Exceeding All Expectations: Russia Tensions & Bidens Report Card

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In this week’s episode of Red Pill Revolution, we take a deep dive into the recent Q&A with the President of the United States. Deciding himself beyond any reasonable logic that he is “Exceeding All Expectations”. We also discuss what is going on in Russia and why. All that and MORE on this week’s episode!



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Welcome to red pill revolution my name is Austin Adams Red pill revolution started out with me realizing every thing that I knew everything that I believed everything I interpret about my life is through the lens of the information I was spoon fed as a child religion and politics history conspiracy Hollywood medicine money food all of everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now I’m on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain and I’m taken your ass with me welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is right on my shirt if you’re watching this video and if not my name is Austin at its head how to know how you from the shirt in the mall I think it was like seven dollars to some random store that music was too loud and I don’t know how you pass a shirt with your name on it for seven dollars and not get right so anyways there’s logic but this is episode number 13 of reptile revolution and thank you so much for joining me I really can’t tell you how much I appreciated that this only being on episode number 13 only being relatively new only three months into this I found out that you guys and that the nation in this world the country that I’m in and out and all over the world we have others like 29 different countries is listening and this it’s unbelievable to me how thirsty the world is for this information so without further ado episode number 13 of Red pill revolution today we are going to talk about on some very very recent events and things that happened breaking news today and that’s it’s good to be a very current episode for you guys so I hope you enjoy the very first thing that were to talk about is the Prime Minister Boris Johnson going into their newest release of a basically releasing themselves of all other covert restrictions were to talk about you know kind of the history around that and how that feels to be of the United States who had that kind of broke apart from Great Britain and now to see the totalitarianism has kind of wore a new hat under our banner and there were also going to talk it almost at length today a lot of this is going to be about the actual Biden interview that was today that if you don’t know tomorrow I believe this is the anniversary the very first year of the Biden administration and he did a about an hour long interview hour and 20 minutes I believe about it is longer than I think I’ve seen him answer questions his entire presidency so what will dive into some of those questions some of the information number to talk about the Russia situation so stay tuned to the awesomeness and be some great information for you guys and I hope you enjoy it a first as always I need you to go ahead and press that little button on your screen just the one that says is such an ass I believe it starts to sob subscribe some like that in a boat just just press that for me real quick I appreciate it your awesome I know you just did it anyway so you know thank you so much appreciate it go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already ever seen a week we put on new episodes on whether current events whether it’s historical accounts and just kind of reframing your mind to understand interview today in some of the ways that people have been manipulated in the past and try to kind of clear that clear that slate kind of that you know those glasses that you were given through no the history that we were given in school through our parents on this kind of all misshapen something will have express a subscribe button in every school beaver and putting out episodes and if you haven’t already go ahead and join our sub stack honor substack and see every single video with the links to everything that I’m talking about today on all the articles on the CIA documents all that stuff right and are such that every single day that the very next day after I release the podcasts I release the podcast companion which includes all of the videos all the articles all documents on even some bonus material and prevention were to be start putting out some more video content thereto but you can’t get unless you subscribe now if you do subscribe you can there’s a couple different options a person to do is subscribe for free I appreciate that it’s it’s obvious local to be able to connect the guys and share with you what you know the information that I’m interested in the topics I’m interested in Obsessing over for the week and then I also do a deep dive article where I write out you know pages and pages of information that I’d look into to go over the topics that I discussed in the podcast at length in an actual in a written setting so if you subscribe in a paid subscriber for just seven dollars a month is about 100 a dollar and 50’s scene of 70 something cents a week if your pace of driver you get the deep dive you only the deep dive if your pits driver and 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Sub stack with the podcast companion that’s all I got so the first video that were in a jump into today is going to be a Boris Johnson the Prime Minister talking about the newest update on the covert restrictions and I find it to be if if you know the history of the United States I hope you do at least that to a certain sense Howell puzzling alarming this is and how all of our founding fathers must be just absolutely rolling over in their graves are now realizing what has happened to this nation so let’s go ahead and watch that together so this morning the company concluded that because of extremely bruised the company together with the way the public responded to the plan B measures we can return to plan a in England and alive Plan B regulations to expire bad as a result from the start of Thursday next week monitoring certification will end bad relations kind of pools choose to use the NHS could be possible momentarily but we will end the compulsory use of pregnancy justification in an from no government is no longer asking people what from home and speak to their employers about arrangements returning to the office and having looked at the to Leave the cabinet concluded the once regulations lapse the government will no longer mandate wearing thanks mom and dad is Mrs. Baker from tomorrow from tomorrow we will no longer reply please multiply both rooms in the development risk is usually removed regardless on the use committal errors in the country at large who continues to suggest use of face coverings and include the product places the tickly when you come into contact with people you don’t normally meet we will trust the judgment liberties and bad for the lies anyone who chooses the Weber the government rule so ease restrictions on visits to Canada my micro movement is interested social Set up plans in coming this wow that sounds like a party I want to be there that you compared to what were about to watch with Biden talking that seemed they were all hike the only sound like they had some beers before they went home for home but you know every every seal time is unlike the real reason the glass when he gave a new restriction that was relieved and those are like people who are a part of the of their you know government system so that’s pretty funny how they were just reacting but you heard it is there that you know England is now going away from any mass mandates are going away from any mandatory vaccination you know showing your vaccine card to be able to work throwing away from working from home the going away from you school restrictions or mandates for children anything at all that they’re going away from all these things into me that that the part of that that’s so alarming when you know you will you think about the I states that sound it feels like we you know that a country forever right it feels like the world has never existed without the America has had especially with the way that you know Western culture is influence the world but this is the case with the world of fear where we are one of the fairly as newest countries in the world write what were what 300 years old or so right in 1776 2022 we don’t do the math where a very new country and into see that you know within several of you know several hundred years few hundred years not even several right we completely lost away right we are now you know that that that we are what we so feared right we are our government now