The Deep State: Davos, The World Economic Forum & The New Cashless Society

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the freezing of Canadian citizens’ bank accounts and the coming of a cashless society where “you will own nothing and be happy about it” according to the World Economic Forum, and their villainous leader Klaus Schaub. We also discuss the inner workings of the Deep State and who is a part of it. We also discuss the looming crypto crackdown coming as the American Freedom Convoy makes its way to Washington DC ahead of Biden’s first State of the Union Address.

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Full Transcription: 

Welcome to Red Pill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill Revolution started out with me realizing it and every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those Howard now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken duress welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for joining me it’s been a unbelievable past week or so since we talked not even a few days of craziness happening around the world and were going to touch on that briefly but today what were actually going to talk about the overarching topic here is the upcoming attack well the last few years and the upcoming attempts at turning us into a cashless society and the ramifications of that for you as a citizen and the way were to lead into that today is a discussion that talks about a $30,000 retirement that was stripped from a single mom in Canada for donating $50 $50 to the freedom convoy and so that’s how to lead in this work in a dive deep today into who is behind this attempt at the cashless society including the world economic forum in the closet shop who is behind that a little bit about BlackRock Credit Suisse and some of these huge large conglomerate extremely large corporations were worth basically trillions and are behind all of this push here so were going to talk about that were going to touch on that little bit really talk a little bit about what Justin Trudeau did by enacting this emergency Powers act and the fact that just hours ago the Canadian Parliament I believe approved the vote for him to extend this basically deciding their own sovereign nation is now can be taken over by those totalitarian state that we’ve seen so all of that and more today but again the overarching topic is going to be based on that in a move towards a cashless society and how horrible internal review note terrible that would be for us as individuals as we’ve seen this woman’s bank account get frozen for donating $50 to somebody who the government disagrees with their opinions who were peacefully protesting so again all of that more but first before we do that I needed to do one little Eddie bitty thing for me you know in this I need to press the subscribe button if you’re on Apple podcasts of your own spot of five your watching us on YouTube wherever the hell you’re listening to this podcast I need you to press the subscribe button really quick it takes two seconds two seconds 12 let’s all take this all you you did did you do it yet if you didn’t you should have and if you then yeah during our two seconds they’ll stop talk about it to be two seconds ready go all right thank you so much I appreciate it so much you now subscribed not to let next thing you can do for me as though how to give a five star review if you’re on Apple podcast if you’re on spot if I would appreciate it so much I hope that you feel the passion in these topics and talking about I truly am interested in these things and I’m truly interested in engaging with the community about these things because you know my regular day life sometimes a some crazy rant about the stuff swept them with his at least I have an outlet to talk to you guys and I appreciate all your feedback so go ahead and live a five star review if you think I deserve it if you don’t think I deserve a five star review go to message me why and I’ll do my best to improve the show for you so thank you so much for listening besides that you can go ahead and donate over right directly on the link three link truTV link TR.EE/rental revolt directly on the Instagram which is at red pill revolt but anyways let’s move on let’s talk about this topic is on the I’m super interested in and something that will will start off and kick off here with this story in Canada so just a couple days ago we saw it well yeah not even a full day ago now the freedom rally basically got pushed out of Ottawa by a bunch of violent policeman and what some people are saying aren’t even Canadian police were flown in overnight by the UN and so it was truly baffling to see these police officers or whatever you want to call them there without any badge and in having they actually had body cameras on them but later revealed that those body cameras are only to be used to basically track and go after the citizens that were there in these sweeping financial friezes of individual assets for peacefully protesting crazy thoughts read the story this was directly posted on Reddit and it says 30 K retirement savings seized for donating $50 to convoy in Ontario Canada the something really shocking just happened for those who donated to the convoy don’t think you are safe even if you made a small donation I Wednesday my aunt went into the credit union to withdraw her money as she was hearing rumblings of the government going after people who supported the freedom, they told her to come back on Thursday as they didn’t have the money from a bank that doesn’t have money interesting she came back on Thursday and was whisked into a back room the bank immediately called 911 and told her to wait until the police were arrived while they said it wasn’t a dangerous situation and was for their protection if she got violent wow the police came they didn’t say anything or tell anything that she was inside she was instructed to come back on Tuesday for a meeting with the senior account manager to get her money and that she would need to withdraw it $5000 of the time she previously had no problem pulling out $8000 for a car she went to the store today Sunday and her card was declined she called the bank and her account was closed can’t get in touch with a real person until Tuesday she noted a $50 of the freedom convoy undid Sango and stood with the Canadian flag in Ottawa if this doesn’t resolve next week I’m going to suggest you contact revenues and maybe they can do something look like the news was right and then posted a couple little snippets from this news article which of the government’s new directive called the emergency’s economic measures order goes beyond asking banks to simply stop transferring funds to protest organizers the government wants to thanks to stop doing business with some people altogether the order says that banks and other financial entities like credit unions co-ops loan companies trusting crypto currency platforms must stop providing any financial or related services to people associated with the protests a move that will result in frozen account stranded money and canceled credit cards wow so now if you follow the law you peacefully protest and if you have a different belief than what the government holds they can out freeze all of the money now what will realize and that is it was