Corporate Warfare: Nukes VS Sanctions & 42 Rules for Life

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In this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we discuss the wartime sanctions being imposed by not only those in political power but also those in positions of corporate power. Should “woke” banking CEOs really be involving themselves in this world event with potential World War 3 causing effects? We also discuss the American gas prices skyrocketing while White House Press Secretary Psaki points her finger at Putin. Finally, we discuss some positive things this week as well going over Jordan Peterson’s 42 Rules for Life.


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Welcome to red Hill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill Revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken duress welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to episode number 19 of red pill revolution thank you so much for joining me I appreciate it I am very excited to talk to you guys again today there has been some very interesting developments in the war in Ukraine there has been some very interesting things that came about from the state of the union address by Joe Biden and there is also dispensing cultural Lee interesting social topics that have come up as well so were to touch on some of those events some of those things that are timely to the now for a moment in this podcast but were also going to get into into some some more perspective type conversations surrounding may be how how you should live your life and in some things like that to so I’m stick around for that towards the end first woman to touch on some of those events that I was just talking about and some things that piqued my interest this week but I am very interested talk to it to you guys about these topics so we will jump into that but before we do that you know what I’m gonna say the first engine to do go ahead and press the subscribe button for me takes two seconds means the world to me you have no idea how good it feels to see you know how many people joined and listen to the conversation that we had last week and I say we because I am and I feel like the you know the way that I get to say my piece is through this conversation in the way that I get to hear your pieces back is the conversations that we have through different social media channels and messages emails and I’m getting out to so if you have something specific you know and you kinda want to bypass the social channel whether it’s a business inquiry or something that you want to discuss the one on one may be a sponsorship opportunity or something like that you can always email me and if it’s a really pressing conversation and you’re not the business inquiry you can email me to rental so next there is talk about is to be the sub stack so after you press the subscribe button which takes only two seconds a means the world to me as you already know after you press that the next thing you can press is the five-star review button whether on Apple podcasts whether on spot if I if you are enjoying these conversations or maybe your joining me for the first time and you just feel it in your soul that this is a five star podcast I know you do I 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maybe you want to watch it go over to us to YouTube and go ahead and subscribe and that’s the reptile revolution YouTube page and you do that all the link to read on the link traders also a few things such as the Amazon wish list which includes a microphone and some things that I could need to help improve the show which I would appreciate and also donation link either give revolution or directly on the link or you can just as support this creator now you spend endless amounts of time on this I would appreciate anything that you could do for that if you appreciate the podcast back so thank you so much for your consideration and that’s all I got let’s go ahead and jump into it person were to talk about here is this is ask you now know I do find it interesting notice to a high level conversation for this disaster comes in and talks about the oil situation in Russia it’s so funny how how presidents always resort to know over the last several presidents I recall anyways it’s always a female individual who is always that that the talking person for the hip to the president it’s like there there needs to be that feminine touch because all of these presidents are our old men who are so out of touch in the way that they actually articulate their conversations but now that’s not to say that possess key isn’t any good at this at all because she’s horrible but it is the say you know maybe you know that that feminine touch is something that that obviously helps them relator message a little bit more clear early so people will listen to it so it’s go ahead and see if you’re even willing to listen to this woman who wants to tell us some crazy lies about the gas prices and oil prices and Ukraine let’s go ahead and see what the White House press secretary had to say about the situation the reason why the price of gas is going up is not because it steps the president has taken they are because Pres. Putin is invading Ukraine and that is creating a great deal of instability the reason why the price of gas is going up is not I almost wanted to make you listen to it twice because it was so ridiculous the fact that she wants to she wants to pen the fact that gas has risen in price in the last year the last year only a year into this presidency that gas is risen 61% over that time 61% at least if the number is correct of the which I saw today to my Nokia didn’t really do a whole bunch research into it to see that that was correct but is a 61% missing data fairly fairly credible source of information that I was pulling up from not some crazy member on Instagram so a 61% that gas has risen since the Joe Biden presidency if you go to any of these gas stations to see a bunch of stickers that tell you the story and all you need to know and they go like this I did that and that and there’s been some news articles about floating around trying to get people to stop doing this because risk of becoming such an issue because gas business will have to let my guess at an event for my thing today but $30 my tank I got less than 1/4 tank today imagine being a imagine being a highschooler you know you just get your car you work you work a job just that you can have gas money and hang out with your friends also you go to the pump make $10 an hour waiting tables are busing tables whatever you do and now you have you spent $7.07 hours over the weekend working your ass off between school you know after after school is over during the weekend you work you give up your time with your friends and you make $70 after working seven hours which is up for full day for $10 an hour and now you have to put $40 into your tank just to have gotten to work in the first place psych out unbelievable how how far we’ve come to to how expensive gas is gotten in such a short period of time and that’s not to say is not to get a whole lot worse and I’m not in a conception of a country where it’s even really as crazy as it is it could be or is going to be so I really do feel for all of you that are in California and in and around the country and places that are are highly much more affected then I am here so I’m grateful for that but to me it’s crazy it is unbelievable as you want to stay here and lie to our faces and tell us it has nothing to do with with Biden has nothing to do with with the fact that you know he’s basically cutting off our own oil reserves that were not producing oil just like Elon musk said even against the against his own business he tweeted out this last week that we need to increase our oil production in the United