has become one that is more totalitarian than the one that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people from all over the world fleet from fleeing from you know that the The Queens monarchy and the totalitarian ways that they had it in the UK and in Great Britain and you know the area so it’s crazy to me and into think about what what what our founding fathers think what what would they think right now they were real George Washington’s rose up from the dead and you know was sitting here watching the discussion of Joe Biden talking about other than a key keep restrictions and how you need 1/3 booster and you know all of these restrictions are remaining in place and yet England the Queen of England and parliament and in this prime minister decided to completely relieve their citizens of any you know of their totalitarian you know decisions for them I couldn’t I can imagine what they would think I absolutely cannot fathom how they would feel knowing that while you know that today’s Great Britain is is completely mandate free United States still is imposing vaccine mandates for healthcare workers which is a whole another conversation that we really should get into the fact that that’s you know that that the healthcare workers that that the individuals that that the single sector of the country who is educated specifically on making medical decisions is no longer able to make medical decisions not only you know further patients but but specifically for themselves for their own medical decisions for the for their body and I know a lot of people were affected by this you know nurses doctors and surgeons there’s a will that is so many people who are who are going to affect this and in and truly with us to come down to you know talking about the chain of events that connect happen with this in a come down to us is healthcare workers no longer being employee who hold that belief to be true and in art manipulated bolt based on your finances or or job position there can if they’re not at work for the hospital settings and in order to have a shortage of 11 if talking there and there to complain about that shortage in an opinion on the people were unvaccinated will know it was because your dumb ass decided to let people who are vaccinated and covert positive still work but you won’t even let the people who had covert and have immunity and have antibodies you are unvaccinated not work who aren’t sick it it actually makes no sense so crazy to me the fact that were sitting here watching you know the Prime Minister Boris Johnson talk about their done with any mandates done with any restrictions and you on that same day are president of the United States right now is sitting in front of a group of reporters and saying how you know you need to get boosted right it it’s crazy so let’s go ahead and will dive into that conversational quick let’s go ahead and him and watch some of the videos of the Biden you know kind of compare and contrast you know that party in the pub with Boris Johnson to what were going to see here with Biden because it is kind of a stark difference and when we go into these you know this these questions and answers with Joe Biden it is truly you know it’s it’s it’s all concerning to me is no other way to put it so concerning to me that somebody will with that what little mental capacity and capabilities of this man has left to even finish a sentence let alone make world changing decisions in a time of were more on the cusp of of potential war between Russia and Ukraine and the effects of this can have on NATO and the effect this can I have on the United States and you know the fact that this man is in power mid in the IBCs nonpower righties be manipulated in and he couldn’t you know it if you didn’t have these cue cards in front of a maneuver to see that on his video you’re in a see if everything the time he has a list of people that he supposed to call on for questions in the he obviously it probably is a probably because he Artie has it in front of him and you can tell is looking at this piece of paper to answer these questions so but what you know what’s jumping to well at present Biden on the coronavirus we are tragically approaching nearly 1 million Americans who died and I’d like to ask you why it is during your three and half hour virtual summit in November with the Chinese president he didn’t press for transparency and also whether that has anything to do with your sons involvement in an investment firm controlled by Chinese state owned entities the answer is that we did did reach the question of transparency I spent a lot of time with she the fact is that they’re just not just not being transparent transparency on the coronavirus origins yes so Biden just said no that the original question asked by this guy wasn’t in fact a soft focus towards the end we didn’t wasn’t calling specific young people they were kind of taken a Mike but he said to him you know why why did you not push for transparency and he wasn’t very specific in the initial question obviously but that’s why he elaborated mid response by Joe Biden to make sure that he is sure that he wants to answer this question this way so what this reporter said was why did you not push for transparency regarding the origins of coven 19 and does it have to do with the fact that your son is taking millions of dollars from Chinese corporations which are directly attracted attached to the Chinese communist party why did you push for transparency regarding this leaking from a lab is what he just asked is it because your son is taking millions of dollars from this countries government and he says I did push for transparency and then will wash this year and he and he asked him again right hey can you clarify I mean on coalbed the origins and he says yes I asked for transparency and they didn’t give it to us so even Joe Biden and as he just showed in the way that he answer this question Joe Biden the president of the United States is now admitted to questioning the origins of coven 19 and believes enough to ask China Chinese officials if it came from a lab in Wuhan is what he just admitted to all while every a single person is still being censored for talking about this on social media all while you know people within Senate and Congress are being ridiculed for even mentioning the idea of a coming from a lab fee all while media outlets are key-wording you know pod casters injured Joe Rogan’s and in imminent sub stack writers and who are talking about these things honestly are the president of the states just said that he believes it enough to ask the leader of the Chinese communist party whether or not it leaked from the lab and he said they won’t give us transparency and then says not should about Hunter Biden obviously but let’s let’s watch it through transparency on the coronavirus origins yes and you did do have virtual summit is the reason your press staff was unaware of that and what did you say to the Chinese president and they weren’t with me the entire time look I made it clear I thought that China had an obligation to be more forthcoming exactly what the source of the virus was in working yes so there’s a full answer he just admitted to specifically questioning the Chinese Communist Party regarding the origins of covert 19 now where do we go from here what is that mean for all of the censorship all of the narrative enforcers all of the fact checkers that have come in and say that this is a unfounded conspiracy theory right are we going to fact check those people do they have to tell the truth down to they have to redact that information and correct your information say hey the president of EI states actually looking at this seriously maybe we should two or were they also look at the whole time and because their narrative has broke down so much and because of those military documents that were released by project Veritas recently have they had the step back and say yes we are investigating this and were investigating a very seriously because you know when you guys said it you know it must’ve been wrong but until we say it’s truth is not truth that’s why you can’t do those things in Avon still doubt in people sold much by doing that right that you know the media companies that have me know that that the fact checkers the narrative enforcers have have lost the people they’ve lost the people over pushing these narratives that they knew the entire time were incorrect or factually incorrect and then beat you with you no censorship stick if you said shut about it where do we go from here write what is this me and if he gets the coal it in a product in a in a and in front of reporters of every single media outlet every single media major media outlet that’s allowed to be in their right is in their and he’s answering this question