UNCANCELLABLE: Joe Rogan & the Freedom Convoy Fight Back

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In this weeks episode, we discuss the recent victims of the crosshairs of cancel culture, Joe Rogan, Whoopi Goldberg, The Freedom Convoy, and Madison Cawthorn are all being targeted by this madness and we take a deep dive into why they are being “Cancelled” and take a closer look at this strange phenomena. 


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Welcome to Red Pill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill Revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoonfed as a child religion and politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain and I’m taken your ass with me welcome to the revolution


Hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is Austin Adams and this is episode number 15 of red pill revolution and thank you so much for joining me I appreciate it so much it’s crazy to me that this is 15 episodes deep in and 15 weeks deep and I thank you so much for coming along on this journey we have so much more to talk about them were just getting started but I’m excited to talk about this week’s episode on this week’s topic is going to be about cancel culture this week has been crazy in the cancel culture war there has been so many people that have found the crosshairs of cancer culture this week really talk about every single one of them that has some merit we Bessemer for the reason of the cancer culture but some you know it it’s you know somebody that actually matter so we’ll talk about those today but before we do that I need you to go ahead and do something for me real quick and have a great conversation today but real quick I just into the tap a little button for me 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spend it on some things that would make sure that doesn’t happen again so I’m if you could donate to be great if not I understand I hope you enjoy this episode so without further ado episode number 15 rental revolution let’s get into it so first thing to talk about today is medicine cost or medicine Copthorne is a congressman he’s a very quite young Congressman one of the honest ones I’ve ever seen that believe is 2627 years old maybe even younger 25 and are very well spoken you may have seen some of his very passionate speeches, and rants to our president and to Congress surrounding some very touchy subjects but he has found the crosshairs of the cancel culture this last week or so as a result of some conversations that he had surrounding January 6 so here’s a speech watch this real quick just in the giving idea of who he is if you don’t know already this is a very recent speech that he gave there were some funny spots in here talking about basically you know are 70 flipping off Joe Biden’s mother thinks let’s go out and watch this and see what you think in them will kinda talk through why he is being put in the crosshairs of cancel culture the sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your parties and that geriatric despot they are not expendable pawns we dispatch to the whims of an idiot tossed carelessly around the world to godforsaken Kay’s employee sandboxes they are Americans or the worthy of honor and dignity the only salute from them Joe Biden deserves involves one finger American blood is not the currency of the world it cannot be borrowed exchanged our link to any man or any nation it’s worth is immeasurable American patriots in uniform all signed a blank check to their nation and already under this administration Afghanistan Joe Biden Castro for 13 patriots through his reckless incompetence the path to American national security does not line American international interventionism it lies in securing our southern border not the Russia Ukraine border our greatness is forging a resistance to interference the war lobby has no ally in the America first Republicans we will preserve our strength or nationalism will champion America first today in America first forever we earned our greatness what others are in theirs and of Joe Biden as a prostitute or our preeminence to the military-industrial complex by the time Donald Trump returns will preserve this great city on a hill for the descendents of our grandchildren so I can get down with any congressman who uses the word medical or am sorry military-industrial complex have been talking a lot about the medical industrial complex but I can get down with any congressman any politician who wants to talk about wars has the balls to talk about the military-industrial complex so I’m kudos to you Madison Hawthorne so medicine Cothran has recently been there in the crosshairs of the cancel culture and they’re coming after them basically try to make sure that he can’t even run again and when he’s what 2625 cannot run for Congress again or hold a spot in office as a result of taking part in an insurrection so there’s a long article here I read it the first time on the spare you up at this time because I think that you know it come just perpetuates this idea you know if stupidity surrounding you know give tries to give legitimacy to their being baseless claims of election fraud and you know the January 6 insurrection is him so on the spare you but basically the idea is that somebody’s filing a frivolous lawsuit or some type of frivolous you know motion to make sure that he can’t run again based on the fact that he partook in a speech leading up to January 6 and had some type of conversation back and forth with the people who help to organize the event that led to the speech that he gave outside in January 6 so nothing on him and he literally is in a wheelchair is not like he was in of lead in the way in the up the stairs to the through the halls and on January 6 you know it and so is that the fact that they’re trying to go after him based off of a congressman speaking at a very heightened state political rally and you’re trying to make sure that he you know I’m pretty sure we want our politicians actually being a part of the boots on the ground movements that are happening within society we shouldn’t be punishing people for partaking within the very thing that politicians are designed to have conversation surrounding and you want to strip him have his ability moving forward to it to maintain office seems crazy to me especially when you understand that Nancy Pelosi was wearing African you know like what was it like a garb or something around her head on the floor of the put the capital building you know saluting the black lives matter movement while they were rioting in the streets literally violently and you know