never your money to begin with the money that when that was in that account was never her money and they said it they are to her initially which was we don’t have the money Banks are in the business of holding on to your money Banks are in the business of taking your money and reinvesting it and then when they make the profits they pay it back to you and then when there’s no money in there at all they give you a nonsufficient funds fees did you know there was over $1 billion at $1.2 billion last year charged to people during a pandemic right during a pandemic there was $1.2 billion worth of nonsufficient fund fees charged to people who had no money 1.2 million billion $1.2 billion banks made off the backs of people who were it not even just poor who are without any money at all without any money at all in there to charge them in nonsufficient funds fees when something just tries to pull a in the amount of $1.2 billion during a pandemic it’s it is despicable it’s a disgusting literally taking from the poor it’s unbelievable to me that these banks are in in a position where they can do these things and in the end what if this is nothing else but the lessons you to realize that the money that is within the banks and we talked about this before we talked about you know that linchpin to freedom the banks the banks are now the linchpin to freedom there are the ones telling you that you can’t hold these thoughts and if you do our money is no longer accessible to you you know the money that you work so hard for save so hard for input entrusted in with them and this is the same exact reason that they’re going after crypto currency because they have no control right there’s no linchpin to freedom they can’t freeze your crypto wallet right and there was this cool article that came out or an email that was basically put out that I hope I can find here that basically said it was by a company that was a crypto wallet company that had got an email from the Canadian government and it said something around the effect of you know we need you to freeze the assets of these truckers or we need to freeze the assets of people who participate in this and the way that this crypto currency company came back at them in said basically was that we don’t hold their money it’s their money we don’t have access to their money it’s their money we don’t even have the key to the safe even if we wanted to we could not freeze their assets it’s not their assets even at all is is attached to an email and this is their problem with crypto the reason that they don’t want you to hold crypto currency is because it takes the power away from the financial institutions it takes the linchpin away for them to pull out your entire life your entire life savings away from you the second that you disagree with their opinions and this may even go back to and relate to our own government with the Department of Homeland Security putting out that new national terrorism and national terrorism advisory bulletin which we talked about last week because now what does that mean for us can they do the same thing if we disagree because that’s literally what that setting you up for that’s literally what they just did under Justin Trudeau and they just approved it again they just decided that you can continue these tele-totalitarian violent attacks on Peru peaceful citizens they disapprove that you can freeze the bank account of a single mother who has just $30,000 in assets as her life savings that she plans on retiring on because she sent $50 to somebody who she thought was doing the right thing you know the $50 that was legal at the time even before they decided to call their own citizens terrorists were holding beliefs in expressing them as Justin Trudeau said even before that this woman donates legally and now they freeze her bank account and don’t let her pull any of her money and close it altogether who wanted that money go to go directly into you know Justin Trudeau’s blackface bank account so he can find all the makeup for his Halloween costumes down the road and yet he wants a certain point his dirty finger at everybody else for holding beliefs that disagree with him it’s unbelievable that they did this and they’re going to continue doing this that the whole reason they pass this emergency act again today today all even after this woman’s assets were frozen even after there was women who were being shoved a gun barrel at them over and over again in a lethal attempt to force when I was in the military the very limited firearms training that I received we were taught how to strike with a firearm how to strike with rifle and those are lethal strikes the at the the way that you go about that is with intent to have lethal force you’re not shoving a metal barrel at somebody’s body because you want to you know change their viewpoint you’re doing it because you want to inflict pain on somebody that’s exactly what these police officers are doing including the woman and man who were literally trampled from what some news companies were saying was to death which we found out later was not the case but still does not take away any of the sentiment of what that the police officer was doing could have easily easily taken the lives of those people of that woman in a walker who they try to say through a bicycle through a bicycle at that horse oh you mean the old woman that you ran over and trampled with the falcon what would draft horse but you’re trying to spin that because you think your citizens are stupid enough to believe that she threw a bicycle at your horse know that was her walker and then you try to twist the blame and pointed back at her it’s it the way their governments are going about these things and I’m not even a Canadian citizen I’m pretty to him close with where I live but it it makes the for the fact that our governments are going to the length that they are in the police are doing nothing about it nothing date days they enforced it with billy clubs in the perils of their guns they enforced it with the for the hooves of their draft horses on the backs of old ladies and their walkers and then tried to twist the blame freeze your bank account and say that it’s your fault for holding different beliefs than them how in the world that we get to this point how in the world we have regular everyday citizens going home to their children going home to their wives after going and making $800 a day was the rumor of what these these Mounties and cops made for going in and inflicting violence on peaceful individuals $800 a day to sell your soul to trample the bodies of peaceful individuals were literally fighting for your freedom handing you flowers trying to give you it literally giving hugs to any police officer who would who would there was one that got the came out and gave a hug to them one that you can find for the job after hundreds I will I watch so much live streams over the weekend and made my head spin it made my head almost want to explode with how these people were treated for how literally there’s no other country that you could ever imagine being as peaceful as the citizens were the trucking cowboy the freedom convoy I’d I’ll tell you what is not to be that peaceful United States I’ll tell you what those officers will act up as much as they did there because of the lethal force that