A Complete Guide to Hunter Bidens Laptop | Washington Orgies, Cocaine Fueled Lawmakers & Madison Cawthorn

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On this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we take you on a complete deep dive into Hunter Bidens Laptop including “alleged” cocaine-fueled sexual relations with Barack Obamas Daughter, his inappropriate relationship with his 14-year-old niece, the incestuous relationship with her mother (Beaus Wife), and all the shady business deals in between; as the main stream media has finally acknowledged its legitimacy. We also discuss Madison Cawthorn’s recent comments surrounding being invited to an orgy by 70-year-old Washington politicians, Elon Musk exploring the option of starting his own social media company, Will Smith pulling out of the Oscar Academy, Psaski leaving the White House & more!


On this week’s Patreon-only bonus content, we discuss the contents of Ashley Bidens Diary which includes comments about alleged inappropriate showers with her father and the difficult life of addiction she has led since. Click the link below to subscribe!

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Full Transcription:

Welcome to red Hill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Hill revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken duress welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red Hill revolution my name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening this is episode number 23 of the red pill revolution podcast again can’t you so much we have had a crazy week to say the least and the really looking forward to this conversation around it to some of the topics that were the talk about I will highlight briefly so you know what you’re getting yourself into because if you’re not in the car you gotta find some way to buckle up because this week was crazy really looking forward there so just highlight high level of organ to talk about today John Zach Psaki some you may find me in the in the simple reviews for not saying her name right so the PSakae PSasaki at the government calling her process is asking him however you say her stupid name she is going to leave the White House for low and behold a position with an MSNBC who would’ve thought that there was somehow collusion between corporate news companies and you know politics rushing to touch him briefly some pop culture again briefly to his Will Smith resigning from the film Academy as a result of his lap controversy which there is an interesting conspiracy around having to do with a company called Pfizer and their new alopecia medication which was actually one of the sponsors of the Oscars he didn’t see that Pfizer was actually a sponsor of the Oscar show they put it right up there beautifully on the board during their broadcast of this that they were sponsors of the Oscars and they just so happen to be coming out with an LP should medication whom interesting next thing to discuss is going to be found she himself having a video resurface of him basically explaining that you shouldn’t got vaccinated next they were to touch on is Elon musk potentially coming out with his own social media platform were also go into detail some of the discussions on recently Madison Cawthorn came out during a podcast and you been listening to show you know medicine Cawthorn is the man has had several conversations with him myself is a great guy and has brought some really interesting topics up to the modern political arena so he basically said something about somebody offering him to become a part of their political teams orgy for theft in the also seeing somebody basically doing cocaine in front of him that was part of the GOP annexing ring to discuss is going to be a deep deep dive into Hunter Biden’s laptop which is resurfaced recently with believers the New York Times and a few other media entities which came out and finally you know maybe a year into the presidency interesting how they waited that long to basically say yeah I guess this is true you know after social media band you if you said anything about the laptop for how long nobody’s discussing that you were going to dive completely into that laptop what was in that if you don’t recall these things will retouch on them if you never heard about what was in this laptop you know some crazy crazy things crazy things including him him basically sleeping it were doing an appropriate social things this 14-year-old niece you know the daughter of the late Bo Biden some of the other things are including him potentially having sex with Malia Obama that the child of Barack Obama and doing cocaine be as shown by her credit card wild wild stuff and then the White House coming out and saying that they will not rule out Biden pardoning Hunter for these actions which seems completely on the wrong soap anyways that was a foreman and introduction on all the crazy shirt that were to talk about today I hope you’re on board because can be an awesome conversation now if you hear this next noise that is because this can be such a great show you will hear me opening up a beautiful fear to go through this conversation with you ready if you got one the time it together right next year grab it and there we go all right looking for this conversation and we are going to start off right here with Jen for the sake biggest the sake basically leaving her job and I see this is gonna have to do with radix right is all do with numbers and they know that she is been a horrible in a horrible face for Biden nobody believes her ship any more than they believe his ship and so they basically decided to get rid of her and she somehow landed a job at MSNBC so let’s go ahead and watch this clip which is from the help are sorry for the terrible 70s porn music but go ahead and see if we can find the actual clip because that was the hill doing some overlays and typing stuff instead of you know making an actual video about it so let’s find the very first video that comes up for her leaving the White House which we will watch right here all right here we go this is by ABC seven let’s watch this video and see if they actually tell us what’s going on conference at Sec. 10 sake appears to be on the verge of a big career move the 43-year-old will initially said she would stay in a position for a year is reportedly in advance contract talks to join MSNBC access first broke the news onetime political commentator will serve as a host and an honor expert with the move expected to come next month sake will join a cable news landscape that is clad with alumni of high-level Washington politics that’s the coach for 30 seconds of them telling you exactly what I told you which of the fact that she’s leaving the White House after one year of lying to the American people and to be replaced by some of the outs and she’s going to lie to us more only under the guise of people who we know are liars which is in the mainstream media so I don’t know whether to feel good or bad about this we’ll see I saw some the else some woman that stepped into her position answering questions recently and didn’t seem any more reliable than she was and but it’s been a fun year clown show of watching this female Pinocchio tell lies to us over and over and over again is almost insulting at this point to see that with the way that they rub it in your face because how many times that you know how many times she been asked a question as she other dances around it is completely lysed completely lies right to your face about it you know it’s it to me it’s telling of were white houses right now right it you know if if they can even tell that you should at least be able to find a way to tell me something that doesn’t make you look like a 100% liar the second you may be able to pull up any of the facts around the situation so just always mention that finally you know the witch is dead Zaki is leaving the White House and going on to continue her lying career with MSNBC now annexing to touch on briefly is what I talked about earlier which is will Smith resigning from the film Academy over the Oscars slap controversy which we have a video here for you a week and what a week it has been sent to Wilson a slapped comedian Chris rock on my TV at the Oscars that aftershocks of that movement continues to reverberate around the world snap snap comedian over a calculated that’s next wife Jadda Pinkett Smith now the actor has announced he’s resigning from his membership and be a timely statement to the actor says he will fully accept any and all consequences for his conduct calling his actions shocking painful and inexcusable and that is where we begin this edition how we can have you joining us to discuss on your hammy house displacement content so will leave it there would only listen like I could you can listen to me so Will Smith decided he was no longer going to be part of the Academy know if you’re familiar with that little conspiracy that I told you about earlier the conspiracy is that Pfizer basically funded the Oscars which if we have been paying attention all of the last two years you’ve seen celebrities everywhere basically be pro Pfizer in every single potential way you could possibly imagine looking at every turn for pushing the American people along with the agenda of Pfizer to get vaccinated right that your kids accident to get your pregnant mom vaccinated get your wife actually to get your dog vaccinated all coming from celebrities which have no fundamental reason to be talking about science now we come to see why they were doing that right of course if the Oscars is funded by Pfizer the Oscars is the you know Pfizer is now going to have as much political push and play because otherwise why would they buy would they fund the Oscars why would they push money towards celebrity academies because they know that the academies control the individuals you have to be a part of the Academy so if you’re part of the Oscars you know the Academy at the Oscars Academy when you’re going to push the fundamentally systems and in in the things that you’re told to push by the biggest single sponsor of an organization which in this case happen to be Pfizer right so interesting enough there’s been full blowing articles around the inter-web of the world wide web I may say the basically that Pfizer was coming out with a brand-new elocution medication and that the potential for this controversy happening at the very same time after coming out of this alopecia medic of medicine is quite low right why was a hell how weird if you know how many times he heard the word alopecia in the last item a decade let’s talk about that was less time heard alopecia well you heard it the second that will Smith smacked the ship out of Chris rock for saying anything about his wife in the what a lot of people believe was fake interesting now that’s the case right it just so happens that the guy who went up there and slapped the ship out of Chris rock for saying something about his wife who had alopecia then one the single highest honor at the Oscars of the best after and then now he says his goodbye piece from leaving now that I’ve got best actor and probably made tens of millions of dollars from Pfizer if not more for smacking somebody on stage so if you’re in that conspiracy world that is an interesting thought right did he go up there and did this event happen this acting event happened to raise awareness about this I do know autoimmune disorder which Pfizer then just so happens to sponsor the authors for which then just so happens to be the biggest talk of the night for the Oscars last 10 years and just so happens to be run the same time that the releasing and outpatient medication in an efficient southland whoever’s doing this is obviously quite good at it whoever is on their Pfizer marketing team that that should should be the one winning actor of the year because