lovers these aliens are because that could potentially tell us a lot about who they are who they are when it comes to you know award type situation if they were giving love or you know maybe we have a chance of surviving these types of attacks but if they’re pretty selfish and you know just kind of worried about getting off themselves and maybe maybe we gotta be a little bit more concerned with what truly and honestly it probably does have some type of insight to know what type of sexual encounters if they’re taking his encounter seriously what what were they note specifically I guess we will see that when we see the full documents releases on page 5 if you can pull them up yourself at this point so the other one I will be interested to me are interesting to me perceive time suspension so would that be like like you see the UFO in time kind of stops and maybe you and I am now know I’m I’m really into the sea without the time stopping in the situation perceive time suspension apparent experience of telepathy that’s obviously interesting significant motors that sounds terrible whatever significant odors aliens encounters are giving off I probably don’t want any part of that ground traces so that’s things like crop circles I would assume what is so funny like how many I lay that tells you everything you need to build a Hollywood everything you need to know about like that the that the way that they go about grooming you like grooming you is the right word for this the way they’re going about showing us these alien encounters these alien situations all like just so happens that now we have 1500 documents surrounding alien encounters and in the things that have happened to people on these things that we been taking seriously for a while also diminishing the public’s opinion on these things and making you feel crazy for talking about them back to the original point I think makes it interesting to think about how how Hollywood what had include into all of these things literally all of these things like every single one of these things have been in a movie right the humming the the ground traces the perceived time suspension the sexual encounter on the night I really haven’t seen the movie specifically to take that seriously but I’m sure there’s many many should the movies that you can put Hunter furthers some type of alien sexual encounter apparent experience of telepathy that’s an interesting one right is like and they talk about that’s consistently throughout the documents of this is the situations where like the even like the radiofrequency that needs to be given out or the radiation frequency needs to be given out to allow it to happen now that’s interesting to is like how did they get the scientific evidence that shows the numbers that they’re putting out these documents to it also says force field impact a Perry and we talked about that pain skin sores rashes electrical sound effects the humming is been a consistent one Hollywood in medical exam That’s creepy right II don’t want to go to a human doctor who both will have a have an alien trying to figure out what’s going on to me like you know May maybe they’re just like what if they were abducting people and like just you taking the lower class you know poor and in doing free medical exams them like a these these humans are kind should he were to help you out were just gonna abduct the poor people and give them enough free free medical exams in I think they could do that for dental and that would be a good campaign for for the aliens as if they could you know of duct us and do free dental work because I think anytime you pay like $1200 for a root canal you nothing feels good about that like if you’re reading my body of know use insert the blank of whatever BS medical situation but that say something like cancer if you’re ready my body from cancer I got a pay you whatever money was due April anytime someone he has to pay for dental work 1200 bucks for a root canal is like right let you can abduct me and in maybe even probe me if you give me free until four so that maybe this is that if we look at this in a positive way you know maybe maybe there’s some but there’s some good that came out of this like the sexual experiences in the medical exams right leg over to the house their bedside manner for downloads that the DIA as it was asking the right questions during this time they probably should’ve hired me to come in and consult them on these things so that those were some of the interesting things that came up in that document it did I’ve actually missed a few pages that Jake went on to say claimed ESP development nosebleeds taste that one of the taste that I saw on here was was metallic ligament metal taste ringing in ears weight loss breathing problems urination problems so they pits themselves gynecological problems claimed in plant perceived teleportation stunned itching loss of taste loss of hearing induced feeling of calm or serenity I think we should do a draft like if you had to choose like three good like the three Baston here don’t be like the coolest and the three worst I think we could probably do that pretty easily obvious if you could get that feeling of calm and serenity may be a sexual encounter and some free dental work would probably be that that the top three overall pics of the of the annual 2022 alien awards for for best best action done now the worse one sound to me like they could also be the same ones because in no there could be some terrible sexual encounters medical exams now I’ll still take the induced feelings of calm and serenity but anyway so that that was in in no particular order each one of EM effects on power systems involuntary muscle movement induced body odor work growth so the deposit the deposited way of so the oh maybe a sound like the earth I hope no mental enhancement that would be good one mental degradation swallowing difficulty teeth vibrations fillings crumbled old my God so teeth vibrations fillings crumbled that’s horrible how hair precipitously turned white shout out to Elsa time sped up unaccounted for pregnancy on accounted for okay so that is in there from that that conversation unaccounted for pregnancy hold my gosh the cave week can we get a follow-up on that guys like if if if a woman became pregnant from an alien can we figure out maybe what came of this situation because you know if there is an alien kid that my daughter’s school you know I died at least like to know what age they are cancer fever stomach dizziness stomach dizziness stomach sickness I’m blind physiological energization okay loss of smell external control of vehicle and material evidence that’s wildly vague okay so some other interesting outcomes from alien encounters right now the next thing is the rating situation so they basically had