that the American citizens hold with the Second Amendment rights SI saying that this should usher saying that we can’t be that they are going to have to keep that in the back of their minds that they are not the only ones with weapons and if you shove a gun barrel down somebody’s down somebody’s neck because there peacefully protesting you’re probably going to incite the people you don’t want to incite who aren’t there peacefully protesting you’re probably going to get the people who want this to happen just like you do in order to meet you in the middle with his much lethal force is your meeting with them and their family members who are being peaceful to begin with again this is not promoting violence not promoting violent protests what this is promoting is the fact that there are police officers out there who are to be met with this very same situation in the United States and Washington DC in 10 days time with the American that the freedom convoy in the US that’s going to DC if you have heard about that look it up and if you drive a truck get your ass down there so this is speaking to those cops you know which side of history you want to be on you generally speaking that the police officers are not the ones pushing or wanting to push net vaccine mandates and if you go up to a bunch of peaceful protesters in the United States and push them this way the same way that you push the Canadian citizens and then go home and justify it based off of $800 a day to your wife I hope she never looks at you the same again I know I would and if I was your spouse I know I wouldn’t look up to my dad if he was out there Billy clubbing peaceful protesters over Justin Trudeau’s idea of a pathological society built on you know surveillance so in the just know which which which side of history do you want to be on the side of the one cop who can now look back at the situation say I was the one who stood up and hugged those those peaceful protesters is that man’s to go down in history and apparently he passed out or something at some sometime you know some he says about locking your knees or something like that I don’t know that sounds like it was not serious but I hope that man’s right and in kudos to him for finding that wall in your head that says don’t do this because you’re gonna get in trouble with your superiors we’re gonna get in trouble with your work or you could lose your job a finding that humanity in you that should supersede that feeling in every individual who is wearing a black or green uniform at the freedom rally who felt that I know you did I know they did I know that you were walking towards these protesters who were peacefully protesting handing you flowers trying to give you a hug and shake your hand and telling you that they loved you and yet you were walking towards them with a billy club on the orders of your superiors who were on the orders of literally the world economic forum Charles or Klaus Schwab was just as much a part of it is Justin Trudeau is literally like very next in line under clause job and that the world economic forum so just think about that when you go back out there just think about that if you’re a cop in DC which side you want to be a you want to be in the picture hugging the protester no identifying that morality within your soul and realizing that they’re just humans and they hold the same beliefs probably that you do and you’re just not you don’t have the balls enough to express them or your dear not willing and not enough to give up her paycheck as I’ll tell you what I’ve been in the situation where I had to give up a paycheck for my fundamental beliefs I literally turned down a very literally an executive position in the company over the vaccine mandate at 28 years old with a very nice salary over the vaccine mandate had the had the proposal in my email and couldn’t do it for my children for my wife for myself because I know eventually I’m to have a story in the back my head of who I was during the situation and what I was willing to give up for my freedom and what I was willing to put on the wayside what dreams or goals I had that that would’ve been pursued that would’ve checked off for me but not if it means my morality not if it means that I’m in a look back when I’m 65 years old and all of this is is is is over and I’m to be telling my grandchildren I sold my soul first six-figure salary note now me now me and you know what because I made the decision something better came up and always will when you make that decision that’s what’s right for yourself and what’s right for your family the universe will conspire on your behalf I promise you so if you’re a cop out there in your ear called to that front line with a billy club and you have to decide between the $800 paycheck in your morality I promise you know what message me message me if you are a police officer and you are called to do these things and enforce these mandates message me on Instagram and I promise you I will find you a job I will use my personal network I will use my Instagram network I will absolutely find you a job making you more money than you make today message me that’s all you have to do if you feel like your moralities on the line send me a message and will work it out I promise are it so I guess we should move into some of these things I have pulled up here I’m so the next thing to talk about is going to be going to go into more of this cashless society but there is actually this this little interesting info graphic that was posted on Reddit that shows the world economic forum as is known members of labor of the Liberal caucus with ties to the world economic forum so who these people are begins with claws shop and it’s kind of like a tree if you’re watching on Instagram are you what you’re not watching or listening so is this like tree chart at the very top of it his claw shop under that the next two people on the tree is Justin Trudeau his clown ass and Chris tenia or Christina Christie Christie a Freeland I don’t know who any of these other people are but I do know that it looks to me on this little info graphic that Justin Trudeau basically directly reports the clock shop who is the same individual telling you to go cashless so that date the same person who sitting under him in this tree can freeze your bank account for holding opinions that differ from his and expressing them never to dive deeper today into this world economic forum were in a dive deeper today into what their intentions are emerging to dive a little bit deeper into you know the background of this cashless society and were all even started because it didn’t start with falcon Apple pay as much as we may think it it in and will even go back just a little but there’s a school of the video will show you actually that I think kind of explains this well and then will will kind of discuss that and go from there so here it is in the 1970s a group of researchers was assigned a simple task imagine you work for the KGB and you need to create a perfect surveillance system without creeping people out and this is what I came up with they predicted and widespread adoption of debit cards would be the best surveillance system within the constraint of not being obtrusive and they were right with a debit card you’re not thinking about surveillance is being sold to you as a