all all of the things that they’ve done over the last couple years to make these things happen is from an outside perspective beside looking at it for the negative terrible things that they’ve done and all the people that they killed is quite the feat to get to know whatever percentage of the American public vaccinated with something for no specific reason at all and then to go on and sway the Oscars to get Will Smith to go smack the ship out of Chris Russia for an alopecia medic’s medicine if this is all true it’s almost impressive and obviously in the worst way right you know the things that Hitler did were impressive in a terrible horrible unbelievable way were how the hell did you get that many people to go along with your ship in this case same thing what in the world who is running the show it it because I receive the things that they’re doing it is impressive in the worst way if the all of these things are true now I don’t know not saying that it was but it seems pretty where that is alopecia medicines coming out right along the same time as will Smith smacking Chris rock over this alopecia joke the biggest platform ever right so now speaking of Pfizer and speaking of vaccinations let’s go ahead and listen to Dr. Fauci who had a clip resurface recently of him basically saying there is absolutely no reason that anybody who has had the flu should get a flu vaccination because that’s the best thing you could ever have is the flu the best vaccine he says you could have is actually getting the virus so let’s go ahead and listen to his own words here generally that appears to be the case with you of the cheese of the flu for 14 days should she get a flu shut will know if she got the flu for 14 days Jesus protected his anybody can because the best vaccination is the get infected yourself and so should not get it if she really has the flu if she really has the flu she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine yes she really has the flu she should not get it again that she doesn’t need it because there it’s the best is the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself Henderson North Carolina okay now could you imagine if somebody said that on national television about Kovic you if you got COBIT have absolutely no reason at all vaccinated flagged misinformation hate speech racism sexism misogynistic trans phobia which put his will have to be careful in effect for a book on social media if you said that ship right now or two days ago or two years ago when this coven 19 thing came out if you said that you have no reason to get it at all if you said Word for Word what he just said on national television about coven you would literally have been removed reamed out now don’t mistake it this same principle exactly translates in science has not changed guys no matter how much gas lighting the American political system tries to push in your face with or their corporations or the Hollywood Oscars science is not changed Yankovic is no reason you should be vaccinated because the most powerful vaccination according to Dr. Anthony Fauci is to have gotten the flu if you got the flu and you know you got the flu there’s no reason to get the flu shot Dr. Anthony Fauci now replace the word fluke for culvert and we know how much of a flocking hypocrite that this man is just pushing the narrative of the companies that fund him like he has done for a very very very long time all the way back to the AIDS epidemic and what was the medication and ZT I am pretty sure it sends easy now that could either be the limitless drug from opposite Bradley Cooper cookbook for half her is either AZT or NZD am pretty sure the the fifth pretty sure it’s AZT yeah NDT was the one from limitless alleyways agency was a drug if you know that was a cancer drug that was repurposed for the AIDS epidemic by fudging himself and end up killing tons and tons and tons of people that was completely ineffective and did nothing but they were basically repurposed it because they had no reason to be able to use it for cancer treatments and they made so much money off of repurchasing it for the AIDS epidemic which some people don’t even think was real interesting so from the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci if you get the flu Nova Scotia a covert don’t the Cova Chuck over the vaccine is your have the most powerful vaccine that you could ever get according to Dr. Fauci do that information which please know I don’t know if anybody still getting vaccinated at this point like if you’d be if you gone this long without getting vaccinated this probably very few people were going to the local CVS or McDonald’s drive through like that you were doing for a while is a crazy lie, it’s quite only crazy things that happened over the last couple years were those like you know from from the guy that was eating you know it was like the New Jersey congressmen are governor who is eating a cheeseburger like sloppily wholesome mom now love this love this burger and his French fries know you can only get a free one Nephi a bold bit of vaccine in all you flat people out there that want a burger on the go get your vaccinations out to cadets was gonna make you healthy maybe just skip the burger lose the weight and you’ll probably live longer Ellen probably don’t get vaccinated either because now we know if he does get COBIT yet the basically the flu and for some people even less than what the flu was you have the strongest vaccination possible quote unquote Dr. Anthony Felty not my rent on codes over not wearing a look at a quick video about Elon musk teasing the idea that he may put out a new social media platform nose on the back of true social right now if you don’t know my Instagram has been shadow band I only when they got talked about this yes my Instagram is been shadow band of beyond oblivion you cannot even look my name up in the search bar right now and find rental revolt if you look for my name and you’ll follow me he did for type in the name exactly red Hill revolt you will not see it in the search bar you will see my backup count account with 400 people who follow it if you fall back up to follow it reparable to but look up her adorable and Instagram and you will no longer find their account we have been shut up and be on oblivion for reposting that Senate hearing about the bio weapons labs that’s it that was what it was and now I lost basically my entire platform and I’ve built with hundreds and hundreds of hours of work over the last several several months and and having to find new channels to market this podcast and builder audience so if you know any ways around that complete Alabama let a brother know because my videos dropped in my story Japanese to get lean on for 5000 people watch my story at drop down like 300 or 200 and used to get you know up 350,000 views on some videos now it’s about 3000 with 50,000 followers the leg incompletely organically and it’s all done hundreds of hours of work down the drain now is I don’t drink as you’re here listening to this and I appreciate you so much but point is pointy for my perspective that for speaking the truth in talking about a Senate hearing my channel has been obliterated off of Instagram and you can no longer find my channel even if you search it directly word for word letter for letter cannot find it really quite disappointing like deep down in my soul really sucks really sad about it but that’s right will keep moving forward I will build it back even better and we will continue this revolution but please consider donating please consider sharing this podcast know of everybody on his pockets or an undershirt to one person we could double the audience and I would appreciate that so much so if you think I’m doing a good job go ahead and share this with 1235 people that you know many would mean the world to me because right now it is a struggle trying to build this with no you know at least the singular platform that I built it on with organic outreach being just to be taken for me for no other reason than telling the truth so we like to do that there’s a share link rate on their you know you could also go ahead and subscribe subscriber now click that click the subscribe button if you haven’t already you know if your listeners podcast for the first time thank you so much click that subscribe button I would appreciate it and also leave a five star review from Apple podcast grants modify go heavenly five-star view would mean the world to me but other than that what you can do is also go to give single.com give single.com/rental revolution to make a donation there it would mean the world to me it tells me that what I’m doing mean something to you or you can join the patron on the patron we have a full video episode if you like to listen to it is right on the patron for you it’s five dollars a month and you also get the discord server for $15 a month really moving towards eventually once we get a few people on there a live additional episode every single week right on the patron for you guys were it’s all user generated questions and topics so patriotic.com/red Hill revolt current so yeah let’s go out and watch this I’m not on the backs of basically true social taking it sweet little time approving people to get into true social still have been on the waiting list for several months now lost all contact with them that I had directly to get me signed up ahead of time so now Elon musk may be able to build an entire platform in the input before her fifth trumpet is letting people actually on the true social I wouldn’t put it past you on musk so let’s see what he’s talking about with this new social media platform Tesla’s chief executive officer and billionaire Eli lost his difficult serious thought to building a new social media platform which he announced in a post last weekend according to Reuters bus was responding to a Twitter users question on whether he would consider building a social media platform with an open source algorithm and one that would prioritize free speech and what propaganda was minimal must’ve been critical of twitter and its recent policies his announcement comes a day after he put out a Twitter poll asking users that they believed to twitter it here is to the principle of free speech over 70% voted no I’m surprised that there’s 30%… At Chevrolet twitter doesn’t care to eat twitters better than the rest the right sliding scale I don’t know if Twitter is better or worse than Facebook yeah kind of debatable item there are things I like about Twitter better I like there sort of bird watch fact checking saying is better than Facebook’s third-party fact checkers which are atrocious twitter just twitter let’s you and it doesn’t block the whole article though they let you like put a comment on that and then you can count on that comment and it’s a better program than Facebook’s like just utterly awful that checking but I do know it I guess I don’t know which is worse overall.Dorsey was kind of committed to free speech in some ways he was the Noah Zuckerberg so so Zachary Zuckerberg still in a still there any but were at that me but I have both platform sensor data center slightly different content same thing right tape that’s really challenging navigating all of these big tech platforms for you know if you like right for example because it were posting clips on twitter and on YouTube on Facebook you have to kind of know okay let’s platform have its own rules and regulations and are not all the same and so what is it can it be but it was interesting to think about a platform that would prioritize free speech I’m not really sure what that would look like my guess at Elon built that I did I don’t know if it would be one of those things would like to let you know where he goes full throttle with it and says okay let’s do this like twitter and bagging alternative or if it would just be something he kinda