a ratings list of how they would rate different anomalous behavior so it goes from I get a and one and two and three and four and five sources anomalies and I guess that’s with a N stands for home as a rating system so it says see so just we get the full context here in are equal so his anomalies which have no lasting physical effects is an and one says and and and more for slights and unexplained explosions okay and to his anomalies which do have lasting physical effects i.e. poltergeist materialize objects areas of flattened grass and corn circles okay and three anomalies with associated entities such as ghosts yeah these spirits elves and other mythological legendary entities no ghosts yetis spirits and elves has its own rating on this DIA freedom of information act released class previously declassified documents the way how many do and how many military documents and and and classify governmental documents have the word yeah the on hidden and elves oh my gosh like you need to we need that this is Santa real Santa is deafly real elves spirits yetis and ghosts also on this list dear so how crazy is it that there is a real legitimate governmental conversations in you know how like when you’re in a big corporate business how like corporatism is like imagine being lieutenant or or a captain or a the head of the CIA and having to write out documents about yetis why why are people not talking about this this is the craziest ship ever goes yet these spirits and elves and nobody’s talking about this stuff nobody who like I would’ve imagined if the government came out of the documents around and go see yetis spirits elves and aliens in unexplained pregnancies that there were dependent literally people running in the streets to knock on doors to tell their neighbors about it and nobody like you walk into work tomorrow guarantee you nobody’s bringing up the fact that the government just released documents about ghosts yetis spirits aliens elves and and encounters with aircraft of of alien kind nobody even walking to work tomorrow when you wake up at or when you get into work and you walk in there today and everybody’s gonna be acting normal nothings can be changed nobody’s gonna be talking about yetis or elves nobody’s gonna be talking about poltergeist or crop circles nobody’s gonna be talking about unexplained death or unexplained pregnancy from aliens nobody nobody is talking about this stuff why why who if this does not rattle the cage and in like why are we not having a conversation about this is why why are we not discussing this in public why are we not running to our neighbors house and saying that yetis could you know the government is recognizing the possibility of yetis poltergeists elves and other mythological like I like how they tell call them still legendary entities how is this is not proving their real but it is so interesting to me that some governmental employee is having to sit in in the right out a specifically formatted document to send as an email to somebody higher up within the organization surrounding yetis Argie they are yet he’s real like our elves alike can this is I don’t know what to think anymore know I’m when I leave this this podcast on the go see if I can really find my daughter unicorn because according to the DIA that seems very much within reach maybe you do if you can find Unicorn you can find dragons would be the way to go though that seems to be the coolest and I was too bad that women that would been pretty sick right anyways so let’s move on to set your answer for you now one of the things that this came of this document that was discussed later was a concern around some of the actual military applications of these things that have already been implemented so one of such things was the conversation surrounding like the hypersonic missiles right like China and Russia both discussed how there was these new hypersonic missiles that came out and that they think that it was defying the laws of physics is quote unquote so here’s an article by the son also discussing this is as hyperactive China I guess hyperactive is the name of the third news organization China secretly test to hypersonic nuke missiles that defied the laws of physics sparking panic in the West so that’s like if you heard people talking about these things how they can just completely shift their wit where they’re headed towards in midair hypersonic glide vehicle so it goes on to say that the test launches reportedly took place during the summer within the first on July 20 during the summer with the first on July 27 using a fractional orbital bombardment system which propelled the nuke capable hypersonic glide vehicle around the planet according the financial Times who spoke to the two US intelligence sources Beijing launch a secondary missile on August 13 three sources familiar with the first test at the launch stunned Pentagon officials because China demonstrated a brand-new weapons capability however they declined to go into further detail one source that scientists were struggling to understand the test which the US and other Western powers cannot replicate adding that it appeared to defy the laws of physics presidential my Biden admitted that yes he was concerned about China’s development of such weaponry however his defense secretary Lloyd Austin and other White House officials refused to comment on the reported tests the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied the report insisting they launched a space plane in July and not a missile earlier this year satellite images show China was building hundreds of silos to house inter Continental ballistic missiles and rockets which have a range of more than 3000 miles and can carry nuclear bombs well that’s terrifying hypertonic missiles can hit speeds of up to 21,000 miles an hour and potentially even faster and are seen as devastating new frontier of warfare the rockets are a game changer because unlike ballistic missiles which find the space before returning on steep trajectories they zoom in on targets at lower altitudes this combined with typical speeds of five times the speed of sound makes them extremely hard to shoot down in a potent weapon more countries want to get their hands on a senior diplomat has warned the US is unable to defend themselves from the hypersonic missile well that’s terrifying a senior diplomat has warned that the US okay sweetie said the ambassador Ron Peart would the US representative at the conference on disarmament in Geneva said hypersonic technology is something that we have been concerned about we just don’t know how we can defend against that technology either does China and neither does Russia but the revelations of Beijing summer missile test has sent shockwaves through Western intelligence who fear they