convenience payment method and he had he maintains a detailed record of your purchases with the precise location and time these data can be sold and marketed by your provider retailers and payment processors or be collected by a three letter government agency just in case they need to look at what your shopping reveals about her personality you know for national security plan surveillance capability of debit cards diminishes the anonymity of cash payments this makes it easier for the government to collect taxes and eliminate black markets that heavily rely on cash precisely for its and traceability but the success of such surveillance is only viable when anonymous options are no longer available we will soon approach that reality is we are being transformed into a cashless society average pack of cigarettes in Australia costs about AU$40 this due to Australia’s heavy tax on tobacco products which is the highest in the world with such high taxes incentivized unintended behavior Australia struggles with a huge black market for smuggling cigarettes and there is a crime epidemic of stealing products from tobacco warehouses the result is a massive tax evasion and organized crime which the Australian government decided to deal with by cracking down on cash it is now illegal to make or accept a payment or series of connected payments in cash in excess of AU$10,000 summer floating proposals to do away with the Austral he is to hide his denominations the hundred and the $50 bills the goal is to squeeze the juice out of the black market and starve of their businesses limiting cash payments and banning high-volume banknotes is becoming a global trend in friends the cap on cash transactions is only €1000 in Italy it’s a 2999 99 the European Central Bank has recently stopped issuing €500 notes although they will remain accepted is a legal tender in definitely put it in perspective visit little European project of replacing €500 banknotes is actually going to require covering €300 billion in circulation and it will cost €600 million instant Art so that you get the point that basically the only reason a debit card or thing as for surveillance did you catch that is that kinda blew me away no reason is that a card thing is for store start store for surveillance so that they can track where you spent your money how much you have of it who you’re giving it to and eventually what your political beliefs are slick and strip it away from you right how crazy is it that all of our cash over money not even cash right all of our cash is a fictitious idea 1099% of Americans you nobody carries cash and it’s like self-imposed and in in you know that the question that this is like how do we get out of this I think I’ll answer the question a little bit you know what what do we need to do to fight back against this knowing obviously propose a big piece of right crypt is obviously that the biggest answer to all this but the reason that there is a debit card the reason that you have a bank account the reason your money is not backed by the gold standard is because they want to track you and think about this is way before there was even literally cameras on every corner in the cell phone here listening to your every move right it’s this is before all of that they predict debit cards being the number one way to track and in surveilled people and you willingly use that on every transaction basically so to lie I’m deftly change my ways after I learned some things here because how how will they track you if they didn’t if you didn’t have a phone a man was literally the first thing they do when people go missing they start pulling their debit card transactions are credit card transactions released in the movie is set in every murder movie ever will will you know they they go like spend their debit card and the different colony so they believe they left this the state or something you know it’s like yeah of course of course that’s the way that they track you outside of every single oatmeal microchip that’s in every piece of electronics that you hold with you at every given moment including that Apple watch on your wrist and the phone that’s next to you and make the car that has GPS built into it and you know literally all of in Emma’s even getting more ridiculous right it’s even gotten more ridiculous did you know that Apple not Apple Starbucks Starbucks has $1 billion in assets because of their just their phone app where people prepay for coffee could you imagine a drug dealer be like a just give me you know 50 bucks ahead of time and then when you come here just show me your phone what you meant to give you money now the buy something later why will they do it because it transitions into a asset for them immediately they can then loan that money out and invest that money intake out loans on that money it’s a asset to the company and they can then deal they can value their evaluate their company at a much higher amount than truly should be because that transactions already happen the second you pay that $1 billion because of Starbucks apps and that’s how silly this all things getting right and I think that you know the the that that’s probably the silliest of them all but so the idea entirely with the way that our banking system was set up was for eventually cashless society and the reason of their doing that is this exact situation that we saw with this woman in Canada right the only reason they’re able to freeze her money they can they work to go into her home in and take out her you know her safe right and I could go throw her out of her home minute might at some point but I would I wouldn’t put it past them literally at this point but as they would’ve had a much harder time seizing this money if it wasn’t for her banking system if the linchpin a freedom it literally is just another one of those conglomerate corporations that are a linchpin just like parlor had the linchpin of that you know not only the Amazon server but all of the other host servers that were out there so they people basically pulled the plug in all of the momentum it’s the same linchpin that we saw with that you know the minimum individual so many examples of that your phone was surveillance there’s there’s all of these things that are in the way from you having your own personal liberty it in their all packaged and designed to make you feel like it’s in your best interest to have it based on convenience how is it convenient to have somebody else hold your money for you but do something a terrible idea altogether even if nothing goes to ship ever like hey hold onto my money for me why why not put it in an asset when you purchase something with it so that that that that has a higher value over time why not pull in the crypto currency at this point which is way easier alternative when put under your mattress for that matter right safer than the banks when your opinion comes in the play what could you imagine that it’s like you know you have a safe give a safer you put your money into it and in and ask you how do you feel about the restrictions and mandates before you can open up your open up your safer money in the second ago well I don’t think that the government should be jabbing metal objects into me that hold serums that we have no long-term side effects on in your safe just collapses on itself and you