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America’s War on Babies: Bill Nye The Eugenics Guy & Why Circumcision is F%#king Weird

In this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we look at the origin of many social norms found within the United States surrounding our children. Including the dark, torturous history of circumcision within the United States; the racist, self-proclaimed Eugenicist behind planned parenthood, and we even explore the morality of abortion through the lens of String Theory and the Multi-verse. We also touch on Natural Birth along with the profitable biotech and pharmaceutical industry that deals in the tissue taken from babies during this elective procedure.


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Welcome to Red Pill Revolution my name is Austin Adams Red Pill revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believe everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a child religion politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those Howard now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that number and I’m taken duress welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is Austin Adams thank you so much for joining me today of this is episode number 14 of the red pill revolution podcast and again I appreciate you so much thank you so much for tuning then this can be a great episode I’m very very excited to talk about this this episode is something I kind of got a deep dive into you and I have some recent experience some recent recent passion on the subjects but also I was reignited to talk about this by Candace Owens Candace Owens had an unbelievable like she’s been going on crazy rants about all of these things for the past week or so and they all have to do with the will of the ways that the medical pharmaceutical industry and now our government is basically decided to have a war on our children and marina see a few different ways that are doing that today whether it’s through circumcision whether it’s through vaccinations whether it’s through abortion whether it’s through all the different ways that we’ve been programmed to believe that there protecting us and giving us our freedoms are actually ways that there attacking our children our children and so this is near and you’re in my heart I am a father I’ve been a father for a while I have three children myself and one that had a month ago with my my wife had it can take all the ownership they are my wife had our third child a month ago some very passionate about these things and I guess I guess you will see that today but before we do that you know the drill go ahead and wherever you’re at right now if you’re on YouTube wantonness, if you’re on Apple podcasts modify audible wherever the hell you’re listening to this watching this go having click the subscribe button I would really really appreciate it just means that you engage that you want more of this content and allows me to see them doing some right with you guys so I appreciate that’s much then you get updates you’ll know exactly when the newest episodes are coming out and again I would appreciate so much go ahead it is a little button on their we talked about this a few times starts with an S ends with a up scribe go ahead and click that I’d appreciate it so much and then the next thing I need to do is to go ahead and subscribe to a sub stack it’s rental revolution.sub and that is our newsletter I know I’d I skipped on it this week I had a crazy week transition no. In my life but I am going to be updating that I’m still to be going back and sending out that podcast opinion from last week and still doing the deep dives to figure out a systematic way to do this efficiently for you guys so I can get this all done in a timely manner so stay tuned for that go ahead and subscribe to the sub stack if you subscribe for free you get the podcast companion on which is all the videos all the links all the articles in even some books recommendations and things around the topic that I found interesting regarding this week’s topic along with the video directly for the podcast on their and the audio version right there too so it just a very neat clean way to receive my podcast of the reptile revolution podcast here directly to your email without having to worry about anything else and the apps and you nothing and you get all of the article so you can dive deeper into these topics yourself you can watch the videos that I’m watching here that your hearing about that’s on the bore you that go how to subscribe the subs that it’s free if you’d like the pay version the paid version is seven dollars a month and you know it’s it’s a way of showing your support it’s one of the only ways to show your support and I am 100% audience supported here I don’t have any sponsors as you will see throughout this and making you know virtually no money outside of your generosity so if it’s dollar I appreciate it if is the seven dollars for the sub stack or if you find it even more valuable than that you can go directly to our link tree and there’s a little tip jar there were you can just pay there or you can go to gifts and go into that directly there but that’s I got right about I am truly excited to talk about this topic and I will talk about where it kind of started from so Candace Owens has been putting out a story on Instagram so if you don’t follow her stories that she just think how on it with this and she’s on a lot of it on vaccines she start to talk briefly about circumcision into the recent mother I guess shoes she recently had a child so this is something she is passion about some is near and dear to her heart to and you can see that in her videos she has been diving so deep in the individual vaccination such as rubella, and in the finding out that a lot of the some of the statistics that they actually had on the CDC website were completely fabricated had no statistical basis no actual real value, and they tried to hide the studies for the rubella so what what I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what that looked like basically the CDC on the Web server now shows that if you view your child that you know there is 12.6 million cases of rubella of those hundreds of thousands of children died and as a result of that you know you need to get this vaccination and that once you dove deeper into that and she looked at the study that they were pulling from she found that the numbers were highly inflated there was actually only like 200,000 cases as opposed to 12 million and there was far far far 277 best total that caused them to just massively give these vaccines out to all children before they’re even allowed to go to school so if they did upset me off on a tangent here and set me off to kind of dive deeper and this is this is a go to be a huge episode on vaccines that were really not even a touch on that much but it did Dick my interest in Bergen to talk about that briefly here because there was a recent Veritas video that was released that was showing that there was some botched administration is what is called here regarding the Cova 19 vaccinations that were being administered to children so what it was was that there was that there’s a solution that you are required to mix the vaccine in before you administer it in the solution that year’s mixing it with the matters it matters a lot and if you mix it with the wrong solution what they believe will happen at the very least will negate the actual effects of the vaccination itself and that most could cause really severe side effects which is obvious to the biggest concern here now with the project Veritas videos every single one of their videos come out are so hyped her so much hype around them that you expect there to be vicious like earth shattering revelations regarding vaccines and you just hope that anyone of these is actually to be the one that takes down the establishment I don’t think that that’s what this one was but I do think it’s important to to to know about and understand the different ways that people are being affected by this and not just people now children are being affected by the something when I watch a quick portion of this video of the nurse who is coming out the whistleblower and she came out and said that she witness that she has the videos she has a video of this nurse talking about how they have no idea whether or not they had the correct solution and they found out that it was the wrong solution and that it had been administered to children and then she kind of discusses the way that was handled improperly how there was no warning signals for people what were these children and they were never really notified or anything like that so let’s go ahead and watch us briefly on Morgan watch a few minutes of another entire video with a full 10 minute video will be on the subs that for you and number to move on into more of the historical weirdness of some of these things like circumcision and all that stuff to stick around for that but forcing me to touch on is this project Veritas video that was recently released and here is that wanted to without ever will like it and I could easily administer the vaccine and walked off these at little cadence damn damn babies at the end of day that little kids as a parent it’s our job to protect children right you covered a lot of stories about big government run amok over the years but this one is truly shocking people nationwide are going to be outraged after watching the story but especially parents mind you this is not an anti-vaccine