Astroworld, Travis Scott & Satanic Hollywood

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Thank you for watching, Make sure to subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed it! On this week’s show, we take a look at the horrific situation that occurred this week at Astroworld presented by Travis Scott. There are many different theories surrounding what went on from stampeding concertgoers, trampling deaths, fentanyl stabbings, and even satanic rituals meant to harvest the energy of the terrified audience.

We take a deep dive into it all! Come with me and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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Welcome to the red pill revolution my name is austin adams red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that i knew everything that i believed everything i interpret about my life is through the lens of the information i was spoon-fed as a child religion politics history conspiracies hollywood medicine money food all of it everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now i’m on a mission a mission to retrain and re-educate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain and i’m taking your ass with me welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to red pill revolution my name is austin adams and this is episode number four of red pill revolution and this week we’re gonna get into really interesting topics some interesting intersections between hollywood satanism rituals music industry and it’s all coming together and showing itself through mainstream media so it’s a really interesting topic it’s one that’s spreading around social media today with lots of conspiracy theories some that are uh somewhat uh normal and some that are into the occult satanic ritualistic kind of [ __ ] so without further ado let’s get into it this week’s episode is about the tragedy actually that happened at the astroworld uh concert with travis scott and you know there’s a lot of things going around on whether or not this was a fentanyl overdoses whether it was something where there were stampedes and tramplings and there was obviously that there was obviously fentanyl overdoses there was obviously somebody who was pricking people with needles um that had caused almost some fatalities that we know of and it was obvious that there was so so much deep dark satanist symbolism involved in this entire thing whether that’s a coincidence or not i guess we’ll have to find out so without further ado episode of red pill revolution let’s get it but before we do that i need you to do this one little thing for me i need you to like and subscribe to this channel and you just share this to whoever you know and i need you to go to i choose dot red dot com is for losers i choose dot red and sign up for my newsletter i’m gonna be keeping you guys updated i’m gonna be pushing out all of the articles that i referenced there i’m going to be putting out a weekly newsletter about the topics that we discuss and it will keep you updated moving forward i appreciate you guys so much like subscribe share let’s start this revolution together so for those who aren’t as familiar who haven’t dove dove as deep into this rabbit hole as i have the last few days let’s kind of get you up to speed here so there’s been a lot of interesting videos circulating around the internet and um one of those videos and we can kind of look at a timeline of how this all happened and how it all went down and then we’ll look at some of the symbolism involved and those types of things but one of the very first things that happened um that very clearly clearly shows that this was not only um you know maybe something much deeper but also just a pretty much a logistical issue to begin with there was hundreds of people stampeding the gates of the vip section at this concert first of all there’s people in attendance travis scott if you don’t know him as a rapper and one who like little nas x seems to find his niche in uh satanic symbolism and uh yeah so and so the first thing we’ll read is this eyewitness account of somebody who posted this um that was at the actual event and uh what she said or he i don’t know why i assumed that it was a it was a female said who i am in the story is not important rather it is important for the things i have now witnessed astroworld houston texas travis scott is the one and only performer i do not know how many people were at the festival it ended up being fifty thousand um or more but that’s the rough estimators were saying but i do know that every single person was at the stage my friend and i wanted to be close to the stage as close as we could possibly get we were not able to get very close but we did end up on the side near the walkway in the middle surrounding us was chest high metal gates or barriers we stood there for two hours as did every other person keep in mind this is generally an audience between the age of and maybe . Um so already chaos when you put that many teenagers in a gated uh area together um but within the first energy rose at the time near the beginning the show within the first seconds of the first song people began to drown in other people there were so many people tall men women women and men were the only thing they could see was women and men were the only thing they could see was the back of the person in front of them the rush of people became tighter and tighter breathing became something only a few were capable of the rest of us were crushed or unable to breathe in the thick hot air my friend began to grab to gasp for her breath and she told me we needed to get out we tried there was nowhere to go the shoving got harder and harder if someone’s arms had been up it was no longer possible to put them down so people began to choke on one another as the mass swayed it became more