saying that you know this is okay basically and so for them to be going after him you know it is is unbelievable to me over something as it is simple as speaking outside of a rally so that was the first thing now the biggest probably the biggest in this miserable transition probably the biggest person that got there at the crosshairs of cancel culture this week was Joe Rogan Joe Rogan had a few different apology videos that came out this week one was for him having guests on the show industry experts on his show he was basically apologizing for because some you know with Neil Young pulled his music from Spot if I and Neil Young is some artist from the 1970s simply relevant today and doesn’t even own half his book of business you know when it comes to his royalties that he makes pulled his music office modified because he disagrees with the misinformation being pushed by Joe Rogan so Joe Rogan responded to that and basically gave a very generic type of apology video stating that you know I Inc. I can do better at having opposing viewpoints in but you know so let’s let’s go ahead and watch a little bit of that apology video here from Joe Rogan to make a video to address some of the controversy that’s been going on over the past few days and first of all to say thank you to everyone that sent love and support I truly truly appreciate it and it’s been very nice to hear from you I want to make this video first will because I think there’s a lot of people that have a distorted perception of what I do may be based on sound bites or based on headlines of articles that are disparaging the podcast is been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation specifically about two episodes a little bit about some other ones but specifically about 21 with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Robert Malone Dr. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist and he is the most published physician in his field in history Dr. Robert Malone owns nine patents on the creation of mRNA vx technology and is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that led to mRNA vxs both these people are very highly credentialed very intelligent very accomplished people and they have an opinion that’s different from the mainstream narrative I wanted to hear what their opinion is I had them on and because of that those episodes in particular that those episodes were labeled as being dangerous they had dangerous misinformation in them the problem I have with the term misinformation especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation just a short while ago are now accepted as fact like for instance eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated you can still catch coded and you can still spread covert you be removed from social media they would they would ban you from certain platforms now that’s accepted as fact if you said I don’t think cloth masks work you would be banned from social media now that’s openly repeatedly stated on CNN if you said I think it’s possible that Kovic 19 came from a lab you’d be banned from many social media platforms now that’s on the cover of Newsweek all of those theories that a one point time were banned were openly discussed by those two men that have my podcasts that have been accused of dangerous misinformation I do not know if the right I don’t know because I’m no doctor I’m not a scientist I’m just a person sits down talks to people in his conversations with them do I get things wrong absolutely I get things wrong but I try to correct them when ever I get something wrong to try to correct it because I’m interested in telling the truth I’m interested in finding out what the truth is I’m interested in having interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions I’m not interested in only talking to people that you have one perspective that’s one of the reasons why had Sanjay goofed on Dr. Sanjay Gupta who ours respect very much and I really enjoyed our conversation together he has a different opinion than those men do I had Dr. Dr. Michael Auster home on at the very beginning of the pandemic he is on Pres. Biden’s Kovic 19 advisory board I had Dr. Peter hotel is on who is vx expert I’m interested in finding out what is correct and fight I’m also finding out how people come to these conclusions and what the facts are now because of this controversy in there I’m sure there’s a lot of other things going on behind the scenes of these controversies but Neil Young has removed his music from the the platform must modify and Joni Mitchell and apparently some other people want to as well I’m very sorry that they feel that way I most certainly don’t want that you Neil Young fan of always been a Neil Young fan I’ll tell you story the end of this about that one of things that spot if I want to do that I agree with is at the beginning of these controversial podcasts like specifically wants about Cove it is to put a disclaimer and say that you should speak with your physician and that these people and the opinions they express are contrary to the opinions of the consensus of experts which I think is very important sure have been on there I’m very happy with that also I think if there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better is have more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones I would most certainly be open to doing that and I would like to talk to some people that have the differing opinions on those podcasts in the future we’ll see yield I do all the scheduling myself and that I don’t always get it right this these podcasts are very strange because they’re just conversations and oftentimes have no idea what to talk about until I sit down to talk to people and that’s why some of my ideas are not that prepared or flushed out because I’m literally having them in real time but I do my best and they’re just conversations and I think that’s also the appeal of the show it’s one of things that makes it interesting so I want to thanks bonfire for being so supportive during this time and I’m very sorry that this is happening to them and that there taken so much heat from it and so now the the Neil Young story so if you haven’t watched the whole video you can go watch the new youngster it’s kinda cool to hear a story about him being a security guard back in the day and Neil Young be in there in the response brawls breaking out and he brought up you don’t go listen to the stories on his Instagram and yeah sure he can find his government so so that was the first one the first one he’s just talking about basically these couple guys basely pulled her music nobody cares about and