story and those you are about to witness are seemingly all good people trying their best to help others in a broken system for you and bacteria know I say he’s very serious rated AAA patient will in the rush to get everyone vaccinated New York contracted with doc go and their subsidiary ambulance to provide covert vaccine clinics in schools homeless shelters and street corners throughout New York however it appears their poor recruitment process and training were severely lacking and may have jeopardize the safety of potentially thousands of people including young children analyze center’s how long have you been administering vaccines for I had been up/felt since 2006 and I applied for a job to minister back. The first day I started the work I felt very unusual appellate panel support please say she will so you may first stay the vaccines must for ages between final and I call the supervisor and he said how do I look the factual was mutual that would have a definite service meaning vicious that every owner says that a game that fills any clinician getting an axle living in a class that is guidelines to abide by as a nurse administering any vaccines or any medications there’s protocol follow nanoparticles you will and is there I there he will there will network a solar a story and I’ll I lightbulb dispatch sale was to get I’ll yeah yeah no allow whatever there is no rule insert in the box on the vaccinations so I can’t educate parents on the next school what bothers me because that is my job as an current so what we just saw there was them kind of talking and I’m sorry if that you couldn’t hear them discussing every well there were subtitles on that for a reason but the what what was happening as there is a subsidiary company that this state had hired to come in and administer vaccines and from the subsidiary company which was called ambulance a.m. BU owl is the L and Z ambulance that is not who I want injecting me with anything but this company called ambulance that was basically hiring people off the street based on their in the dad which said you just needed some form of medical experience and didn’t have really any of the requirements for so when I get there it’s all chaotic and they believe that they received up as they mixed it with bio static water or bacteriostatic water instead of saline solution which they don’t know how it’s been a mix or of how this can interact with these children’s bodies and they were stored directly intended for people who are 5 to 11 years old and this just tells you what’s happening across the country because of this is just one small area in it because all they’re trying to do with these you see the way that that this company is hiring the way that this company was better than the first place to be hired by the city or the state it just all looks like a complete ship show nobody knows what they’re doing because they don’t no one knows what they’re doing is throwing everything they can to get as many people injected with us as they can regardless of even if it’s the correct formula right so from a parent’s perspective how frustrating if if you are somebody who but believes that your child needs this vaccine to be safe and they’re not even taking the proper precautions to make sure that’s the case right so if you do take this seriously and if you do believe that your children neither this vaccine then you our trusting within the system but the people are doing the correct thing and at the very least mixing it correctly right that’s crazy to me crazy that that the you know the difference between the bottles was a light green and a dark green and that’s the way of organization here so it you know it was just a complete ship shower knew nobody knew what they were doing and as a result these children could have potentially life altering side effects because of this and mauled little mistake within this crazy unbelievable disorganized organization administering gene therapy to children between the ages of 5 to 11 with this type of disorganization so that’s why think this is important to know is space specially if you are so many was going to get your child vaccinated maybe go through a company that spells ambulance right maybe that’s a good place to start and then on the other side of it more than likely are 5 to 11-year-old has no statistical reason to get vaccinated in the first place but even if you believe you believe that they should which is okay for you and your children then make sure you go is obviously reasonable place who can actually spell the name of of their company correctly so let’s move on and in this kind of started me into this deep dive between Candace Owens with her story going and all this vaccine stuff where she found all these statistics to be just completely inflated and wrong and then hidden and then the project Veritas video or they were specifically showing that children were affected by these type of disorganization within these pop up organizations that are hiring people off the street to inject your children with probably not even a background check so that inspired this this next part of this episode here so if you saw my post a little while ago I talked about I did and I are you and I told you when we first started this episode that I did actually have a son I recently my sons know about a little over a month old and super excited browned on my family I had two daughters before my son and he means the world to me my family means the world to me and something that my wife first first brought to my attention and in the know my wife had decided this is ours this is our second home birth that might my wife gave birth at home naturally come up with no chemicals no you know blockers nothing you know that that the medical intervention the medical industrial complex wants to profit off of so and that you know and I will will talk about that real quick is it’s just so interesting to me that birth has been moved to this such a sterile way of of being at the you know if birth becoming this you know white gloved situation and in a in a hospital setting that literally the only time you ever go to the hospital with out having something going wrong where everything is going exactly as it should his birth raise the only time you go there and so it it’s really it was really interesting to me because the you know we had a completely different flip-flop from our first child which was a elective C-section specifically for no other reason than just be Reno she was pretty young and did didn’t really have enough confidence to do it there with the way that she did the next two times but found through that situation that she wanted to do it in a natural way the second and third time and about homebirth specifically was the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of absolutely hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of and so one thing that she brought to my attention is very common in this no community of people who give birth at home which is a very tight knit community of people is very cool to see was the idea of circumcision and this wasn’t a problem we had to address prior to this because I have two daughters right so she comes to me and being a man and being a circumcised man myself you know this is the way it is in the United States it seems it was a weird concept to me like the idea Allview everybody every guy I know for the most part was generally released on the if I may be just didn’t know I sound like I asked him to show me are circumcised generally not state so this is a common thing within the United States and and so it what we don’t realize it is that there is literally no reason for it there’s no reason to circumcise your child other than religious reasons like the faith you know of Islam or Judaism is the only two people who generally circumcise their children out of religious faith and the only country that does it first year a static social social reasons is the eye states for the most part was for my understanding and so I went here and found some interesting conversations regarding circumcision because it is really interesting to know because if you asked anybody why why do we circumcise our children generally the answer you’re going to get is because that’s what we do because of normal write Oracle tell you some some crack a ship like you know it’s going to cause infection or you know that what are the Reeve and other arguments as to cause bacteria or that you know it’s gonna be too sensitive or that you know even more so the Kellogg argument which will get into in a minute which is pretty weird but this talks about some of the common myths opponents appears like everyone circumcise as well no it’s at approximately a believe 70% of the world are uncircumcised and then on top of that within the United States there’s fewer than 60% of babies in the US are circumcised and so if it if you even ask a physician why they circumcise children it’s generally the answer that the video is it while it’s easier to clean and that’s it another way they used to tell you was that you know that other common mess with that is that it’s safe and is harmless so the size the reality is that claiming circumcision essays safe is a dubious claim to say it’s harmless is just flat wrong removing the foreskin can have many complications such as life-threatening bleeding infection meet Allstate and mediate all stenosis disfigurement excessive scarring and severe skin bridge adhesions some circumcised boys need more than one surgery to attempt to fix these man-made mutilations or as