The War on Peace: Joe Biden & The Military Industrial Complex

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the new Homeland Security Advisory Bulletin labeling all citizens of the United States who disagree with the government narrative, or who “sow disbelief in the government through misinformation” as a potential threat to our nation. We also discuss Justin Trudeau also labeling his own citizens as potential terrorists by invoking the War Powers Act for the Freedom Convoy. We also take a deep dive into the ties between the Biden administration and the Military-industrial complex and the history of the Military-Industrial Complex. All of that AND MORE on this week’s show! 

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Welcome to Red Pill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill Revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion and politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken duress welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is Austin Adams and this is episode number 16 16 of radical revolution and thank you so much for joining me I really appreciate it so excited to talk about this topic and not even that I guess excite is not even the word I’m on like more so wanting to share this with the world some of these concerns some of these topics in some of the more recent things that have happened because I got a lot to say about it so without further ado this week’s episode is going to be on the military-industrial complex it’s also going to touch on a new national terrorism advisory system bulletin which was released about a week ago which basically labels everybody and everybody who disagrees with our current governmental administration’s opinions if you disagree with their opinions you can be labeled a terrorist which allows them under the you know the patriot act to do basically whatever they want which is interesting’s will dive deeper into that will also touch on some of the history of the military-industrial complex plaques we’ll talk about some of the people who have talked about it what they’ve said some of the speeches that have been made and some some of the turning points of when this really kind of settled into our nation will also go into a little bit about the freedom rally as well the freedom convoy which was basically also right around the same time that this national terms terrorism advisory bulletin chemo in the US was also about you know very close within several days all of the truckers of the freedom convoy were allegedly now labeled as terrorists as well so all of that tomorrow it all of that and more on this week’s episode and I before we get to that though you no the drill the first engine to do before we talk about all these things I’m really excited really passionate to discuss with you the first thing I need to do is just go ahead and press the subscribe button the little button right there on the screen that you know if you’re driving I forgive you you don’t have to do it that states stay alive for the next episode don’t be picking up your phone just to subscribe for me when you stop maybe think about school had picked that subscribe button if you’re not driving go ahead and touch the button right now it starts with an S ends with an up scribe go ahead and click it right now it takes one second means the world to me you know you there’s only a few things you could do in your day today that would really impact some of his life in a positive way and that’s one of them just think about you can have some real good positive karma just by pressing a button just tap that will subscribe button that’s great karma for you because you’re doing some awesome for me awesome for the show and awesome for the world by helping us by this message so go ahead and press the subscribe button if you’ve already done that which so many of you arty have I would like you to do one more thing for me which is go ahead and give us a five star review you guys have been smashing that five-star review button I appreciate it so much is so cool to go on to the app spot if I and Apple podcasts just see in all five stars across the board which means to me that this is resonating with you right I appreciate that so much so go head press that five-star review button if you think I deserve it if you think I deserve less than five star review go ahead and message me why I do hope to get better for you you have to press the four-star under but no go ahead and in message me and I’ll do what I can to make it a five star podcast for you so with all that aside the last thing is go ahead and follow us on Instagram follow us on sub stack are Instagram’s rental revolt at red pill revolt put out a bunch of reels and cool stuff short videos from each episode every single week put out a few of them I’m in the last one is go ahead and subscribe to the sub stack that’s the basically the way if everything shuts off of my instrument gets shut down you know the world comes to an end I’ll still be able to send you an email so red pill revolution.sub and that way if there’s an apocalypse you know we can all squad up and you know take on the zombies together so I’m rental every single week get better this guys I’m in a weird transitional period in my life but I’m going and trying to get better to get out as much content on that subsectors I can include in that podcast companion I found a way to really kinda systematize my show here where I’m downloading all of the stuff there’s an app called Evernote which I found is great to just clip all these articles and videos and I’m discussing here was to make it much easier for me to drag them over to the podcast companion on the sub stack so that’s all I got to want to take up much of your time here let’s go ahead and jump into this weeks episode episode 16 is about the military-industrial complex in the first topic never to talk about this is a more recent topic in a more recent Miller bulletin that came out under the national terrorism advisory systems this was released on February 7 of 2022 by homeland security and you can find this either on the sub stack or just search the national terrorism advisory system bulletin from February 7 from the Homeland security website and this is a summary this is what it says him to read it verbatim cases the United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories in other forms of miss this and mall information which they give an acronym of MDM right we are introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors who these threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and to undermine the public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest which could potentially inspire acts of violence mass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence conducted by lone offenders in small groups acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and or personal grievances pose an ongoing threat to the nation while the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year the convergence of the following factors has increased the volatility on predictability and complexity of the threat environment the proliferation or the proliferation of false or misleading narratives which sew discord or undermine public trust in US government institutions continued calls for violence directed at US critical infrastructure and soft targets and mass gatherings faith-based institutions such as certain churches synagogues mosques institutions of higher education racial and religious minorities government facilities and personnel including law enforcement and the military the media and perceived ideological opponents and caused by foreign terrorist organizations for attacks on the United States based on recent events so that was a bunch of words basically to say that they are now defining a terrorism threat as having different ideologies and ideological beliefs then our government which you’ll see a little bit more they try to pointed out as being foreign threat actors I try to