never able to ask nobody would buy that safe that’s literally what you’re putting your money into is an opinion police that decides now whether you have access to your paycheck nobody would ever buy the opinion safe that’s it that’s an interesting one nobody would ever buy the opinions they afraid that the political opinion safe where you have to speak your political opinions and if it differs from that of the safe you don’t have access to your money anymore Re: I think that’s the furthest we can take that analogy so let’s go ahead and move on here the next interesting little bit of information that were to talk about action before we do that let’s go ahead and say this again will head and pause for a second not possible to keep growing but what I’m to tell you if what were not pausing is that you should so strive to this channel I write if you’ve made it this far I think you know obviously didn’t turn it off and die you must have something in you that appreciates this conversation so I’m go how to process subscribe button again I would appreciate so much and it means the world to me to see you know our numbers grow in this community and more and more people interested in these topics and so if you could go ahead and subscribe if you’ve Artie subscribe go ahead and leave a five star review if you could if I deserve it I would really truly appreciate it ants modify Apple podcasts YouTube wherever you compress a five star button and again if you think I’m deserve less than five stars go to message me why I hope to get better for you just don’t have to give me less than five stars but because I plan on getting to the five stars for your promise but in the meantime subscribe five star review and then if you feel like you’d like to take it that extra mile and really truly show your appreciation for the show I make virtually nothing off of this I promise you I had a guy in the comments on his grandma talked about last week say something about the only reason I hold my opinions are because it pays the bills hi Valerius I made like a select less than three cents in our fight actually and I may like $200 total in general often evolved combined you know maybe $300 in combined donation some on the from sources say that or not but those $300 meant the world to me and they kept me going it went at the video closer to the beginning of this and you know it really just tells me that what I’m doing is right and again that meant the world to me that somebody found just to even adjust the dollar of this worth it of my opinions young people say my $0.10 you know maybe you find it worth a dollar or even more and again that means the world to me so if this does mean a little bit more to you please go ahead and consider going to give pill revolution and donating their or going directly to her Instagram clicking the link in the bio at reptile revolt going for link three and there’s a little button on their way to do it right on Langtry makes it easy if you don’t feel like press and keyboard buttons for some reason I was glad and jump back into it and the flavor can jump back into it is a tweet that was done a legitimate real tweet at least the says it’s a realtor you didn’t verify comes from five years ago and the only way I know how to go through tweets is by its growing I would take forever but is from the world economic forum some to go to fact check me right for chirping at W EF on Twitter this was supposedly posted it just is so audacious and ridiculous that it doesn’t seem like they could have said this but it is December 27 of 2016 at 2:09 PM and it was quoting Ida Aachen who is a member of Parliament in Denver who said welcome to this is what they put as the tweet welcome to 2030 I own nothing have no privacy and life has never been better I own nothing my privacy is not mine anymore in life has never been better it’s so hilarious to me the way that these politicians and deep political states and dark underlying string polars think that they could just literally spiked speak words into the universe like they must really think that the law of attraction is the real thing because they just say some crazy ship and expect you to just believe it and roll with it you know it when Bidens like you know all Americans know it’s a great thing for us to go to war with Russia that no basically none of us think that but he thinks that if he continues to say these things and say it as if you already agreed with him just like this woman in the world economic form and every other politician ever putting Justin Trudeau’s dumb ass just say things and expect you to just go along with the oh if everybody else believes that the maybe I should to an heir not to get all of us argosy they made on they may not even think that they’re gonna get 80% of us but if they can persuade that 20% who super agreeable and at the moment is on the fence*Pres. Biden says everybody else thinks that we should go toward Russia so we should and Ida often says that you know in 2030 I own nothing I have no privacy in life’s never been better then they legitimately think that that’s what can be the end result so maybe you should start using the law of attraction in your life to and somehow eventually will become of multitrillion or corporation who you know makes their money off the backs of you know real citizens with real morals instead of their disgusting swamp of a life so that Tweety is on but I can’t believe simply what type that in and then the world economic forum opposed the supposed to be a bunch of really smart people with a short ton of money who get together to talk about things have a social media person who thought it was a great idea to say I own nothing I have no privacy in life is never better and they think that your to believe that so it’s an interesting segue here because here is this quote coming back again and again this started in 2016 was when the tweet was from is a couple videos here and talk about you know you will own nothing and you will be happy about so let’s go ahead and watch some of those so this is now in a commercial from the world economic forum and I’ll go ahead and read you what it says but I’m to stop the music so the microphone stop Africa so here you it says you own nothing and you will be happy whatever you want you’ll rent in the be delivered by drone then they’ll own it the sum of separate I say that WS will be the worlds with the say the US won’t be the world’s leading superpower a handful of countries will dominate here’s what he had to say about the comfortable dome and I don’t know which ones they might date a terrifying coalition of big business being tech and left wing totalitarians I so confident and so brazen I mean I just all the US elections I guess that feeling pretty chuffed with themselves that they are now promising you will learn nothing and you will be happy what they should’ve added his added is and we the very rich line everything and even apnea because they will the great tragedy here is a Prince Charles is involved in this fascist corporatist global push he stole my joke, and is thereby putting our entire constitutional monarchy at risk Queen Elizabeth please blood the pond it is critical and I urge you to write to your MPs over the holidays to insist that no Australian public servant or member of Parliament no individual on the Australian