they pulled her music and so spot if I was getting some you know they made some uprising about it probably on Twitter or something and so Joe Rogan apologizes for that and that’s not really know that wasn’t the one this week that that was difficult for him to navigate that was fairly easy know you can just brush it off like a there’s a reason I have these people on an in in into that point you know the people he was having a number industry experts is not like he was having on some homeless man off the street to talk about covert the 16 million people and even if he was yet to take that into consideration for every individual person who listens to a podcast gets to take that podcast like some of this things laminate Outlook I’m not an expert on most of the things that were talking about here right and you know that you should understand that what I’m talking about these things right on more of like you know that if I’m comity on I’m a color commentator here compact that I’m not the technical analyst so I’m you know just like him I’m going off the cuff the right things are to be said that are probably not very extremely well thought out every single time so you should give some grace on that but the people that he had on were industry experts these people were literally created the mRNA vx and so to to be if Neil Young thinks that he knows better than Dr. Malone: he’s probably sadly mistaken right for for him that the try to hold that authority and so it was interesting to see him navigate this one and that was the first controversy and then came the second one and the second was a little bit more difficult for him to navigate because the second one has to do with surrounding race and and specifically surrounding kind of the N-word and a specific story that he got into and so you’ll see that there is a compilation basically of him using the N word and in the ways that he was using it within these conversations was generally either speaking about it linguistically and kind of talking about how the word itself in the power fullness and the usefulness of that term within these cultures it is used in so many different ways right he says it within his apology video like it can be a punchline that can be as you know a term of endearment it can be you know an affirmation that can be you know some he’s in all of these videos at least from the ones I understand I’ve seen the clips of he’s either referencing somebody else saying the word he’s either explaining how weird linguistically the word’s usefulness is comparative to other words or I think that’s it right so he’s either talking about the word specifically in a technically linguistic way or he’s referring to somebody else who use the word specifically in Joe Rogan you know in this video is gay like it’s kind of like that that the N-word is like that you know Lord folder more in Harry Potter using the word folder Mart and Harry Potter is like using that the N-word hidden in English language you know and Joe Rogan is the the Harry Potter of the N-word you know trying that you know Harry would go on and say Lord Baltimore to everybody that he met and they’ll be like super surprised and Joe Rogan’s basically you know trying to devalue the word I guess not that you know never a single time in any of these clips can you ever find a single reference of him being specifically racist or using it to the manner that would be perceived as racist individually or sociologically speaking about a group so any of these situations that he’s using this word was not specifically under the context of him being a racist he was speaking about the word itself are talking about somebody who use the word so let’s go ahead and watch this video where he apologizes after discussing his use of this term but first let’s go ahead and see if we can actually find the video where this woman uses it rational at him to spare you that I did that on the first round of this one where it didn’t work correctly so let’s miscarry that actually because you know it’s just if D says them were 22 times in a row there’s really not he gives no context rounded and I don’t see a point of putting that on here but what I will show you is his response which is I think that’s going to know that the woman who posted that was India Re: and she’s at in the RE on Instagram IN DIA a RIE and within her videos she’s talking about Joe Rogan and basically saying that while I decided to pull my and my music from Joe Rogan is well on the backs of all this controversy not because I don’t like his covert misinformation but because he use these words or you knows gave the story that he talked about surrounding Joe Rogan so let me see if this is the video and if it is will go ahead and watch it for a second so here it is when I asked my people to modify the you know the negative thing you saying the word are you ready said that he is just like mega cooling these call you an interest like this boy that henag start call them their breadmaker that’s on I thank the people who are leaving for the covert disinformation reasons and I think that they should I think that Joe Rogan has the right to say what he wants to say I think I have the right thing when I want to say so as an artist fields finalize built on the back of the music streaming so they take this money to build streaming in a pages and I hundred million dollars but they pay us .003% of the pain just take me off I don’t want to generate money that is just take me off that’s where on that and I know that I’m actually to be honest with you surprised that my statements were picked up because I thought people really not a listening example I’m the kind of thing whose two from the industry I am being heard and for that reason I want to clarify my statement again this is why what’s this no white people we walked into Africa. When we walked in the door and there was no white people is okay take filling the hospital many things can be Dr. people are taken out of context is happened to me many times however only clear in no uncertain terms where I stand on this is that he shouldn’t even be uttering the word don’t even say under it is that Re: so there was her take specifically now what she says and there you know nobody really ever cares what I say I’ve never heard of this woman before India Re: but I do like the she says you know I didn’t I get he gets to say whatever he wants I also get to pull my music because I don’t want my music on that platform if there and allow him to be on the platform so I like that she said that at least you know II think that taking that word out of context and blowing it up specifically in using that you