States we need to improve upon our production of oil which is the only thing that you could he could have said that was counterintuitive to his business was that we need to increase oil prices he’s literally in the business of electric cars and this man is telling us we need to increase oil prices maybe we should listen to him he seems to be the smartest of of them and the only one without a vested interest in doing something should be against us at this point for my understanding is Elon musk shut out to Elam but you on the like basically said hey you guys should hurt my business and help this country because I think that’s the right solution because of how bad the situation got in with gas prices and then that’s not to say that we shouldn’t because we should be cutting off Russia because we haven’t even cut off Russian oil supplies were spending over 500,000 gallons are drums drums of oil barrels sorry barrels is how they made the metric for oil for gas so Barros 500 half of million barrels of gas that were purchasing from Russia every single day and they want to talk about you know all these companies that are making a stand like Nike and Disney were pulling their products from from Russia how much business did you actually do there in the first place but ill making this this stand for further virtue signaling and in the Elon musk is doing the exact opposite is saying make me lose money and help these people out because they need right I cannot imagine how clear how squarely it’s gonna get when gas is five dollars go in and held that it would probably be initially if they did cut off the rational supply but again it comes down to the fact that we have oil reserves there’s literally a swipe of a pen in our gas prices will go down to a manageable amount that the under the 60 I literally remember paying less than a dollar under Trump less than a dollar a gallon under trump and now here we are three dollars and that that was because I was at Kroger and they have the little thing I scout like you 40 $0.30 off I would never happen today never happen today it’s crazy so in and then she wants to rub your face in it and tell you that it’s not our fault it’s this bad bad man’s fault that you have to pay the money even though those stickers that I did that stickers existed far before Ukraine somebody’s a slap one of those I did that stickers on her for head and in drive that point home that it hasn’t absolutely nothing to do with Russia or this war isn’t done two weeks they think you’re so stupid that you can’t read a funking calendar and realize that you know the two weeks that that this this war has really been going on that your gas prices have been rising we all know that wasn’t the case right though stickers have been around almost on three months and because that’s immediately when gas prices started rising a swipe of a pen that’s all he has to do so I thought that was interesting and it just tells you how much of a liar she is no she’s literally just up there mimicking lies and Indians talking in circles and not answering questions the entire time to move on in and move on again to set another great point that Elon musk said this week again shout out Elon musk where basically this the Wi-Fi in Ukraine went down and you know infrastructure probably attacks from Russia right and so their Wi-Fi through their Internet went down they had no access to Internet and so there was a public outcry to Elon musk save us Elon musk give us our Internet’s back allow us to be on YouTube at least if organ it be hearing gunshots outside and so Elon musk being the saint that he is says okay I will send*link it is on its way basically and said that he was he was doing it to help and so he sent out*link the like in the saw these pictures of these trucks of the starling trucks that were sent out to have these on the what they were but basically receiving signals from the Starling system which of you know a starling is I’m pretty sure I don’t have in research a lot but I’m pretty sure for my understanding of what I’ve heard in the past it’s like basically a satellite-based Wi-Fi so that any time in the world he can turn on Internet for us even if there’s an attack on our infrastructure like there was in this Ukraine situation with my son so they said the law must help us save us please give us our Internet’s back and Elon musk came in and in turns the turns the no Wi-Fi into wine I’m in it into into Wi-Fi him and now they were able to get Internet again and I’m sure there’s a lot more reasons other than YouTube right or some very serious legitimate reasons like contacting your family and I don’t know GP like the guess UPS is a run on Wi-Fi but but you see what I’m saying this probably very many legitimate religious reasons for country to need Wi-Fi so very nice of you on musk to just give this darling program basement which has not been used in in this way in the past to Ukraine which is really really considerate of him now comes in the wilderness where within a week of him setting out these starlike satellite links and giving them what they wanted the Internet’s they asked him which I’ll just call Elon musk here he says and this was on 5 March today Starling has been told by some governments in parentheses not Ukraine to block Russian news sources we will not do this unless at gunpoint sorry to be a free-speech absolution nest boom Buchan drop the Mike Elon musk hundred percent agree on it is is is unbelievable that somebody and they know who is by probably is our government in all these out you know the these welcome governments the UK that the you know the EU system the United States that are asking him to not to to block the information of Russian news sources because of propaganda so so in that light should every single and in and I also saw another information that CNN literally pulled out of Russia and has no news that is publishing in Russia because a new law was passed based on it it’s a criminal charge to disseminate fake news intentionally interesting interesting right so it so not only do they want the ability to shove out as much propaganda as they want to you the citizens to eat up like cotton candy at the fair but they also want to control debt when other people have access to information right they want to control Elon musk and in all of Ukrainian citizens having access to the Russian new sources and he said no whole if it is speech wins good speech wins that’s how you are that’s that’s the true answer to all of us writers there’s no reason that any words or anything or any idea should be banned right and that’s how you know that the situation is not about words anymore it’s like we used to think it was I used to think it was crazy that the FTC would would block you for forcing a swear word right they would like they would charge you money for saying a certain word with your mouth sound with your mouth if you are disseminating your information across radio channels and those types of things movies TV is all that you can do certain things and so it was it was that it was basically the whole the whole reasoning behind that and the way that we see it now with Instagram as the instrument does not charge you does not does not ban you does not shadow ban you for saying words because I bleep out the words that have something to do with co-fed or vaccinations or Pfizer or any of these these specific hot button topics that are going to be red flags raised by these algorithms and even if you bleep out the word it’s not about the word is not about the sound it’s about the concept it’s about the thought is up from their perspective about the that that thought spreading and again you probably heard this before the only way to combat bad thoughts is with good thoughts into big open legitimate honest debate Ms. Lily only way to to make good good