throw that in there three or four times what you know now you there on Instagram you know not you over there that were calling the terrace were: foreign threat actors but but but they give you use the words here because now that the the weight that this holds is one that opens up a Pandora’s box of legal ramifications for what they can now do to people that they believe is sowing doubt in governmental narratives so let’s go ahead and readable a bit more about this it says the primary terrorism related threat to the United States continues to stem from loan offenders or small cells of individuals were motivated by a range of foreign and or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content the convergence of violent extremist ideologies false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories have and will continue to contribute to a heightened threat of violence in the United States Key features contributing to the current heightened threat environment include the proliferation of false or misleading narratives which sold discord or undermined public trust in US government institutions so this is a key factor of contribution to the current heightened terrorism threat environment and it says this the proliferation of false or misleading narratives which sew discord to undermine public trust in US government institutions is the number one key factor contributing to this heightened threat environment according to homeland security that’s crazy the next one they state his continued calls for violence directed at US critical infrastructure soft targets and mass gatherings faith-based faith-based institutions such as churches synagogues we talked about that one hey goes on to say that foreign terrorist organizations and domestic front actors continue to amplify pre-existing false or misleading narratives online to sow discord and undermine public trust Fallon extremis inspired by a range of grievances so we have Artie touched all of these also says that as covert restrictions continue to decrease worldwide in nationwide increased access to commercial and government facilities in the rising number of mass gatherings could provide increased opportunities for individuals looking to acts of violence to do so often with little or no warning meanwhile: mitigation measures particularly Cova 19 vaccine mass mandates have been used by domestic violent extremist to justify violence since 2020 while and could continue to inspire these extremist target government healthcare and academic institutions that they institute with those measures and none of this is for sure they give you no reasoning as to why they believe this is now a terrorism threat not a single one they say every single thing on here says it could everything right could meanwhile this could you know have been used by domestic extremists to justify violence it’s not about what’s going on around sent about things that are happening that make them want to put that push this out it’s about who they want to go after you and me people that disagree with the vaccine and mask mandates that’s literally on this national terrorism advisory bulletin is about people who disagree and so misinformation about vaccines and masks and now you’re a terrorist for doing so for disagreeing with her narrative which consistently has been wrong across the board has been consistently wrong now if you disagree with their wrong narrative completely false information then you can be labeled a terrorist because you have a belief we are now the thought police and were utilizing our US government and our US you know shadow governments like the CIA homeland security NSA and CIA and I think I said CIA and FBI which we can now target people as terrorists for disagreeing with you for disagreeing with our government for disagreeing with Joe Biden for disagreeing with with our governmental institution which is been wrong over and over and over again they been wrong now if you disagree with them in the moment even if they are wrong later you can be labeled a terrorist a national terrorist advisory bulletin for people who disagree with Joe Biden and disagree with the vaccine and mass mandate narratives crazy so it also goes on to say that some domestic violent extremists have configured your continued to advocate for violence response to false or misleading narratives about substantially unsubstantiated election fraud you know the election fraud which is had countless people how lets people arrested for things that are literally old election fraud not to mention the more recent things that have come out about that you know that the GPS tract you mules who are dropping off hundreds if not thousands of votes for people and taking pictures of them in front of the booths dropping them off now if you disagree with that or you mentioned that you so you so doubt in the government you could now be labeled a terrorist honors of this advisory so the next thing is going to say so he then goes on is a small numbers of threat actors are attempting with our threat actors according to them I really like to see us in a home and security definition of a threat after the small number of connectors are attempting to use the evacuation and resettlement of Afghan the nationals following the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan last year as a means to exacerbate long-standing grievances and justify attacks against them as against immigrants but it doesn’t give an example none of these gives an example of single one of these and say hey this happened this is going on right now and so were raising our heightened you know are our terrorism advisory right so is is how we are responding says that the FBI will continue the church I’m sure timely and actionable information intelligence with the broadest audience possible yet the FBI’s very well known for sharing all of their great information it then goes on to say that we conduct reoccurring threat briefings with private sectors in state and local tribal territory on campus partners including two informant security planning efforts so nothing doing nothing about it says that the DHS office of intelligence and analysis establish a new dedicated domestic terrorism branch to produce the sound timely intelligence needed to counter related threats the department expanded its evaluation of online activity as part of its effort to assess and prevent acts of violence while ensuring the privacy rights of civil rights and civil liberties wow now that’s a joke out of course I’m sure you’re really ensuring our privacy is a top concern when you’re going after literally normal people for having opinions within the domestic a dedicated domestic terrorism branch have we I’m sorry have we had a legitimate domestic terrorism threat or attack in the United States in the last I don’t know – gave sure there’s been like serious mass shootings which even when they happen and they are more than likely a terrorist act they don’t want to call them that right like what was at the I feel like I’m a might be wrong here but I there was the there was that shooting at the management plenty of shootings is been plenty of shootings that could have been labeled terrorist acts that they decided not to label it as it didn’t fit the narrative at the time and now they’re in a late live in a wholly open eight and higher office of intelligence and analysis for dedicated domestic terrorism branches so the next he says in 2001 there was a debt designated domestic violence extremism as a national priority area within his homeland security grant resulting in $77 million all while the got money for labeling us terrorism there Terrace that’s cool ha so says how you can help be prepared statement is to be safe online and don’t disagree with us use different. People or else will make you a terrorist interesting so I die I believe that’s probably the more concerning things I’ve seen come out of our government in a very long time that they are literally opened up an entire division of the government specifically