builds commands like twitter and then change its policies that formula but why start networking via twitter and just fix it up a little bit in the richest man in the world why not yeah and in the hole having it be free speech it is so okay so it’s it’s a private organization so doesn’t have to follow the First Amendment none of these you platforms do and I don’t think anyone people say they were they just want to be free speech platform usually what they mean they still want some level of moderation like we don’t just wanted to be you know porn and death threats and right now there’s going on twitter there is talk on twitter to visit regularly on Twitter it’s been most discordant social media policy there is porn allowed on twitter not on any other platforms but that but all this via some amount of harassment and in the policing of that kind of stuff pretty much everybody at the end of the day is going to think is appropriating the question is where you draw the line and you know different people would dry differently but not know any platform that sets out to say no whenever to draw that line just a line is not heavy as a platform that said it could definitely be more allowing of open in a discussion and debate of legitimate issues like the things we talk about in the shower try to talk about the extent to let’s us that could certainly be a better and improve note in Norman on a platform like Twitter for me the line is the loss so if something is breaking the law and that would be where I buy I think that you build the law is aligned but that would be more like like technically that is I don’t think it’s illegal to you know to do it just to just say where someone lives or what their phone number is right that you can’t Go to jail for sharing that information on twitter I think of you post someone’s phone number or or or address physical address I think they should take it down II would support a social media policy against that kind of behavior even though that behavior is fine under the First Amendment rights really you now yeah that’s it’s totally legal to dock somebody yeah everywhere absolutely yeah the 10th shut down Nexus now that I think about it I guess they do it all the time like here in LA you can do a tour of the Hollywood homes write a check and go see the celebrities nozzle drive you buy them yeah AI I suppose yeah there there are some things that should be different on social media that right they would not complete First Amendment I think it’s my opinion that is patient they should prohibit right that the meeting is to be genuine community guidelines like for example if they collectively put it out there and asked the people would you be okay with docs and should we allow that on a platform and people would overwhelmingly say no anything okay that’s part of the community guidelines one of the issues of these big tech platforms are not even really asking the community what the community wants or doesn’t want right or just telling us these are our identity guidelines whether you like them or not but maybe if something was more inclusive right and said as a community what it really made it legible for all we know that the community on Twitter in particular might be totally for absolute censorship of dissenting views right eyes and that’s real nice certificate not on Facebook now on Facebook I think the commute Re: so getting mixed reviews or temperature taxing in some ways this is illegal it can be us to consider the form of harassment however anyways Eli must coming out with his own the platform potentially at least he uses it now if he does decide to do that like I said appropriate and probably happen faster than I’m even let into true social know what would I have a problem with is all of these you know secondary tertiary social media outlets all tend to be like a Twitter reproduced twitter basically were just gives you a certain my letters and if you posted it goes on the civil feed and you can find people to follow based on who people share their feeds of and like I do hate that like short form you know I’d much rather talk to guys through video and discuss things that way and in get organic outreach that you know it’s like much more I do know I just don’t like the Twitter I’ve never really use Twitter’s and cyclic 2012 so that I don’t know if true socials like that it seems like it might be but I do know we’ll have to see it and I hope you know somebody eventually comes out with a differentiation between tick-tock and Instagram is interesting finding like what they just said is that you know you have to walk that line and I’m sure the hell does but you know what I do even more with content that I talk about is that you have to find the line with each individual social media late and I’m pretty sure tick-tock will give anybody flexor stuff it just immediately is taken down the post of the video about the cat situation from you know what an episode or two ago where the cats got banned from the international Federation for Russian And that got flagged for hate speech on on talk but it’s the most effective way to get your podcast or you know is the most effective marketing tools if you can put out solid video content in the the amount of reach that you can get where people just don’t put very much time into video editing and if you do it well and in the things you’re talking about are interesting and you are tend to be an interesting person who is talking about them they can circulate quite well on those platforms so I hope that eventually tick-tock Instagram reels get replaced with something that is speech based because I would be really good for the revolution rental revolution the show they are listening to rhino but it will be interesting to see if that plays out and haven’t heard much more about it other than that now were going to jump right into our last topic before going into the Hunter Biden laptop which is a nice segue medicine Koestler went on to a podcast over the last week and discussed how he was approached by people within the political sphere about joining them in an orgy FS you heard that right and then he went on about how he seen people snorting cocaine and things like that all while in the political sphere so as much as video and then we will discuss it and is a quick little video about a new source and some people would been going after Madison Cawthorn for speaking about these things so let’s go ahead and watch this clip here does revealing it was a show called house of cards number for my head around… Are you familiar with how you are seriously as I am with Kevin Spacey and I forget who else was in it, but AMI will not ship very well done aerial gunship but it was so dirty and it was about this Congressman who was Kevin Spacey who is an ethic was minority or majority whip yet what was yeah and so anyway very very powerful guy and it was just kind of like his secret life of all this corruption in power and money and perversion and was just purity how much in your opinion because your you been behind the veil is this fictitious show or is this more closer like a documentary it isn’t that bad so I heard a former president that we had the 90s asked the question about this hand he gave an answer that I thought was so true and he said the only thing is not accurate in that show is that you could never get a piece of legislation about about education past that quickly and everything else is, aside from that I mean the sexual perversion that goes on washing I mean it being kind a young guy watching norm of the average age probably 60 or 70 and I literally feel a lot of that I have looked up to the my life always paid attention to politics guys that you Allison you get invited to hang with sexual get together at one of our homes you should turn them what what what you deserve some kind that and the is asking to come to an orgy or the fact that you list some of the people that are leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country and that you want him doing a keep on cocaine like Bernie and it’s this is this is why and then there’s also, the whole espionage aspect of what goes on washing of so many people trained in secrets and there there’s a currency of secrets and so a it’s wild and then yelled there’s members of the of the the media the journalist you kinda will keep nasty stories about you or about other people on a shelf and then we fear about, speak out against him then once you will come out safe or about to drop the story of when it was 17 years ago you did X, Y, and Z you don’t want us to drop that story to you sort were in a bully back in this position practically let’s say that all of a sudden I was going in the office by the way I have no political aspirations zero and in people are always like children for office will by no absolutely not like sport people are have that colic have no desire to do that… Is a little thought experiment I am just elected Congress Senate whatever and I get in there and I go through my orientation and I have my good values and stuff and I stand for something like many others before how does that slippery slope actually get in front of our current president in always been in public service for 50 years at a certain salary which is kinda like good but it’s not great you can’t become a lavish multi-multi-multimillionaire with all these different houses in it the math doesn’t work like the battery example that there was a real example of a real exam yet not good right before we added of a Nancy Reagan at about 700,000 electric vehicles to our federal fleet I noticed because if you go to that uniting its CEO watchlist.work you can see the trades that public traded company CEOs in a bind the C suite are making or ought what all trade members of Congress making is a will, monitor that justice was going on and I notice a lot of people in the majority party were buying stocks that had to do with some kind of bad racing technology for electric vehicles and then what you know it about a month or two later it would then announce right 700,000 electric vehicles Julia visit to the to the fleet and that while so let’s let’s address that in parts so is ask about house of cards great show unfortunate that it’s Kevin Spacey because they don’t think both left the difficult path for now but speaking on sexual perversion he get it he gets asked you know it he gets basically it starts the sentence with the fact that you know most of Congress and Senate and these people that I look up to for a long time and are in their 60s in their 70s and they came to me asking me to come to this sexual party after house and then he refers to them talking about an orgy this but if there is anybody that Madison Cawthorn is interested in you know how the 22nd 26 decent looking guy you know is interested in having an orgy with its probably not any single person that’s also so happens to be in politics unless it was some sort of like you know despite sex with AOC which you know if they decide to do that you know I’m sure some people would do with pay a for a paper before but anyways if there’s anybody that he can have an orgy with is probably not anybody that there’s you know he’s alongside in politics and in the enough audience to the see how many heart attacks happen if this political orgy especially because they all have to have the vaccine in those so it’s in the he got like work for this after he talked about it is in and that second thing he goes on to say is basically that the same people were going on to push the policies around American drug addiction are also sitting in front of them taking a key bump of cocaine right in front of him and so he got so much pushback from his own party right for talking about these things and they don’t have update they never refuted them right they said no we’ll have you know 70-year-old orgies at the GOP convention that convicted but you shouldn’t be