public purpose attends the world economic forum in Lucerne in May which is where this insanity is scheduled to begin please) pays and tell anything I’m just imagining the staff crazy old Rowan with his conspiracy theories think again this garbage is already deeply embedded into our state and federal governments spoken before about the insidious phrase build back beta which sounds like common sense but is in fact just one of several slogans for the great recess and outliving the Orwellian phrase before the Industrial Revolution is all class again minus the white caps on his knee telling us all about the force Industrial Revolution to go through the marital lives completely ignore the limited change how we communicate Hollywood news includes you change actually us all overnighted girls whose lives were so sure cortices to Sligo small graphic small government small cities what city is it was she would be an integrated way it goes delivered by McDade treatment to completing by” operational government service business civil society since it would usually come greatest taking speed. It would be like a tsunami rackets of Ghanaians he forced Industrial Revolution juvenile own nothing but you fill me happy is that is in order his accents much better than mine so I’m glad I let him go for that so it is quite alarming right this is all quite alarming you will know nothing and you will be happy and we won’t own everything and rented to you and make beaucoup bucks VM heard that phrase in a while you’re welcome so this is the direction they want to take it in this direction are taking it that’s why they want out of my scar so fast is that again a linchpin of your freedom they can shut your car down whenever they feel like it right they can see they have a chip in there to tell them exactly were goats and they wanted to be your car you have a car that goes between every house that’s the whole block scar that just take somebody the work on their own separate time frames or shows up like an Uber without somebody driving it and in the goes back to a little fleet stander actually probably never stops that’s what they want they want you to not own anything they want you to be a little worker and and they want to direct you in whatever way pleases them and the queen bee who in this case is that Nazi sounding man that we just listened to say nothing of up on the interesting is like when you get to the upper limits of business like people say so much with you and I’m not you know obviously from an outside perspective I’m not a elite billionaire but they say so much to say literally nothing there so much fluff in their conversation because they know that their entire being is full of ship so the only thing they can do is dance around questions like literally if you watched Justin Trudeau you watch possess key you watch Joe Biden you watch any of these crooks these you know people that should be in jail for the things that they do but instead are taking and stripping people from their homes for having thoughts go to any of them I don’t know it every single one of them did you ask him any question they dance around it for it like a like you know ballet dancer with her words they Satan absolutely nothing of substance that actually legitimately answers a question sir you guys killed billions with the Cova 19 regulations hmmm can you answer as to why will to answer your question I can confirm that everything we’ve done is right and I don’t know the particular case that you’re talking about but I do know that every single day the right thing to do is to get vaccinated and care about the people around you they say that like they never address the actual question the date because they’re cowards and they can that’s why people got so mad with Donald Trump who in no go in after he liked his debates were crazy because he people would ask him real questions and he would really answer that you need to dance around them he would literally debate for 10 minutes with a news reporter or say one thing can roast them and end the conversation will be over so and on that note to I guess true social open today if you’re interested don’t sit on twitter don’t go watch the world economic forum try to take everything away from you knowing the truth social and sign up now I think you can, I know there was like a VIP beta still waiting on a guy to get back for me about but that the producer is now open to the public I think I left but it should be so go check it out through social again I make no money for saying that but you should just go check it out because freedom you know alright so the next thing that read and watch here will be this quick video actually let’s do a little side note here just a little quick little you know Road’s truck stop on the side shut out all the truckers and in Canada and all the ones in the US had in the Washington but anyways so a side note here is that on the eight the February 2022 the CDC went back and changed eight long list of milestones for infants and one can only speculate why why would the CDC completely eliminate crawling as a milestone for children why would they change the walking time frame from 12 months to 18 months to be on time and why would they change talking from 12 months to 15 months all while were dealing with a pandemic whether trying to inject a bunch of pregnant women with something that’s never been tried long-term on regular people let alone pregnant people why would they go had and why would they change all these milestones in could it be that there curious and in wanting to still be hitting in and manipulate the numbers so it looks like children are in autism and all of these issues that arise from vaccines are not on the rise could that be what they’re doing here no no the science changed right the science changed so you know probably still want to use the old regulation or the old milestone markers if you are you know a parent whose legitimately interested in it because they’re trying to dumb down our children by six of 18 months or 12 months and so here’s a quick note on lessee here is a video in the something that we talked about was the cracking down on crypto currency in the United States following these you know it within two weeks two weeks of them labeling people terrorists and in opening up an entire department through the department of homeland security if you have a list of absolute yet go back and watch that it was from four days ago now so very recent stuff touch more on the freedom rally and in some things like that and I but we also here talked about how crypto is now going to be cracked down on there is speculation that Joe Biden’s going to issue executive orders on regulating that on the backs of calling people terrorists now in opening up an entire department of the government entire branch specifically to go after domestic terrorists who so disbelief in the government word for word from the department of homeland security bulletin if you see that it’s in our sub stack which I haven’t mentioned yet red pill you’ll see the whole podcast companion which includes all the links episodes row that you have the actual episode that the videos the audio podcast directly in your email without having to go look for their podcasts or on YouTube it also includes all the links all the articles all the videos from