they say problems as bad as that sounds things can get even worse studies have reported that 117 babies die every year from circumcision or complications arising from wow additionally the trauma know the true the trauma and the stress from circumcision impacts the baby’s developing brain inflicting’s physiological trauma the strong pain signals impact the newly forming neural connections in the brain babies and during this pain also suffer from PTSD physicals physically circumcision destroys the functions that have that the foreskin performs during sex is one of the most touch sensitive parts of the penis removing address the changes the dynamics of sex people claim that circumcision is safe and harmless it is an allusion now one piece to know about that and this is one thing that Candace always brought up was the fact that they administer all babies vitamin K and the reason they administer all babies vitamin K is because they say that babies don’t want blood won’t clap properly but what was really happening is there saying that when your baby is circumcised they will bleed out if they don’t have vitamin K likely but they administer the vitamin K shock to all babies regardless of sex so even female babies female babies get vitamin K just to specifically smooth over the fact that the only reason that there get administering vitamin K to children is because your child is going to be caught with a blade around their penis specifically for aesthetic reasons and the only reason they administer vitamin K to the women are that the female babies is because they want to just kind of hide that and muddy the waters a little bit is that you don’t know that’s the specific reason administer vitamin K because other than that why are we making an infant bleed well the only reason you’re making an infant bleed is because you’re circumcising them purely for aesthetic reasons right so let’s let’s go back one by the way mom my wife came to me and said hey you know we have this conversation around and it was hard for me to kind of wrestle with initially because just being an American man that’s what we do and you don’t want your son to be ostracized or thought of you know when I went to high school there is like we knew who the uncircumcised people were generally the site the girlfriend or the girl that the guy hooked up with is always going to you know it’s it was a conversation that that they thought was funny to have and so even you know these things you remember these things from when you were a kid right now whether or not you should make this purely a static surgical decisions for your baby within the very few first days of their lives based on the potential reality of how they’re going to be treated in high school from their sexual counterparts is a bit weird to begin with just outright but other than that you know that the whole idea surrounding it for from my perspective was like you know will uncircumcised my son to be circumcised this is how I look this is how she he should look you know it obviously don’t want him to be the one person is talked about in school but luckily no it seems to be like to me that this is becoming a more mainstream conversation our parents just did whatever the hell the doctors told us to right and that’s kind of it what this is going to be another you know red pill type of idea surrounding the medical industrial complex is every single one of these circumcisions costs $1500 and sometimes even added into the package when you when you’re giving birth to the hospital it’s so even if you don’t aspirate it’s added in there for $1500 in insurance coverage on medically billing that getting paid that earn them in obviously the medical and trees getting paid that so every single time and that goes back to like the initial reason surrounding you know natural birth and I think I’m obviously my and my wife’s experience were to have a whole at all do a whole episode on the actual medical industrial complex changing birth into something that is now so commercialized and sterilized when it should be such a spiritual event with you and your partner that they’ve just taken taken completely taken away that that idea of that come in and I think that’s so important when you realize how it we know when that when I was the first child that we had she had the elective C-section I was put into a corner was put in scrubs I had a mask on my face and I was put into a corner rack to Beirut barely even see anything of just sitting next to my wife not partaking in anything not having any such any any part of this my wife is completely doped up you know by drugs at this point to the point where she threw up on me before she even had our daughter because she had so many drugs pumped through her system so she didn’t have to partake in the birthing process which her body was designed to do right because do you have to think medical industrial complex only commercialized birth 8590 years within the last 90 years like the 1920s and 30s it became a thing that were you went to the hospital to give birth prior to that it was almost always a midwife and almost always a homebirth and now within the last 90 years of of humanity’s existence we decided that that’s not the way to do it the way to do it is the way that makes them the most profit because the whole body is designed for each stage of it and when you experience a natural birth you see that you know the way that my wife was dealing with her pain was through tools that she innately was given at birth that the through her own you know feminine power in the when the where she had to channel when she was going through this process of bringing our children into the world was this completely like primal instinctual interaction that she had and to completely strip that away because when when me and my wife is giving birth to our second two children it was me and her the whole time I wasn’t sitting somewhere in a corner shutting up and not being a part of the conversation I was sitting next to her I was pushing on her back I was pushing on her hips I was helping her I was talking her through is helping her figure catch her breath when she there were grabbing water before she even knew she needed they were doing all of it was me and her the midwife sits back basically and just coaches when things need to be progressed in a different way and other than that it’s mostly just you and your partner in-house spiritual hike house spiritual that journey is and how important is that to a relationship like if you’re new if you’re in a new relationship especially when you haven’t gone through the hardships of life together the whole it one of the most difficult situations will ever encounter together in in them the one of the ones will be able to draw back on throughout your entire relationship is the birth of your children and the interaction that you have with your partner on that in that way is is so deeply seated and so animalistic and in all of the chemicals that are being released not only by the female in the in the partnership and also the mail in the partnership so much of birth is instinctual and animalistic not sterile and medical and so the that the tools that you pull from that experience were were not just sitting in the corner the whole time and shutting up while she’s giving birth and going through this process will she’s on a bunch of basically comparable drugs to heroin but you’re there with each other the whole time every minute coaching each other working with each other through that and then and having that that the greatest moment of your life at the peak of that you know togetherness and teamwork where you have your child and you have that experience and then the ability to draw back on that that moment together that you accomplish that thing together is it is a tool that you carry into the rest of your relationship I wholeheartedly believe and in the maybe there’s you know there’s that there’s so much data that that could be muddied that throughout this time looking back further than those 90 years but I wholeheartedly believe if natural home births were more common that divorce would be less common because of the difficulty of the situation that you’re dealing with a hand and so this comes back around to all of the reasons that they found the commercialized birth all of the money that they make it literally there’s two ways that you can make money off of every single person in this world and it’s when they enter this world and one is when they exit this world with commercialized both of them right in birth specifically only last 90 years this this medical intervention has become so common instant circumcision is no different $1500 that they make off of every single penis that they given elective surgery for aesthetic reasons to honor children with in their first several days of life so much so that it’s a concern that they have to administer a vet of vitamin K shot to help with blood clotting routes as it stated here hundred and 17 male babies every single year die of circumcision or complications that doesn’t even talk about that 10% which 10% of all of those circumcisions result in a botched circumcision which results in them having to go back and have it additional surgeries or can even affect them for their entire life with things like erectile dysfunction were doing this to a baby who’s entered the world and in 45% 45% of circumcisions there administered some type of anesthesia or anesthetic 55% which is complete the on regular regulated part of the medical tech industry was is what type of you know