know as we’ve seen it’s not Drake pulling his music off of specify it’s usually these people who are making that .003% of a penny on every download and they get you know 30 of them a month with the probably not sacrificing very much for this you know stand on this hill so it is there merited to the things that she showed there and in should he be apologizing for you you probably don’t want to say that in today’s world you know I think if you understand the context of a podcast you know even this podcast like I just said what we just talked about is complete the off-the-cuff right now imagine the hits like imagine imagine your uncle having a podcast and he gets to talk to 16 million people a week for three hours for three episodes a week 1800 episodes into it do you think there is some share your uncle would say that would probably get him canceled laughing is probably something every single person would say in this situation that would get them canceled now that’s not a justification for Joe Rogan saying the word of the story that ends up coming up here that he talks about but II think it is important to note that people say stupid things you know especially under the care of the context we not reading up at the Teleprompter everything that comes out of our mouth is just me talking to you is if her friends basically you know it is I’m just having a conversation and and I was a situations here and in and I think what he was try to do like I said being the Harry Potter book of the N-word is easy was trying to like strip power away from that word by saying it and saying how weird is this for Mike stepping aside from the way that our society looks at this sound that we make with our mouths or are allowed to make with her mouth unless you’re a part of this specific certain section of society which is such a like a man-made cultivated even like thought process to be able to have that we first of all have a word that we give so many meetings to and then specifically the only one culture can use that word and every other culture can use up and especially if this you culture is that it’s really bad like it is is a very interesting linguistic situation that that really is is not founded and on the other part of our language so you looking at it from that perspective you can get why you know he would try to maybe try and pull some take away some of the venom of that word I guess I don’t know so let’s let’s go ahead and watch his response to him using that in that video that I did kinda skip through a couple of parts regardless like I said it was literally just over and over again that words and I just don’t see it the reason for that on this show but let’s go had a much his response to the office hello friends I’m making this video talk about the most regretful and shameful thing that I’ve ever had a talk about publicly there’s a video that’s out it’s a compilation of me saying the and word it’s a video that’s made of clips taken out of context of me of 12 years of conversations on my podcast and Saul swooshed together and it looks like an horrible even to me now I know that to most people there is no context where a white person is ever allowed to say that word nevermind publicly on a podcast and I agree with that now I haven’t setting years but for a long time when I would bring that word up like even come up in conversation and stain is that of saying the N-word I would just say the word I thought as long as it was in context people would understand what I was doing like that context was pour the clipper talk about red fox how red Fox said that word on television in the 1970s and how times have changed so much since then or about how Richard Pryor use it as one of the titles of one of his albums or I was quoting a Lenny Bruce bid Oro’s cloak quoting Paul Mooney bad aura I was talking to Quentin Tarantino using repeatedly in Pulp Fiction Orosz talking about how an Netflix executive ironically used it because he was trying to compare it to another offensive word he said out loud and they fired him not calling anybody were just saying the word out loud I was also talking about how there’s not another word like it in the entire English language because it’s a world where only one group of people is allowed to use and they can use in so many different ways like of a white person says that word it’s racist and toxic but a black person can use it and it could be a punchline it could be a term of endearment it could be lyrics to a rap song can be a positive affirmation the very unusual word but it’s not my word to use am well aware that now but for years I used it in that manner I never use it to be racist because I’m not racist but whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say I’m not racist you flocked up and I clearly have flocked up and that’s my intention to express myself in this video to say there’s nothing I can do to take that back the I wish I could obviously that’s not possible I do hope that if anything that this can be a teachable moment so in the first half that we just saw there was basically him saying yeah that was probably not the right move in in any kind of reiterated what I just talked about there was what she was like trying to take away some power from that word right by by instead of cowering away from the sound with your mouth because of the you know societal meanings behind it to try and identify kind of the weirdness of that situation so have a little bit of an issue with the second half loading here so let’s see if we can get that to come up but I did find it interesting there you know what you’ll see towards the end of this video if it comes up for us is that he does apologize right knee comes on says I messed up anytime you’re in a situation with you trying to say I’m not racist you probably messed up right especially on this platform so you know in this particular situation and I think what he goes on to explain is a story that he talks about he says something about the planet of the apes and going to see a movie and he was dropped off in this like kind of you know predominantly black community and so he he says some kind of joke surrounding it and they they found that to be insensitive and he says it was is bad joke and it was clunky and everything I’m saying is off the cuff and I was stupid and that shouldn’t of set it and I apologize if I find you apologize I didn’t mean it that way I’m not racist and so you know what I think were seeing as them grabbing for straws when you have to sift through hundred platelike tens of thousands of hours of everybody’s speech to find very small one set not even a you can even find a