talking about the origins of covert 19 this should be everywhere and I guarantee you this from what I saw this is not a specific question that everybody was raising answer questions about so far and then maybe they will and hopefully that will but I haven’t seen this clip anywhere you I seen a few clips, I had to watch this entire thing an hour and 10 minutes this is an hour and 10 minutes and and 30 you know 34 seconds now is the end of it but I’m B was on minute he was answering a question so you want to watch the whole thing but none of this information is anywhere and nobody’s mention the fact that the president of the United States just admitted to questioning the Chinese communist party regarding the origins of covert 19 that coming from a lab in Wuhan but if I put this spoke about Instagram tomorrow or wherever tomorrow you know that is can I get no views to them to get shadow band for even using those words right even still today after a present address the situation in front of all of the major media companies but you can’t talk about right you’re not allowed to say those words right you’re not allowed to question her narrative it’s unbelievable so the Nexium wanted to show you here is a little bit of a Freudian slip I think with Biden IIII do think that there was a little bit more to what the statement is him him will talk about what it could been here so so watch this clip and in and see if you see what I see let’s let’s look at 12 if you don’t mind you counted the number of Americans who are now fully vaccinated with two shots but some of your own medical advisor say if people aren’t fully protected unless they had that third shot a booster why hasn’t this White House changed the definition of fully vaccinated to include that third booster shot is it because the numbers of fully vaccinated Americans would suddenly look a lot less know that all is this this this this is because this is become clear clear and every time I speak of I say if you’ve been vaccinated get your booster shot everybody get the booster shot it’s the envelope the optimum protection you could have protected very well with two shots if the supplies are anyway protected did you see it to see what he just said there was a parent a parenting of the interview with the Pfizer CEOs directly who said if you have two shots you have virtually no immunity but if you have three shots you you got a good chance and that’s why he said Pfizer there make no mistake about it this man just did that this man being the president of the art students just had a Freudian slip a subconscious slip from him at some point seeing that clip Joe Biden at some point saw the president the CEO of Pfizer talking about how two shots makes you not very immune and in three shots that booster really does it for you but then he backtracks on it that’s why he is soon as he said Pfizer he realizes that he messes up and he immediately starts to backtrack because you know in and in the you have to kind of you know understand that what he is going on in his brain is not generally what going on to me and yours is not this continual train of thought and all this that you hear from him is him you know this the same way that you know I forget the name of word and you know somebody has to interject and tell it to me because I’m you know have a you know a brain far this man’s entire life is a brain for everything that comes out of his mouth he has no idea what he’s gonna say next that’s why you see there was there were some slip-ups between his is conversation about Russia there were some slip-ups about his conversation regarding obviously in this case the Pfizer and the boosters and I truly do believe I truly do believe that Joe Biden saw the clip saw the clip of the CEO of Pfizer stating that two vaccines were are now ineffective and that there is a need for 1/3 for any effectiveness because the Pfizer CEO said the rubric gives it very little protection if if any at all about two vaccines but three vaccines that booster is really going to get you there although what we found out now is the third vaccine the boost that the boost as they’re calling it which is the stupidest marketing ploy in the in history the boost it really gives you immunity right now that this one until it doesn’t and then we cavalrymen have another one for you and you better take that one to routes are not fully vaccinated and in now year you’re on the team of the conspiracy theorists so let’s look at that again the number and actually watch that Pfizer quit because I think this is important I are truly 100% believe that you know kind of breaking down the way that this man’s monkey brain is working over there or not lack there of working with it what he just did was reference that video with the Pfizer CEO and you’ll see why in a second if you haven’t seen the video ready to watch us again make note of his speech pattern here make note of how he uses the word Pfizer specifically and make note of the sentence structure because he almost directly parrots the Pfizer CEO so watch it one more time and then we’ll watch the Pfizer CEO specifically talking about it and then we’ll talk about that it’s the level of the optimum and every time I speak of I say if you been vaccinated get your booster shot everybody get the booster shot this the envelope the optimum protection you could have your protected very well with two shots if the supervisor anyway checked but you are better protected with the Bush definition right now five and if you didn’t just hear that that was the reporter reminding him the actual question because he went off in a tangent referencing this this Pfizer CEO statement regarding two boosters he and he tries to correct this Pfizer statement because obviously there was some conversation around how this is you know fueling the disbelief within the vaccine in in his war room with his constituents with his advisers so you see him trying to you know subconsciously you know I don’t know if this was his doing or someone else’s but he either had a Freudian slip and he is mentioning this Pfizer CEOs conversation where he says that to vaccines do nothing and that you need 1/3 and he tries to combat the CEO of this company while mentioning this company’s name and save is incorrect so he’s directly and I don’t know whether it was a Freudian slip and he was just trying to me was parroting the CEO statement just in a way that he thought was positive instead of negative or if he was directly trying to combat that no I don’t think that he is smart enough to do that I think that he was spit in and you know it’s it’s hard with Joe Biden that you know he he’s it it’s hard to look at him and not have a little bit of empathy for this old man who has no right being in this position who is obviously severely declining mentally and it you know is dementia or Alzheimer’s or whatever it is that he has is going to progress as a result of all the stress and knowing all these things and I truly do default in of the fact that his wife is allowing him to go through all this is is horrible because you anyways back back to it let’s let’s go ahead and watch that the Pfizer CEOs statement here and then I did actually have to go to I had to go to rumble for this and into to get this video because you obviously cannot find on YouTube with the and although the three doses of optional for very limited production equipment the city does the the author reasonable protection against hospitalization and best in a given phase is a very good thank less protection against infection now we are working on their own new exertion for version 1.1 with the Doppler thought that would cover all is well and the gifts we are waiting to get the final results deliver suit will be ready in March so we know we know the first two didn’t work but this third one is going to work and didn’t know we know that one’s going to work so were coming out with another one so just adjust or talk again about that speech pattern with Joe Biden in and how this was subconsciously or consciously that’s less believable to me I was subconsciously referenced by our president let’s look at that first name again them go back and look at your Bidens I think this is is is it you have to kind of break it down this way because it was you know 10 seconds of a statement so real quick we know the three different doses of optional for very limited production in Frederick three though he didn’t the authors reasonable protection against hospitalization and best leaving engineers is very and less protection against ear infections now if you go back and listen to Joe Biden talk about it one last time here check did very well with two shuffle of the year booster shot everybody get the booster shot this the envelope the optimum protection you could have protected very well with two shots