to spy and label people domestic terrorists for sowing disbelief in our government for having a belief were literally the thoughtfully but the thought police now you know then in true Orwellian fashion we have a thought police if you disagree and you post it online there’s now going to be a dedicated branch of the US government which is going to label you as a potential terrorist threat which is interesting while I talk about this that’s Gary that’s Gary so well comes with that right what is that really allow them to the what what it will in a what are we gonna do about it is what it says on what really are they gonna do about it there are to enact the patriot act there and a spy on every single person who talks about anything that disagrees with their narrative right because they feel like you’re losing ground they feel like they’re there they are losing this fight right now and they know it the losing the war on information in their 100% understand this and there scratching at everything that they can to try to win this war back against people from having free thoughts and in speaking them out loud or to tweeting them on twitter right they don’t want you doing that because that’s what’s up you know your information is true and so people believe it and their information is full of shut and so now they want to come after you and him and when you can’t win an argument what you do usually turn the labels right many people if there were losing an argument and they can’t edge of the note at it when the conversation and educated manner though usually start labeling you a something write the usually start to label you as if in some way that they can now make you the other right like we talked about in the episode about the mass formation psychosis you have to label them the other because before you do there just like you and you can’t do the horrific things that generally follow this historically rights you have to make them the other and in the way that they’re trying to make us the other right now is by saying hey if you disagree with us if you disagree with our information which is been probably more wrong then correct probably 80% wrong and Leah I mean that’s super just frivolously throwing out a number but very very statistically inaccurate information coming out of our government over the last three years I got from the federal interest of the see a spreadsheet of all the things of the government said that has been the held weight and whether or not it was factually accurate and to see what percentages actually come out within the last two years as being actually accurate because I highly doubt it’s it’s been a very high percentage so it to me that’s really concerning and if you are paying attention to this emotion start to because you know if you are in any of these groups any of the circles listening to podcasts in the podcast in sharing this information you could very well find yourself on on the wrong end of this you know advisory system bulletin which is very concerning just holding a belief right just for holding a belief now you can be labeled as the other you can be labeled as in this case a potential terrorist because your sewing disbelief in the government that’s horrifying and literally that it is says this it says these threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest which could potentially it says inspire acts of violence they’ll say that this there’s been threats of violence don’t say that there is this rally and always people are coming in with guns and the minute you know because all this violence it’ll say that they say they have thoughts we don’t like those thoughts sort and label them terrorists so that we can spy on all of you every single one of you we can now spy on you we can listen to your conversations we can tap your cell phone we do all of this now because we put out this information I says hey we don’t like what you’re thinking and if you keep thinking that it may potentially possibly with a very very extremely low statistical likelihood lead to violence and because of that belief in my in that there had because of that belief that it could potentially lead to violence now you can be labeled a terrorist this is literally horrifying horrifying that the what will be the ramifications of this what will they now be able to do now that they’ve put this bulletin on this was released a week ago what are you to be able to do now there going to be able to enact the patriot act for sure if the label you a terrorist because that’s the patriot act is for so now because if you so disbelief by disagreeing with her narratives you could now be labeled a terrorist horrifying so on that note let’s move on the next topic which is discussing the freedom rally the freedom convoy in this article says Canadian leader Justin Trudeau invokes emergency powers to end disruptive protests so says Prime Minister Justin Trio on Monday invoked emergency powers to disband the truckers and other demonstrators who have been clogging the streets in Canadian capital of Ottawa and block block borders crossing elsewhere to protest over 19 restrictions in invoking Kansas emergency acts which give the federal government broad powers to restore order Trudeau ruled out using the military and said the action would be limited in time and targeted to the trouble spots while that’s really reassuring it is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy it is now in illegal occupation there literally just playing a word game because these people are making money you know that you know much money truckers make truckers make great money these people are not making more money by sitting there with their trucks not moving with businesses not making an income now it’s illegal occupation so all they have to do is label it as that and now they are no longer allowed to say the words that you want to say because now you’re no longer protesting your having a legal job because people donated to you and they wouldn’t even give you the money but you have to be eventually be paid to further be out of the occupation you’ll just get to work for free and then not get paid because the government decides to take your money anyways which is what they try to do with gifts and go some occupation you are literally protesting in there to the end and then the same time there pouring out gallons of fuel right putting out fires taking firewood away when it’s probably like -10 in Ottawa right now and they want to freeze these people out so it says and goes on to say basically that the when he invokes these these powers it allows him to use in the same way that they’re invoking the power from the national terrorism advisory bulletin the second that they get to say these were that you you do not have this is what this tells me in both of these countries you do not have the right to think you absolutely do not have the right to think on your own will give you that thought until we really don’t like it if we really don’t like what you’re saying or you do it for too long to where we think were to lose were going to now label you a terrorist which is what they did in the United States on February 7 and what they did further Justin Trudeau and this was on February 14 so yesterday so within a week of each other both Canada and the US labeled their own citizens terrorists because they had differing beliefs than what the government holds and they were expressing them truly Tara Tara terrifying terrifying on both accounts and if you’re a trucker and you’re in Ottawa right now more power to you because this the only way this is going that this is going out and see only way the vaccine passports are in and it’s the only way that were gonna win this information battle right that’s why I’m sitting here talking about these things seven days after that labeled a thought terrorist if you disagree with the government and on that on the backs of that you know were seeing what’s happening in Russia right in the last two days three days the Ukrainian border has