industry-standard there are for anesthesia or in a static surrounding circumcisions and newborn infants within the first several days of their life 55% are done without any anesthetic in all the studies that were done regarding circumcision were halted because of the amount of pain in the control group which was not using an anesthetic so they had to halt the scientific studies that were done to see if they should be administering because the date they knew so much that they show that they could not continue to run the study with how much pain these babies were in without anesthetic so this goes on to say that baby know a myth about this is that babies can’t feel or remember pain says that circumcision is extremely painful to the baby there taking out a literal scalpel to your babies private parts to to rip skin off of their with no anesthetic at all only 45% of doctors use any anesthesia at all there is no mandatory anesthesia or pain relief policy in force in hospitals for this procedure this is an important item to consider when discussing circumcision facts and that’s so in this comes down to about the abortion conversation to this as fact number one my guess this is not what I was thinking so it’s of this as fact number one the only person making such an important decision for their own body at at at an purely a static surgery the only person who should be deciding whether or not they want that aesthetic surgery is the child itself imagine this when it was industry standard in America when your daughter was born to give her breast implants purely aesthetic no reasoning at all funded if unfounded and in actual medical science to do so just purely aesthetic would say that that’s the most crazy thing you’ve ever heard of in your life we are taking a scalpel around your your son or any child’s privates for the purpose of anesthetic is acceptable find this really was the thing that got me away from from any type of argument any type of argument at all against circumcision firm for my child and is because he can always make that decision himself solid now or never thing you don’t have to circumcise your child within the first two days or can ever happen they just say that because it is so painful that the only time they would like to do it is within those first two days put the pain is many different all you’re doing is completely taking those first several days of their life and in causing more pain than there ever going to experience in the entirety of her life within the first several days without using any anesthetic for this if at any time your son decides that he wants to go get this purely elective and aesthetic surgery Don he can always do so but maybe you shouldn’t be making purely aesthetic decisions for your son with an elective surgery within the first several days of his life especially because you’re concerned about his sex life right if you believe the bushes surrounding you know that the better cleanliness or sensitivity or whatever that is do your research because you’re wrong in any other argument is purely an aesthetic and about aesthetics and if you’re so concerned about your child sex life that your you know willing to cut their deck with a knife maybe you should be reflecting on your beliefs how they should be looking with their potential sexual partner down the road maybe you thought in fact in America this is true circumcision started in America to save boys from masturbating that’s right this fact it says is extensively documented in the historical literature the idea started in the 1890s that masturbation was a dirty file have pit that needed to be stopped the war on masturbation medical experts from across America began promoting circumcision to parents as a way to prevent masturbation the experts led parents to believe that masturbation would cause mental insanity it was also the root cause of many diseases notable people of the day like John Harvey Kellogg who is famous for his beliefs on circumcision Rowe in his book plain facts for young and old about curing masturbation a remedy which is almost always successful Kellogg says in small boys is circumcision the operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering anesthetic as the brief pain attending the app operation will have a solid solitary effect upon the mind especially if he is connected with the idea of punishment wow I had not even read that part yet so it wasn’t even that there was some physical way that it would stop you from attempting to to masturbate later in your life or that it would be uncomfortable or that you would second-guess yourself because you know the whole idea was surrounding the psychology the psychology not even the physical aspects was not even like his argument was that hey you know it’s gonna be uncomfortable if they masturbate it was that note they’re going to have such pain he said they’re going to endure such trauma from the circumcision itself that they’re not even going to want to go near their Dick because because of the solitary effect upon the mind is specially if it is connected with the idea of punishment so he wanted and believed in you falcon thought it that you should circumcise your son because you’re gonna rip his genitals with a knife’s and make him in so much pain that the deep seated pain from cutting it with a knife specifically without administering anesthetic which 55% of doctors still hold true today will cause such psychological trauma surrounding that sexual organ that they won’t even want to go near it for fear of punishment again that was his reasoning wow that is crazy wow that’s crazy so goes on to say that circumcision is $1 billion industry when it comes to circumcision facts and myths this is a fact hospitals and doctors earn income by performing circumcisions since performing the procedure as part of their livelihood the medical community tends to be biased in favor of circumcision hospitals also get paid a facility fee for each circumcision the average amount invoiced to insurance carriers can be as much as $1500 per circumcision some hospitals bundle in the cost of the overall price for the delivery reducing circumcisions may prompt insurance carriers to lower the reimbursement rate since circumcision has a 11% complication rate these batches and complications called revision surgery must be repaired by pediatric urologist for even more money you have a one in 10% chance during the time that you decide to give a purely elective aesthetic surgery to your child’s genitals that it will be mutilated as a result so much so that you will need a second surgery on their genitals while other hospitals may even use the free infant foreskin tissue in the revenue-generating clinical trials and they also may sell the infants for skin tissue to biotech and cosmetic companies for further profit which is where the real money is not only are they doing this completely negligently Ryan this should wake you up to the idea that that the medical farm at the medical industrial complex is not on your side they are not on your side they’re doing this for purely profit there is no scientific reasoning for this and then there selling your child’s mutilated skin two biotech companies and cosmetic companies for further profit so let’s dive into that because this goes even deeper and crazier there is seven surprising things that circumcised foreskins are actually used for so when the hospital mutilates your child’s genitals for no other reason other than profit for them in purely aesthetic reasons from the parents perspective unless you believe wrong science or articles that have no funding founding basis because there’s no actual articles that will explain it scientifically there are selling that to these companies your child’s my foreskins floating around somewhere with some hair growth product how horrifying how horrifying to think that stimulating hair growth is is the top one here is the basic functions of neonatal fibroblasts which is the term that they use for cells taken from infant foreskins after they a certain size is to keep things together in certain ends stimulate cell growth fibroblast taken from any human create strong bonds but fibroblasts taken from human infants are much stronger in 2012 company Hall histidine announced they will be creating an injectable hair growth stimulant from cells derived from neonatal foreskins or baby skin in other words for creating stem cells for facial cream and facial cream is one that came up in the pop-culture recent not recently but a few years ago that will watch the video of in a second it’s disgusting when watching this video that the reactions of the crowd the reactions of Steve Harvey whose putting the stuff on his face and super weird restoring aging or damage skin and then this goes even deeper if you’re talking about the you know baby cells you know being used to for revitalization of old ass people’s skin so much so that they’re willing to mutilate their genitals in in pursuit of it maybe there are some fundamental founding to some of these conspiracies surrounding people harvesting the blood of children for the same purpose and reasoning right maybe dive deeper and that later on the show later today but will get down the rabbit hole eventually is the Adrina Combe rabbit rabbit hole is truly a concerning one especially given the history founded you know within the Kings of Great Britain nerds and other things of the time you know with Vlad the inhaler literally historical accounts of him drinking the blood of his enemies after torturing them significantly