talking about them is basically what they said about this in the same thing with the regular cocaine situation nobody said he wasn’t telling the truth and so will go on to the next clipper they kind of comment on this right were they say you know he should’ve talked about this it’s immature we hope to have him replaced by several other people who would never have brought the situation up but nobody’s going on here to say that no that never happens in the political sphere were all great people and don’t have the sexual perversions and you know so it is puzzling to me that anybody who tells the truth in politics is vilified immediately in Madison co-authored just tells the truth too much for these people when it comes to their perversions whether it’s drugs whether it’s sexual perversions whether it’s you know they’re back back and investments in companies they shouldn’t be investing and based on insider-trading knowledge like Nancy Pelosi so he said the things that you’re not supposed to say why should you say that the true right there is there somebody here legit a legitimate person in our political sphere who is speaking the truth about these situations is being vilified for so there’s a quick clipper here were they we actually see this vilification of him talking about that for for talking about these things by his own political party saying that he should be out of the party because of him discussing these things now that they were wrong but that he should just have nothing to do with politics because he speaking the truth here’s that forgings and cocaine those claims are drawing a lot of disbelief after North Carolina Congressman made them good evening everyone abroad, I’m Angela Taylor Martin Cawthorns comment had drawn criticism from his own party before the attendings rice bowl and join that the wrath who was he referring detailed well his colleagues in Congress he didn’t name names but even so it’s enough to draw fire from the people who work alongside two implicate your colleagues in orgies and not just cocaine but key box of cocaine phrase it frankly I had to Google before you really do what it bit so this was a new and even for medicine got what political scientist Chris Cooper who lives in Madison call thorns congressional district is referring to is a podcast and video work Hawthorne was asked whether the Netflix show house of cards is closer to a document Rick Hawthorne went on to claim he been invited by fellow lawmakers to orgies and watch them use cocaine both North Carolina Senators Tom Tillis and Richard Berger have criticized the comments has have other Republican lawmakers who typically remain silent like Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack I think it goes without saying that no one thanks this was a good thing to say to today I can even believe that Madison caught the work with think this is a good thing to say it sounds like you got dressed down by Bob McCarthy and don’t really say this but in this case I think it was well-deserved that dress down comes less than a week after minority leader Kevin McCarthy responded to call for calling Ukrainian Pres. Zelinski fog Madison is wrong if there’s any thug in this world it’s and his video is been released of one of several times that call for his been pulled over for speeding and cited for driving while his license was revoked what you do with this which is really interesting right so he comes out and says and if you listen to that they didn’t say anything about him not being correct didn’t say anything about these orgies being fictitious or that these people doing drugs and cocaine in front of him being wrong then say that they said there was not to provide whatever like I said not appropriate we shouldn’t even have talked about it and do it if you got right fully dressed down by this other old ass is 75-year-old Sen. for speaking about these things what what nothing he said was wrong nobody’s refuted these things yet they’re going to now release which is exactly what he said they would do Word for Word so that they keep these things on the shelf and literally the only thing they can find with him is him getting pulled over her for speeding or driving without a license or something on top of that so and he says that’s well deserved because he talked about that that the unspeakable orgies and cocaine usage in our political spectrum he literally just proved him right he said that they’re going to shelf something about me and then use it when I say something that they don’t like so he says only they don’t like you old people to gross people want me to join your orgy and you also do cocaine while also trying to save the world from drug addiction and then when I say something about it you’re gonna shelf something like a video of me getting holdover that’s the worst thing you can find of medicine co-author in doing, and release it at the same time so it tries to overshadow the statements that I said about you asking me 26-year-old to have an orgy with you 70 weirdos and then things only about your cocaine usage right and again this guy this political scientist is standing next to the sky in this interview says nothing about the him being wrong he says is not a good idea to talk about those things whom may be because their true May because there is sexual perversion within our our political sphere maybe because they are doing drugs there as we saw with Nancy Pelosi is inability to keep her dentures in her mouth or did not look like a lizard weirdo standing up in the metal cup of Joe Biden’s no speech but few months a couple months ago or a month ago solicitors out theirs and theirs 40 seconds left with zero at the rest they have to say about this if you’re one of the other candidates whether you’re on a daily or and all are in the 11th district running in his primary there are seven people been running into medicine called Lawrence show a total in the primary and all seven are trying to portray themselves as more mature more grown-up better decision-makers in Madison called work clearly this is going to make that an easier proposition and without a doubt guys I imagine were innocents some of this and some of those ads that have reached all across the state at this point for his part so far Madison Coulter and has not, got the wild very interesting stuff they’re not every day those two words out first out your mouth that’s exactly on the news all right thinking of us that so can nobody saying he’s wrong and he says that older more mature and older than them so they’re trying to do depict themselves that way within the seven district so that they can get elected above medicine Cawthorn because you know when they get invited to our orgies hopefully they’ll both say yes this and that will speak about it on the podcast you know like that it’s so funny that these people can sit here and try to justify note the quote unquote dressing down of Madison Cawthorn on which again they didn’t post anything that showed any venom or anything that he said being wrong they support that but they don’t support him speaking the truth about politics and speaking the truth about what’s behind that veil that they talked about right they just want to diminish what he says throw a video of him getting pulled over and let it fizzle off into the distance and think that he’s gonna get outshined by these other people because you know Bill will actually go to the orgies and do the cocaine with the other politicians who do you want in politics the guy calling out these weirdos or the person who’s it’s partaking in these 70-year-old orgies while doing cocaine is just so weird to me that were in a place where it’s the person speaking out about the orgies and cocaine in politics who’s wrong who’s being in note Guzy was having the news media go after him for saying something about it not a bunch of like news articles like who is he talking about whose heavenly orgies and if them for the in politics who’s doing the cocaine bump in the bathroom will probably Nancy Pelosi was but the conversation is not that the drama around who is doing these things are why he said these things the drama is around the fact that he spoke the truth medicine Cawthorn spoke the truth about politics spoke the truth about the sexual perversion within the political spectrum in the political sphere and spoke the truth about the drug usage of the senators that are pushing for addiction correction in the United States while also doing a bump of cocaine but you know medicine cost thorns in the wrong for mentioning the truth not the you know that that the normal conversation that should come of this of like who is who are these people whose doing drugs in the bathroom of the Senate right who is who is calling Madison Cawthorn to see if he wants to come to an orgy neglect that should be the conversation can we be talking about that not the fact that he actually talked about the truth it’s crazy like literally anything that you look up right now about this co-author in the a medicine conference talking about these things is a negative connotation about him speaking the truth right like other all in the group of the orgy group like their all in this group chat together talking about all ship medicine because her and spoke about our Sunday night orgies in Washington and thought that the fact that he actually talked about these things try to figure out who did it like the right news media would be going after who is the person who’s doing cocaine in the bathroom of Senate or Congress that’s the big story the big story is not the congressman who’s talking about these people and speaking the truth about these things the big story is they are in the bathroom and that no bump of cocaine or at that person’s house was a bunch of seven-year-olds have an orgy and having a heart attack when it happens like that’s the story into it to see that there diminishing the truth to see that they can even combat the things that he says but yet they go after him like he’s the villain for speaking the truth is disgusting absolutely disgusting so again like you’ve heard me say before kudos to you Madison Cawthorn first of all for not going to the seven-year-old orgy right entry can do better buddy if in fact the second of all for speaking out about these things against them shelving that video of you getting pulled over which they felt was great timing proving every statement that you said right by the way anyways so where you’re going to now move on to the Hunter Biden story about the laptop now again this is resurfacing this is resurfacing again and this was like crazy crazy news coverage right this was this was the story of the year released in 2020 at the very last week of the election cycle got diminished got shadow band got eliminated off of all social media platforms became a part of their fact checker narratives that do Hunter Biden laptop was a rush of collusion right so now comes back up again now that they are did the same news media companies that were diminishing this is false information the same news media companies that were saying there was Russia in collusion that this this laptop is fake news right now the coming out because they know that it’s coming to a point where this can be a legal battle hundred Biden has now been subpoenaed for this laptop finally a year after the presidency because they knew that it can be overturned at this point potentially over this collusion or maybe it’s all part of the plan and now they know there to be able to put someone else in power right who knows what let’s go ahead and see what Tucker Carlson has to say about this the start of this video says Tucker shreds media over HUD and Hunter Biden coverage three minutes long let’s go ahead and list with them will talk about systems going on with Joe Biden’s poll numbers are absolutely tanking but it seems like elements within the Democratic Party or