and more violent we began to scream for help we could see security just a few people over in the walkway in the middle it got tighter impossible to breathe as our lungs were compressed between the bodies of those surrounding us most people began to scream for help so obviously logistically speaking what a nightmare that is horrible right not being able to just being crushed by the amount of people behind you know i’m six foot tall and a decent size human being but imagine being five foot one not being able to see anything in front of you having no space to move or breathe and just all the chaos that comes with a bunch of teenagers doing a bunch of drugs drinking a [ __ ] ton and not knowing how to handle themselves in that environment so more people began to scream for help they said some began to collapse the music continued hundreds of people ripped their vocal cords apart screaming for help but we were not heard there was nowhere to go my friend was trapped between the people on every side of her and she desperately tried to move towards the rail it was no use the screaming intensified as more people realized they could not breathe we begged security to help us for the poor for the performer to see us and to know something was wrong none of that came we continued to drowned more and more one person fell or collapsed it doesn’t matter how it started once one fell a hole opened in the ground it was like watching a jenga tower topple person after person was sucked down you could not guess from which direction the shove of hundreds of people would come next you were at the mercy of the wave i watched my friend be dragged away from me and lost sight of her i began to realize in that moment that there was a way to die that not many people knew about being trampled to death i saw terror in every eye that i met even the ones that told me to breathe and stay calm we knew there was a very big chance some of us would not make it out alive i was pushed away from the rail into the crowd of people where i could hear from another direction the shrieks of animals it was happening all around me these sinkholes of people i was moved back towards the sinkhole i started that and was pushed to the edge of it i sunk my feet into the ground put my arms out and tried to stop anyone from entering the circle or pushing those already in it i was shoved further and further to the ground my face down at the cold hard plastic below us and saw the body of a man his face below mine i lost it there were other people below the ones i could see from above there was a floor of bodies of men and women below two layers of fallen people above them i began to shriek i felt a primal tear rip through me and i’m not sure anyone understood the magnitude of the situation below i screamed there were people on the floor there were people unconscious being trampled by every foot that slammed into the ground as each individual tried to keep themselves upright i saw his face i became a shield for him i think he smiled at me then i was shoved to the side i saw more shoes slammed to the ground exactly in the spot his body lay face up i couldn’t help him i couldn’t help any of them i didn’t stop screaming the entire time and no one knew where people below those that they could see i almost met the same fate i was losing balance and i asked a man to grab me he pulled me up and i righted myself for just a fraction of a second before i was sucked back into the crowd terrifying account especially understanding how you know for somebody who is not as large as the average person to have to deal with this i had to get out i had to get help i had to do something somehow i went to the back of the crowd at a guardrail a man pulled me over it there was some many people just standing there like nothing was happening like people weren’t dead a few feet from them i saw the cameraman eyes glued to the stage elevated on a platform a platform that looked directly into the crowd i clammed the ladder and pointed to the hole telling him that people were dying he told me to get off the platform and continued filming i screamed over and over again he couldn’t even look in the direction so i pushed the camera so i pointed it towards where i’d just come from he became angry he called someone else up i told him the same thing people were dying we needed to stop the music we needed help we needed attention towards the mass because i thought only these people were aware maybe they would do something the man grabbed my arm and told me he would push me off the foot platform with no sides if i didn’t get down i told him to help i told him people were dying i showed him where he wouldn’t look in the direction i was in disbelief here were two people that could actually do something that had the power to do something cut the camera call him back up pause something they did nothing i looked over at the sinkhole people were screaming reaching out their hands towards me calling for help i couldn’t see the floor the strangest thing happened in that moment people began to boo at me they pointed their fury at me unleashed a rage now as i before i move on here i actually like to show you the video of this woman talking to this cameraman um which we have here so the actual woman who’s giving this account here um on stage yelling at this cameraman to save these people’s lives and he won’t do it and just yells at her to get off the stage so here we go here she is if you’re watching this she’s getting up on stage she just walked up on the platform she’s yelling at the cameraman right now who’s just pointing at the ground trying to get her off there’s a man behind her um giving her a little bit of backup and she’s still just pointing in the direction that she had just come from and later on he’s yelling and yelling for her to get off the stage so there’s the actual