basically been flooded with about 70% of Russians military just surrounding the border as a response Joe Biden seems to think that it’s time for us to go to war Tubac Ukraine which we’ve never seem to have any type of vested interest in before this so let’s go ahead and watch what Biden has to say on this Russia situation then were going to talk about Biden’s role within the military-industrial complex number to talk about the history of the military-industrial complex little bit so stick around with mere but before we do that what did you do if you do it already he 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you or that you can donate at this time I would really really appreciate it encourages me to keep going and makes my wife think that you know actually doing something with my time so anyways let’s go on to the next topic let’s go hide and watch as Biden Russia video here and see what he has to say this was to day on the 15th him discussing which says present Biden this is about standing for what we believe in so here it is if Russia decides one day that would also have consequences your dome with the American people understand the defending democracy and liberty is never without cost this is a cause unites Republicans and Democrats and I want to thank the leaders and members of Congress of both parties who fortunately spoken out in defense of our most basic most bipartisan most American principles I will not pretend this will be painless there could be impact on our energy prices so where taking active steps to alleviate the pressure on our own energy markets offset raising prices so I think the and the important thing to see if from then there’s this was an 11 minute clip which I’ll include in the podcast companion on sub stack so I’m go check it out there but I think the important part of that there was you know it’s it’s so interesting to me how these politicians like Tryon like assume the sale I think that he knows how weak we call in sales right is like if I use the words as if you’re already gonna buy from me then of their likelihood that you buy for me is higher so what he says there is Americans understand that this is going to impact us here at home you know Americans understand and are willing to fight this battle it’s like no were not were not the ones profiting off of this film is profiting off of this is probably Hunter Biden there in some way with his beautiful paintings you know the people who are who are making money off of this are the people who were lobbied by you know Lockheed Martin and you know all of these military-industrial complex corporations which have embedded themselves into our political spectrum sense the 40s or since the Cold War at least so he tries to use that in his speech radiantly sees given that you can see what how much is squinting at the Teleprompter that he’s really trying to read these words as if he doesn’t he’s gonna just fall off the rail so he says there you know of men and women in the United States understand that were in a have to give something up and what that something might be is horrific gas prices and energy prices you know trying to find a way to see you know this might even like come back to the freedom convoy for all we know that they’re trying to find a reason to point at something else other than their mandates because if you really start to feel the gas prices raising and you also are on the side of the freedom convoy you really might start to put the heat on the government especially from the United States standpoint so this could entirely be a façade to try and you know pass the buck essentially and try to make it seem like it’s not their fault for imposing vaccine mandates on Canadian truckers that the gas prices raced like crazy and that the supply chain is basically going to have a really big issue over the next few months when the freedom convoy continues as a result of these totalitarian mandates which need to end no you don’t need to label freedom convoy terrorists no you do not need to label people who disagree with the United States government terrorists what you need to do is get rid these stupid ass mandates on governments and on and corporate institutions and on truckers trying to pass through the border to deliver your Amazon falcon package we need to do is stop these bull ship mandates not blame Russia in literally invading Ukraine for rising energy prices now I’m not saying that if Russia goes to war with Ukraine that is not going to have an effect because we believe we do get a large portion of our fossil fuels from Russia specifically like for a very large percentage which could very well impact that because of the sanctions that were can I impose on Ukraine but just know that this you know we haven’t had a legitimate war and how long and in and how will you know Joe Biden comes becomes president and within the year we get out of Afghanistan and almost immediately immediately how how long go to get out of Afghanistan how long go to get out of Afghanistan three months for months I leave a note for less than six months ago we left Afghanistan and it almost immediately we begin to find a way to embed ourselves and some other random ass country we have no business being in under the name of democracy Ryan I’ve seen a ton of people say and I haven’t dove deep into the politics of Ukraine but but I see a ton of people saying that do you know Ukraine is even a legitimate democracy and the only reason that were trying to fight this war you know is is basically to keep the war machine turning right as as the Black Sabbath war pigs song goes if you have it you know it does listen to this that the were picks right before it started as it were a black Sabbath war pigs is the single most spine chilling song about the military-industrial complex to listen to it in the theme of this podcast once this is over go ahead and listen to war pigs by Black Sabbath because if you haven’t heard in a while a little while you need to hear because that the words are truer now than ever and it’s like an ominous ominous deep-seated you know theme song within the military-industrial complex but but these are the war pigs you know Joe Biden’s the work picked that that the Chief of Staff is the war pigs the you know the corporations that are need this that need us to jump immediately from Afghanistan over into Ukraine because when you have a entire Melinda how much money to be spent on a military trillions of dollars a minute okay imagine a spirit if you are that’s it what’s a good example let’s use the you know what use let’s use the airline industry okay imagine us if the airline industry decided that hey working to continue staffing all of our people but were not gonna fly anymore how well do you think that would go for the shareholders of the airline industry you hello you think Boeing will be doing a fight we have to keep all of these people staffed but were no longer going to have flights at least for the foreseeable future how long do you think that Boeing or Delta a gestalt is a better one is going made the plans and are making a profit anyways but Delta and Boeings actually a huge military-industrial complex player when it comes to the actual Beano aircraft some things but one of the biggest military industrial complex corporations but how will you think they’ll to a dude would do if they maintain their staff while also not flying out it would go under with and like 34 months you can’t maintain a corporation without paying finding a way to continue the money coming in you have to do what you were designed to do this the same place at the same case in the military if you have a however many soldiers and however many no planes flying in the air on a regular basis and that you know I am wearing this U.S. Air Force shirt because I served in the Air Force served my time in the Air Force before your contract in the Air Force as an air traffic controller between the age of 18 and 22 and so I’m not somebody just coming in here and speaking on these things