actually underestimated China circling the globe it shows that the weapon potentially has a range of some 25,000 miles and can even operate in space it means the missile can theoretically hit anywhere on earth a key part of the hypersonic missile concept is the glide vehicle which carried around 30 miles above the earth by a rocket but then becomes detached interesting okay so that’s terrifying now the conversation that that arise from wow so China’s is like a way better than everybody else’s while so China has a range of 25,000 Koreas has a range of 2000 Russia has arrange a 3700 in the US is top range is secret but the top speed is 3800 mph which is probably in the top three for Russia’s 21,000 miles an hour and then the range or the top speed for China’s unknown North Koreans is 3800 so obviously it sounds like Russia has the fastest that we know of by far smashing ours China has the longest range North Korea sucks but it’s equal to ours interesting as first because so interesting enough that was supposedly something some type of like technology that could have potentially come from these type of revelations from understanding and read the verse engineering the aircraft that were received in things like Roswell so on from there now let’s go ahead and touch on project alluvium so the transition from this the Segway here is the path is that there’s an idea out there that the government is not just releasing these alien documents at this time because they want to and they all the sudden want to tell us the truth rightly quiet why would they now decide of all times to release these documents right why does it matter today what is what is the agenda right and so that’s where project blue beam comes in the play and project blue beam basically explains that the government is doing these things to basically find a way to culminate all of this information to a a I don’t know if I’m using these words or a precipitous like a peak right like a of all of this information coming out and in one that would like to terrify everybody and unite the world and and allow us to like be subservient to a new world order which referred over and over and over again in project blooming is the idea that they are releasing these documents they are releasing this information they are normalizing this content surrounding aliens alien vehicles alien abductions so that eventually they can utilize that platform two get you to go with whatever it is that they want and what they want is a new world order a singular world government imposed upon the people and in everything that you do is surveilled every action that you take is governed by this entity and if you go against the things that they say you are going against essentially them deeming himself as God in every which way so how they are going to implement that is this is called Project blue beam in this conspiracy world so project blue beam is the idea basically that they’re going to utilize this information and are dropping this information over time to get you to a point where you will go along with the government being the Savior of this new alien species that is wanting to attack us okay so now you have the premises go ahead and read this article which goes into it a little bit further in a size 1994 surrogate mom and asked a writer and investigative journalist from Québec published an alleged manifesto of sorts explaining his wild theory that was renamed infamous in certain circles to this day what is project living according to Sergey Manas the four step project designed by NASA and the United Nations would allow these governments to accomplish what he believed to be their ultimate goal of creating a new age religion led by the antichrist in order to start a new world order dictatorship while I do know my stuff NASA would implement project blue beam Manas believed with a system of advanced mind control as well as top secret technology in order to trick everyone into believing there will but there would be a second coming the first step one the project will be and would involve the manufacture of artificially created earthquakes in strategic locations around the world these earthquakes would according to the conspirator there is hoaxes unearth artifacts indicating that the religious doctrines of all nations have been misunderstood for centuries thus discrediting all religions Manas claimed that movies like 2001 a space sadly had already laid the psychological groundwork for the step by presenting stories in which mysterious unearthed object up and everything humans know about themselves and the world the second step Surrey Manas claimed would involve a gigantic space show during the stage of project moving three-dimensional optical holograms as well as later laser projections to of holographic images would beam across the sky what would these images include projections of Jesus and Mohammed Buddha Krishna would be merged into one so the ideas like that the race could get a take all of the deities all of that that the gods and project them across the world across all of the know like if you’re in you know in the United States or to see Jesus up in the sky if you’re in you know Israel or you know the rent you know so on and so forth there to see the different gods that are specific to your area that are shown among you in the sky rained like somebody has even like related*link to this somehow I there’s like a tither the somebody throughout there somewhere at some time I think but anyways the ideas that there eventually can assaying Abboud is going to show up in Intel all of the Buddhists that you know we are one and that that there is a terrible enemy upon us and you know like his name is Santos is like they’d literally just drop these seeds across everything that there’s going to be this you know evil that’s going to come upon earth and all of the deities of the world are going to come together and in that can unite the people of the world and and so Whitman asked explained the technology behind this display saying that the conspirators would use space-based laser generating satellites to project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the religion it’s interesting that you say four corners of the plan I didn’t know that you my missing something there though there they like Arianna let’s move on as the whole sky is transformed into one massive movie screen this God would speak to everyone in their own language next the third step is where in mind control would take center stage telephone at communication devices would send waves to reach each person within their own minds convincing each of them that their own God is speaking to them from the very depths of their soul so there even like pointing to this technology being a possibility in those documents when they talked