turning on them record 10 we understand exactly what’s going on here something definitely is here’s an example new members very well just for the last election your post ran the story of what the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop the human story with big tech censored it immediately seen and in dozens of other former Intel officials told us that laptop was Russian disinformation there are fears that what Giuliani is now pushing here in the United States could actually be part of Russia’s latest and very massive disinformation campaigns in the US presidential election so you have a president who is asking to obtain Russian disinformation knowing that that is what it is he is accepting that same information and he is then turning it and using it on the campaign trail against his his opponent and that’s the mind blowing it’s sort of a crazy quilt at this point which has all the hallmarks of of of Russian disinformation that said it wouldn’t for lack of try CNN reported on Friday that US authorities are seeking if those emails we just talked about are connected to an ongoing Russian the disinformation effort so it turns out when the accused people of Russian disinformation are not always sincere course the wires will say where they need to say that was before you actually need to get by elected they did it but others are usually very different now telling in fact the laptop is real piercing and yesterday this is very very bad for the president signs it is an Internet station as you pointed out going back to 2018 and and right now prosecutors in Delaware where you are focusing on a number of things including whether Hunter Biden and some of his business associates violated laws including tax and money laundering laws and the foreign lobbying laws are now gaining steam and they need to make a decision I think in the at least intermediate future in this case is been going on for four years and there is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges of course then we be an unprecedented political territory not legal territory but a situation of having potentially the Justice Department prosecuting and trying to imprison the son of the president what a freak show the channel is to look to other new subscription service but now telling yeah it’s all true actually and that’s not the only story about Russian disinformation has fallen apart this week the Federal election commission just find the DNC and Hillary Clinton or campaign $100,000 if she determined that the Clinton campaign should hide its role in funding the steel dossier Phil dossier is the false document that claimed among many other things that President Trump elected turns out the disinformation was in fact paid for by the campaign was coming from the D&C subscribe to the fact so exactly what he just talked about there is CNN and you know all these companies that are were formally talking about being Russian disinformation about this laptop and now they’re coming out and saying that although maybe it could be true now that they’re going in it with you see this all the time like they they come out and say that ship though I got everything’s wrong and that what what you’re saying is untrue and then eventually went they know that they been backed in a corner enough that they try to salvage whatever amount of respect that they could even with the spec of respect that and they could find on the grounds of themselves left both before they lose all of their I don’t know how they still have anybody who listens to them at all but they try to salvage what reputation have left with the people that they’ve brainwashed enough to continue to listen to them but I do and I hear right this all coming to a legal had and there is now the steel dossier and the Hillary Clinton campaign is now being find 100 and something thousand dollars over there real Russian is no disinformation campaigns they try to go against trump it in our seeing that the truth is coming out in there trying to backpedal enough to try to salvage whatever reputation they have with the brainwashed people that continue to listen to them so now we’re going to look at is it rockers news and they talked about how the White House won’t rule out Bidens party her pardon contact his party probably has a lot of parties I would death us judging by his laptop but trying to rule out it will not rule out Biden’s pardon for son or his brother so says presidential spokesperson dodges questions about hundred Biden probe after laptop info resurfaces does the White House repeatedly refused on Friday to rule out the possibility that Pres. Joe Biden could pardon his son Hunter Biden or Brother James Barton if suspected financial crimes related to business dealings in China are proven in court despite questions from multiple journalists in the growing volume of articles on the subject it says quote that’s not a hypothetical I’m going to entertain said White House news communication director Kate Bedingfield who she told a room full of journalists after she was asked whether the president had considered a pardon for his son Hunter or brother James both of whom are being investigated for financial and property impropriety put regarding a business deal with Chinese energy firm at CFC China energy which is even mentioned the Prisma situation asked about the president’s continued insistence that there was nothing unethical and that joke Hunter Biden had made no money from this thing about what you are talking about China Bedingfield double down on the elder brother Biden’s denial which was made over a year earlier that his son was guilty of any wrongdoing we absolutely stand by the president, and she said insisting that she did not have anything to add from this podium when the question was phrased another way Hunter Biden is currently being investigated by the Justice Department regarding a business deal he was involved in with China proof of which surfaced almost 2 years ago on the infamous laptop from hell left by back by him and the laptop repair shop in Delaware the younger Biden appeared to have raked in millions of dollars for a consulting role despite insisting the deal itself fell through in his Chinese partner in the affair was later detained in China while a handful of media outlets initially reported on the content of the laptop which included not only incriminating financial documents also more siliceous materials including images of Hunter engaged in sexual acts and drug use most major press Alex gave the pass either dismissing it as Russian propaganda without any evidence or refusing to comment on the the president in famously infamously laughed when asked about the laptop again after the election however with Biden safely in the White House mainstream outlets at from the New York Times to CNN have begun to nibble at the story acknowledging not only that the laptop along hundred by whether there are some serious problems with the business skills discussed in emails contained so will not rule out his pardon for his son’s know-how in the in the world can the president pardon his own children for doing back deal shady deals with China or Russia or Ukraine which were all included in their when he was elected under the guise it in that the money came for him right he was the one that is he if he has to pardon the sons he can have to pardon his damn self because he was the reason that they even had access to these situations to begin with right the only reason that Hunter Biden and James Biden which of them heard that name really before had access to China had access to Ukraine was because they were pushing and peddling his their father’s influence the vice president I stay to the time and knowingly at a strong political proponent in the United States who could get things done within the political spectrum SMEs and a lot of political spectrum political sphere political arena whatever it is right we know that the only reason they had the opportunity to to give these deals into make this money was because of their father who was elected based on this being Russian disinformation right is like two thirds of people said that it would’ve sway their vote on the Democratic side if the laptop was deemed true how in the world he that’s the part of himself he can just pardon his sons E the department not only Hunter not only James but you thought also have to pardon himself and if he has to do that than he is not fit to be president he was being utilized by China and Ukraine and for business dealings and in that little if he recalled Ukraine’s intuition but were about to dive into a little bit more of why this laptop even has a conversation around Ukraine on which even there’s an article right here this is Hunter Biden emails backup Ukraine BioLab claims we know that Biden was that the only reason that they had these business deals with it in the in the in shows in Bidens herb Hunter Biden’s laptop where he says that 50% of all money he makes goes to Joe goes to the big guy he talks about right we know these things and the only reason he can pardon them is because he became present and became present because of these back and shady deals that he was doing on behalf of his sons which are going to have to be pardoned because her to go to jail for peddling their father’s influence was now the most influential man in the world so on that note let’s go into a deep deep dive of what was actually on that laptop right no I’m to be reading this from a subsector in the sub stack is Jessica Reed Krause Jessica REE D KR AUS her sub stack she goes into a great number of detail on all of us which includes evidence of addictions affairs incest over seals overseas dealings and corrupt media coverups within under Biden’s laptop so it says the Hunter Biden email cover up may not only be the most contemptible example of the modern political media’s corruption but it is most probably the most demonstratably which is by the New York Post the lack of curiosity for most of the media is repellent and really corrupt I think the dam is about to burst that was by Miranda the Wien so this says in late 2020 just as the presidential election was coming to a head news of Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop broke only to be quickly dismissed as a Russian hoax by nearly every major outlet in mainstream media the laptop was said to contain evidence of extreme depravity as well as emails text messages photos financial documents detailing how Hunter uses political leverage to help him and his father profit overseas and corrupt secret dealings waged with companies in Ukraine and China the extent of the scorn of the shut down by media was of course aided by big tech particularly Facebook and Twitter whose combined efforts to silence block and censor the story helps quash it as soon as it started to gain the kind of momentum that could possibly sway an election across the board was deemed dangerous misinformation TicTac going so far as to punish anyone who tried to share the news of it on Twitter by locking them out of their accounts for extended periods of time with others across the board Facebook Instagram twitter everywhere every media outlet echoed the same dismissive statements Jen Sasaki even tweeted the political story titled Hunter Biden story is Russian this info thousands of formal Intel official say in nearly every mainstream media outlet talk to the political story and ran with it now it shows the tweet says why have you seen any stories from NPR about the Newark posts Hunter by the story read more in this week’s newsletter we don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories assessed by NPR and we don’t want to waste the listeners and readers time on stories that are just pure distractions okay and downsize the Senate and Sen. Marsha Blackburn which was the same Sen. who really grilled Canton conducted what is it Ketanji Brown