frivolously I am a patriot I went into the military to fight for my country I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I thought everybody got a gun for some reason 18 I went into fight for my country I’m a patriot I believe in the Constitution I believe and that the flag that flies over our great nation but I do not believe in this government full system I do not believe in Joe Biden’s way of trying to incite this war and if I was in the military right now I would be highly concerned about direction especially given the vaccine mandate status especially given that you know that that there were lingering NATO potential world war that couldn’t be incited as a result of all of the countries that are good and could potentially get involved in a small conflict in Ukraine I would be highly concerned if I was in the military right now so I speak from the heart I could very well have been 18 right now join the military and been under Joe Biden and that seriously concerns me as as a father as a as a man a military aged man and a veteran mind you so I’m not just speaking on these things frivolously must begin on them because II have no experience with the military I was active duty in the military and because of that it concerns me even more and so to me you have to you have to keep the war machine turning because the second that you’re not you’re no longer in the conflict we have 800+ military bases across the country across the world I’m sorry don’t be nuts if we have crossed the country 800 military bases in the world in many probably more than that if you include the ones that we don’t talk about so how well do you think that business would do if they just said were done with more we think that we should be a peaceful nation and we think that we should not involve ourselves in the wars of countries that you know our citizens should not shed blood over how well do you think that was fair for a military as a business and how well you think that would fear for the trillion dollar industry of military-industrial complex corporations that are involved in the lobbying that got Joe Biden even put in the place of the puppeteers could sit there between George Soros and the Rockefeller foundation and pulled his little weekend at Bernie’s strings to get him to incite these wars how will you think that will go for them if they just decided to stop and so you cannot stop that is the war machine that is the military-industrial complex it has to keep moving the second we pull out of Afghanistan we have to embed our military somewhere else and find a new conflict to put American lives at stake for because if they stop they will stop making money they will no longer have their business model and then what there’s a shop you know CEO of Lockheed Martin or Boeing is just gonna call it a day ago I made enough money guys have enough power no of course not they have to find a way and whether that’s in batting threat actors according this online terrorist hood lingo or whether that’s sewing this like narrative around the Ukrainian Russian conversation to make it you think and in convince you that we should be shedding American blood over this Russian conflict so let’s go on and let’s let’s learn a little bit about this Joe Biden military-industrial complex conversation I think it’s an important one I have this is by the hills so we get to swap some of our favorite favorite people here discuss these topics so let’s go ahead and watch this hill which talks about exposing Bidens deep state ties to the military-industrial complex his record on many of these things and his cozy relationship to these companies so many of these facilities are each little black box in terms of clients we really don’t know they work for even after all of this research I can only tell you about a couple dirt bike so a lot of guesswork we can see what folks say publicly when they talk about foreign-policy interest it’s quite militaristic so we really raises question is about already being influenced by their clients now a president bided that is still coming to fruition but was foreign policy would look like we know he would have a close relationship with someone like me even if I’m not that doesn’t really reflect the progressive bushes in the Army so really is these personal relationships that bind in his having developed over years or decades they might have more cash changes ministration actual calls other interesting aspects of your reporting here Wednesday no way binding is operated internationally, it reminded me of the way that we think about trumps foreign policy is all about like relationships and gladhanding and like you trust and who you have close buddy buddy feel for typically argue that buying has essentially taken same personality driven approach to foreign policy just elaborate a little bit on I think Biden is no will of the state he knows these leaders I would make a big station with present truck who really has no right you what he’s doing a foreign policy we were talking uninvited is someone who’s really using these personal relationships with advanced really the main street really are policy ideas that are all too well known in Washington and frankly have were I mean I remember when VP Biden was in Israel in 2010 and his gang when I was a huge amount of settlement and he still warriors later saying that the number is are you so were really talking about a status quo not as destructive as a pronghorn policy but still you don’t knock it and make the massive changes there’s a whole industry of think tanks research institutions consultancies are all banking on a return to normal note by item presidency and that’s really with these folks represent I’m really glad they say that because it’s it’s so important to understand The think tank industrial complex in DC that also is very much intertwined with that many of these defense contractors jumping to new way and lay out a little bit about what this means in practical terms for Iraq and Afghanistan two of the most important measures one of the better parts of your piece was actually just about finding is a very strange record where he liked Shane showed restraint but also back to the most disastrous leader like in Iraqi history with no real morality and his you showed terrible instincts in many cases cannulae into a little bit let me first say it’s very common for surgeons to do she’s motioning to get a huge amount defense funding while Michelle Flournoy was running the tape received at least $4 million worth of funding for defense contractors it’s hard to not say it was with people’s ideas are so not exactly were hoping to see as far as the actual content there but they touched on a few things which was basically that the two of the main advisors that Biden had originally that was a year old clipper so because there were still discussing Afghanistan but two of the advisors five of Biden’s advisors including one who spoke on the specific Ukraine situation within the last week what had immediate ties to the you know military-industrial complex so let’s see if we can find there was a clip about him what word that the advisor himself the national security advisor what’s this Judge clown’s name he looks like the guy from what is that Adam Sandler movie who’s the guy with the it’s like Adam Sandler’s body who like his eye looks this way and happy Gilmore not the big dude but anyways he looks like the clowning of Adam Sandler’s body anyways his name is Jake Sullivan he’s the national security advisor and he was specifically named in that video as being one who had ties to the military-industrial comfortable form even got to this point and now he this Jake Sullivan is saying that the White House first they are saying that Russia could invade Ukraine before the limp accent which is around the same time that was four days ago that he said that and that’s around the same time that the Ukrainian president said yesterday basically that he expects in invasion on Wednesday then he came out and said that he was