to insight you know this type of frenzy that he would go into after taking this drug like frenzy and then the bloodlines of you know what Prince which one is it who’s the anyways coming out and saying that he’s basically related to flood the inhaler specifically I’ll look that up again desired by mama do a deep dive on that eventually to is that the royal bloodlines in the actual you know Adrina chrome type you know because literally you can go online right now and find Adrina from being sold across the world you do it England dark web and find legitimate drink from you can find I’m sure on the regular web to you can find it there this is the real thing – this is not it’s not crazy conspiracy ideas you know so I’m sure there’s some layers of that deeply found within some of these conversations but the idea itself of of that it is not so so with you drawing back to the original conversation restoring aging and damage skin with something that they’re using these foreskins for product testing treating bedsores and diabetic ulcers and crating bioengineered skin for burn victims ones are super concerning obvious either all concerning what the of the one that I found that I found the video on for you guys is this restoring aging or damage skin so in this video you are going to watch Steve Harvey right Steve Harvey administering this liquid on his face from this woman who eventually tells him it’s from the blood and foreskins of babies go ahead and watch this video magic wrinkle and one at a birthday rat she said a numerical fountain of beer in her magic wrinkle sure hello on your hand due to an overdue yeah only Nanette Wright and Michael Ms. Ray which I shall eat and is made from growth hormones as human wrinkles is just distant. Even Ballmer. Bill May from human foreskin I users should appeal no you are a visual time omission from an open flame open although it is also no Mary felt the baby for oh baby. You also grow okay does it work human foreskin had actually been using growth factor there’s a lot everything on it been shown to increase collagen production for another line the wrinkle help great mentoring will be looking over the that’s going to be the creepiest most ominous video that I’ve seen in a very long time literally sitting there sadistically laughing joking and then making light of the fact that it’s better because it’s a baby for skin then grown-up foreskin how weird is that they’re all sitting there laughing if not watching the video you should go see yourself this is titled did she just put liquid foreskin in my hand she says it Oprah’s favorite which makes complete sense but he he left so that the audience lasted a right how if somebody’s if you knew what went into that going on to your hand if you knew all of the pain in endorphins and and in the horrific experiences that were had by these infants in the first days of their life just so you could laugh it off in front of an entire crowd of people and make light of the fact of this why is it road all because it was ripped off of children with a scalpel in the first days of their life in agony without any anesthetic you falcon creep all of you what in the world the audience sitting there laughing at that how is that funny if you believe anything at all about you know energy your you know it it’s any deeper spirituality around the world the world may be the lot of it which we don’t understand right in the things that you’re interacting with many cultures you know believe that there is there is innate energy that’s passed through things you know especially like human interaction is even the cannibalistic cultures from that that is like the forte culture within the small island would basically cannibalize there are family members when they died and they kept doing it until basically they started to get these terrible brain diseases that cause them to die and so no modern experts flew into the small tribe of you know Third World country people and try to study and figure out why these people were dying and they found out because they were cannibalizing their family members on the discount a weird thing to do when you’re saying cannibalizing health even had utensils Simon sorry we didn’t see that I was using like a fork motion don’t know why you would do that when you talk about cannibalism on so anyways there is this small tribe would you do in the until they found out that basically it was causing this terrible brain disease that cause them to die because anyways so is within cultures that they would do this because they believe the spirit was within that flesh that they consumed right and by consuming it they were allowing the Reeve reincarnations like spirit of their elders or their family members to to live on through them right okay now that we’ve fundamentally structured our conversation around the spirituality of this foreskin juice that he was just had on his hand we can understand how people believe you know maybe not in Western culture people believe that things can hold energy or spirits or Reno spirit or life force whatever you want to call it an innately when you you know carve off the skin of somebody and somehow create this facial oil from it and that what came with that action of treating a child that way and all the rest of the horrific emotions that came with that and in that the pain of this baby was in the first days of their life and now you’re taking that energy write that that foreskin juice in this case and rubbing it on your face what kind of karma do you think that gives you health like if you’re not even going to have a conversation surrounding you know thinking that’s terrible new act except it you know what what type of energy are you bring into your life by by pulling in of using a facial or a hand cream that was made from the tier literally the tears agony and pain of babies and you’re using it to get rid of those wrinkles kinda weird to me so is super weird use of of this force can be just an example of that that’s one example and in how culture looks at this situation not as one of the that the babies are just like these inanimate objects right that have no existence to them in this you know packaged facial oil how far removed are we from that process right to only Minot would leave and let the parent in the room when they’re doing this with how much pain these babies must be and I don’t know but God I can imagine ever being somebody who utilizes a product that is built literally on the pain of infants and then laughing about it putting them on a TV show to promote it and talking about all will Oprah loves it so you should to talk you that’s disgusting so then where can I go next in this conversation where this kind of takes a little turn here and I’ll try to do this in a different way than you’ve herby some sure you’ve heard these arguments before and and I wanted to take it from a purely philosophical perspective not in almost like scientific perspective than one of like the way the normal conversations have surround this topic because I know it’s a very touching topic for some people and I understand that for sure I get it 100% so the way that will approach a so is aware where I start with this topic and before we do that before we do that was to go ahead and do this go heading click the subscribe button before jumping to this for you go ahead and click the subscribe button right now you’re in like this next topic I know you to be interested it’s it’s a conversation I’ve had a few times of people that kind of work around this idea and if it can be applied this way so I hope you enjoy Picoult first subscriber right now press the subscribe button Diwali press the subscribe button I appreciate you so much thank you so much for listening to this and then go ahead and subscribe to the sub stack if you’re subscribed on this abstract is a free subscriber you get the podcast companion if 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things that we do today that were to look back on the hundred 5200 years from now and be like what Duff Falk were these barbarians doing in 2022 and there’s two things that a lot of people will point to when you have those conversations or you asked that question in the first thing is circumcision there is no fundamental scientific reasoning for it other than the statics and when you realize that the pain and agony and suffering that goes into it is not justifiable in the second one that people bring up is the conversation of abortion and again I know this is a tough conversation have so I’m going to try to it in a way that you know were not having the same argument you’ve heard hundreds of times on this topic and it will be a unique perspective I hope for you and so the way that I look at abortion in the way that kind of crowded into this idea of this topic is from is I actually had like almost like a revelation on and what what got me I’m you I earlier in my life I was very pro-non-any decision on the I didn’t take a stand so you know I did I took a knife six sisters I understand that there there’s obviously situations people put on that are terribly difficult right I get it but where I start to look at the spur from this perspective it is if you understand this is where the so give us a ticket attorney apart and expect if you understand the way that string theory operates if you understand how time is non-linear right in the same way that I exist right now here at 28 years old with this podcast is the same way and currently existing on another plane and in my infancy which is the same time I’m also you know experiencing