Jackson and the new Supreme Court justice about what is a woman if you recall that name was Senator Blackburn who tweeted Hunter Biden’s laptop was always real the mainstream media and big tax silenced you for talking about it anyways the article goes on to say when I saw back then when I was allowed to see back then was the least troublesome contents of the laptop mostly images of Hunter partying in hotel with hotel Hooker slumped in the bathtub smoking a cigarette passed out in bed with a crack piping out of his mouth they were gross improve the sad state of his addiction but I didn’t see anything criminal while I’m in smoking crack pits is criminal but 7.3 extent of my political allegiance by this time is lymphoid is all but anyone who is half a brain knew that this has been one of Trump’s kids caught with the crack pipe the media would have pounced on it flooding us with headlines in the blue it wouldn’t of been able to escape if we try why I wondered header coverage become so unbalanced and why didn’t anyone I know seem to really care I spent the majority of trumps presidency listening and believing in all of the Russian collusion accusations assuming they were true because it’s all we heard from reputable news sources nearly 4 years later however it was proven false I heard it was nothing for media retractions curing them of his charges charges many today still believe is true 18 months later the laptop is in the first confirmed by the same news outlets who helped Chavarria exposing the real purveyors of this information all those who failed to do their journalistic duty and investigate it any further the fact that the story was not followed up on during 2020 will go down as one of the most glaring examples of criminal tendencies embraced by modern journalists who continue to choose party ties over the quest for truth that previously defines the role in society was interesting to me because you like you hear about the way the journalist or look at surveys like you know it’s looked at like this like Crimea gross job now as it should be like in it in the way that our mainstream media has looked at you know we we look at journalist and if you look back click towards the 70s and 80s like think about comic books rightly think about Marvel think about like the way that journalists were looked at like hard-nosed cigarette smoking truth defining journalists who would like go after people mortised afraid of anything and wouldn’t you know chase you down in the parking lot like real James O’Keefe project Veritas style OG journalists were like where was a cool job right like boots on the ground in in a different country at figuring out the truth sit down with you know the tally band like hearing them in like putting your life on the line and now Genoa services like little sissies and Twitter saying whatever the hell you know George Soros puts down the domain streamlined effort for what they should be saying about things that’s not journalism right in journalism should be about the truth like if you are a good journalist in today’s society should be easily rising to the top right through sub stack through whatever it is like there there are many many different ways for you to get your messages out there in the right way and in you will eventually build an audience based on truth based on facts based on you know your personality based on the things that you say based on everything you can you can build an audience around the truth and in that’s what people are hungry for people are so sick of listening to journalists who who can barely you know say anything other than the script that put in front of them in front of the TV like ever every news commentator and that’s kind of why like the hill was because is not fully scripted you can see in the way that their discussions and panels ours is not scripted is not that the reading from a Teleprompter but every word literally did this by drives me nuts sometimes but that’s because you know if it is just they don’t have the best takes on everything all the time but their truthful takes and you can tell it from the dialogue in the way that they have these conversations so I appreciate that so it’s it’s decent journalism but but the way that journalists are looked at today is like they are the purveyors of disinformation they are the minister of truth right of the 1984 George Orwellian perspective they are the the Ministry of truth in everything that they say is actually a lie and so there needs to be a new wave of journalism through these like disassociated individuals on you know whether it’s tick-tock platform sub stack whatever it is who come out with the truth on these things you know what there’s a few that I really like to follow like somebody asked me what are what are my platforms I follow there’s a few like Atlas news generally is a good one real news nobles to rebel news I follow if you like that that are really in group good boots on the ground smaller entities that tell the truth about things and incorrect themselves when the wrong because they are interested in the truth or not interested in narratives not interested in the corporate greed that comes down from these in a political elitists or oligarchs who control the mainstream narrative on things and they were gonna see those start to take over as time goes on we him in the hopefully they don’t get bought out like we saw with like Newsmax and away and then in all those ones that we like hoped would be the new you know the truth powers right I think it’s in a be an individual level Ray I think that’s where the value is of it on so anyways let’s also how to move on to this this or it will be here for five hours on the fifth for the fact that the story was not followed up under 2020 will go down as one of the most glaring examples of criminal tendencies embraced by modern journalists who continue to push or choose to party ties of the quest for truth is previous defined by their own society guilty of creating further suspicion especially among conservatives called crazy for demanding investigations laptop after were to go anyways once you realize how calculated the media cover up was it starts to resemble an Epstein style operation at the CCP ran on Hunter Biden in order to gain control over Joe Biden which could mean the Biden administration is already compromised via the CCP blackmail related to the sex tapes and who knows what else a fact the media blatantly chose to ignore since the story is picking up speed again now that CNN the post and New Yorker among others have come forth to confirm his legitimacy we are finally allowed to revisit the story when it appears to frame the Biden family is a severely corrupt incestuous bunch that might be more indebted to China than anyone dared to let us believe now here’s a video of Joe Rogan detailing the median big tax calculated cover-up of the story in 2020 the Twitter shut down the post account for 16 days and left any users who tried to share the newspaper story in here that is the New York Times just now is admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is real and now we remember from the debates with Tromp bring it up to Biden and Biden saying it’s bull shared in these intelligence is a lie flat out lie everybody knew it was a lie the New York Post had that story that was banned from Twitter which was just outright crazy that one of the oldest newspapers in the country yeah I don’t I don’t think it was to go back and apologize to know no one’s apologize rural all longer all says high-profile podcast or Joe Rogan has lambasted the news media and mainstream media in the US for ignoring the hundred Biden laptop story last week in reporting on hundred Bidens tax blows the New York Times confirmed that emails from the hundred binds laptop discarded laptop were authentic and again continues 100 vines laptop has been a source of speculation since the story was first reported in the late 2020 smart so don’t care about that notices Bidens beginning this officer this takes you through like almost all of this can be an extensive deep dive into this laptop and I’ll see if her in a probably skim over some of it is a so large but I will include it in this week’s podcast companion so you can check this out this is truly the best most deep dive that I’ve seen into the laptop itself so here it is assessed binds beginning the Biden legacy as most of us know come sleep with grief and tragedy beginning with the horrific accident that killed his wife and daughter during his first bid for the Senate swearing in for a seat took place next to the bedside of his healing sons who lost their mother in their beloved little sister while really is looks like it is at the hospital on Sunday by and takes his oath in office from US Senate Sec. Frank value in 1973 his father-in-law Robert Hunter and Sue son Joseph Bo Biden are at his side in both hospital room tragedy would strike again during Joe Biden Stennis VP when his oldest son Bo was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013 and underwent treatment that was initially successful but failed to cure and when the cancer resurfaced the same year shortly after his those death hundred by to begin having an affair with his grieving sister-in-law Hallie leading to his divorce from his wife Kathleen whom he has three daughters with then talk about the affair and hundred vines autobiography beautiful things he explains that it was text messages between him and how he discovered on the iPad the first tipped off his wife causing her to finally divorce him in the book he admits that the final straw that was the final straw for Kathleen and she had tried for years to help him be his addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol but then she found out he was sleeping with his brothers his dad brothers wife she said he was always a sicko when the story was about the affair first broke via page 600 patient contacted his dad begging him to offer a statement in support of the relationship which he did Joe Biden said we are all lucky the hunter and how we found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness while I’m really happy that my dead son’s wife is now dating my other son who divorced his wife and his three kids basically over her dating his dad brothers wife is the present AI states defending they have mine and my wife Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them the book also reported Hunter Biden’s a five month sex and drug vendor in Los Angeles right after his marriage fell part no it goes on to say that Kathleen filed for divorce in December 6, 2016 legend in court documents that during the separation which began several months after Bo died Hunter created financial concerns the family by spending extravagantly on his own interests including drugs alcohol prostitute strip clubs and guesser women with whom he had sexual relations does her divorce was finalized in 2017 after which he and Hallie affiant briefly lived together in Maryland before they broke up and he moved back to Los Angeles well crazy it also discusses Hunter’s affair with his brothers wife his pictures here showing all that know the laptop timeline so will go through all of this hundred Biden drops off his computer at the repair shop in 2019 here. He fails to return it in over 90 days which means the computable logs legally to Isaac after browsing to the pedophiles Isaac becomes alarmed by the content he finds on and because the FBI who eventually takes possession of it subpoenas issued on summer nights by US Attorney Leslie Wolf as he fears for her safety and so he gives a copy of binds laptop hard drive to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney Brian Costello and two of his friends in case something happens to him by mid October 2020 in your post begins releasing under Bidens emails and other information leaked from laptop October 15, 