concepts win write it if if you only give your opinion and you don’t allow anybody else to have an opinion about your opinion then your opinion wins and that’s the point all they want to do is because if you can control the flow of information you control reality rights like the 1984 quote he who controls the past controls the future and he who controls the present controls the past so if you own the new sources and you owned the ability to disseminate the information decide which are which will prevail in which ideas will not prevail and will be siphoned stifled stipend assignment word siphoned she’s stifled then you control what is looked at as the past because those news articles are not just written for today the written first six months from now and six years from now so that when you go back and look at what happened on January 6 every news article says it was it insurrection and that was purposeful not for the moment because they know that you knew what happened they still know that you and you know what happened but they want to control the narrative so that when the history books look back at the situation in 10 1550 years it’s looked at as the January 6 insurrection of the Trump campaign right like that’s the whole point is controlling the narrative of today so you control the narrative of of of how today is perceived tomorrow so that you can then controlled the way that it’s looked at in the future in the way that we drive our reality moving forward so good on the lawn musk for protecting the that good speech should prevail and even if there is a Russian new source who wants to save some bull ship is not true and just like I did that entire podcast showing you how so much propaganda is being circulated and was not true was good information right if I can do if I can express my thoughts and tell you that these things are not true in a way that makes sense and then show you and point to the video games that they pulled the footage from then maybe that’s the concept that will win right and that’s that’s what makes the most sense to me so good on you Elon musk I like that term free speech absolution next absolutist absolution is absolutist free speech absolutist is what he said so shut out Elon musk great great job standing up for freedom of speech so the next synchronicity is a concept basically the newer thing that were seeing and talking about the corporate entities that are engaging in this war so this is what it says is breaking news MasterCard and Visa have suspended all operations in Russia so if you’ve heard about this basically banks and in the end you know what is at the star not the starling we just talked about that but that there’s a certain type of finding all the financial systems all the financial systems have basically rid themselves of Russia if they’re in some way related to these will countries like the EU or or the United States or the you know who are on the side of of that that we are looking at from the from the lens of our mainstream media and so you see a big huge financial companies and even seizing yachts from from these billionaire Russian oligarchs and so in this situation what happened was these that the MasterCard and Visa have both suspended all operations in China basically what they’re trying to do is just plummet their economy to nothing so that Putin comes crawling to to the United States into Ukraine saying were done were done it’s over the deep state wins pray and I get I don’t think it’s right in the situation and take a proper site I don’t think that there is a right side here that’s my perspective on this truly is a whole shift on the propaganda coming out I think every can tell you that they have the right answer especially if they have a vested interest like these governments but I don’t think there’s a right side sit back and watch the show you should not be taking a side in this war it is not our war to fight unless and it is if you understand you know where word with it it’s a war by proxy like we talked about again last week and if you have a listen the last week’s podcast you need to because is truly eye-opening to what’s going on here when you read the entire speech of food and basically all but declaring war on the United States instead of Ukraine but anyways in this situation MasterCard and Visa have debate took it upon themselves and if you understand what the United States.has done them but Putin has talked about all the time that super effective and in fighting wars without sending troops is sanctions right is financial sanctions is taking away your money and making it difficult for you to operate your nation at the same level in these companies these corporations like Visa and MasterCard are now taking it upon themselves to engage in these warlike activities to make decisions that will then prompt movement closer to war or further away from more which is not the place of all these corporations should not be engaging in these these sanctions these financial the political conversations because the last booking person on earth I want poking Putin with a stick his woke ass banking billionaire CEOs who have a vested interest again and probably sent a bunch of pocket money into the that the economy and the stock market or barbarism in the Hunter Biden’s you know index fund that they invested all their money in the Hunter Biden index fund and so now they have to protect their assets so that they put a bunch of money into Ukraine probably knowing that this there and win this war and on the other side of them winning this war is good to be a thriving economy consider taking video probably shorting the stock of Russia at this point in their financial institutions and they can move that meat meter further so if you think this is about wilderness is not the thing is about being on the right side of history it is not just like everything else that’s going on in this war it’s about money so the login do we want these financial banking institution CEOs doing the same actions that our president is doing in hopes an impossibility of inciting a further war and escalating a further intuited to even if it does what they wanted to do what if it back to pollutant far enough against the corner to where he starts swinging on you and I swinging on these financial institutions swinging on the United States we don’t want that is not your place to decide what happens in this war Visa and MasterCard and so I asked the audience when Instagram NASA today so we’ll see how many people have even responded to you but I asked do we really want virtue signaling woke bank CEOs being the one who is pressuring the man demanding prudent who is threatening to use nuclear warfare in a reaction and escalation to the United States America directly saying that and within days these banks take upon themselves to take military action the same level of military action the binds taken in this financial sanctions and so I asked that and so far we have of you know several hundred people who have seen it hundred and 35 people have voted for this is not a good idea in only eight people are for I support this which I would be interested to hear the opinions of those who support that is interesting to me I just don’t see how you can justify that wire these banking institutions and has this been a thing of the past does this happen before were these financial banking institutions decide to in the end in sight further escalation at wartime literal wartime where this command is threatening one of the world’s most powerful nuclear powers and ever in history in your poking him with a stick while he has his back against the wall probably not the move so here’s the statement so MasterCard and Visa have suspended all operations in Russia Visa and MasterCard Cards account for 74% of card payment transactions in Russia while in