the episodes and so if you want to go back and look at that go to rental revolution that and you can see the Department of Homeland Security bulletin that I included on their as well as the link to take you directly to it as well as downloading the PDF directly from rental revolution the subsector, which is free by the way does cost you anything. Guess companions but if you do want to pay Thursday you can pay for I sub sometimes drain out put out these deep dive articles which kind of dive deeper in a long form writing that apparently I can do on certain topics I have it on the couple weeks but I do plan on continuing that if you only get those if you are a paid scriber for seven dollars a month works out to a dollar 75 a week so anyways moving on on the backs of that crypto is being cracked down on by Joe Biden apparently there is talks of a new executive order so let’s go ahead and check out this video of our senile old man president who cannot remember how disposal name Malone run a country communities been holding its breath on the details of Pres. Biden’s forthcoming executive order which has not come out yet on the subject matter beyond finance supporter Jennifer Shellenberger got the details of that forthcoming order Jennifer give us the lowdown on what’s going on good afternoon Brian that’s right present binding issue a wide-ranging executive order on regulating crypto currency next week the president will direct agencies across the government to study crypto currencies as well as a central-bank digital currency and come up with wide ranging government strategy to regulate digital assets according to an administration official familiar with the matter now the order reflecting alphabet soup of agencies here in Washington that will be tasked with looking into crept out specifically the order will commission a study and the CBBC treasury along with the Department of State the Atty. Gen. Department of Commerce and homeland security and other agencies to develop a report on the future of money and payment system now the director of the opposite science and technology policy will do a technical evaluation of what might be needed to support estimating system stock will be asked if any financial stability right so interesting so basically what you’re saying is that they’re going to then and that’s funny this is 55.0 they just showed and that none of it is probably what there’s actually in that bill that they’re going to do with the regulation you know there’s there’s obviously going to be much more than they’re just studying their going to get a little education on the matter that’s the first the first point of this crackdown by Yahoo finance which you know is completely unbiased in the way they report so yet no way no way so it I’m sure we’ll find out what the real regulations are once you know the diamond handed rather groups get on the his shot out and so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes and will will have to see why they’re cracking down in that moment we can we can speculate as to why or how they’re in a crackdown is the bigger question we know why because they want to cash a society they don’t want you being able to and if you don’t understand crypto you don’t know crypto currency in up let me see if I can give you a very brief understanding of it basically it’s decentralized currency or value which only has a key held by the individual which could be something like the thumb drive or a login or something like that and so it’s a store of goods or story of a digital good which the government has no access to without that key and it is not directly identified by an individual identification so it’s not like you have to show your drivers license to open a crypto currency account in most cases and so it’s literally just attached to an email and so they cannot access it they can’t freeze your account when you decide that you want to make a tweet or send 50 bucks to the freedom convoy because they can’t access they have no ownership over it’s not their money and they don’t have access to the financial institution which they take money from sound like bitcoin the you know Satoshi’s sentence under the home for money to Joe Biden they know it may be hunter by them when surprise me but you know it’s it’s good to be interesting to see where this goes can be interesting to see but but I think the overwhelming understanding should that you should take away from this is that your money is not safe in the bank your money is not safe in the bank because not your money the second you deposit it’s being lent out it’s being sent out as being invested it’s being you know having loans taken out on it it’s not your money there’s there’s no ownership of that and if you have a large enough sun that you want to pull out you will be able to pull out of the banking institution and you might not be able to pull any of it if you disagree with the government as we’ve shown with his 30-year-old woman who had all of her assets frozen in her bank account closed over a $50 donation when it was legal to do so and so I think it’s time that we start taking a little bit more ownership in our privacy right we use the right browsers right I use brief we use the right search engines are used… Right we use the right VPNs whichever one you want to use their but use one and we do that because we are starting to learn more but what you should know is that the enemy not the enemy confer for all for the you know why I would only use that were not the enemy but that the people who are drawing down these regulations and putting them down onto you your giving them direct access to not only how much money you hold who you’re giving that money to and then they can correlate that with what would you say in social media today and am I gonna let you have access to your money the work so hard for so it’s it’s interesting I don’t even think I was wondering this it can you ask a company the pay you in cash even like they have to pay you in check can they pay you by like a money order something I don’t know seems like you should be able to asked to get paid in cash because what if you have a bank account from so is in a be interesting to try to get more educated on this personally because I don’t know much about my financial identification or privacy and I am now more interested in it now seeing that this woman has had her all of her assets frozen as a result of this so I think it’s time that we all take a little bit of ownership in our finances so let’s go ahead and see if is anything else and want touch on and I think there is one more thing here which is this Tucker Carlson video what with it whatever you think about Tucker Carlson and we can go ahead and watch this where he discusses with Dr. Malone briefly the deep state cause shop the world economic forum and the VAX ID agenda so let’s go head and check this out she cannot go through the last two years without being transformed and I agree acutely aware of how compromised our government is in such*covert for me I been dragged kicking and screaming you don’t just resist this whole world economic forum thing on and the become of the epiphany moment for me was when I encountered a young leaders program and videos of Clow Schwab bragging about how he has basically infiltrated all of the Western governments with I