girl who gives this account now let’s go back and finish this out here i screamed that people were dying over and over no one would listen somehow i ended up on the ladder going back down mindlessly i should have ripped that camera to shreds i looked the other guard in the eyes and told him he was the one responsible for countless deaths and he did nothing i went under the platform called — the only thing they said was they were calling the medical team in i told the operator over and over we needed to stop the concert because we just needed to pause we needed light awareness of the deaths nothing a kid watched me under the platform watch me break down in tears explaining how i was just saw people crush stomped on and unconscious he watched the operator say nothing of use to me i went out not sure what to do suddenly two men in red medical shirts looking confused and lost bumped into me i explained everything and they told me they had gone in and saw nothing two girls that were in the pit with me were standing beside me heard that and helped explain what was there we led them to it they climbed the metal gates and went through to the people those were the only ones working that were brave that night i had endless respect for those two men we waited the two girls and i and i watched people being thrown over the railing people trying to escape the cage that we had just been in now to give you a better idea of this chaos there’s lots of accounts of this in video um and we’ll see if we can get those up here give me one moment so again to give you an idea of just the massive massive amount of chaos at this concert let’s take a look at some of the footage here and i’ll if you’re again if you’re listening i’ll describe it to you all right so what we’re looking at here is just a mass of people massive people a guard rails um with a bunch of people on the uh inside of the guard rail a few people scattered on the outside of the guardrail pulling grabbing onto their friends trying to pull them to safety on the other side you see people basically pushing shoving all around and yanking on their friends yanking on their friends to try to get them over this fence to escape all of this mass chaos and then trying to uh jump the fence on the outside now with the maybe people a thousand people i don’t know not a mathematician um but there’s one security guard in sight one single security guard for thousands of thousands of people who cannot move who are deathly afraid of what is happening to them and being unable to escape there’s another video here that shows apologies there’s another video here that shows the uh just an individual randomly dropping to the floor uh viewer discretion um but randomly dropping to the floor and what appears to be some type of cardiac arrest or seizure on the ground um yeah that’s horrible but uh even with all of that happening around them nobody to be found nobody to be found that’s a part of the actual concert series and in well it’s over now so um but so it’s really weird this is really weird to i mean try to distinctualize distinctionalize i don’t know if that’s a word i’m going to roll with it it’s really weird to try to distinctionalize between the chaos of the logistics of this the amount of people that were there the little amount of security that was there the small amount of space that they sold to this amount of tickets for um and the underlying conditions that may have caused these people to fall over into the ground so one account is that it was a mass amount of chaos there was way too many people there there was way too little security there was way too little room um and these people were getting trampled now that doesn’t really explain the person that we just saw who fell onto the ground and looked to be in some type of convulsion um so that’s where a lot of the other uh theories come from and one of those theories was that there was a uh well not a theory this was actually proven but um the theory that there was a security guard who came out and said that he felt a prick on his neck and then fell over and we’ll watch that right here we do have a report of a security officer according to the medical staff that was out and treated him last night that he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck when he was examined he went unconscious they administered narcan he was revived and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to um a prick that you would get if somebody’s trying to inject that is one part of them the other thing that’s very important there were some individuals that were trampled and we want to be respectful of that but we just asked that y’all give us time to do a proper investigation live nation has stated from the very beginning that they were all right so basically what that was you know you heard it was a police officer um from houston and uh stating that it is true that there was at least one individual that we know of who was pricked in the neck with something like fentanyl or heroin and he immediately fell to the ground and was distributed or given narcan by the medical staff and obviously is alive today to give that account um so that’s another theory another theory was that somebody some mad man was running a madman was it actually a word i saw on one of the articles about this was running around and pricking people in the neck with fentanyl and that’s how some of these people were dying which is an interesting theory and i think it’s one that should be explored and obviously it’s true with this one guy now whether or not that’s true with the other ones i think we would have actually started to hear and have things come out about these other individuals who passed away i don’t know about this soon but um that’s one theory and in it and it again somewhat surrounds the chaos of the environment and surrounds