a life on a different multi-verse at the age of 90 or another when I Artie died I so there’s all these different you know and don’t look to me to explain string theory to you I barely understand it myself but I do understand is the idea of time being nonlinear right you are not born and then you live in this you know this progression of of time in which we call it which is simply just a measurement of movement around us if you think the way that we just measure the sun and the movement are that we see around us in the cosmos is how many days we have is how many weeks we have is the buyer based on the cycles that we see that’s what time is but time really is nonlinear and time is and even existing and besides the measurements that we make of it right so you understand that in the way the string theory operates is that there is multiple things going on in any time a decision is made multiple branches branch off of other opportunities for other existences on other planes and so when a baby is consists at the con the when the baby when the sperm and egg meet each other that causes a ripple effect of hundreds of millions of potential realities hundreds of millions of potential life set that baby lives ages I and in these are all happening simultaneously in other in an different realities right and this is just the one that we occupy here today but as soon as the egg and that sperm meet millions of branches of life opportunity time existence already exist that baby in some other existence is already 55 years old with the family as a grandchild on the way the second the agonist for me excuse me so the second that that happens a a a branch of life in a branch of existence immediately flickers off in a million different directions so the second that that baby is conceived they have a life they have children they have a job somewhere they have a reality they have love they have passion they have hobbies they have friends they have experiences they have all of these things already exist the second that sperm and egg meet each other in the viable viable meaning they meet each other and they actually connect and become an embryo right so the second they touch each other branches off into a million different directions and in this idea of reality and this idea of time in simply taking a sip scissors to one of those branches right that the branch being our reality in this space and this time that we occupy on this plane of the multi-verse the idea of simply taking scissors to that and cutting it does not take away that embryo in sperm’s existence on the other branches which already exist all you’re doing is killing that baby’s existence here today your killing to all of the branches of life that exists down the road as a result of the sperm meeting the egg and the realities that are created as a result there Hope you follow that because nothing that’s unique perspective on on abortion if you understand the idea that time is nonlinear and that baby begins to exist already the second that the interaction happens and they connect it already is in existence the Artie has children started eating cereal somewhere on a different plane of time and reality and all you’re doing is stripping it of that right to exist in this reality today right so it’s an interesting perspective to me because it made me start to question that any of the arguments that are had surrounding no time of conception viability age whatever because all you’re doing is choosing a different time to sniff that branch and whether you snipped that branch by putting a gun to a person’s head at 50 years old and pulling the trigger and killing them then are you doing sniffing that branch and the possibilities of of of them existing further in this reality no you doing by doing of beginning is is taking away the opportunity for them to exist here but they still exist there still somewhere on another plane of existence that still happened it’s Artie is already happen you cannot take that away simply by taking scissors to that branch and I think that that that perspective can can start to make your belief in in whether you know is this existing here today and if so do I wanted to if it hasn’t already it already has it already happened you already in the decisions Artie been made on your behalf right you don’t get to take scissors to that now right just the same way that you won’t to point a gun to the guys had a 50 years old and pulled the trigger the legal this murder so is taking scissors to that branch at six weeks 10 weeks whatever disgusting you know eight months whatever they do right obviously you know there’s always the argument of what if some is raped or whether if there do you know 12 years old or what if this one is that the reality is that’s not 99% of abortions and 99% of abortions are happen out of convenience not out of necessity for medical reasons that’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people in this a really emotional conversation for women and then I get it because in any they don’t even want Illinois some women to say you know your manual can the pinion right I get that because I can I physically cannot have this experience however when I can understand is that the women that the woman is the victim this was a highly cyst systematic way of developing eugenics within our society were in a dive deeper into that and in just a moment with who basically started Planned Parenthood which was Margit Margaret Sanger a self-proclaimed eugenicists in the self-proclaimed racist who wanted to terminate you know specific subcultures of the United States and so the women are the victims in and when you make a decision that so difficult to make like having an abortion is you have to protect yourself from that decision you have to you know you have to make it so that you cute cute you can’t be consciously capable of ending some of his life and in you weren’t you were coerced into believing that it was acceptable in the societal structure that we hold today so with the woman that’s had this happen is not that the person that were accusing of doing these things and saying that they’re egregious that the person who did that is is just as much the victim who is made to believe that these things were acceptable and socially positioned in a way that it was so easy to do so out of convenience is a let’s start with the beginning with Margaret Sanger and realize where did abortion begin and went to the become such a commonplace thing because this has not know people want you to believe that abortions have been cooked recurring dislike across the board for millennia and that’s not specifically the case at least not in the numbers that were seen today at such high alarming rates this all starts to make sense when you see that Planned Parenthood is funded by the Bill and Melinda and Melinda Gates foundation also self-proclaimed eugenicists as shown by no specific seminars and in statements that Bill Gates is made interestingly enough Bill Gates father actually was the president of Planned Parenthood very close to the time and with connection to Margaret Sanger when she came out in the end was a big proponent of it so there’s this video there were no watch real quick I think it’s important to understand the background of Margaret Sanger meant to see what type of person she was in some of the beliefs that she held number and have a quick conversation surrounding a little bit about you know the beginning of Planned Parenthood which was originally called this the the will will will see and hear someone go ahead and start this begin this quick video for us or the Idaho song Margaret Sanger has been a harrowing in the eyes of others is been a destructive force in her own words finger pushed for a society that limited burst to those she deemed fit to have children lacking innovation and where is my mechanic and an event that happened to see how my parents had no chance in the world can be a human being practically delinquent also getting mop and handling in 1916 Sager open the country’s first birth control clinic as a member of the American eugenics Society she advocated improving the genetic composition of humans controlled reproduction of different races and classes she often wrote about the issue in the journal she found it call the birth control review in 1919 writing I personally believe in the sterilization of the feebleminded the insane and the syphilitic the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over fertility of the mentally and physically defective many point to a 1923 New York Times interview as proof of same as racist motives in which she referred to people as we saying it means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society and the gradual suppression elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization Hayden Ludwick and investigative researcher has extensively studied fingers life and writings she talked about the need for race parents route to controlling these lease basically undesirable people in 1939 after opening another clinic in Harlem the birth-control activist launched the Negro project an initiative supported by black leaders such as civil rights activist WPB do boys critics claim the program used the pretense of better health and family planning for poor Blacks in the South as an attempt to limit the black race Ludvig says some on the left grapple with fingers past and how to interpret her legacy they know when she writes about human release they know that extended-stay circles they know us discussing is the last will never abandon