if the supplies are annually protected but you are better protected with the bush and and so you see it that’s exactly what is happened there he was in his mind trying to kind of is wires were cross but he was referencing this Pfizer CEO statement that’s been via you pusher on the Internet with millions and millions of you that by now I guarantee it where he is saying that you know two shots looking to do it for you what will building with a will Pfizer in a neutralizer in there because Ito has his wires are crossed here but I found that to be really interesting that there was this little Freudian slip and you see him immediately backtrack and immediately stop us to a sentence and immediately change the topic once he says the word Pfizer because he realized what he was doing interesting don’t know exactly what to make of it like I said it could have been the subconscious thing could’ve been a conscious thing but either way that’s exactly what just happened there alright so the next thing to look at is going to be one of the statements that he made regarding you know whether or not he’s outperformed him it what his expectations are so it was watch this clip here inflation is up to your signature domestic legislation is stalled in Congress if you hours from now the Senate never consented to deal with voting rights and voting of buddy before much later going to fail color 19 is still taking the lives of 1500 Americans every day and the nations divisions are just as wrong as they were a year ago did you overpromise to the American public what you can achieve in your first year in office and how you plan to course correct going forward are you such a look I didn’t overpromise food but I have probably enough outperform what anybody thought would happen the fact of the matter is that Ruth situation where we have the conflict so he says I have not come I’ve actually outperformed what anybody thought it yet because we thought you’d be dead by now Joe we thought you’d be dead by now and in that we thought Pamela Harris was good to be part of the power you’re right you absolutely outperformed all expectations because we absolutely thought you had much less time on the clock than you showed us with the last 365 day but other than that he doesn’t even go into it into why he believes that he’s outperformed you know his expectations are to be the only way that that’s true because he has of is it you know they they pull it up on on disclosure run the 4110 that was watching earlier that his approval ratings at 40% which a 40% approval rating for president basically means you know that the widely accepted you know in the political science widely accepted percentage for for basically a completely ineffective president is like 41% is generous and 43% is like yet you’re not can anything past nobody believes in you you don’t have this way no you see it later on when he’s talking about Russia that that everything that this man says is just you know pillows day that he’s throwing in a in a gunfight the fact that he wants to sit there and smugly say they know I’ve outperformed everybody’s expectations. Yeah maybe your right hip but not in the way that you think no so I just thought that was funny they that he thought that you know he’s done so incredible of a job at this point that you know we we don’t even have to talk about it because he doesn’t talk about it in this entire interview did the whole time he shows you how bad he is tactfully at answering questions and this is the reason he’s been hidden away and in the video some probably some you know scientific institution whether you know testing all sorts of you know chemicals on him to see if they can bring back his livelihood or his liveliness and ability to speak or actually maintain a sentence structure but there’s a reason they bring keeping us away from him for so long throughout this entire year because this is probably one of the only times I’ve seen him outright stand and answer questions or knowing all of his his poor operator tries at being funny like oh you’re an optimist highlight no I get it but still need it it’s it’s sad to see it in and it’s crazy to me that you know he did the part of the best thing when you when you read about leadership and you read about the qualities of a leader in anything you you have to have read about leadership and if you do if you read about any books about leadership you know any books Jaco will link you know he has it in the title for you extreme ownership right if things aren’t going the way that you want them to taking extreme ownership for those things that have not gone the ways that you want them to tends to put you in a better light in the public eye right but sitting here and acting like there’s no problem saying you outperformed all expectations when you have a 40% approval rating one of the lowest of any president ever especially one who got more votes than any other president in the entire history of America doesn’t look good right so in note to me it is it’s really telling it’s really telling how you know it his is his poor ability to to lead and in his terrible way of of trying to you know in insight some kind of like confidence in the public I don’t know what he was trying to do here you know is that the public would’ve what you know in anything he does a certain percentage of the right is going to disagree and say that he’s doing terrible and no but if you would came out here and said I know things are going great I know you know inflation as is unbelievably high I know were on the cusp of watching Russia just obliterate Ukraine and working to do nothing about it I know that you’re paying more in gas than you have since I was in office last you know I know these things I understand these things I’m doing the best that I can today to try and make the situation better for you better for our country and better for your family but doesn’t do that he says I know everything’s great everything is great don’t don’t look at those numbers to look at the statistics unless they come from my website no don’t don’t look at those those are real what’s real is what I’m telling you and everything is great right the people are smarter than that people don’t appreciate being gas lit by the president of the United States we know things are going great were well aware of this Joe Biden where were we very clearly no you are not doing a great job we very clearly that we leave in the polls the polls that they put up in this video say that you have a 40% approval rating how is that exceeding all expectations what what was your expectation for your approval rating especially after beginning more votes than any president history imagine that one year one year into getting more votes than any president in history 80 whatever million votes that he got and you have one of the lowest approval ratings of any president ever how does that work how does it work how how does that even happen right and then for you to sit here stare at a camera securities people asking real people asking you these questions real Americans concerned about the on the job you’re losing because they’re they’re not willing to you know bend on their moral compass for what they inject into their body real people were concerned about how to pay it for five dollars a gallon especially if Russia invades Ukraine the gastric prices may skyrocket how are you gonna stand in front of a group of people it did not even just a group of people obvious is hundred people this is the entire world is watching us and pollutants watching us earnestly in front of everybody all of the government leaders of the entire world and say I am doing great close your eyes don’t pay attention all the stuff is happening I’m doing wonderful all you have to do is believe me in in in it so amazing to me that what he ran on was unity what he ran on was you know the divisiveness of the Trump presidency and you know America has been divided for the last four years and I’m the one to bring them together but all he’s done every speech every every quote that I’ve seen from him regarding you know when he is talked about the January 6 Museum to her right when when he discussed that no when he discussed president from calling him a loser this was recently this is like a month ago is not even a month ago to three weeks ago and then cut comes on here in the inns even still pointing fingers to to to trump today saying that he is the reason that he can’t get anything past no ownership at all and in a night I gotta take this philosophy in the Sabia site engine for you but I cannot take this philosophy that you know it even if it’s not 100% my fault even if there’s there’s there’s things that I credit it couldn’t have changed about a situation and things that were out of my control in in in things that you know happened