a statement visa set effective immediately visa will work hard with clients and partners within Russia cease all visa transactions over the coming days once complete all transactions initiated with visa cards issued in Russia will no longer work outside of the country in any visa cards issued by financial institutions outside of Russia will no longer work within the Russian Federation we are compelled to act following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the unacceptable events that we have witnessed said all Al Kelly chairman and chief exec CEO of a visa we regret the impact this will have undervalued colleagues and on the client partners merchants and cardholders we serve in Russia this war in the ongoing threat to peace and stability demand we respond in line with our values so 74% of financial transactions in Russia and in and in week two it’s amazing to me how any time that but that during the state of the union address Biden addressed Ukraine he talked about the Ukrainian people you never talked about Zelinski he talked about the Ukrainian any time that he referenced Russia he referenced Putin he never talked about he never once mentioned this once he never the words Russian citizens Russia Russian people never came out of his mouth because he has to dehumanize them and he has to put them in a box with the rest of of of this prudent pipe right and so who is this really can affect it’s getting a crush that the middle and lower class citizens in Russia and again about taking a side in the war I just say you shouldn’t be taking a side in the were either visa or MasterCard you should not be provoking and further inciting this war you should not be to be taking a political especially if your worldwide entity if you have so much money being passed around in your business for Russia specifically you should not be doing this to the citizens it makes no sense and now you have to know to if you are a part of a and were seeing this just more and more recently I did an entire podcast on this the cashless society it is not your money the second you handed over to the banks even with that beautiful plastic card or even metal cart these days right even with that still not your money so do with that would you please it’s probably finding a way to enter into this crypto currency society you I have like this dystopian view of the of the future like almost like a with the show mad Max movie mad Max but a type of it of understanding alike you understand that there is likely there is these dystopian type futuristic movies were where there are those the back alley currencies that in in the government currencies and people tend to only use that you know and and that’s bitcoin and that’s the you know US dollar at this point is is we we may get to a point in the future with the government does not accept any of these crypto currencies but all of the transactions that are happening at an individual level are happening in that way to avoid having to do with the government I know when you have companies like Visa and MasterCard that are now taking it upon themselves to decide a position in war within and against countries that they do business in to the citizens who they’ve profited off of for how many decades and now you’re in a swipe that from underneath them and make it so that what they they don’t have access to to to spend their money crazy now let’s go ahead and and and leech our ears a little bit because were not were not to be furthering the conversation about Ukraine at this point I just thought those were some interesting points to update with you guys but in an interesting topic that’s come up recently and if you’re in the combat sports community I train jujitsu myself I have for many years since I was in the military but Cain Velasquez Cain Velasquez was charged with attempted murder and he is a older he was the heyday of the UFC basically world champion came Alaska’s very very famous name within the UFC has been charged with attempted murder has also been charged with shooting a motor vehicle install the fire or assault with a deadly weapon and willfully discharging a firearm to a vehicle and carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony if found guilty of attempted murder Velasquez faces a minimum of 20 years and up to life in prison the police investigation revealed that Velasquez rammed his Ford F2 50 into the side of the Silverado in front of all of them front of witnesses he then follow the Silverado and fired two gunshots one of them which struck one of the men in the arm five casings total were found at the scene Velasquez was later identified by police as the shooter Velasquez was a reps arrested without incident in the 40 caliber semi automatic semi automatic handgun yet yeah of course at semi automatic you dummies was found in his vehicle two casings in and of ammunition were also on the vehicle Velasquez was arrested Monday after allegedly shooting a mammal targeting another man accused of molesting his child possibly 100 times the sad tragedy is that Mr. Velazquez chose to take the law into his own hands endangering the public and everyone in the truck Santa Clara County district attorney’s this act of violence also causes more pain-and-suffering to his family now if you go to Tom the boss at time the boss on Facebook he is selling T-shirts and all the profits go to this legal fund that’s actually a at the MMA uncensored_Instagram’s but okay Velasquez basically had a a man which molested one of his family members over 100 times and he like a boss like everyone thinks they would do in the situation every father at least says that they would do this I hope you would believe that you would do this in the situation as I know sure as hell I would have found a way to whom to react in some manner now I don’t know if it would been doing all this in the middle of the day probably wasn’t the move when you’re in that heat of the moment I can imagine the rage that this man was feeling and if you don’t know about Kay Velasquez this man’s UFC name his name and he will see was Kane the ax murderer Velasquez so maybe not the person whose family you want to fark with if there UFC MMA pro career title was the ax murderer so basically he ran his truck into this person’s car and then shot and fired his 40 at this Carswell and the two of those shots want to hitting the passenger not the original man that he was shooting superset superset all around and it’s true this is gonna cause much much pain and suffering for the family and so shout out you know shout out make a lot of shots to apparently chose to gain glasses because you know he’s going to probably end up serving a lot of time for this unfortunately and in an imperfect world that he would not be and then there is no talks of the man who actually molested his family member 100 times getting any sort of trouble hello so really sad really really difficult to deal with and and from the perspective of somebody who is a father in and can imagine the rage that this man was feeling at this time I feel for him in and as I say this he sitting in a cold cell with just his thoughts and probably still fuming at the fact that he missed as I would be the thought run through my so that is just an a really tragic tragic topic that has come up recently in communities and I’m a part of and Cain Velasquez I hope you find some really good legal counsel to deal with this and ends up only spending a minimum amount of time and hopefully the judge realizes that this man had had with only have found himself reacting this way if he found himself in the situation because being a very capable man of violence himself he has never acted in this way that we know of set so let’s move on to what that what were going to talk about for the rest of this podcast year which is going to be so