Margaret Sanger because if they do need you she’s the foundation show many of their views single word shared her vision for preferred race women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan writing in her autobiography always to me any aroused group was a good group despite those views liberals praise fingers work while ignoring her history I admire Margaret Sanger enormously your tenacity this is horribly I am really in all of her Ryan Bamberger founder of the radiance foundation says abortion proponents are working to clean up singers past and what she stood for they have to reinvent her every time they talk about her in order to justify dear celebration of her former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson says those inside the abortion industry are trying to overlook fingers racist views to give you an answer like Leon action yes Margaret Sanger was was a racist but free body was a racist back then you expect it because she is your hero and she has to be here here well you cannot question Planned Parenthood 1997 Stephen Mosher of the population research Institute wrote about the push to repackage Margaret Sanger in the Wall Street Journal the reason I call it the repackaging of Margaret Sanger is because after the Nazi regime destroyed the legitimacy of eugenics forever they then went back and said all she was just an early feminist she was just an early supporter of of family planning no she wasn’t now she was a supporter of giving IQ tests the people she was in favor of using those IQ tests to determine should be sterilized and who should have filled children in her response title the demonization of Margaret Sanger Alexander’s finger her grandson and president of Planned Parenthood at the time called Mother’s editorial unfair in the same piece Esther Katz director of NYU’s Margaret Sanger papers project claimed evidence revealing Sandra did not rationalize or support for birth control on racist grounds that she never advocated genocidal policies aimed at racial ethnic or religious groups and that she in fact believed access to birth control would benefit not eliminate minority populations Dr. Katz turned down our request for an interview although in this article the editor is public authority interpreting Margaret Sankar she wrote by our current highly sensitized standards some of her attitudes and statements can be construed as racist elitist ethnocentric and not political so it looks like Bill Gates dad Bill Senior was president between possibly the time that her grandson was even president so he’s like in the middle of the Singer sandwich and this woman is a part of the eugenicists group or foundation right which tells you her belief systems and if you understand the time that this was done you understand who she is speaking about specifically when she says syphilitic right she’s a racist she gave rallies at the KKK the female KKK rallies and then she pushed these these Planned Parenthood’s 80% of Planned Parenthood’s are in low socioeconomic areas 80% of them and disproportionately affect minorities which they try to give you the right as freedom right you all we would want to mess with your freedom bluntly put Planned Parenthood at every corner of your your area of this you know your location where most people within that racial group live and you understand that you know the time the studies that I was reading that basically 13% of people within United States were black or African American and they made up 30% of all abortions disproportionately affected their generational tree branch of of their children 30% of all abortions are done to women and were African American a black and Hispanics are out of the absolutely disproportionally effective as well because they did position them in places where that there those people are more likely to be within these racial socioeconomic positions of society and they do that intentionally you think that’s all you think is unintentional you think it’s because you know the Bill Gates daughter is got knocked up and you know she needs to go to get an abortion no now they’re trying to stop specific sections of our culture from reproducing and are doing it under the guise of your personal liberty and freedom just like you’re doing right now with everything else it’s crazy it’s crazy and to think how much that has disproportionately affected our history any one of those kids that had had had been aborted murdered is the better term because abortion is just a term used in lieu of murder because they try to instill the idea of linguistically that is is not when it is the end of a life your putting a period at the end of that life doesn’t in the sentence never existed so you know it took to me at you have to be there the cause and the reason behind it and the person who founded Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger the person who found it who actually got the name I pulled out this little piece from this book that I was reading called cold blue inside the medical industrial complex by Mike McGee MA GE page 76 talks about Margaret Singer of the birth control Federation of America sources for marrying allow reaching out for financial support she turned to the dynamic advertising man Albert Lasker Albert Lasker was the one who was a big piece one of the most infamous marketers of all time who is in a basically assisted with the marketing of cigarettes through doctors and all of that deal did back in the day when marketing was like this just like guerrilla warfare Albert Laster is a very very famous marketer and who would launch some of America’s most recognizable consumer brands including Lucky strike cigarettes Wrigley’s chewing gum pep this pep so wouldn’t toothpaste in sun-kissed oranges known as the father of modern advertising Lasker was also politically connected having helped engineered Warren Harding successful presidential campaign in 1920 20 years and Lasker admired her intensity is talking about Mary Mary Lasker in Florence Mahoney but Mary’s Senior Lasker admired her intensity and a Mary ended up actually marrying Albert and took on his last name of Lasker who it was a part of Margaret Singer was doing Margaret Sanger time so basically what what Albert Lasker ended up doing was is basically helping them reposition the idea and re-advertise the way that the birth control Federation of America because that’s a eugenicist name is a eugenics name birth control eugenics is what that is eugenics is controlling births in the hopes of you know multiplying in a more agreeable way to whichever racial side of the spectrum you believe is best controlling birth birth control Federation was a eugenics society organization but it was repositioned by Albert Lasker to be planned you know because when this was all happening and you know this was in the late 1920s and 30s Mary was already ready to reset her health advocacy and this is talk about Mary Lasker they went on to actually the word is that here they went on to Mary in 1940 Mary and Albert did and they actually came out with these that the Lasker awards the Lasker awards are a very prestigious medical awarding Association and when you look at the people who have gotten the words it’s people like Anthony Faucher it’s people that are deeply ingrained in the political spectrum of science so that they can handpick these people by giving them the sword and bring legitimacy to to certain organizations and people that they fund in an politically position so look at the Lasker awards and look up who’s gotten the last rewards and what those people have went on to do as a result of receiving that awards and you start to piece together some of the Bolshevik nest that came humble shipments that came from the Lasker family Albert Lasker Mary Lasker who were connected to Margaret Sanger who with the help of Albert Lasker repositioned the name of Planned Parenthood from one that was based on eugenics as the planned as the birth control Federation to one that was all just you know just mark your calendar to when you want to maybe not when you actually have one inside of you because will suck it out of you so the truth behind Planned Parenthood and the truth behind abortion is a story of eugenics and racism which still holds true today in the vast amount of of of minorities were disproportionately affected by these specifically placed eugenics buildings designed specifically to go towards us and that’s why you see carried on through the name of his son and in Bill Gates Junior funding mass scale abortions across the whole world through Planned Parenthood his present was the father of Planned Parenthood of the eugenics Society of America basically and that’s where a lot of these eugenics conversations around Bill Gates because it was ingrained from the time that he was a child that this was the way and on that note I have one more thing to show you which is the bull ship frivolous argument from Bill Nye what comes to women is regarding abortion so let’s see what what bull ship this no self-proclaimed scientists says about this this is on CNN who develop when it comes to women’s rights with respect to the reproduction I think you should leave it to women nobody likes abortion. But you can’t tell somebody what to do I mean she has rights over this especially if she doesn’t like the guy that got her pregnant special charade we have so many more important things to be dealing with we have so many more problems to squander resources on this argument based on bad science on his lack of understanding at some point we have to respect