believe Justin should overstate anatomy Chester should go Gavin Newsom. It goes on and on a matter fact so one of the things were intended to honor such stack is in a try to on do the diligence and now the young leaders program graduates to their various positions throughout United throughout the North American governments structured candidate United States because they’re all over every neoliberal robot with power it seems like cancer that in 181 of the characteristics he seemed to share if you look at Gavin’s gesture was as to assemblers on the interim leader of New Zealand just as long going on is eight they don’t seem to feed a fingers and hey there very much hardline people and establish the confusion seems to until I saw the website where the world economic forum lays out his policy is very fascinating if you’re active even if you click on code 19 shows how that relates to you know global warming at any of his hell I have and how is all I know I know it’s all here so that you know they touch on it and and this is a super reason this is February 10 so less than 12 days ago Tucker Carlson and Robert Malone were discussing because job the world economic forum and its young global leaders program which I had no idea which makes more sense now is you look at these drones between Justin Trudeau and you know that Gavin Newsom who’s the California governor and they look like these like little mindless puppets you know and pretty it was somebody said just to try was like literally of drama teacher but what in the world and in their the most like black I like weird people who are there’s just nothing there and they came out of this brainwashing young global leaders program through the world economic forum and I would be interested to go check out and you should go check out Robert Malone sub stacker he said that they May in the future or have already mapped out the entire you know impact of these young global leaders program from the from this you know string pulling shadow government so it goes on to say here for those who think this is just a conspiracy theory consider the founder of the private billionaires and world leaders club the world economic forum which meets in Dabo Switzerland every year has clearly expressed his vision of a future in which people will be monitored and tracked by commodities or machine parts as they already are in China Klaus Schwab a German professor founder of the world economic forum wrote in his 2017 book the fourth Industrial Revolution any package pallet or container can now be equipped with a sensor transmitter or radio frequency identification tag that allows a company to track where it is as it moves through the supply chain how it is performing how it is being used and so on in the near future similar monitoring systems will also be applied on the movement and tracking of people Tucker Carlson Robert Malone hone in on one part of the WTF the young global leaders program which includes in its alumni money strategic players in the world response to coven such as Justin Trudeau Bill gates California Gov. Gavin Newsom Mark Zuckerberg Lynn Forrester Rothschilds wow I had no idea about that what in the world wow so that’s the whole I’ve heard of these like spiderwebs coming out and coming into one place but in no it specifically came back to this world economic forum in Dabo’s meeting in the young leaders program so literally Justin Trudeau Bill Gates Gavin Newsom Mark Zuckerberg and Lynn Rothschild were literally all a part of this world economic forum where they’re pushing for this cashless crypto lists surveillance society 1984 Orwellian dystopia together and they’re all a bunch of mindless drones saying whatever they think is going to keep giving them the most money possible and take away every fundamental right that you have and they control think of how much money is in those few names Justin Trudeau Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg and the Rothschild family how much money that is in those four people cuckoo box so home and this tells you why they want the digital vaccine passport it tells you why probably why this got released in the first place from Wuhan it was also that they could force these vaccines force some type of passport system based on the vaccines and enforce eventually a cashless society with a social credit system and you will own nothing and you will be happy about it wow it also says that Gates money was behind the studies which argue from my widespread masking which continues the atmosphere for fear talks about the inflation of death numbers in the effectiveness of mass the Chinese liberation Army weapons lab in Wuhan talks about the political facts conspiracy theories about gay which is funded by the Poynter Institute which is a party funded by Gates so literally put live effect is owned by gates and fact checking information about kids interesting while so I think that’s a really interesting place to signoff your thank you guys for listening so much I hope that you got something from this today I know that I did wow it is this shop world economic forum situation something I’m in need the dive way deeper into I’m very surprised that nobody nobody’s legitimately come to me and told me these things from the hundreds of messages that I get so I want to hear more about this school had a message me let’s talk about it I want to hear more about the send me some links if you got them be super interested to talk about it more tell me what you know but thank you so much for listening I appreciate so much of you haven’t already go ahead and hit that subscribe button every single week we do a new topic a new assume current event stuff but also some overarching bigger form topics like today talking about this cashless society talking about the world economic forum and talking about these impactful things that can change the way that you view society the way that you spend your money the way that you buy food the way that you you know teach your children or education on all of these things all of these things should be taken in consideration among the touch and all of these topics so come on the journey with me hit the subscribe button go ahead and follow me on Instagram at red pill revolt follow me on truth social look for me will have it in the Langtry I don’t have the account yet but I’m hoping to have it over the next day or so and go ahead if you feel like I deserve it revolution you can donate right there you can donate on the link treat directly at the link tree which is pill revolt and then you can also subscribe to the sub sub stack seven dollars or for free if you cannot Ford any of it I get it but if you can I would appreciate so much you tip your waitress you tip the damn pizza guy seven dollars per bring you some pizza and I just brought you some cold hard fax son so go ahead and if I deserve it to go ahead and had to give Sango.rental or go right to the link. The link in the bio and give a donation I would appreciate so much my wife would appreciate it so much so she think some actually doing some down here so just talking to myself and anyways have a great week guys thank you so much for listening I will talk to you soon in the meantime stay safe stay free and welcome to the revolution have a great day


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