basically what were gonna do here’s were to walk through a few little clips that peaked my interest is weak in this first one piqued my interest the most if if you don’t know true Jordan Peterson is Jordan Peterson was a Harvard professor who taught personality at Harvard and prior to that I believe he and he was a professor at the University of Toronto and he speaks on religion he’s a philosopher he’s a very intelligent man he’s a he’s a behavioral psychologist and is is a great great resource to listen to and if you see that book right there and right there those are great books that you can read that he wrote himself 12 rules for life and he base those books off of 42 quick one sentence principles that he believed would help you live a better life and organize it in there very really quick fundamental very sweet and short just prompts for you to think through I thought to be a good conversation for us to have today just kind of in a wash ourselves of all this craziness that’s happening in the world and think about some good things and some good ways and some positive things that you can focus in on your life even through that the victory craziness of humanities reality right now so give the first thing that piqued my interest in what kind of got me in this frame of mind this week was this video it was on the real on Instagram and it basically talks about you know the way that you should perceive your time with your children if you not apparent disperse this pertains to YouTube because is not just about your children it’s about the things that are most precious to you in life right and when you become apparent inherently that becomes your children but but you can attach the same principle in your life to your father and your mother your mother your family your grandparents your nieces or nephews and not just people with things write those things that your passion about that that there there true like lifeblood right that the things that are the important things within your life so let’s watch this clip and see what he has to say Onyx I think it will be an interesting conversation to have you have a a baby say it’s you can’t believe it and you can’t believe that you’re gonna be able to figure out what to do with this thing like it’s like it’s the most public anything you’ve ever had and no one has help you figure out how to do it so you’re stuck and then like three months later it’s like you can’t really imagine what life would be like without that baby and then it sort of like this goes on forever that’s how it feels safe but it doesn’t write you a little kids for four years and if you miss it it’s done that’s it so you want to know that you know lots of things in life you don’t get to do more than once now if obviously can have more than one child but all I’m saying is that period between zero and 4015 do something about it that’s really it’s like a peak experience life and isn’t much of your life it will because you think the middle is a long time it’s not down long and four years goes by so fast he can’t believe it and if you miss it it’s gone so you miss it at your peril and you don’t get it back and that’s not I know what with your career you miss opportunities you fall behind this happens to women a lot it’s part of the reason for the pay gap it is really hard on women and although no one knows what to do about it so and I would also say well you talk to each other try to minimize your your financial requirements to the degree that you can see if there’s other ways that you can generate income what and do you come to a consensual solution and try not to torture yourself with guilt with whatever you come up with but do remember because you know you’ve got financial responsibilities and often you need two incomes and there’s is no easy way of dealing with it and for women it often seems that no matter what they do it’s wrong right they stay home with the kids it’s wrong if they go to work it’s wrong if they do both control it and I am like I’m not being smart about the nuns rough man but not but having said all that I would say again got little kids for four years don’t miss you will regret so I have three children and again the sun about having children it’s about having things are precious to you in understanding the value of those things and how there’s a certain percentage to those things because if you take that for your concept and it’s true I have a five-year-old I have a one-year-old and I have a two month three month or-year-old and in so it’s interesting having all of those different perspectives and then seeing that if you taken into that you know perspective of of four years that’s 25% every birthday you you’ve gone through 25% of the time that you’re going to have with your child as as a baby is or is a real child is as a just it’s it’s so even hard to hard to describe it is just that pure bliss of having you know my daughters five now and she starts to talk back and she has you know what she has her own built personality that is that you know she’s she’s sassy and she’s funny and you know she does it sometimes doesn’t have manners at dinner you know that she has her own things that you have to deal with and in that that’s usually not the case for my 234 even and so that’s what he’s discussing there just like that pure bliss of that childlike pure like toddlers almost childhood where everything is just new to them an exciting and fun than in positive for the most part and so 25% per per birthday and what that made me kinda break it down to is you can even break that down into a you know you could do this on a very large sense in your own life even if you just okay your life from a very high level perspective and see your whole life and then in every day works out to be like .00003% of your life if you live to be 85 years old 365 years or three or 65 days a year every day is like .70’s and then the three as I 365 under the mat so but but it so you can do that so that really huge extent and in the that even brings value but but you can even break it down to it even more specific way in and looking at you know I was thinking of it in the sense like how many times in my going to be sitting playing with my daughter and in building Legos right how many times a mega to be in that moment where I’m sitting with them and be able to pull from that moment and in and be and in that specific scenario that I’m in at that moment and because you… For it’s four times a year to be sitting there specifically doing that one task with them when they’re in a positive mood for nothing else is affecting them for time so every time that you do that is 25% 25% of that one of the greatest moments of your life that you could ever imagine is gone and so that’s like if you look at spirituality and the way the people view you know enlightenment is the term that’s used in like Buddhism and Hinduism in and in and all that means is like consistent presence at all times and being there in the moment when he was so that you can identify the moments that are the true positive things in life that you that you live for write those moments were your laughing are you dancing with your child in the kitchen when music playing or or you’re with your spouse and then you have your you know your wedding day or at any of these things are these these impact for moments I guess the wedding is a big one right is everybody’s generally very present for the wedding day bits that the ones that can get away from you and so without that that to me like really put not only just my child’s life into perspective but also my own life and perspective in the things that the with the way that I perceive life in every given moment and if you look at it from Mike and analytical may be a more like logistical or or analytical in the way that my brain works and some people but if