sentence to pace people off you had to find a word you had to find a word word word word word to put back to back to back because if you gave the whole sentence surrounding the contact people would be upset at him you know at least as much as they are now again and this is not defending the use of that word he probably shouldn’t say you hit in today’s society you know but it’s an interesting predicament that he found himself in here and it kudos to spot a fire for holding their ground and all of these little controversies between if you don’t remember the their employees at one point were protesting and doing like walkouts and probably like starving themselves from their vegan lunches head at some point because of Joe Rogan and then after that Neil Young pulls himself off the spot if I which probably loses you know $10 of market share total off of their company and then you know this one comes up so kudos to them for kind of sticking to their guns a little bit and you know backing him up and not pulling it and obviously they have a very very large investment into hidden Joe Rogan but he’s probably also grown their base of users by mean I don’t know about you but the only reason I have spot fire my phone is because I listen to some Joe Rogan episodes and so from their perspective you know it’s probably money and it’s probably you know obviously they could’ve pulled them very easily to if they look at it for you know from woke perspective so it would’ve been very easy for them to do so so good on them now the next thing to see here which is quite ironic is Whoopi Goldberg who at one point literally ahead of clip up of Whoopi Goldberg from the view making light of the fact that Joe Rogan was being you know put in the crosshairs of cancel culture in here she is six days after she is talk and shed about Joe Rogan getting canceled because a spot afire from the Neil Young situation she is to have suspended from her work for say in some stupid ship and I think this is a lesson that we can all learn about this you know cancel click cancel culture or society in situations like nobody’s perfect everybody says stupid ship at some point even if your link you know you’re gifted to it speaking right and you and you can think the things through before your essay them you’re going to say something stupid eventually right like all your friends that from your high school note the stupid ship that came out of your mouth because I hung out with you enough right if you’re around somebody long enough you’re going to hear something that they said that’s stupid and this is the case with with Whoopi Goldberg here it’s like not like of the things that she said it’s dangerous misinformation she’s just a falcon idiot and she said something that was stupid that was might offend some people so that small minority of people will have you know a big enough Twitter presence to tip us off the company enough to make them think that they’re going to you know lose money so they go after the person so in this situation will be Goldberg gets canceled this conversation that she has right here and then will move on from this this part of it so let’s go ahead and watch will be covered but before we do that I needed to do one thing for me if you didn’t if you but I’m just going to assume you skipped the first part where I said to subscribe and you didn’t subscribe are you just found yourself halfway through this episode and somebody sent you it at this point and you can 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go back to Whoopi Goldberg here is talking about the Holocaust and to kill a Mockingbird the book being removed from schools and in this is why she get suspended for saying some stupid ship so her shoes schools books after one and wants of the state pulled to kill a Mockingbird off the required reading list after complaints from students and parents including a formal black student who said it made her uncomfortable and a Tennessee school put the graphic novel mouse out of their lessons on the Holocaust because it contains some immunity and some bad language personally I’m shocked because you know even the story of the mouse I’m I’m surprised that that’s what that’s what made you uncomfortable the fact that there was some nudity and having its it’s about the Holocaust the killing of 6 million people went back didn’t bother you what the domain I am not sure that they know what use they make a point as a kind of AI cannot yeah throw you off for night they made my history that makes my made me look bad well like this is why people doing it politely this is the jungle fight amongst yourselves but lacks behavior music they listen to and to say that when proving our or showing in the work of history or art or something happened that is bad language or nudity turn off reality TV turn off the radio turned everything they’re doing these kids are exposed to the staff namely early inappropriate situations not ones where you’re learning or teaching anonymity is that his is a drawing of his mom who died during the Holocaust contaminated and mouse which is the other listing saying what was going on in story it’s about it’s about the words about them and that I am not yet in one class but weren’t because if you are sitting amongst lots of students and you reading it out loud comes up a lot and makes people uncomfortable and especially if you’re the only yeah Black Canyon in the database on that list went there to talk about the check out another pension stop people from having it as reading but is stopping is required to meet and inspire the whale moving through the Florida legislature has now about banning any conversation in schools that make people feel uncomfortable because of their race or gender there is also in Florida bail Banning talking about LGBT Q conversations is being referred to as don’t say go know what’s happening with all of this banning going on you know we talked about the beloved being bad miles to kill a Mockingbird conversations I think of making it very difficult to teach kids what T-Mobile talk about and complain about people being snowflake phrases no-fly to the viewing is the greatest plan with the anti-history laws that started being passed the CRT allege CRT mother started being passed I don’t think people saw far enough into the future you start banning discussions about race when you start banning discussions about the Holocaust and you start banning discussions about the LGBT Q community that’s where it started and this was all very planned in and in my view and what bothers me the most is people saying I don’t want my children to be uncomfortable well how about