the facts recommending or insisting on abstinence has been completely ineffective not getting giving women access to birth control has not been an effective way to lead to healthier society is really encourage you two not tell women what to do and not pursue these laws that really are nobody’s best interest Re: because every single piece of of information to came out of his funky mouth was bull ship I want to go back and break that down and kind of a job you know let’s let’s let’s go back and look at his argument a little bit because I want to break down when we just as I think it’s unbelievably crazy the words that just came out of Bill Nye the science Guy’s mouth about regarding political decisions about abortion so his first argument is his voice with respect to the reproduction I think you should leave it to women okay so from that perspective and we talk about circumcision is there any reason that a woman shouldn’t have the right to be within the conversation surrounding whether or not the boys genitals get mutilated no it’s very easy for a mom to look at her son and go no I don’t want that to happen even though I don’t have a penis which can be mutilated the same way no you get an opinion because you understand pain you understand you know that that the laws of reality and in that the craziness of that decision you don’t need to have a penis to understand the circumcision is wrong after the conversation with a set your woman and you believe that that’s okay you deserve that opinion just because you have a Regina does not mean you’re the only person who gets to talk about the conception of life right or the wrongfulness in ending that life no you can have an opinion on that it did such a you know such stupid argument with from lack of a better were just a terrible argument that while you can’t talk about it unless you have a women’s chromosomes okay you can absolutely figure out morality surrounding whether or not something is right or wrong without having to be the person in that position right Tutu is capable of having those things happen to them because again the woman is just as much the victim here victimized by society and the eugenics Society of elites who want to push these things towards minorities which they are disproportionately affected but tooth with today there is a source argument nobody likes abortion. But you can’t tell somebody what to do I mean she has rights over this actually if she doesn’t like the guy that got her pregnant first nobody can tell anybody what to do Bill those are called laws you can absolutely tell people to do what to do and we do it every single day okay laws are there for a reason okay now then next thing that you said was especially if she doesn’t like the guy who got her pregnant well Bill I’m here to tell you that it takes to in at least 99.7% of cases that are not rape takes two people to make the decision to have sex that innately is a decision why don’t like you while generally never had sex with somebody who I hated it’s kind of the way that that works right that’s the programming that we have is not one Marie just go off you know having sex with every single person that we dislike and that we could never know picture ourselves with the whole point of the mating process this is to meet with somebody that you deem proper to pursue a potential relationship with at least from an animalistic level by another’s layers on top of that doesn’t take that away will if you don’t like the guy you should absolutely kill the baby on the why Bill Nye sounds like Barack Obama anyway since it is nice argument Julie Canaday paused it there and said well it because the vizier cut the scene then he goes ON if he was raped in all this but really he meant if he just doesn’t like the guy go in the board the baby we have so many more important things to be dealing with we have so many more problems to squander resources on this argument based on bad science on his lack of understanding at some point we have to we have so many other things to worry about other than the 37 did though the child that’s life is ended every 37 seconds to abortion in the United States alone we have a bunch of other issues which are much higher on the priority list than you know a baby dying every 37 seconds no bill I think that’s quite the pressing issue don’t think there’s much of an argument there I think we should have that conversation Bill well know we shouldn’t close your eyes to look at this the facts recommending or insisting on abstinence and completely ineffective not getting giving women access to birth control has not been an effective way to lead to healthier society he just said a eugenics statement giving women birth control write what they say abstinence and giving women birth control parole has not been an effective way to lead to healthier society has not been an effective way to the lead two a better society eugenics point is to lead to a better society through selective breeding birth control is not effective in leading to a better society what is a better society to him especially when you understand that abortion is disproportionally affecting minorities what is a better society to you Bill what you believe is a better society based on that because the numbers and statistics tell us that that’s a racist statement that you specifically believe that going after minority specific cultures and stopping them from reproducing at the rate that they would otherwise would lead to a better society is that we are saying that’s a strictly eugenic statement that he just said and he said earlier before that that were asking abstinence is not an effective strategy an effective strategy for what if the goal is to empower people to make decisions for themselves dear making the decision what is the outcome that you’re looking for what you want out of this you want eugenics based society and he literally just set with that statement there showing their cards to you you’re just not listening this really encourage you to not tell women what to do and not pursue these laws that really are nobody’s best interest I really encourage you to not tell women what to do what up his poor argument this guy’s an idiot what a terrible argument in fact Bill night if you want to debate me send me an email red pill I would love to have your dumb ass come on in and say these stupid things to me about your eugenics hopes for our society and on that note thus the show the longest home with ever done coming up in an hour and 1/2 years so I hope you enjoy the show I’m really interested in this conversation I would love to have a conversation about it you know I I am very open to ideas I’m very compassionate for the women I have gone through this because there’s one in three women are affected by abortion in their lifetimes is one of three or one of four and that’s horrible I can imagine the terrible you know reality of of having to live with that and having to know specifically that there disproportionately affecting specific groups socioeconomically and in minority groups so I’m been very compassionate for that this is not condemning women who have had abortions at all this is showing you the structural society that has been created to allow us to think that these these decisions are acceptable when they’re not they become so mainstream just like circumcision is just frivolous now which is something we do we do circumcise your babies why because on a falcon no because were weird we have abortion clinics in every corner of low income areas why you asked the people will because empower movement that’s what we’ve been told but Bill Nye just told you it doesn’t lead to a better society a better society according to him and according to Planned Parenthood specifically talking about Planned Parenthood or the birth-control Federation was shown by Margaret Sanger who created Planned Parenthood in hopes of spreading eugenics against minorities in hopes of a more better society through that the spreading of white jeans I guess I’ll know but that’s what it seems like and that’s your red pill for the day guys I hope you enjoy this episode thank you so much for joining me go ahead and subscribe press that button right now subscribe on YouTube Apple podcasts go ahead and if you could subscribe on the sub stack is free you get the podcast companion the stupidest video we just watched a Bill Nye the articles I was discussing a few extra ones I didn’t get to today because this was such a good long episode I will include on there for us and will have a discussion again if you have anything that you want talk to me about go ahead and DME at Instagram at red pill revolt would love to hear your comments and information if you have you know another side to this that maybe I didn’t approach and and maybe an opinion that you think refutes what I just said I love to hear that you and maybe we can have a discussion about it maybe you can change my mind or you know maybe you cannot educate me some different way maybe we can have a discussion so if you feel that way feel free to DME in this room other than that subscribe if you could donate that’s the unbelievable to me and amazing for my family I would appreciate it of love to move more towards doing this and less of other things in life that I need to do to make money somewhere that I can make from this the more time effort and energy I can put into it for you guys so thank you so much for joining me I appreciate you guys so so much welcome to revolution see you next week


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