if you look at it from the sense that everything has a percentage if you break it down to a category gory right and in if you do that every moment you should try to be more present for an in and be at least give yourself an opportunity to be there for for that moment right I think that’s an important way to look to look at these things and into take that little idea and expanded into almost every facet of your life because everything becomes more like pure they give becomes a better taste of that stake right as an analogy so let’s go ahead and let’s run to this list I think will be some interesting little quick prompts that we can talk about in the in some conversations that will surround these 42 rules for life that ended up being extracted into his book of tendril so the very first one this was originally like 2000 I don’t even know the low long time ago before he was far before anybody knew who Jordan Peterson was he had he wrote this out on core Q Laura Q you ARA if you recall it’s a probably not as popular today but used to be this like Web search website where you would go on to it and eat you could ask questions for people and interesting people would answer and it would be voted on who had the best answer in the best answer would rise of top and so obvious in this case summary asked in a what what what would be some rules that you would layout and so Jordan Peterson wrote this out in the end it’s some really interesting very quick snippets one off little sentences of rules that you should take in the consideration so I am just going to just rattle these off really quick and and maybe it prompts something in you and makes us have a quick conversation about it but I think the really interesting quick little ideas that you can take into your week and hopefully draw something positive out of it so the first one is tell the truth or at least don’t lie the second one and there’s probably a reason or reason why he actually put these within a specific numerical order was probably a reason why telling the truth is above all the most important of these rules the next one says do not do things that you hate act so that you can tell the truth about how you act and comes back to the truth right much easier to tell the truth if you follow through on the things that you believe are the right thing to do because if you thought you did the right thing you have no reason to lie so so it obviously is in some sort of numerical order because I make the most sense to me some five norms are number four is pursue what is meaningful not what is expedient actual number five is if if you have to choose be the one who does things instead of the one who is seen to do things interesting number six pay attention while he seems very vague rights like easy easy and concept is just pay attention okay I guess that would help yeah I’m assume that the person you are listening to might know something that you need to know listen to them hard enough so that they will share with you plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationships be careful who you share good news with now that’s an interesting one right it is that there is several reasons that you kind of have to safeguard those things right it’s even idea thing like the what you have to when you when great things happen in your life you you don’t you have to be understanding that it’s great for you and in in who you share that too is going to reflect not only what that experience is so so you’re only looking at it from the way that if I share this idea of what happens in my life to somebody else then there going to see what I see and see it as being what would I see it as which is great and amazing and so you have an expectation going into that what you’re hoping to receive back or what what type of attention or or reaction or or you know would acceptance whatever that is from the individual and when when you share that you don’t get the same reaction that you’re expecting maybe because that’s just a direct reflection of what’s going on in their life because you don’t no even the lens that they’re looking at it through from their end right so so and you don’t want that to taint the way that you view your your good news or good idea or you know things like that so interesting be careful who you share bad news with obviously in the same respect make at least one thing better every single place that you go number 13 is imagine who you could be in the name single-mindedly at that number 14 do not allow yourself to become arrogant or resentful and again that’s like easy to say like pay attention to say yeah don’t be arrogant don’t be resentful but then things happen in life right things come up and and and you have a reason to be arrogant or feel that you you have a justified reason to be arrogant average there’s never a reason to be arrogant or feel like you have more so probably a justified reason resentful right resentful if I were easier by terrible things happen in your life and you can you can very easily feel resentful for those things number 15 try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible number 16 compare yourself to who you were yesterday not to sue to who someone else is today will have different timelines right is that there is everybody works in cycles you know there’s some people who come from a lot of money in the family and then maybe they have a mediocre business idea or mediocre no work ethic but they they get that higher yield earlier in life because of that the status that they came into it with and maybe you gotta work a little harder so focus on who you are in and again that probably comes from that original one which was think of who your ideal self is in the name to be that person every day if old memory still make you cry write them down carefully and completely that’s an interesting one from an actionable perspective if memories still make you cry write them down carefully in completely I member this is like this is almost like a behavioral psychologist format of dealing with trauma to so that makes sense to me that he would he would deftly say that so the next one is maintain your connections with people nest number 19 number 20 do not do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or artistic achievement 21 treat yourself as if you are someone that you are responsible for helping and that’s really interesting one that I think has a lot of meaning that you can extract from an inch and sometimes we neglect our own selves like if you if you are responsible for your child may be you make them brush their teeth every night because yeah that that’s my duty to look after this child maybe if you have a child in their sick you have them take medicine or you do take care of them in the way or you have a parent who’s who’s elderly and then you hit do what you can to make sure they get the nutrients because they don’t generally eat as well as they would on their own and if you treated yourself the way that you treated those people that you felt the need to take care of than your life would be of little bit better because maybe you would brush her teeth every night or maybe you and the nutrients and in the proper foods right because everybody super careful about it when they have their first child and in their feeding that childlike very very adamant about the nutritional value of the things that they give that child meanwhile that’s probably drinking a bunch a bunch of uncial booze him and Eden Gino’s at the same time right the next one says December 23 I’m sorry number 22 as someone to do a small favor for you so that he or she can ask you to do one in the future number 23 is make friends with people who want the best for you 24 do not try to rescue someone who does not want to be rescued to field a failed venture right no sense and then spending the