your children being uncomfortable in being in a a way of learning empathy and a way of of of learning sorrow in a way of of of lurking up being able to empathize with other people’s plight I’ve always had of my children are subjected to racism at there’s only three minutes left in the part where Whoopi Goldberg said some stupid stuff is coming right up so until I I don’t want to listen to the view either I promise this is the most I’ve ever listen to it in my entire life so were in a move on theirs like two minutes left in this club for 2 1/2 minutes so stay with me here at a very early age which they are then your child should be okay with being having a little bit of discomfort and learning I ran as a medic that I am serve that young children are naturally empathetic yet removed and that the empathy is kind of drained out of them by their parents and things that they hear advance that song this is not a blog really has light South Pacific yeah my grandson I remember when he was around faithfully as though there was a kid was in trouble for some reason I Amicus Mattel to put my plans and put it on around them in right on with you when you talk about and I think that’s what the children are naturally like that… You don’t like what happened to his his friend who happens to be what he might feel terrible about what happened that doesn’t mean he feels bad that he did something exactly because of the confusion that they’re creating I believe what the faded college is this all started in colleges and universities and not wanting to make kids uncomfortable and we type that went to Michelle and actually Van Jones when he said if I send my kids to school I want them to be uncomfortable I want people to push back on their beliefs because otherwise were not parent kids glad to the real world were preparing them for a world that doesn’t exist outside of their own house will also if you going to do this and let’s be truthful about because the Holocaust isn’t about race no it’s not about emancipating that it’s it’s not about race it’s not about what it is about because it it’s about man’s inhumanity to man that’s what it’s about credit to buy white supremacy and yet rated file number but these are two filmlike groups of people the brightly. Ms. White missing appointee missing the point now when you turn it into race goes down this alley let’s talk about it for what it is it’s how people treat each other it’s a problem it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white because black white use it to everybody each each other so is it if you are uncomfortable if you hear about mouse should you be willing to change a child sell my God I wonder if that’s me know that’s not what they gonna save you say I don’t want to be like hopefully so there was that that was the part she’s had the Holocaust wasn’t about race can and you even see the young comfortability like spread across this room and by the way I never really noticed this but the women in the view basically look like with you go to your iPhone and find the woman the Moji and hold it down you see all the different races like they like check the box like they had like a focus group me to hang around making sure they checked every single box of of nationality and race so it’s funny to see valve laid out like that but so what she what she said there is the Holocaust was not about race and so you know you see that I don’t even know her name in churches one of the more well-known ones there but the redhaired one saying I think I think it was him and she’s will that was white on white so it’s not about race it’s about like man’s inhumanity towards Mandan and so you even see there like without the context of the entire situation you use I saw great I hope you guys feeling I gave you the context you give you probably too much of the view in terms of contacts but you see it there that like you know if you just click that were she says the Holocaust wasn’t about race and then you kind of just pull that out yeah it sounds it’s a stupid statement is that is not a racist statement shouldn’t have underlying like racism beliefs regarding the Holocaust and she’s not a Holocaust denier she was like trying to make a more like philosophical point really poorly I think no so even in this case I get is so funny to see that cancer culture comes around to cancel the people who make a living off of canceling people and that’s what you see here with Whoopi Goldberg sing some stupid ship she still probably shouldn’t be canceled for should be suspended for saying something stupid what should’ve happened is and what you sought kind of there was her panel of people making her uncomfortable and you saw her kinda try to go on a rant there to cover up her tracks saying something stupid but even that you don’t need to be canceled for that right and you saw that before that she said the N word in this clip right during the same week that she’s going after Joe Rogan and she in them and was even on the show with the timer that after that happened which I’m sure she would’ve loved to be but then they like blurred her mouth and lights of super weird but so that was Whoopi Goldberg getting canceled for saying that the Holocaust was about race which is always a very stupid but no reason you should be losing your job maybe some should come to you and like debate you or at least make you feel stupid about it enough to where you go home and you’re about to go to sleep and you can’t really go to sleep because remember that one conversation where you said the Holocaust wasn’t about race and everybody at the lunch table with you was like yeah I did was you dumb ass and you feel stupid for when you second-guess yourself before going to sleep about you you know I shouldn’t said that and I feel stupid now I know you know sure that’s how you make change right if you make somebody uncomfortable enough people to like being uncomfortable so that a change that their ways and probably not say something as stupid as that but that doesn’t mean you lose your job doesn’t mean that she should be pushed off the show even though she makes her living off of canceling people problem but basically so the next conversation here is around the the go fund me account so what happened here was the go fund me cancels freedom convoy and will be donating the 9 million to charity so there’s an update roundness they decided that they’re in a refund everybody but this says they go for me officially canceled the freedom convoy fundraiser on Friday and plans to distribute the remaining 9 million of donated funds to a credible and established charity the crowdfunding platform clean the