2020 House Republicans send a letter to FBI director requesting answers about the computer it becomes clear that the FBI sitting on the computer and its contents Rudy Giuliani begins providing regular updates on his findings and TV interview speaking out about the authenticity of emails no disturbing details involving images and videos of child pornography sexual situations with minors one of whom prop prominently featured he says is a member of Biden’s family which ended up being his niece his brother’s daughter with whom he was having the sexual conversations with the videos and pictures of the emails not only incriminate Hunter but also proves Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter’s corrupt involvement with Ukrainian feelings were the promise of access to Joe Biden is used as a bargaining leverage which quotes in light of ongoing questions about the credibility of these claims and multiple reports that the FBI’s investigating the veracity law enforcement is referring to the matter to the FBI spokesman or person for Delaware State police told Newsweek the decision comes in wake of a recent interview that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani individual who initially obtained the hard drive did with Newsmax TV during the interview Giuliana claimed there was explicit footage of underage girls on the hard drive along with suggestions and tax measures logs from the drive that Hunter had faced timed naked with a 14-year-old girl and that girl being his own and here is that clip with Rudy Giuliani I agree with you I think the American people due to search now and I was sort of one of the reasons twitters claimed they had the authority to censor this is because of your proximity to present obviously your supporter of his reelection campaign and they they were curious how you came into possession of this hard drive in the first place the Jews who were Steve Bannon or any of the other people supporting the president have any prior contact with this Mac shop owner prior to him reaching out to you know I mean first of all leave the premise on which I think twitter took it down was an attack with a dead wrong wasn’t hacked so that a lie stay shut it without knowing which means you just pull the lie out of the air you this is really part of the conspiracy with Biden Avenue and Biden when it was first put the story abide wrote a letter to all the media which he thinks he controls and told to keep me off you imagine a candidate writing a letter sent to keep somebody off how frightened is the of me plus they spent the last eight or nine months attacking the everywhere they can and every one of the little surrogate operations that they own like the Washington Post and defendant in New York times and CNN and MSNBC and the whole crew of that not even brought Kevin a patient like Pravda was to the Soviet union they just published the Democratic talking points sometimes even use the same keywords you can figure it out the pathetic admit it really is a terrible thing so the way I came to have this my my warrior was contacted by this gentleman who owns this store written fixes hard drives and divided coming to the store probably a year earlier turned over three devices to guide couldn’t fix one fix the other immediately and had to keep the Hard Dr., Hunter Biden came back in two days and brought him some kind of a some kind of a keyboard that would help and was in itself a short period of time he had a fiction that he started calling by to pick it up to get oriented couldn’t get any response to get paid for some reason Hunter Biden never showed up at one of the reasons may be that the judge the gentleman says that Hunter Biden was so drunk the had a little trouble in getting his name and since I’ve now looked at the hard drives I have find that to be very credible because this was probably a bit of an exaggeration it looks like is high on crack about every other day for the last five or six years before we move on I do want to backup settings again another criticism is of the timeline that this was released to study drop this off about a year ago I think I want to the screenshots of the quote from the back shop said no they basically have the right to you know take any property that’s not claim within 90 days no 90 days there’s a lot of time in between that in the year so why is this just coming out now will because they gave it to the FBI okay the FBI took it the FBI agent Jolie FBI agent he was afraid he was afraid of consequences so he might be this this this man he didn’t give you guys a copy of the hard drive and pass of the axle are directly at go get it I first got Betty waited for five months might think you held onto it we held onto for EL Londa Ford copies of it he gave to the friends in his gaze he was killed and he was of any other Olaf people deserve this yeah this is the presidency is at stake here we have some very dangerous people about their of so no live in a more force long enough to know the unit left that of the door the reality is he kept for copy she gave to the friends occasion he was killed he waited about four months five but I’m not sure because my my words one talk about this some reciting what Bob told and then he sent some letters around to various of Republicans thinking they’d be interested in and apparently we were the first was my and or was the only one respond to the first of whatever and my lawyer Bob distiller who is a former assistant US attorney former chief of the criminal division represented George Steinbrenner very very excellent lawyer made contact with him went down to visit with them spent a good deal of time on the say a week studying it making sure that was legal what he saw was a contract signed by Hunter Biden which said form contract signed by Hunter Biden that said that if he if he didn’t pick it up in 90 days that would be abandoned become the property of the merchant had been abandoned at that point by about six months it was clear with the property the owner of the of the merchant he checked the lore on that to be sure and then he then he went over to do the best he could to validate it number three to check on eventually he knew was he accurate about it with fine Acrobat Ashley would it really valid until I got it because although he knew more about the hard drive I know the case back and forwards right I have an enormous amount of information from confidential informant so for example I could see dates there that only hunted by the because they have been published anywhere I’ll give you an example confidential informant told us about a meeting at the State Department he gave me a specific date he told me remembered it because divide was taken in the back door so that would be registered he went to see Deputy Secretary of State Tony blanket let’s not out registered anywhere except from this confidential informant telling me another investigator this and that day squared exactly with the date in the in the hard drive in the text message about three more like that there are two others that I’d rather not reveal that was the vice president at that meeting at State Farm and you know for sure was in a meeting with the vice president is made with the Deputy Secretary of State is not recorded and should have been recorded because it’s her meeting the falls under the foreign agents registration act of which there are probably about six or seven blatant violations of it by Hunter Biden including the meeting with the vice president he never registered as a foreign agent that’s exactly what Paul metaphor went to prison for unless we really can stick with this no Republicans go to prison and Democrats don’t when they do the same or worse than a bone to present the Whipple manifold beyond beyond beyond that as you go through it tickle me to go through the photographs it’s obviously his nobody else would have that horrible disgusting I can’t even describe so not exactly depicting 14 your rope and I’m sure we’ll get more into that says the years there is a sexual depravity to this this disgusting Julianna Giuliani told Newsmax the depravity that’s horrendous which is why I reported it to the Delaware police there is under age girls are these underage girls were not protected there are numerous pictures of girls that are being I mean they should be there if you go or stay please don’t do anything about this would really be a tragic thing the mort majority of these leaked images emails and videos from the hard drive starts are colluding in late 2020 when the story was first breaking many outlets of time were offering proof of its validity but I shut down or silenced as a result the photos today are hard to find many of them have been wiped off the Internet entirely images I saw but did not include here were horrifying frames of a young Asian child in a hotel room dressed up in lace lingerie in videos of sex acts with what appear to be 14 to 15-year-old girls now there showing a bunch of pictures of Hunter Biden naked and him snorting what seems to be cocaine off of a strippers ass kicked the initials all these pictures right here on the subject they are censored up so please don’t shoot the messenger and the video from 20 1900 by the claims Russian drug dealer still one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a Vegas hotel room back in 2018 these the infamous images showing him asleep in the bathtub with a crack pipe in a video obtained by daily Mail hunter is shown sitting naked in bed with a prostitute after filming a sex tape explain how he believes his laptop was stolen for blackmail purposes this being one of three laptops he is lost each of them said that contain sensitive information on Pres. Joe Biden in addition to documenting his drug and sex fuel binges Noah quotes I spent crazy sucking amounts of money Hunter set I was with these guys the one guy was not like you anyways each night he be like there was going to be so many people here crazy talking party and each night it’s nobody they have videos of me doing this he said referring to the filmed sex he just finished they have videos of me doing crazy laughing Saxe Effingham you know now let’s see the logic and our talks about the footage reportedly showing hundred by confessing up to prostitute now I don’t know if this video will see if there’s actual looks like he’s Bill actually show or discussed bizarrely zero quicker it will go to jail under our forfeiture statutes what is our show there is Joe Biden showing the hypocrisy of this doesn’t actually show the conversation of talking about Noah also says hundreds claims the video raise the probability that he was targeted during this type of drug binges is infernal vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a four intelligence operation likely the individuals responsible for the leak content be seen thus far now this is the same content if this is true according to Hunter Biden himself saying that he got taken over by Russian people during one of these drug binges that they took his laptop and this is the same information that Trump is now calling and prudent to release say just release a man you got the information why are you waiting release the information let the people know show him what you know right now he is getting called out by the mainstream media for you know calling on prudent to release information about the part yet he’s the president if you have his black male put out there let them know right let the people know with what they got themselves into right Noah says asking cousin for 24-year-old model do you want foreign or domestic Carolyn S Hunter at one point before adding I can’t give you an F in Asian sorry I’m not doing it next to messages from understated domesticated foreigner and is find the next message reads no so this is a picture of him standing by some beautiful 24-year-old looking model and now he responds and what are the