being ironic or joking which of the div the message that he had on Facebook was not ironic at all it was not funny at all he wasn’t joking he was specifically saying that he was going to you know basically invade the invasion was in happened on Wednesday specifically called out as being on Wednesday and then backtracked almost immediately and there a lot of financial institutions and things plummeted as a result so let’s go head will read the what he said so this is the president of Ukraine said this on Facebook yesterday which was the 14th so says great people of a great country or of any serious there has been a serious external and internal challenges in front of our country which require responsibility confidence in concrete actions for me in each one of us we are intimidated by a great war and once again set the date of the military invasion is not the first time but our state is stronger today than ever we strive for peace and we want to solve all issues exclusively through negotiations and Don Bass and Crimea will return to reprint only in a diplomatic way we don’t stare at someone else’s but we won’t give our own we have an amazing Army our boys have unique combat experience in modern weaponry this is already eight times stronger than Army eight years ago we are confident in our Armed Forces and our military to should feel or support our togetherness and their unity the basis of our army is the confidence of our own people and a strong economy he then one on to say he then went on to say here that we are intimidated by great where we talk about that we are told that February 16 will be the day of the attack we will make it a union day the decree has already been signed this afternoon we will hang national flags put on yellow and blue ribbons and show the world our unity and then came out and said will lease the presidential advisor Micah Hollow pulled Olea said that Lenski was being not literal but ironic when he said that February 16 will be the day of the attack so Lenski wrote that the Ukrainian government was told that Wednesday would be the day of the attack as he announced a new decree to establish a national day of unity increasing fund the funding of military service people accelerate development of defenses and create an information system to appraise the upright citizens of the national situation were working to get the okay so basically super rear that the Ukrainian president said yeah the 16th is what is happening it’s happening on Wednesday but just kidding could you imagine if you lived in Ukraine in your present was like yeah three days from now rush is gonna come across our border news literally see tanks lining up and being you know ran on trains over to your border and you see the Russian government flying you know hundreds of military aircraft over your border and helicopters coming into slick tool role moves over towards your your country and then your president comes out and says Wednesday get ready it’s going down GS getting what the fark what in the world if our president said that if they said you know Russia’s Adler border and they said Wednesday day Wednesday they’re goingto invade we know they’re gonna invade were not be together were to have unity were to be  in a we believe in our military we have no great weaponry Wednesdays when it’s allgonnagodown jus tkidding like how terrifying could you imagine being a mother of the children that’sinthecitybytheborderwhereyouseetheseRussianforcesyouknowhavingathattheretherestrongholds in seeing this military presence by Russiain youryouryourpresentsizeinfourdaysthatyoushouldbereadyforwar andthensays I’m beingironic whatareyouhowdoyoujustifythehowdoyoubelieveyourpricethatandwhatdoesthisdoforhiscitizensifyouwereoneofthem inyourbeliefoflisteningtoyourgovernmentiftheygiveyouadate andthensaythattheywereofinvasion buyerofanworldwidesuperpower andthensaythattheywerekidding Mikecouldyouimaginethat’sthat’sterrifying itmakesnosensesoyouknowwhoIpostedthis andpeoplehavesomestufftosayaboutit whichwasbasicallythatlet’sgoaheadandwhatwillwillsiftthroughsomeofyourcommentshere somepeoplethatoneofthetopcommonsensesomethingweirdisgoingon yup Ismelldeepstateisanotherthingthatsomebodysaidwhichisabsolutely anotherpersonsaidlet’sgohaveasiftthroughsomeofthese said itwasironicbeatenbecausethatwasnotthecaseuntiltheUSanditsalliesstartedsendingtroopstotheborders theUSwantstoexpandNATOandtakeeverybody’sattentionoffofthis andtheygavealinkandthatwasfrom somebodywiththehandleofatheEVEREAyou91andaboutyournamebutthanksforthelinkwasgonnacheckthisout thissaysthatNurembergawaits let’sgoaheadandseewhatthishastosayorlet’swatchthisvideo Iwassomeportionofitandsaveasanyvalue membersofthejurywewillcallanumberofdifferenthighlyrenownedexpertwitnessesfromallwalksofsciencebutalsowitnesseswhowilltestifytothedamage thattheysufferedasaresultofgettingtheexperimentalinjections inthistrial afteropeningstatementswewillstartoff inaweekfromnowbycalling formermembersamemberoftheUSmilitaryJamesBushwhoparticipatedinoperationdarkwinterin2001formermembersoftheBritishintelligenceservices BrianGerrishandAlexThompsonandinvestigativejournalistWhitneyWebbandMatthewEhret formerworldhealthorganizationemployeesandadvisorsDr.SylviaBehrendtandDr.Ostrowatstoicalburger theywillexplaintousthehistoricalandgeopoliticalbackgroundofwhatweareconfrontedwithandtheywillshowtoushowthisagendahasbeenplannedforatleast20yearsstartedstartingwithoperationdarkwinterin2001andsome10yearslaterthelockstepgenericscenariobytheRockefellerfoundationendingwiththedressrehearsal event201inOctober2019 andtheandtheywillexplainhow arewellyouwouldliketomethatwhateveryourInstagramhandlewasthatdoesnotdiscusstheUkrainiansituationbutlet’sgohead-onandIknowKellybelievesthatofhowthatjusttoverifyIdon’tseehowthathasanythingtodowithitsomebutIIdothinkthatyou’rerightandthentheUkrainianpresidentcameoutandsaidthisatonepointwerehesaidthatthereyoudon’tstoptalkingaboutRussiaasifthey’regoingtoinvadeuswedon’tbelievethatyet wedon’tthinkthat’swhat’sgoingonandwedidalittlebitmoreofadeepdiveintothisacoupleepisodesagowhereItrytofigureoutwhatthehellisgoingoninRussia withUkrainewefoundoutthatbasicallythey’retryingtoinvadeUkraineoversometypeliketerritorytospewanorioleinallofthisotherstuff but theotherthingsthatweregoingonbehindthesceneswasthatbasicallythatthatwasinvolvingtheUnitedStatesinNATOwasthat Iputandsaidthathedidnotwant NATOallowingUkrainetojoinNATOasitisapartof NATOitselfbecausethatwouldgivethemoverarchingonheatobviouslycuteanddidn’t Hootondidn’tsaythisbutthatwouldobviouslygiveUkrainesomesortofprotectioniftheirpart ofNATO rightsonowtheycouldn’tbeoverthrownorovertakenbyRussia so youknowitsohesaidIdon’twantthemtobeapartofNATO healsosaidthattheydoesnotwantyouknowlikemilitarylikearmament byNATOinUkraine asaresultsobecausethatwouldinvolveNATOandin acountryliketheUnitedStatesinawarwithRussiaeventuallyinRussiadoesn’twantaworldwar RussiawantsthispieceoflandthatUkraineoccupiesinsomewayforsomereason whichwe fromourconversationafewepisodesagofoundoutseemstobeaboutsomesortofterritorydisputeandyouknowoil disputefervorresourcesinincomemaythefewotherpartsofUkraine butitisno whatwheredowecomeintheplaywiththisisbecausewerepartofNATOandbecausehedoesn’twantustobeapartofyouknowhedoeswantUkrainetobeallowedintheNATOandsomeotherthingslikethatsobutthisupbesidetheoriginalpoint what’sgoaheadandimportsomeofthisotherconversationherewhichis the conversationsurroundingyouknowandIthinkthatwetalkedaboutprettyprettywellearlierwiththemilitary-industrialcomplexlikeyoucan’tcontinuetopaythesepeopleifthere’snoreasonforthemtobetrainingconstantlyforawarthatmayneverhappeninthenextdecadesyouhavetokeepthewarsgoingtokeepthemoneyflowing DangthatwassomeDr.Hsu’sredpillshippedyougottakeepthewarsgoingtokeepthemoney flowingboom military-industrialcomplexalrightsonowthenextthingtolookatherewillbesomeconversationsurroundingthemilitaryindustrialcomplexwhatthemilitaryindustrialcomplexreally isandsomesomepeoplewediscusseditnowthefirstonethatIthinkisinterestingisaconversationthatwashadbyTulsiGabbard