fundraiser which raise $10 million in Canadian while in Canadian dollars and 8 million in USD in support of truckers protesting against Cove in 19 the vx mandates violating the terms of service which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment funny supports Pete’s full protest and will put we believe that the was the intention of the freedom come by fundraiser when it was first created the company send the statement released Friday morning we now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity hit they go on the say from there go fund me account this is good for me supports people of peaceful protests and just reiterates religious others of the decision came after one day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a military response to the protests was not in the cards right now in the House of Commons public safety and national security committee called fungal fund me to detail how it would ensure donations were being used to promote extremism and hate meanwhile freedom kindly Oregon organizer Tamara Leach announced Friday night that they have teamed up with give it send go another online platform to continue raising funds for truckers give him go or give Sango is going to enable us to get donations into the hands of truckers much much quicker she said if you can donate and help us keep the strikers going we plan to be here for a long time as long as it takes to ensure that your rights and freedoms are restored to go find me suspended the freedom convoys fundraiser to internal review on Wednesday after had accrued more than 10 million in donations the company had previously released 1 million to organizers after they provided a clear distribution plan and confirm funds will be used only for participants who travel to Ottawa to her to participate in a peaceful protest the organizers claimed that the funds will be used for expenses such as fuel gas what fuel and gas in the fuel of food and lodging with any leftover donations being gifted to a credible veterans organization which will be chosen by the donors go for me announced Friday they will no longer be releasing funds to the organizations because of how this situation has evolved no look no further funds will be directly distributed to freedom calmly organizers a company statement said we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities chosen by the freedom convoy 22 organizers and verified by co-funding the company said donors have until February 19 to request a refund Trudeau and some of his liberal party allies have accused the convoy demonstrated of extremism and racism a charge that Leach strongly denied on Thursday we are here out of love for our families our communities and our nation these past two years the coven mandates have divided us she said in a statement this protest began because of the federal government’s restrictions on truckers freedoms our movement has grown in Canada and across the world because, people are tired of the mandates and restrictions in their own lives that now seem to be doing more harm in good so sounds a lot like the government pressed go fund me to shut down the donations of the people literally metal refining here is like the linchpin of all these movements are being shut down in in all of the corporate governors right were finding that you know what was it in in this situation was go fund me you know in in the dirt looking to spot if I as being that linchpin for Joe Rogan and there you note that there any way or in any way that they can find somebody who they can utilize money to manipulate people there doing so go fund me as just another another piece of that right so so what were going to see here is that they actually moved over to a website called gifts and go Marina pull that website up here in a second and watch the video by the leader of the freedom convoy bullets talk about the freedom convoys are not familiar with what’s going on now to worry now is basically there was some some mandates that came out between the United States government and the Canadian government is that if you are a trucker you have to coming up through the United States to Canada or from Canada to the United States I believe it’s at least one of those I know that’s at least one of those maybe both of them that you have to show your vx passport you have to show that your vaccinated to get in the door of a country that you have passport to so that was one of the mandates that they were basically going to Ottawa to shut down the streets over and over these mandates and this is this this grew over. – Very short and quick. Of time hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in Ottawa and have been showing under I like the amount of love and peace that your seeing from that the leaders of this organization saying that were going to be peaceful everything were gonna do is out of love and were going to have fun and you watch these videos of them in the end are all just like hugging each other and listening to music and dancing and waving flags and it looks nothing like the protest that we’ve seen in the United States over the last two years nothing like the black lives matter protest nothing like these violent protests that we see and hear it looks like people there specifically to make a change and do it in a peaceful manner and there’s been no footage nobody can find footage note you can’t find a single clip right now somebody literally there was a there was bit of the picture being circulated of somebody with like a Nazi flag or Confederate flag and in within minutes of that flag being walked around with by these two guys they got the ship kicked out of them by four people Samaritans also there protesting and they took the flag and ripped away from them like that that’s like, that’s how it should be right so many wants to act up you might get your ass kicked right if you want to do some stupid like area Nazi flag you should probably get the Schick kicked out of you and get the flag from you that’s what happened in the situation can lessen the most violent thing we’ve ever heard somebody beat up a Nazi like oh that’s the worst thing that happened that the freedom convoy somebody beat up somebody with a Nazi flag Inverness strip them of their money literally the only violent thing I’ve ever heard of coming out of the fruit of company nickel funnies in a strip them of $10 million that people handed to them that they were to take a service charge from we’ll need you we can literally send a falcon envelope to a PO Box we don’t need go fund me we don’t need Facebook we don’t need Instagram we don’t need any of these platforms that are