that I couldn’t have corrected an inmate a better outcome with used it to me a full philosophically you know at least in the way that I need to live my life or at least are in the framework that I need to operate in went when I’m you know in a day-to-day basis to try to move the needle of my life towards a better direction instead of a worse direction is always taking ownership always taking ownership of the things that you do even if it is specially for the pricing I state the people are asking you policy questions but even if not even if it’s about parenting or even if it’s about you know work or even ask about you know your business or you know whenever you know passions that you’re trying to grow whatever that is if things are going your way you will have to take ownership 100% have to take ownership for those things because if you don’t that is out of your control there’s nothing you can do even if there is there is things that are out of your control within that situation the outcome always has to be your fault because it is not your fault when things go wrong it’s not your fault when things go right and you can never take ownership for the good things so in order to take ownership for the good things that happen you in or in order to be able to actually celebrate when things go right in your life you have to absolutely take ownership when things go bad in your life and if you don’t you can always use that scapegoat you always have a scapegoat you never have to look deep into yourself and then kind of take a in a fine tooth comb to your personality or or or to your belief systems or to your work ethic or or to your you know whatever it is that you need to work on your never going to be able to work on those things if you don’t address that there there right and this is from my coparenting perspective this is from an individual perspective this is from a no but but but even more so if you’re the President of the United States you have to take ownership when things don’t go right and if you don’t people are to believe in you because when are you to tell me that you’re doing a bad job would you ever tell me if you’re doing a bad job right if if inflations up whatever percentage of this right now and gas is up you know to four dollars and you know the cost of me and then literally everything else within the eye states are skyrocketing and shelves are empty but the price in the eye states sitting or saying everything’s going great okay if every if you’re doing your job and everything is going right then what is wrong what what what could be the problem then if it’s not you the present United States who is at the helm who is who has the reins of the country or Lisa supposed to it is not you than what is it because if it’s a systematic flaw within the way that our country is being operated outside of the presidency which as you know obviously with whether governments run and how many layers there are is probably more likely that there’s obviously a some systematic problems but the only variable that changed between when things were going well with our economy and are in a worldwide no buy-in and in our relationships with Russia and China were going well was it was not that long ago almost approximately to the day 360 with exactly 365 days ago and if you think that is a coincidence that less than you know 300 or so day 365 days within the did the presidency changing that Russia has for the last however many months I’m sure it’s been at least 6 to 8 to 10 probably since the day he took office been planning this attack because they know that the president Biden doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it he said to send troops there is a disease but you know this Sunday is probably drew a beautiful bowl should ask picture of it in no a stick figure for Vladimir Putin that sitting above his desk you know he can’t do anything right he can’t do these things because the people that are controlling and will allow it rights of the SSA here in Goa were going to give sanctions and you’ll see that when we look at the very next topic which is going to be the Russia situation because in I’m rushing to take a little bit deeper of a look into the Russia situation because it’s not something I’m super familiar with why these things are happening why they’re going to war allegedly no obviously allegedly because is not generally the reason that are given the public whether going to war, in the last week they said there was there was some proposal or some CIA document or governmental agency that said they were concerned about Russia committing a false flag and using it as an excuse to go after Ukraine I’m that was last week and now they’re saying it’s a for sure thing we believe is going to go into Ukraine sorted a dive into that and in just a moment here but you know to me watching this you know the President of the United States sit here and in the and push off any responsibility any responsibility all for the things that happen within our country specifically in the last year is terrifying to me not terrifying because obviously you know to to me at it’s more so just shows his you know it is terrifying I guess because Russia is about to go to war with Ukraine for after the just that it’s almost a for sure thing they believe is in a good war and whether they go into war a little bit or a lot of it is independent our reaction not don’t go to war right so the fact that he’s pushing off any and all responsibility any responsibility for things that have gone wrong over the last year should be concerning because at what point will you take response building if you’re not taking response ability publicly are you taking response ability privately at least do you believe that you can change the way that were the direction of our country is going because if you don’t leave leave office goal it let somebody come in office was actually to make a change in the change for the better with the right intentions not the intentions are to make third drug addict pedophile disgusting son the most money with so many who’s gonna come in and do what’s right for the country some who’s gonna come in with beliefs for where they actually want to see our country go police or where they want to see their their their children lives and in the direction of their children’s lives go and in education systems and in it and the problems that are really within our country it be be push in a better direction in a factual item he shown that he’s been an officer’s benefit in some form of politics for hundred and 65 years at this point no most of you know since the Jesus was president it it’s it’s crazy to me that that that nobody in and again I’m note and nothing anybody push back on this tea took no responsibility for any of the negative things and you can sit here and look at charts you can sit here and use math statistics real science data on facts to figure out that what he’s done so far has been not good every major plan he promised to pass including the bill back better plan which is basically just Trojan horse to siphon money to to directly to the Chinese communist party by a getting out of Afghanistan in allowing the the Chinese government to make a deal with the Taliban to have the rights to all of the lithium deposits in Afghanistan one of the most lithium rich countries in the world and then in the same two months that you left Afghanistan submit a bill to allow for a $6000 tax grant to people working up by those lithium batteries from the Chinese, his party through electronic vehicles I wholeheartedly believe that’s what the Afghanistan retreat was about the Afghanistan failure was about was relieving our duty to protect Afghanistan and allowing China to because they did that they they they made a deal with and what was it weeks not even of us leaving Afghanistan and not only did we do that but we left them how many billions of dollars worth of military equipment and then the China came in and specifically made a deal for all the lithium deposits and within two months the bill back but are planning to build back better plan it includes believe it $6000 grant federal grant tax money that you earned and paid our government they are basically just siphoning back to China so not only did they give them the lithium on the backs of the deaths of every military soldier who fought against Al Qaeda who fought against the Taliban who fought against ISIS in those areas on that that that that the the coffins of those who fought against the that the terrorists were over there there are now going to not only give them billions of dollars of the most advanced military equipment in the world then there going to spoonfeed China all of the lithium in Afghanistan and then they’re going to buy it back from them at a $6000 per person grant of a yield