surroundingthemilitary-industrialcomplexandshespeculateswhy theUSmilitary-industrialcomplexwantsawarinUkrainesowhatthissaysandisnotavideoswallowtouchonitfairlyquicklyherotrytoreadit quickquickerthanusualisbasicallythatclaimsbytheWestthatRussiansgettingreadytoattackUkraineandthisisonthe13thsotwodaysagofromwhenI’mreadingit thattheWest herclaimsbytheWestthatRussiaisgettingreadytoattackUkrainehavereachedafeverpitchinrecentdays withtheWhiteHouseaskingAmericanstoleavethecountry ASAPinUSmediaclaiminginnovationwillstartnextweekRussianofficialssayNATOispumpinguptensionsjustifyputtingmoretroops inEasternEurope sotheUSmilitaryindustrialcomplexneedsofwarinUkrainetojustifynewarmsfundinginthesolidifyanewall-outColdWarwithRussia formerUSCongresswomanintimateDemocraticpresidentialcandidateTulsaGabberthasalleged shesaid twoandTuckerCarlsonshowupfirstofallillegitimatePres.BidencouldendthiscrisisandpreventawarwithRussiabydoingsomethingverysimple guaranteeing thatUkrainewillnotbecomeamemberofNATO becauseifUkrainebecameanthemamemberofNATOthatwouldputyoutheUSandNATOtroopsdirectlyonthedoorstepofRussiawhich asPutinhaslaidoutwouldunderminetheirnationalsecurityinterests therealityisthatitishighlyhighlyunlikelythatUkrainewillbecomeintheamemberofNATOanyways justsomethingup naturallysaid daytheywillbecomeapartofNATOanywayssothequestioniswhydoesanillegitimatepresidentbytheNATOleadersactuallywilljustsaythatandguaranteeit whyareweinthispositionthatiftheanswertothisandpreventingthiswarisveryclear reallythatjustpointstooneconclusionthatIcanseeistheyactuallywantRussiatoinvadeUkraine whywouldthey becausenumberoneitgivestheBidenadministrationaclearexcusetolevydraconiansanctionswhichareinmodern-dayseizureagainstRussiaandtheRussianpeople innumbertwoitcementsthisColdWarinplace themilitary-industrialcomplexisonethatbenefitsfromthiscompletely theyclearlycontrolledbytheministration warmongersonbothsidesinWashingtonhavebeendrummingupthesetensions theformeractive-dutyNationalGuardwomanwhoisclosetoget whohashadtwotoursintheMiddleEastunderherbeltincludingadeploymentrepemphasize themilitary-industrialcomplexwillmakeatallandmoremoney ithasintheso-calledwaronterrorfightingAlQaeda makingweaponsfrom whopaysthepriceshehad theAmericanpeoplepaythepriceUkrainianpeoplepaythepricetheRussianpeoplepaytheprice itunderminesourownnationalsecurity butthemilitary-industrialcomplexthatcontrolssomanyofourpoliticians windsandtheyruntothebankshesent so verysimilartowhatIjusttoldyou right IguessIguessIknowmorethanIthoughtitshouldisthatithipperthantojustcomeoutandsaythatwerenotcanitallowUkrainetobeapartofNATO andthatwerenotgoingtoputtroopsontheborderofUkraine makessure thatthere’sgoingtobenoconflictfortheUSpeople orfortheUSsoldiersanywaysorforRussiaorforabiggerNATOconflictoutsideofthisUkrainianissueandmaybeUkrainewouldneverbeinvadedinthefirstplaceifthiswasn’tanissue sogoodonTulsaGabbard forbeingsmartenoughtosaythethingsthatIsent justgettingfeltsolet’sgoaheadandwatchaquickconversationofTrump talkingaboutthemilitary-industrialcomplex andthenitwillwatchacoupleotherveryshortclipsincludingEisenhower’sspeechregardingthemilitary-industrialcomplex andthenwillgoaheadandcallitaday hereisDonaldTrumponthemilitaryindustrialcomplex willallowtheonethattalksabouthiswarsin19yearsandpeoplearejustthereanddon’tkidyourselfyoudohaveamilitary-industrialcomplextheydolikemore youknow inSyriawith thecaliphate soIwipeout100%ofthecaliphatethatdoesn’tmeanIcanhavethesecrazypeoplegoingaroundblowingupstoresandblowingupthingsisseriouslyillpeople Iwanttosayoldandwipedeconomiccrisis butIwantget100%ofthecaliphate Ishallwanttobringourtroopsbackhome theplacewentcrazy theywanttokeepitthatweletpeoplehearhimwhatshewantedtheyneverwanttoleave IthinkyouknowwhatI’lldoleaveacouplehundredsoldiersbehind butifitwasuptothemasitbringsthousandsofsoldiersandsomedaypeoplewillexplainwhatthisisanacutedohaveyoudohaveagroupandtheycallitthemilitary-industrialcomplex theyneverwanttoleavetheyalwayswanttofightnoIwanttofight but youdohavesituationslikeKarenyoucan’tletthemhave nuclearweaponsyoujustcan’tletthathappenIgavethegenerals Isaid goaheadgetoneyear shewouldyoucandoinAfghanistan JodyfightfightfightbeginaweektakenawaydowninAfghanistanundernoviewsayingthatshewastakenawaydown now roughplaceBadPl.,LottabadthingshappentheWorldTradeCenterbombersweresortofcreditsliketheHarvardUniversityofterrorismokay ifyouwanttobeachurchyougooverthereokay rightsothere’sonerightonepresidentwhospokeabout themilitary-industrialcomplexoneofonlytwopresidentseverreallytomentionit andtheotheronebeingEisenhower knowsverycandidconversationthathesaidandtheyalwayshaveacouplethingsaboutit whichwasbasicallythatyesyoudohavepeoplewhoneedwartosurviveeconomicallyanditisthewarmongersitisthemilitary-industrialcomplexifyougaveit ifyouifyougavethemtheopportunitytheywouldputyourson andmyson andyourdaughter andyourdaughter toyourdaughtersifyouhavetwoofthem inoneofmydaughtersthereputtingoursonsanddaughtersinharmswaytopickupweaponstofireagainstotherpeople core alsocontrolledandpaidforbythesamepeople sothattheycanprofit offofbothsides rightifyoucanifyoucaninsight inalet’slet’simaginethisyoupostpostersalloverschool allofherschool youpostallthepostersthatyoucan aboutthishugesnowballfightthat’shappeningattheendoftheday outside thishugesnowballfightandyouyoustartmakingthingsupabouttheseventhgraderstalkandsharedabouttheeighth-gradersandit’sallgoodtogodownonthesnowballfight andyougooutsideandyoumakehundredsofsnowballs hundredsofsnowBosniapackthemup andyouputthesnowballsinthebigpileandthenyouask everysinglepersonwhoyouincitedthisfightthissnowballfightwasincited byyouyouposttothepostersalloveryouwillspreadthepropagandayoustartedthewar andthenyoupackaged theneededgoods toallowthewartohappen andyousoldthemoftheridiculousprofityou’restandinginfrontofthesnowballsandyou’retakenadollarpersnowballandyougothundredsofthemandyouknoweverysingleoneoftheseventhgradersgoingtobuytheminyourgonnagothereandhaveyourbuddymakeabunchofsnowballsontheothersideofofoftheparksothattheeighth-graderscangrabhimandyouallcanmeetinthemiddle figureitout butthat’swhat itwasincitedbythesamepeople whoareprofitingfromit it’scrazy rightandintheendtheywantyoutosendyourchildrenintothemandthereasonIwentintothemilitary thereasonIwenttothemilitarywasbecauseIcouldn’taffordtogotoschool18 andsoIwanttogetmyschoolpaidfor Sthereasonyouhavetonsofotherkids,sayingit’sabadthingtobeinthemilitary Ithinkthatthere’salotofsituationswherethemilitaryisagoodthingforalotofpeopleifyoucomefromupthereverydifficultbackgrounderofaroughneighborhoodandyoudon’thaveadirectionyouknowitcandosomeverygoodthingsforyouthatsomeverygoodthingsformeI’mhappyIwantedyouknowIgotalotoutofit andIgrewupquickandthatyouknowwhyIhavemylifebecauseofitbut youknow not notifthatmeansshuttingthebloodofmyson over youknowyourseventhandeighthgradesnowballfight thatyouincitedtobeginwithright andthenprofitoffof solet’sgoaheadandwatchEisenhower’s speechonthemilitary-industrialcomplex avitalelementinkeepingthepagesaremilitaryis ourarmsmustbemightyreadyforinstantsothatnopotentialaggressormaybetemptedtoriskhisowndestruction ourmilitaryorganizationtoday bearslittlerelationtothatno howmanyofmypredecessors inbeta orindeedbythefightingmenofWorldWarII whatcanyou untilthelatestofourworldconflicts UnitedStateshadnoarmamentsindustry Americanmakersofplowsharescould withtimeandisrequiredtomakestorageaswell butwecannolongerriskemergencyimprovisation ofnationaldefense wehavebeencompelledtocreateapermanentarmamentsindustryofvastproportions Idothis 31/2millionmenandwomen aredirectlyengagedinthedefenseestablished weannuallyspendonmilitarysecurityalone morethanthenetincomeofallUnitedStatescorporationscorporations howthisconjunctionofanimmensemilitaryestablishmentandalargearmsand isnew intheAmericanexperiment thetotalinfluence economic political evenspiritual isfeltineverycity everystatehouseeveryofficeofthefederalgovernment werecognizetheimperativeneedforthisdevelopment yetwemustnotfailtocomprehend itsgraveimplications ourtoil resourcesandlivelihoodareallinvolved soistheverystructureofoursociety inthecouncilsofgovernment womencarguardagainst