going to be the Lynchburg linchpin of freedom we do not need you we will find a way whether that’s sending an envelope to an auto PO Box with money in it to support these truckers fighting for our freedoms over that’s moving off of social media right or whether it’s moving over from go fund me to give some go Christian giving website that has not shut down anybody in this type of situation that I’m aware of we need to cut out the linchpins it needs to be a movement and what will find is there’s going to be and when that biggest linchpin that we’ve seen happen as soon as possible what was it can even remember it now right as soon as that the social media app that was coming out got shut down by Amazon right what was it like twitter replacement I can’t believe I can’t members I had an account I was super excited about it and they cut it off at the knees I know you guys are thinking how stupid in my parlor Jesus man I can’t believe I missed that for so long parlor did you find as I found it on my own I don’t be mad at me parlor right during covert parlor was coming out this post replace Twitter supposed replace your social media is to be free speech it was like ran by a preacher like and Benigno and then they literally took they couldn’t stop them anywhere else so they went to the servers the people that held the servers like Amazon servers the light cut off them from any sort using any server basically legitimately cut them off from the Internet we need to get away from these linchpins we need to stop paying for our own slavery under these corporations that want nothing about your best interest in mind it’s all about corporatism it’s all about government is all about totalitarianism we need to find a way to migrate away from them I’m glad that they did that with the freedom convoy bring that full circle for you guys I am I’m really glad that they moved over to give Sango and what I think they should do is find the damn PO Box that people can just send money to that’s a great solution to old-fashioned will need you we do not need you give Sango I’ll take a 20 and walk it to Ottawa before we need to use give her we do not before use go fund me again but thank God there’s gifts and the go and the situation speaking of gifts and go let’s go ahead and watch this video were gifts and go it is at this is their pay to give Sango.com/freedom convoy CONVOY 2022 freedom convoy 2022 giveSendgo.com?freedomconvoy2022 and here’s the video by one of the organizers of the freedom cowboy to merrily check from beautiful downtown Ottawa on this lovely Friday afternoon we are here today to give you an update on the situation you find me as well as how you can continue to help the trekkers that we have on the ground here so as you know Tammy is only released a million of the over $10 million donated as far and they frozen the rest of it for now I wanted to date and accurate information on how you can support contractors that are on the ground here at the moment we decided to team up with an organization called caves and go and wishes that enable us to get donations into the hands of the chapter is much much quicker when everybody gets the rest of the stuff sorted out so ‘it is freedom timeline 2022 and you can check what they say the links posted here shortly once we have all this information I am denying you so please if you can delay and help us keep these truckers going in only time to be here for the long haul as long as it takes to ensure the rights and freedom to restore and honestly from the Bible of our hearts we thank you very much and we will continue to bring you updates as we have all of that information thank you very much alright so there was one of the heads of the organizers of the freedom convoy and so far they have raised $1.5 million in I don’t know a day and these people have been yet to even get their funds back from go fund me select 7 to 10 days before they get their funds back and now they have $1.5 million more in a single half day and that’s the power of the people who realize what’s going on in you know thank God for this freedom, which is there’s literally nothing else going on were reared were were having any type of word about pushing back at this point so to all of those that are there to all of the truckers that are there thank you on literally behalf of the world for doing the work that needs to be done to ensure that were not to give into this totalitarianism that were knocking to be pushed around by by people in suits who want it use corporatism and greedy no money bull shipped to try and shut you down from being able to help somebody out by paying for their food and only needs a PO Box like I said all we need to PO Box and thank God forgives and go so give Sanko.com/freedom convoy 2022 and you can donate there and while you’re there if you didn’t donate all of your money that you have without being able that you know still house yourself you can also go head to our gifts and go which is give single.com/red pill revolution and make a donation for us there but first I would like you to go to the freedom convoy and donate to them or doing some truly incredible work and they deftly absolutely need the help yeah so keep what you doing keep up what you doing guys it’s incredible and on that note thank you guys so much for listening this week I hope I didn’t say something that gets me canceled it’s a it’s a real possibility according to what’s what’s actually going on this week with everybody getting taken down so thank you goes thank you guys so much for listening I appreciate you so much from the bottom my heart this is such an incredible journey to go on with you guys I plan to get better every single week and this is just the 15th week the 15th episode and were going to have many many more conversation so thank you so much if you could and you haven’t yet go ahead and press that subscribe button I promise this is the single last time I’ll ever ask you on the 15th episode at the end of the episode go ahead and press the subscribe button right now for me the next thing you should do is go over to give sent her to give me a go to go to get Sango.com/reptile revolution after you go to the freedom convoy and donate there and then you can also go sign up for the sub staff to get all of our links all of our articles all of our videos from this week and you’ll be able to see a few other things and I’ll include the link for the freedom convoy gifts and go on there as well so again thank you guys so much for being here with me thank you so much for listening welcome two the revolution have a great week

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