or money that you paid the government for through taxes I don’t know where that sentence started but I know this bill back but her stuff is bull ship crazy crazy to me that that was included in that bill and not written immediately within two months two months of the bill of of us leaving Afghanistan that build back better plan had that within the within so let’s let’s let’s go into this a little bit let’s find out why may be Russia is actually considering going to war or is going to go to war with Ukraine look at could possibly mean for NATO relationships what that could mean the United States and me and you and why Russia is even doing that in the first place so first were to watch the quick video of Biden talking about it them were in a read an article that I found that hopefully gives us some good and for information on so go ahead and watch it they in June you said was about Pres. Putin I think the last thing he wants now is a Cold War that since then of course you see them gather these troops hundred thousand troops around Ukraine the Secretary of State said today he thought he could invade it at any moment you seen the cyber attacks and you see the demand of the of a sphere of influence in which you would withdraw all American troops in nuclear weapons from what used to be the Soviet bloc so I’m wondering if you still think that the last thing he wants is a Cold War and has your view of him changed in the past few months and if it has and he does invade what would your posture be to really move back to the kind of containment policy that use also often when you were still in the Senate the answer is that I think he still does not want it is number two do I think you’ve test West test United States and NATO as significantly secure yes I think you will but I think will pay serious and dear price for that he doesn’t think now cost ones can cost and I think you regret having done now whether or not I think that the how can I say this public for I think that he is dealing with what I believe he thinks is the most tragic thing that’s happened to mother Russia and that Berlin wall came down the Empire has been lost near Broadus John Tschetter Soviet Union has been split home but think about what he had is it time zones burning 200 and will not freeze again naturally a situation where he has a lot of oil and gas but he is trying to find his place in the world between China and the West and so I’m not so sure that he has David I’m not so sure he has certain what is my guess is she will move in he has to do something and by the way I’ve indicated to the two things he said to me that he wants guarantees one is Ukraine 11 report NATO in two that NATO or the there will not be strategic weapon station in decree we can work out something in the second case attend and what he does long Russian line is well Russian border in the European area on the first piece we have a number of treaties international in Newark suggest that you get to choose who you want to be with but the likelihood that Ukraine is going to join NATO in the near term is not very likely based on watch for work they have to do in terms of democracy and a few other things going on and whether or not major allies in the West vote to bring Ukraine in right now so there’s room to work if he wants to do the but I think as usual he’s going to I probably should garnish I think it will hurt too bad Fayetteville so IA just kind of gave us why at least a roundabout way or maybe a snippet of what why this is happening and it sounds you know that that the things that he dissected and what Biden just said was well we may veto he wants to things from us in only we were knocking at give him everything he wants will make maybe will give him the second one the second one being you know not having NATO weapon eyes military or weapons in Ukraine specifically obviously because it may be a threat to Russia and then you know he says it was a week maybe we can sit down work that went out but but you know the first one he wants is that Ukraine will be a part of NATO and I think I think that were probably not to do that either so what he just said this reporter is working to give them everything that he wants to ensure no maybe not even to ensure that but just to give them everything he wants when I can fight back when I can do any thing about this were to give him everything he wants he decided he has to demands and working to fill them all like way to go so buddy buddy did kind of outline may be why this this is happening a little bit sounds like Hooton feels threatened by the idea of NATO having weapons in Ukraine or Ukraine being used two position weapons closer to Russia and Ukraine specifically having the opportunity to join NATO and I hopefully will find out in this article that I’m reading right after this that will read together why a specifically it’s a problem if Ukraine goes to NATO and forgive me if you are you know much more educated on this topic I’m I’m glad you are but is not one that I’ve been following super close down even know where to find out hopefully how long this is even going on for this to be an issue but my very educated on so hopefully if you are educated on it was get educated together and if you are educated on it awesome let’s see if we find out something that you don’t already know so let’s go ahead and read this article I think you should go go listen to majority of that that Joe Biden questioning I do think it’s interesting I think it’s interesting insight into why you know there are maybe why he was So far away from us for so long and also kind of the dissent structure and where his mental capacity is at right now and in kind of you know there was some interesting questions that were asked and he danced around virtually all of them without you know any day doesn’t even Nestlé dancer on these things you just like kind of babbles because he forgot the question and then never actually answers it and then gets confused and then call some deals and it was basically the theme of what happened through this questioning but there there was one more portion of that that I thought maybe we could listen real quick there was a female reporter who it basically question him and in pride a little bit further because she was thought it was interesting how he said it’s good to our our response is going to depend widely on what they do so let’s see maybe what let’s pull this question up here and then will go ahead and read that article on what is actually going on in Russia so here is this part and then maybe we’ll talk a bit more about that and dive in the article sanction they I wanted to follow up briefly on a question asked by Bloomberg you said that Russia would be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does it’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and what not to do are you saying that a minor incursion by Russia into Ukrainian territory would not lead to the sanctions that you have threatened writing effectively giving prudent permission to make a small incursion into the country question so to most important thing to do regulations coupons number two the ideas that we would do anything to split data which would be a profound impact on one of I think, in fact one subject we can would be a big mistake so the question is if it’s a something significantly short of a significant invasion were not significant major military forces coming across for example okay it’s one thing to determine that if they continue to to use cyber will we we can respond so well but outside they have FSP people is now writing down outlandish visa undermine solidarity in Ukraine about Russian trying to promote Russian interest but it’s very important that we keep everyone in NATO that’s what I’m spending a lot of time doing and there are different for differences NATO what countries are willing to do depending on what happens the degree to which I will be cleared the serious imposition of sanctions relative to dollar transactions the things are things that are going to have a negative impact on the United States as well as the negative impact in the economies of Europe as well a devastating impact on rush and so I got to make sure everybody’s in the same page as immovable I think we will if there’s something that is Werther’s Russian forces crossing the border killing Ukrainian fighters etc. the that changes everything but it depends on what he does is take action when extent invariably get total unity rush on the new from quick went on Iran alright so as though he had a few things therewith always interesting to me and hit the heat did I’m proud of him Joe Biden if you’re listening to this podcast and now the likelihood is probably very great that you are good job I’m am very impressed that you will start of a sentence and at one point you