text messages directly from the laptop she’s a legend none of these women are except for diva but Nicola and Dave and Ella and Lucy will all know quality girls were like I am distrusting and highly highly wary of evil I also have Denise a German 26 now this is to abide in her to yet to Hunter note to Lucy I think okay so fine do you want foreign or domestic Hunter says and you have to make the pitch directly she says I can’t give you Athanasian sorry I’m not doing it now I wonder if that’s Kiefer’s on the else why would she not want Asian or compared Russian or whatever maybe that’s Kiefer you know younger domesticated foreigner is fine I give you Isabella but she has kids and in acts and be a husband he said no yellow Jasmina is the next thing she says she doesn’t separate tax threads racial slurs including the N-word are tossed around between the two interesting maybe that should be thrown around when you talk about you Joe Rogan Santa maybe talk about hundred back in Sandy and work the Telluride and says now let’s move on here it goes on to talk about kind of what family means to them and in text messages between Natalie and Hunter basically saying that she told pop that she would call the police if she if I tried to see you when she lies and says she never said that call pop and ask him so this a single source for revolver than about one third of the images are of some underage girl some of the images are topless while in others she is known shown in suggestive positions with Hunter himself revolver source who saw the photos also claim that the illicit photos and hundreds laptop were of a member of the Biden family same as Giuliani stated unconfirmed rumors pain the figure on the photos is Natalie Brown Hallie’s daughter the same Hallie who he dated after who is the wife of his dead brother so not only did he was screwing the wife of his dead brother within weeks of him dying what he was also allegedly taking pictures videos soliciting naked images with the 14-year-old daughter of Hallie like how disgusting is this family no 800 pages of text messages sent or received by Hunter Biden from 2018 2019 repeatedly reveals that his former love interest Hallie the widow of his brother Bo claimed he behaved in a sexually inappropriate way around a minor family member Hunter Biden told his sister Ashley Biden that Hallie described him as being sexually inappropriate with a minor female female family member the text revealed that most members of hundred by family seem to know about these allegations among his family members are hunters parents of Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s sister Ashley Biden and Jim Biden the brother of Joe Biden in some cases for members decided to take Hunter site of the apparent family argument over the allegations choosing to believe him over Hallie previous reporting pertaining to the situation with comments by predominant pundit Candace Owens and Republican Lauren bulbar have claimed that the teenage relative in question is Natalie Biden is hesitant to watch a video or expression changes at the six second mark when the girl is asked to define what family means to them and they show the actual pictures of him with Natalie in a bad and shows that text message that I read earlier and then it goes on the show the Texans just call your mother it seems every time we talk she tells people I’m inappropriate with you and this is a text message to the 14-year-old I don’t want to make matters worse for you or myself now she responds later this has call you in 30 minutes thanks for chatting nice night Raza this life is just real torture he says to this 14-year-old yes it seems like an endless test of my sanity to Haiti is much as do right now is beyond dangerous Blake won’t let me see blank without my father present can you F and imagine that that F up that I having shielded for two years and taken all that he is keeping me from talking to her being around blank Dennis is telling people I’m sexually inappropriate with her daughter and these are all text messages right from left if any one of you ever repeat that again I swear to God you might as well put the gun to my head that yourself because if all the tabloids who lived to Dick with me anyways were trippy rumor that came from blank that that’s why I can’t come home I will not survive that no one could survive that she is stupid and she is reckless and she is evil and if you can’t give her there get her to see her own self interest is never saying that again as a reason I’m not allowed to be alone with what looks like Natalie’s name which is poured out connecting details are apparently in a fume images one being the phone case shown in one of the videos with a girl hands her phone to Hunter the case matches the one that Natalie is holding the holding in the photograph previously shared in social media and other girl video a girl is seen giving Hunter a quote unquote fudge up with two tiny scars visible on her ankle matching Natalie’s in the third instance the location of one of Biden’s videos matches the same hotel location tagged Natalie shares the following morning in a photo photo she posted of her breakfast plate Gross disgusting now it shows all of the data here area shows her location it shows that blurred out images and it shows the picture of the breakfast it shows the timestamps it shows all of this now earlier we talked about Hunter Biden’s association with Malia Obama now this is unconfirmed but highly speculated they revolves around ape image of a debit card that was shown with Molly’s name on it make from saying that rights are no you know yet Malia Malia a Obama a Jeep J.P. Morgan Chase credit card which seemingly has cocaine on right next to cocaine lines doesn’t one of the leaked photos from late 2020 Hunter Biden is racking up a line of blow with a credit card at the West at the hotel in West Hollywood the name on the card was Malia Obama now online sluice suggest the birthmark of Molly is five matches the one on the girl photographed that he is screwing from behind shown in various sexual poses with Hunter Biden so the thing that’s showing here is that Hunter Biden was allegedly having sex with the daughter of Obama Barack Obama’s daughter Hunter Biden was having sex with her in also doing cocaine with her in a hotel room and he is far younger than her pretty sure he’s was she was friends with his daughter this is all discussed it and so they show the images of her birthmark the birthmark of the girl that he is having sex with from behind from his laptop now is a speculative one that has not been confirmed but that has a lot of pretty much evidence shown right by that credit card no Lexi will touch on is the emails right were getting to respond to this the emails China and recurring ties in the big in these uncovered emails Joe Biden is alleged to have met with Ukrainian Russian in Kazakhstan he and business associates of the sun and a private dining room in the plush Café Milano in April 16, 2015 one email suggests that on at least one occasion Hunter arranged a meeting between Joe Amber is my boss not even attempt the name Valium I guess I am fit for the month pulls our ski charisma was paying Hunter $83,000 a month to be unsupportive time which hardly makes sense considering his lapse of experience in the basically any field the president’s family according these emails were supposed to get equity in the Chinese energy firm that Hunter arranged Biden reportedly thinks Tony Belinsky who is tasked with setting up the family’s joint venture with Chinese firm CEF C for his service quote on quote for helping quote and quote my son the secret meeting lasted 45 minutes in May 2017 less than two weeks later an email sent to Hunter Biden outline the provisional agreement that included 10% equity in the energy company for the big guy later identified as Joe Biden other documents detail several payments from a company in China suggesting some of the prophet was intended for other Biden family members the New York Times also reported that Hunter paid off a significant tax liability after he was probed by the FBI over alleged money laundering in his ties to China interesting initials email that says at the moment there’s provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as following 20 to H which is a simile Hunter 20 to our W 20 2JG 20 2T be 10 to Jim his brother and 10 held by H for the big guy? Now that is what I have so far on the hunter by the laptop so I hope that that was interesting for you it was quite interesting for me now if you want to lead that whole thing yourself I will go ahead and include it on this week’s podcast companion which can be found other sub stack which is rental revolution.subsector.com I will include that whole article in the sub stack this week for you and all the images all the conversations all of that right in the sub stack for you okay now nice and easy to do is go head to the patriot on provide dollars you will get not only the full video episode that you can watch this see my beautiful face for quality since you also get access to this court server which is growing by the day talk about these conversations with like-minded people in a safe space for us to discuss all of these conversations together about every single episode not just this episode every episode of the passing go back to watching a different episode and talk about those things that nobody else you also get bonus content which will include the conversation that I’m about to have with you about Ashley Biden’s diary which is a timely bring up at this time where she basically says that she was having inappropriate showers and relations with her father who also happens to be president of the states so head over to patriotic.com/read Hill revolt and you will be able to hear the bonus content for this week which will be all about Ashley Biden Speight diary which I will start in just a moment now the next interview if you haven’t already subscribed five star review and if you could head over to give Sango.com/red pill revolution and give a donation whether to dollar five dollars $100 $1000 hundred thousand dollars know if you want to put me on the board for 10% of your company you can tell me the big guy for purposes I spend so much time on this guys I spend so much time and this is why the Instagram thing was so disappointing to me but I will build back even better build that better for you all what I can only do that with your help so please consider going to give Sango.com/reptile revolution as a Christian giving website and you can donate right there I would appreciate it so much I spend a ton of time editing a ton of time on these episodes researching reading I’m in so much time on all of this I would appreciate it so much if you could go and just give whatever it is that this means to you now we are going to move on over to the set or to the patriot for the bonus content of this week which we all about Ashley Biden’s diary I read through the whole diary hundred and 12 pages to go over this with you guys going to be specifically talking about a few of the pages but go had patriot on.com/red pill revolution and you will get the full conversation surrounding Ashley Biden’s diary if you listen to it at this point to this point should be worth five dollars for you to listen to the rest of it and you can actually even add the RSS feed right to your I guess favorite podcast player and you get it right to your pocket or your favorite podcast player every single week Amelia had to go over to the patron every week and will go directly to your I guess player so patron.com/rep revolution it’s five dollars for the bonus content and if you pay the $15 you will doing an additional episode every single week that is live user submitted conversations and topics right so without further ado here we go…

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