about like the Patel potential pulled telepathy from radio frequencies right in those documents in certain portions of them they talked about how the radio flicked a certain level of frequency that would have to be amended in order to give the ability to use telepathy in these ranges and so there literally showing you that there is a framework for this right that that there is a possibility of of of these entities are entering your mind and having telepathy and in and so project blue beam does like weirdly enough fit right into this documents that were just released is how would you how these rays be able to reach people’s inner minds Manas explained such rays from satellites are fed from the memories of computers that have stored massive data about every human on earth and their languages the raise will then interface with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artificial thought okay never heard of that before I’m finally the fourth step of Project blue beam would make use of various technologies in order to convince people the alien invasions in the rapture itself were taking place thus making it easier for the powers that be to take control of a fear added populace now if this is going to be implemented I would assume it would be implemented in the next three years under the Biden administration because I don’t think that the aliens really are or or that that the potential the people behind this making you try to think that there is like an alien invasion of sorts is going to want to deal with somebody like Donald Trump I would I would much rather think that they would probably want to implement this with somebody who has no personality and will not push back in any way so from like a logical perspective if you are this governmental agency and you are trying to utilize this project blue beam situation and implement these things in this way I would assume that you would want to do it within this timeframe so that’s kind of a terrifying thought button that is goes on to say that the NASA blue beam project is the prime directive of the New World order’s absolute control over the population of the entire were earth I would suggest you investigate this information carefully before dismissing it and the fanatic as a phonetic lunacy now what goes on to say the modern following of surrogate mass theory and the end of his life goes on to talk about that which I’ll include in the subsector now it the sum of the comments here say that in the year 2022 he doesn’t look so crazy and now does he kind of true he doesn’t look that crazy night I think it’s an interesting conversation to be had there right so anyways I think that was a great conversation of next articles that were to be touching on here you know good art is much about aliens that I do think there’s even more of a conversation we had about this project will be and so it’s will talk about that briefly so will but I think this is is is an attempt to control like the ultimate control like utilizing this that the most the that the thickest strings to humanities being right is like religious at deity’s and in the idea of of something unknown in the end of times and like trying to to bring all of the religious tax that have been put in front of us right trying to bring them all to ahead together for them massive manipulation of the world and so there there’s even like this this theory out there that right there is like there’s the Vatican there is London and there’s Washington DC and that that the three parts of the New World order right London being the financial aspect of it Washington DC being the military aspect of it in the Vatican being like the feel that the spiritual and religious aspect of it and and so that’s why they’re all three their own specific entities right there led the Washington DC as a district it is not a part of the United States government or the night view the nation itself rates on its own state is not a part of of the state that surrounds it is its own entity and its basely a corporation of sorts that is not governed by the Constitution so the ideas that those three areas specifically are like intertwined as as a part of this like new world order and so they’re trying to implement this ultimate control by it by pulling on that the thickest strings of humanity’s sole religion you know the fear of the unknown and the idea that were just like little ants in this world of like alien hood right in the only way to be saved is by all come together under this new world order that is you know controlled by the deity that all of these deities come together to show in the sky and or in your brain nor whatever it is right so to me it’s an interesting theory right because why would they be coming out with these these articles now why are they pushing this information because they didn’t want to they wouldn’t be doing it and are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts I promise you right so what is the real reason time will tell and if my theory is right and that’s going to happen during a time where they have the flimsiest floppy asked most flaccid president in history then they would do it right now under Joe Biden asked the flimsy floppy flaccid Joe Biden I think somebody should put that on the sticker I think that’s the ultimate way to describe Joe Biden unless you can do a sprinkle of dementia on top of the three F’s anyways so let’s go ahead and move on here now if you want to continue this conversation were to be discussing a few things here the next conversations good to be around the real conspiracy that the supply chain disruptions were blamed on Cove Ed were actually due to massive amounts of weapons being moved as well as countries scrambling to change who they rely on for imports and exports in preparation for what were three in the other article were to touch on briefly is Elon musk and all of the people quitting Twitter in the good for humanity there so if you want to join us there go to pill revolt you get the bonus content to be able to hear the entirety of this episode and you’ll be able to hear everything that were talking mother you also get the video of this you don’t have to follow long through that sub stack you can use actually see everything on your screen you like me sometimes I just like watching that and I seen everything there stored on your desktop or your work in whatever it is what you’re making some food at night go ahead and head over revolution is five dollars and you get everything I just talked about bonus content video episodes and joined the upper tear there on the first 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guys thank you so much for listening I appreciate you so much and welcome to the revolution have a great week

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