even came back to the original point of the question and and finish your thought there that was very impressive to me I applaud you and it’s it’s prayer is always a game raise like in the every time he starts a sentence as it can alike go off on this crazy tangent and then we do have no idea where he’s going or how he got to this point and in the what question he’s really thinks he’s answering her mother is actually answer the question and I think I was probably the only time where he actually payments back and said you know it depends on what he dies them to what extent were to be able to have total unity within NATO and you know what response what I have so we actually did finish that when I’m very impressed Joe Mr. Pres. but so to me in on the next thing that he talks about there the first thing I should do with the way he open that is big when they say powerful the most powerful countries in the world cannot bluff so to me if you ever played poker maybe I’m wrong when it comes to international relations in war but usually it’s the biggest countries who can bluff the most if you have all of the chips usually is much easier for you to block people out because you know how little chips they have right from Aveeno analogy standpoint right if you have all the chips and then you have more chips than anybody and there’s two of you who have the chips right you know the and there’s six people who don’t have very many chips you can throw in three chips and affects everybody out you might have 30 of them write this now it is going to farm sorry that the basis is if you have all dam chips you get the bluff all you want right they did that you don’t get the you know if you’re not generally bluffing if you’re very low on ships and I don’t know if that run through with you I’m sorry but I did to me made sense the lease when I started that thought and Lisa came back around to it right but to me if I get you note what if you if you’re the largest when can you bluff then in knowing and why does it have to be a bluff why do we have to be bluffing that if you go in the no obliterate a country that has very very little means to defend themselves without us supporting them and giving them weapons and troops in Indo black ops military to help them complete real missions and train them which is what will and that happening like always ends up happening when these things happen it it if you know if you can’t bluff white what you have to bluff buys that a problem lies the problem if someone is going to invade another country and they shouldn’t do that morally you know that maybe that gets into the multinational way that we dip our hands and all these you know wars so made may be we shouldn’t be but but but again you know I I found that statement to be interesting you know we can’t block for America America’s been bluffing for a very long time and a lot of different situations this would be the first time so that was interesting and then the last thing that he said you know was kind of dance around the question eventually came to a point where you know maybe he realized what the actual question was so let’s dive a little bit deeper into what is actually going on in Russia memo to read this article to you and then we’ll talk about it so just a few minutes left here so steer it stay with me you’re doing great I hope you learning something real quick we are just hitting our here you been listening to me for a while and in the you heard me the very beginning I asked you to subscribe and if you did I think you if you have I think you even more but if you haven’t even listen for an hour and I know that you’re enjoying this and know that you want to press the subscribe button so go ahead and do so if you’re still listening and you are subscribed thank you so much go subscribe on YouTube right differs right on YouTube and you’re subscribed on Apple podcasts Unilever five-star review of appreciate that a ton and off all the sub stack Burgundy putting out all of the videos that we just watched everything one of them all the videos all the interviews all of the portions of the interviews the specific timestamps the actual you know the article that were to be discussing here all of it is going to be released within a day or two on sub stack so I think that’s pretty cool right if I liked up a podcast I thought you know to be really cool to be able to give you guys that information so I’m go follow the subsectors for you to sign up that podcast companion is free the deep dive that were to be going into a maybe on some of these questions that he was asked and some of the information we talked about today the longform article them to be writing up is a part of that paid subscriber base at seven dollars a month a dollar Evan the something a week so go ahead and subscribe if you’re free subscriber and you like that podcast companion go ahead and pay the seven dollars and I get in on the deep dive articles that were to be putting out every week now it is only for pates drivers so this article was one that I found I just typed into… Why is Russia invading Ukraine and in I thought it might be a good idea using specific subs that myself to find some in the panic creators who had an independent opinion that was maybe tied to a large media organization and see what they had to say about it so I typed in sub stack why is Russia invading Ukraine this is what comes up so is an article by Henry Bolton Henry Bolton according to his own self is the BRI T PAC chairman British pack German former national politician political leader Amber exit campaigner previous a British Army Capt. and some other things that he says about himself so this was written on January 18 yesterday at the height on Tuesday of the situation so to start off this article is named the likelihood is that Russia will invade Ukraine here’s why and what the objectives are likely to be Russia has deployed an estimated 100,000 to 125,000 troops around 75% of Russia’s total ground combat power to Ukraine’s eastern border Pres. Putin has issued demands and threats to Ukraine and NATO has launched’s waving cyber attacks against Ukraine and has increased the rhetoric aimed at his domestic audience all the signs are that the Kremlin is poised to strike but will day and if so at what and why in addition to the Black Sea deposits in the Caribbean waters Ukraine has massive gas reserves in the east of the country I know I said that what that east of the country in particular the huge use a method or pronounce it why use the IVS KE use the avast ski field with these deposits Ukraine holds 5,400,000,000,000 m³ of gas the third largest reserves in Europe when Russia occupied the Crimea in 2014 Ukraine lost in Russia gained the huge gas deposits under the Scythian section of the Black Sea shelf the Black Sea shelf deposits had been under exploration for several years and Ukraine finally awarded the licenses of for their expert exploration in August 2012 Ukraine did not possess the technology or expertise to exploit the deposit itself they are very deep into the contracts were inevitably going to go abroad given the very close association between the Ukrainian Pres. Victor Jan new show Vic and Pres. Putin the Kremlin expected the contracts will be issued to the Russian energy giant gas broom but the Kremlin should have foreseen a problem until the Russian occupation of Crimea in the down buzz in eastern Ukraine Ukraine imported almost all of its gas from Gasper gas from had in turn impose numerous price hikes in Ukraine Ukraine’s gas distributor NAFTA gas has struggled to pay the bills but 2014 NAFTA gas owned gas from old gas from $4.5 billion in US currency because of the repeated price hikes and resulting tensions between gas perm and NAFTA gas Ukraine had been trying to establish order other non-Russian supplies return to Europe for them and when the contract licenses were issued for the expectation of Ukrainians gas they went not to gasp Rome and Russia but to the group that led by American Exxon Mobil but to a group led by American Exxon Mobil but in including Dutch British Royal Dutch Shell and Romanian OMD Pro pressroom working with Ukrainian state company natural I’m sorry for all the pronunciation that there was a lot of Ukrainian words and companies in the meantime as I say Ukraine was looking to diversify its gas supply here enters the Europe European Union and one of the causes of Russian anger towards the UV Europe at the time in 2013 import about 39% of its gas from Russia in 2019 it was 41% was going up the last seven years nine years and much of the gas to Ukraine wanted to import from the EU was in fact redirected Russian gas gastro contracts new energy importing companies forbade such redirection and resell it in 2006 the clauses were removed because they infringed are in article 81 