time yourself because other to do a second and to where there and be very careful when about rescuing someone who does nothing well done is insignificant number 27 set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world number 28 dress like the person you want to be number 29 the precise in your speech sight words matter right we talked about that with the truth diverse like fake thing is words matter right being precise in your speech means that when when you are talking about things you’re you’re creating it at every given moment the same way that somebody else is from a computing coding perspective like every code that you write is is creating a further reality within that framework that you are operating within this same thing with speech like every time you say something you’re putting something out into the world and there will be an effective direct effect right that the butterfly effect even if a butterfly flaps its wings and on the what is was the adage that in China tsunami can happen in California right that everything that is done everything that is set everything has an effect so being precise in the what you say and in giving yourself a pause sometimes before you say next one is stand up straight with your shoulders back and there’s a whole thing behind that too is like that is the Jordan Peterson lobster gainers has to do with hierarchal structures and and the the amount of I believe like testosterone that was produced in your body as a result of specifically just standing up in a way that seems and feels confident to you it is important so that was number 30 number 31 don’t avoid something frightening if it stands in your way and don’t do unnecessarily dangerous things and say I’m have been accused of at a time to do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them right and I think that’s that’s is like if you’re apparent that such a powerful thing to understand do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them because you should have to enjoy your time with your child and if you enjoy your time with your child you can be passionate and that relationship Raven to give yourself more you’re gonna be more present right psycho that I like to to to play with my daughter in the way that I want to play I enjoyed building Legos with her LA I like to watch shows with her that I like watching and so we find like happy mediums that makes me want to do those things more because if every time in my I hang out with my daughter she wants to I don’t know dress dress me up in and paint my nails I I might not want to do that very often and so you find things that are mutually engaging in positive and when you do that you use tend to decide more often to do those things and so find not only things that you want to do with your child that are exciting for you whether it’s like boardgames or you know going outside for hikes or playing a sport with them or go it whatever it is that you enjoy doing find out what what those things are that are mutual in and do them more and find out what things you don’t like doing them doing and in make those less because if you don’t want to be around her child because they’re super annoying hadn’t been done and that’s not good either right you there’s a there’s a purpose that that that’s written and it’s written in the so that you learn that that the way that you engage with people in the settings that you put yourself in either determines and am I going to be engaged for my knocking to be engaged so I think that’s important do not transform your wife into a mate written that’s an interesting concept Ray this is interesting coming from our generation like I think were a generation will remove from that hopefully at some point Without was that the general dynamic of the household that I lived in was the no full-time father and in the mother who is a stay-at-home mom and which is important and you heard that from the Jordan Peterson video before is like anything a woman does this is wrong at this point you can’t go to work full-time because that you know you should be home with the kids in the if your home with the kids you should be out do you know everything is wrong so it’s it’s a difficult thing to wrestle with but not turning your wife into a maid like you that you should be equals because if you’re not willing to do those things on a daily basis and I think I’m pretty good at this in my relationship I think my wife for the attest to that that that’s like that that should that you it’s a mutual I mean I just want my house clean I want things picked up and I wanted I participate in making the message so should probably participate in cleaning up after that and and and making your wife the maid this is a little bit degrading I think like you know I received pigeon do not hide unwanted things in the fog that’s interesting notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated read something written by someone great that’s important I think books are like books are really interesting in the way that we gathered there very few people I think I will on one with the percentages of people who actually legitimately read great writings like philosophical like I’m remedy a couple things right now I am reading a man’s search for meaning and I’m also reading Walden in the woods by David Thoreau in so there is dirt dirt written the what the book does is it is even more so than a podcast dictate takes you out of your brain that takes you out of your normal consciousness to your normal streams of thought and inputs literally implant somebody else’s framework of of language the way that they speak the way that they write there their reality the way they view the world and allows you to took to transplant that into your brain momentarily so that you can experience life in the in literally a whole new way if it’s somebody who’s great at writing rates it’s what I’m reading Walden in the woods there certain parts of the books that it’s a very deep book and some of it is not innocent but but some of it really is and in its written like the 1800 so it was it’s it’s a little difficult to but but once you get into that person allow that person into your mind long enough the way that you read that like stream of consciousness just becomes much more like you don’t you don’t recognize it when you first pick up a book like that you you tend to visit site work for your brain to took to start to understand their concepts but when you do it it’s like that something really cool happens something like really magical Lycan in a in a cheesy sense but like they do happens when you can actually take that person’s perception to reality their language there there there’s thought patterns in their speech patterns and implant them into your brain for however long reading that’s white when you if you sit down to read you should really be reading for enough you can carve out 1/2 hour at least to read if you sit on reefer five minutes is hard to get deep into that especially for reading something thick like that but I think that’s an important note and those are both really to get really good books I think that the man’s search for meaning is something that’s been written brought up several times and in very in intelligent people’s podcasting I remember hearing about it from Lex Friedman I believe is the person I heard about a man’s search for meaning and it’s a very daunting first-person experience of the philosophical perspective of somebody who is in the Holocaust and in specifically Auschwitz and him trying to not only survive he in and that’s a big part of what I’ve read so far to start reading the last couple days but it is a big part of it so far as is not he’s not is a says you can read a lot of accounts of the horrific things that happened in Auschwitz but the account that I want to give you is how