theacquisitionofunwarrantedinfluence whethersoughtorunsought bythemilitary-industrialcomplex thepotentialforthedisastrousriseofmisplacedpowerexists andwillpersist wemustneverlettheweightofthiscombinationendangerourliberties democraticprocess weshouldtakenothingforgranted onlyanalertandknowledgeablecitizenry cancompel thepropermeshingofthehugeindustrialandmilitarymachineryofdefense withourpeacefulmethodsandgoals sothatsecurityandliberty mayprospertogether sointerestingenoughthatisoneoftwopresidentsasfarasmyknowledgegoes thatincaseyou’rewonderingthatwasJohnF.Kennedysayinghello thefollowingvideothatisoneoftwopresidentswhoisevermentionedthemilitaryindustrialcomplexmyknowledge andendedinhisfarewellspeechforareason right veryspinechillingreason whichisinterestingenoughwithJohnF.KennedysayinghelloanywayssotherewasacouplethingsthatIhadmentionedonmystorythisweekonInstagramwhereIaskyouknowwhatyouwanttoknowwhatdoyouknowaboutthemilitary-industrialcomplex andthecanIgothroughacoupleofthoseforyouguyssothefirstone isistheRussiaUkrainethingtobolsterbuy-inathomeonsoIthinkthatthatkindofimpliesthefactthattobolsterhimwouldmeantokindofmakehimlookinabetterlightyouknowIIthinkitcouldbetakingawayyouknowhemadeitmaybetothemitcouldpossiblybetryingtoputhiminapositionwherehehastheopportunitytolookgoodbasedonlookingpowerfulthroughourmilitarypositioningororandandGinoinsomewayengaginghopefullynotinsomewayinthiswarbutIdon’tthinkspecificallyasitisregarding BidenIthinkithastodowiththeNATOrelationsandIthinkthat’salittlebitbiggerpicturethanwhattheonethatbindinplacebutIdothinkthatBidenisthepuppeteerinwhichthepeoplewhoareplayingthisgameandareutilizingtomakepointssoifyouunderstandthatyoucansaythatinsomewayit’sbeingutilized forBidenbutmostlyit’sbeingutilizedthroughBidentoyouknowimposethesebeliefsystemssoyouknowthesamereasonhe’ssquintinglookingattheTeleprompter isinno whowrotethatoratleastwhowas paidtoRiowhopaidthepersontowritethatscriptforhimandsothat’swhoisbolstering youknowit’sbolsteringtheagendaofthepeoplewhohaveavestedinterestinthissituationhappeningwhichisagaingoesbacktothemilitary-industrialcomplex soIhopethatanswersyourquestionnowthenextquestionandthatwasbyIamnotJensen but nowthenextquestionwas let’sseeherewhatisitinasinglesentenceforakidtounderstandselectivetheRedditexplainlikeI’mfivesoIwishIcouldIwouldhavewrittenthisoutbutIthinkthemilitary-industrialcomplexisanindustrythatprofitssolelyfromthebloodshedof governmentand worldwideconflicts andtheonlywayforthemtocontinueprofitisthroughincitingadditionalworldwideconflictsand that’swhatwesawwiththeimmediatechangefromAfghanistan withinmonthsleavingAfghanistanandnowgoingintosometypeofconflictwithpotentiallywithRussiafromthestatestandpointsoIthinkthat’sthewaytoputitisistheindustryof bloodshedandconflictandwarbutspecificallytheindustryofyouknowproducinggoodsmaterialsandinthecorporationsthatareinvolvedinthemwhichengageinprofitable actionsonlywhenthereisspecificallyconflictrightandsotheyhavetoperpetuatethatyouknowit’slikeifyouwantedthenoteisspecificallythatthemilitary-industrialcomplexisreferringtotheentityiswhichprofitfromwarthroughsellingandpushingthegoodswhich inturn incentivizesthem toinciteadditionalconflicts rightit’slikethatyouknowgoesbacktothesnowball analogythatIjustusethereforeyou andIthinkthereisonemoreherethatImetatouchonandthatthatone wasASCEMSIOM_247ascension suretoforce that’sthequestionsothankyouforthatandthen hopefullythatintoacoupleofthesewhichIseewerelikeyouknowbasicunderstandingsand anotherpersonsaidthatIknowthatwewere Iknowthatweweretheonlyterrorinthewaronterror andthenlet’sseewhatelsehowtodismantle sothat’sprobablyagreatquestiontoendonherehowdowedismantle themilitary-industrialcomplex wellIwouldsaythatthereisareason that theyaretryingtogetyourapproval thereisareasonforthepropagandathereisareason thatJoeBidenfeelstheneedtoassumethesaleandsquintataTeleprompter sohecantryandreadthepropersoundstomakeoutofhismouthsothatyouagreewiththeideathatweshouldsendtheirchildrentowar overUkraine thewaythatwebegintodismantlethisisnot allowingourselvestobedupedthewaythatwedismantlethisisthrougheducation throughunderstandingtheideathatourmilitary noindustrialcomplexoraregovernmentalstructuresorourpoliticiansdonothaveourvestedinterestinmind andIthinkunderstandingthat willallowustohaveavoicebecausewhenwestartedshowingup at theschoolboardmeetings shipstartedtochangerightlythingsstartedtohappenandsoifwebecomeeducated andinwedecidenottoengageinnoandeducateourchildrenevenmoresosothattheyaregoingtogointothemilitarythattheydecidetonotrenewtheircontractwhentherearethingshappeningbecausethatthatcontractisistheonlywaythatthemilitary-industrialcomplexgetstoperpetuatethisisbypayingpeopleto pushtheiragendabecauseasthewarpigssonggoes youknowthey’resittingupontheirhighhorseandhavingnothingtodowiththewarwhiletheysendourchildrentogoshedtheirbloodonbehalfoftheirprofits soeducatingourselveseducatingourchildrentorealizewhenweshouldbepushingtheseagendasandwhenweshouldn’tbe youknownotjustyouknowblindlyfollowingwhatourleadershavetosaybutthinkeducatingourselvesthatwhenthey’resayingsomethingthat’soff orwrong orinspiredbyprofitwecanidentifythemandgooh weseewhatyou’redoingIamnotsendingmychildormychild’snotgoingtodecide togofightforyouwhenthisiswhyyouwantthemtofightwhichwehavetomakeafastdecisionwhenweaspeopleasasAmericansassoldiers aregoingtofightthesewarsandobviouslyyoucan’tthrowupyourcontractintheworldbecausethecomeafteryouhaveforyouinjailifyoudecidetogo AWOLordecidethatyou’reknockingtocontinueyourcontractbuteveryfouryears yougetthatdecisionagain andifenoughpeoplemakeamoraldecisionthatwerenotinagoshutourown blood sothatyoucanperpetuateyourprofitthat’soneway youknowsoisn’tthatwhatitbeginswith andIthinkthatwouldbeamoraldecisionmadeovertimebythepeoplewhoyouknowwhoeducatethemselvesnotthatwearelikeyouknowaskingyoutodothatrightnow youknowthatwouldbeyourowndecisionthatyouwouldcometobygettingeducatedaboutthesetopicsandnotfeelingrightaboutgoingoverthere andandandenactingthese youknow engagementsinnowaygettingitintheseconflictsover thingsthatyouknowyoudon’tmorallyagreewithbecausesoldierswhohaveverylowmoraletendtonotstickaroundtoolongandthatmoralecomesfromyoufromsurethere’sareasonthatmoraleandmorals aresocloselyaligned rightsothatwouldbeoneway righteducationreallyistherealtherealanswertooverarchingsystemicanswertothatthoughbecausealotofpeoplejustlistentoJoeBidenagoyeahofcourseweshouldgotofundthemfordemocracyintheworldwillbebetterifwehadademocracybutmeanwhilethelasttryingto youknowisblowinguptryingtojustifybothdefendingdemocracyandtryingtotearitdownyouknowit’sit’saninterestingconflictyoumustfindyourselfasaliberalindividualtryingtojustifyawarover savingdemocracyand capitalismwhilealsosimultaneouslytearingdowntheinstitutionwithyourpainKaren inidentityissuesanywayssoyeahthatthatwouldbemyanswereducationandonthatnoteguys thankyousomuchforlistening Iappreciatesomuchit’sit’sgonnabeinterestingtoseeseewhathappensoverthesenextfewdaysthisistrulythefirstoflegitimateconflictthatI’veseenandfold unfoldedthathasthepotentialturningintosomethinglargerinmylifetimeatleastIwasoldenoughtoreallypartakein whatequationhaveanopinionontimesoitisveryinterestingsoI’mtobekeepingacloseeyeonthisandIthinkyoushouldtohavenothingotherthantoeducateyourself toseeaboutyouknow goingbacktowhatisthatdismantlingandnottonotgiveashoutouttothepersonwhosentthat thatwas sentinby Nass NASKZ750 now’sKZ750soyeahso interestingstufflet’sseewhathappenslet’sseewhatunfoldsinthemeantimegohadpressthesubscribebuttongoaheadandsubscribetosubstackandifyoufoundenoughvalueinthis’thavetotalkforanhourstraightinthetheirbasement alone withnootherpersonengagingwiththemforsixminutesit’squitetheinterestingtalentoveryoursoapifyoudofindthisengagingifyouifyoudidstickaroundthisentiretimewhichIappreciatesomuchinandofitself ifyoudon’thavethemeanstodonateinanywaybut alsoIwouldappreciateitifyoudoconsidergoingovertothatgivesomegoorjusttowritetoArlenetreeonourInstagramsoIhopeyouguyshaveagreatweekthankyousomuchforlisteningthankyouforjoiningmeandwelcometotherevolution everyweek

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