of the European community treaty and restrictive business practices legally this meant that your company’s had every right to reexport gas no matter where they got it from indeed the Ukraine that now imports most of its gas from Hungary and Poland but can anyone really see Pres. Putin accepting such things passively so it sounds like there’s been this kind of gas for this like resource a mineral war you know it’s interesting talking on the backs of the idea of Afghanistan being left for China with lithium deposits to B passes the bill back that a plan which is to give them the 6000 diagram per person and with millions and millions people buying electric cars that would mean when millions and billions and trillions of dollars to China from your tax dollars that we gave up Afghanistan for interesting but I digress as an aside as an aside I know how I feel about the skies writing as an aside maybe it’s because he’s from Britain you know the UK or something member is from where you from is the brick picture so whatever that culture shimmies British so maybe they say that Britain given the very close association let’s see if we can find where we were at as an aside consider the Russian involvement in resisting the pro-EU made in protests and KE of 2013 the context of access Ukrainian gas access the Ukrainian gas fields is a large part of the reason that the Kremlin was and is still so sensitive our Ukraine closing up to the European Union so it sounds like I got mineral war between the Eno European Union Russia and you know even the United states being in on it with Exxon so wind when in 2014 Russia occupied commedia Ukraine lost the Black Sea hydrocarbon fields that some list of names there in a minute butcher in that were under the promising exploration and if we look at the fighting in the East the country thousand 14 you carry nearly lost the town of slope and ask him backed rebels the so-called republics so let’s go on low before more here so says the let’s look briefly at what happened if Russia had not occupy Korea let’s move on don’t care about that so I might rush initiate hostilities again Ukraine in fact hostilities between Ukraine and Russia backed rebels in the East have never quite ceased but if we assume based on the above that the crime was objective in 2014 and 15 was to secure Ukraine’s gas deposits in the Black Sea and east of the country so as to extend the maintain economic and political leverage over EU economies and if we assume that those objectives were not fully reached pro-Russian rebels failed to retain their occupation and therefore control over the massive use it Visco Ashfield use zip sky gas-filled and then yes hostilities at some point are likely combat indications so what is pointing us to the fact that this could happen right why do people believe it is going to be up for sure thing that rushes and invaded the Ukraine while 100 and thousand hundred thousand 225,000 Russian troops are on the border right now very recent deployments of Russian troops to the Polaris Ukraine border and the Ukrainian border the northern crane for the rhetoric and threats preparation of the political and phonetic battlefield coming out of the Kremlin on pollutants options so this person thinks that they are presenting his options here and he says either do nothing I did that’s his first option mood to drive military forces in the rebel held areas of eastern Ukraine to bring those areas into the Russian Federation much like he did in South assess Salvia while I’m very not familiar with this area in Georgia or these names so it might my fault objection to it is projecting beyond the boundaries of the present area under pro-Russian control to occupy the area up to the for this extended of the 2019 frontline in order to gain significance and control of those gas-filled deposits and then fire it is just invade all of Ukraine so it’s either saying either he’s in a go after the specific sections of Ukraine either invading from the top and try to take over these areas or you know he’s in a do nothing or he’s going to you know try to just invade the entirety of Ukraine and do it that way now what we saw from Biden is that he is going to give it very intense slapping on the hand if you decide to murder all of these people Ray we’ve decided as a group could you imagine if you imagine like you know not very familiar to you know and forgive me I’m this is the 13th episode diving deep in the stuff I’m learned a lot but you know given that that the relationship obviously it is in sunlight were were willing to give sanctions against Russia because of what’s going on in Ukraine with these corporations in the gas lines of everything because of that why would we know if if you okay here’s here’s a better situation you’re in a bar and in some way this you know this person rightly got a buddy there maybe don’t know me not best friends know is not he’s not Canada but but he’s Ukraine right he’s your Ukrainian kind of friends right in OEE though he’s is not the he’s not hanging here your body from the you know the Dominican Republic who is sitting right right by all the timelook far is LeVar but sometimes you hang out and get beer together right but this guy just getting this you know you there’s a huge guy at the bar near big due to a failure 615 but you know Ukraine’s like 5 foot four and you see a six another 6 foot five guy going right up to your Ukrainian year you know your body Ukraine whose five of four and get in his face and in talk about how he can beat his ass and you go hey Russia Nessa’s name in the situation Russia hey Russia you know if if you beat the hell out of my friend Ukraine here and kill him and him I’m really not pay this bar tab for you not now I might I my mind we could probably figure something out but what I lack in the patent bar tab for you what what what likelihood do you think that is that that’s get us persuade them it is especially if you know there’s a tremendous financial incentive involved in in obviously no outside this funny bar analogy invading Ukraine and taking over all the oil deposits so interesting it is it is a note I will see what happens we’ll see what’s coming up and then they may be be within the very next episode we find out that they invade Ukraine and in the may take months and and hopefully doesn’t happen you know but time will tell Hope you guys learn something today I think this is a pretty interesting episode in the annual more so for me it was it was looking at that Biden interview in seeing kind of were his thoughts are where we are at and that you know kind of scene where his mental capacity is because we haven’t had a long phone conversation with him like that before, at least not during his presidency for an hour and 20 minutes so interesting to me I hope you find it interesting and next year and have a great episode two so thank you so much for joining me go ahead and hit the subscribe button right now join us on sub stack rental revolution.subsector.com go ahead and join us on Instagram at red pill revolt you’ll be able to see all the reels that were putting out of all the short you know each topic basically every single week every single topic every video I do a real one this is a quick 62nd snippet of what we talked about and so join us there and if you want to go ahead and donate I would appreciate it you know this is really something I’m really excited about the way that’s growing and I’m really excited about the prospect of being able to give us more time knowing and already at the time it is a little it is quite the time taker those reels take about you know an hour two hours three hours sometimes I’m to put together and hopefully I’ll get better as it added as time goes on in a note be less time but Bambino I don’t see how it can Much less time so hopefully I can start to devote more time to this I would love to start doing more episodes and I hope that you found enough in this podcast to know you took your waiter if they give you good service and they know you don’t really hang out and talk with them for an hour and 20 minutes about Ukrainian political beliefs in the flesh is going to invade and if our president is in cahoots with the you know Pfizer and all these other corporations helped go ahead give San go/or.com/rental revolution give Sango.com/rental revolution you can donate directly on there, or you can go directly to our link tree from her Instagram is like the school tip jar that you compress give like a dollar $20 dollars whatever you know whatever you feel it is worth the sum of time that we shared together so thank you so much for joining me I appreciate it so much I truly do my name is Austin and I hope you guys have great day welcome to the revolution thank you for joining me

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