I found meaning in that moment in and made myself better from it and so is an interesting philosophical conversations running up and so find a book that you can find that site heavy enough for you to to want to dive into and find somebody who you want to give that space to your brains like when you read the ship book it’s a hoax is like if you get for it like it is our hundred and 20 pages into a ship book and you’re like me on this just doesn’t vibe with the way that I think that’s that’s not fun so the book but if you can find so many whose great that that really does fit that you know what you’re looking for that surrounding that it’s it’s a really meaningful thing to have so read a damn book you heathens anyways how do When you encounter one on the street not dedicate that that’s that’s the one I cannot agree with Jordan I’m absolute I’m absolutely not putting cats and not not a cat I don’t I can get I do not get I’m sorry People I’m a dog person I have I have a golden retriever and a dioxin can’t do it sorry guys can’t do the Thing you know Cantu the cathing so you’re wrong Jordan Peterson I will die will not be the one putting it Don’t let bullies get away with it human that’s a good one that’s a very good one do not let bullies get away with it I was talking about this with my wife and in kind of the way the like how to parent it’s an interesting conversation that you can have surrounding that is like you you have to be the one who gives your children boundaries in in the in the way that you can just cuddle your child through every everything that they do if you’re doing something that’s annoying they should know that it’s annoying so that when they go into the world and they truly start annoying people that that they’re knocking to find somebody who is you know I am never gonna do or say anything to my child that would intentionally hurt their feelings let alone physically harmed them ever my entire life I could never imagine somebody who could do that but there are people out there who are physically violent and there are people out there who are capable of that MM will do so on a dime and will do so without cause even and so you have to realize that and in and so you have to give them that you know a certain amount of boundaries in a safe setting that’s not to say that there’s any like aggressive parenting is obvious they are wrong we learn that and you never touch your child or hit your child do you know obviously but it’s you know but there’s still a reason that you should be Stern with them in the way that you teach them right and that’s the same thing Dilip always get away with that of some’s gonna treat you negatively or or or talk down to you for something or or or specifically try to harm you you should know how to defend yourself and so that comes down to know also putting yourself in a position prior to that to be competent enough to confront boys when they present themselves right not only just having the idea that you need not look good let them get away with it you know whether that’s you know getting into a self-defense class or getting into better shape or you know whatever that is for you and to me it’s given the damn jujitsu class but I digress but also for your children because you can position them in away from a very young age to not let boys get away with it and to make them confident enough to approach a bully when there is one because many people have their children not engage in any conflict in their entire life’s and so when it arises they have no idea how to deal with it is do not bother children when they are skateboarding I like that one that’s a good one says write a letter to the government if you see something that needs fixing and propose a solution in man that’s a really interesting idea, if you actually feel like there’s a legitimate issue with our government write a damn letter and do something about it and also propose a better solution like one of these rules I think that’s a pretty profound and it seems so silly like that that is profound that you should write a letter and propose a solution but if you if you feel like there’s something wrong with this oil through this gas thing right I feel like there’s obviously a reason that there they’re lying to you about that but hey I don’t know I haven’t dive deep enough into that situation took to write a letter and propose a solution to this gas rising or this Ukraine situation or that you know it’s like that that’s a truly you know use our governmental system for what it is there is a purpose for remember that you do not yet know what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know in any given time rightly any given time should be having the idea that you always be smarter tomorrow than you were yesterday be grateful in spite of your suffering be grateful and spite of your suffering as is always going to be suffering gratitude is a choice right like that the suffering is what happens to you in gratitude is what you decide to have despite that right so despite all of the ship is going on the world right now despite some of the craziness that maybe is happening in your personal life or at work a grateful grateful for the things you have be grateful for the reality that you were given and choose who you believe would be the most ideal self I think that was a powerful one and every day and try to be that person I think that’s it that’s a good way to to look at it so hello Hope you guys enjoyed our conversation just some some quick little little bit lighter than the usual conversation that we have but I think it’s important to step back and intake some of these high-level ideas that could maybe one of those things stuck for you and then you can sit and think about that and and kind of extracted and find a way to implement it and if one of you does that as a result of this know that’s pretty cool to me so thanks for listening I appreciate your time if you could go ahead and hit the subscribe button if you did not already I appreciate you so much hit the five star review button if you have not done so already and again I would appreciate so much you can make somebody’s day right now you can do something good for somebody else despite your suffering head and press that five-star review button and then head over to the Instagram at red Hill revolt go to the link tree or the gifts and go and please consider giving a donation and I spend a lot of time on these things a lot of time putting together the videos and all that so I would really appreciate it were to be finding a a good way to’s to give more content to you guys and find a little bit more ways to make this a financially lucrative hopefully at some point venture for me as well so look out for those with and have some changes like that YouTube video got hold and something about some things with the video aspect and maybe to find a way to do that on the on that thing I don’t know if patrons the way I don’t know I don’t know man like that I don’t know how to really approach this so I’m getting to a point in our like you know there’s there’s enough here’s to the other be really cool to be able to start making something of it and be appreciative of any input you guys so don’t know exactly the way of the direction of Inigo as of right now it’s free everything’s free you get all of it unpaid no ads just made here sitting talking to you asking you to you know listen to be more by pressing a button oh yeah were in a figure that out so if you got any suggestions for me I’ll I want to do something that is not intrusive at all from a user perspective so I be really interested to hear other than that I hope you guys have a great week thank you so much for listening I appreciate you so much and welcome to the revolution have a great week

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