the incitement of this chaos by uh travis scott who is very well known historically for having and inciting these type of actions these this type of chaos at his events um and that kind of brings us into uh some of the next topics so let’s see if there’s any of these that we want to explore real quickly and then in a disgusting account you see a people uh basically jumping on top of police vehicles that are trying to help and escort people who are uh being resuscitated which is uh disgusting by these people and um horrible uh but again it it just kind of speaks to the chaos of the environment and the chaos that’s being incited in this type of environment now i know i’m not ridic like i’m not trying to be uh you know obviously you go to a concert it’s crazy you go to a festival it’s crazy i’ve been to crazy concerts i haven’t been to festivals thankfully um but uh you know it does speak to that environment and i think that you know you can there is room for that there’s room for chaos always but you know there’s always room for humanity and to be somebody who’s jumping on top of the police cars that are trying to escort out these people you’re a piece of [ __ ] and hopefully it ran over you on your way out but i digress uh moving on through some of these uh accounts here one of the other more interesting theories behind this and this kind of comes from a lot of the surrounding material that went into uh the hype around this you know like basically like the realm that gives the conspiracy world the fuel to come in and uh and and there’s basically reports of people receiving treatments at the field hospital at this at this concert but um at astro festival the the world festival it it there was so much symbolism so much glaring satanic symbolism that it was really difficult to ignore from the original posters that showed you know the uh the words see you on the other side the backdrops and symbolism of those posters showing uh mimicking portals to hell and uh the hands with the eyes within them that is along the lines of the uh pan’s labyrinth character that was to uh be given sacrifices of children and that’s just the poster right we go even further into this and you start to see the you know this is the most famous one is the head of a uh previous uh satanic ritualistic um art that depicts the uh sacrifices of individuals and children through uh the portal of the mouth of the demon or of uh lucifer or malak and that’s how you entered that’s how you entered this concert is through the mouth of some satanic ritualistic thing now if we go even further here you’ll start to see um you know one one thing that people are really outraged of and this i guess this is a side note but one thing that people are really outraged of is the inability for travis scott to even respond to these people who were screaming at him screaming at him uh and there’s tons of videos of this where he’s on stage and almost smiling at these people as they were screaming at him that these people were dying on on the ground and according to these people it was very obvious that this was happening um no i’m not as convinced as that you know i could couldn’t imagine being in an environment where i’m on stage with people sitting there screaming and yelling with music all around me and all that stuff like you know it’s probably very difficult to put yourself in his position and know whether or not we would even be able to hear these people who are screaming because you’re getting the microphone from the cameras right you’re not getting his ear right you’re getting the microphone from the cameras who’s directly around the people who are dealing with this and specifically videotaping us because it’s happening so i’m not actually totally convinced that’s what was happening there i’m not totally convinced that he knew exactly what was happening he heard these people he smiled at them and he’s you know i think it’s hard to say i don’t know if we can make that conclusion um but what we can conclude is a little bit about um obviously the satanic symbolism that went into this and the uh upside down cross stage that was uh utilized at this concert and the uh hints er to malak and the hints to the gateway portals to hell which was even shown even more so in his shirt and his shirt was blue individual human looking figures walking up what seemed to be stairs and then hitting what looked like almost like a glass wall and then walking through that portal that glass wall and then they were demon looking characters who were rad with horns um and there’s you know you can see the upside down stage or the upside down cross stage being utilized now even more so this says astroworld gave attendees exactly what it was advertised a trip to the satanic portal to hell and a blood sacrifice to satan why are you surprised interesting and so here’s another video where he apparently keeps singing while uh looking at the fans who were dead um see if this is uh too graphic to show but there he is up on stage looking down at his audience from what seems like a very easily uh easy vantage point and looking at somebody being carried off by medical staff continuing his concert and and the reason that this outraged a lot of people one of the things um that really outraged people was the fact that there’s video footage of travis scott stopping a show completely stopping a show completely because somebody grabbed his shoe so this guy’s more concerned about his [ __ ] yeezys than he is about his fans who got him those yeezys who paid just as much if not more well maybe not because some of those shoes can be expensive but pretty damn close to be as close to them as they were only to have a terrible fate and uh so if you can stop a show for your shoe i think you can stop a show for your fans now again it’s very difficult to say whether or not he knew that’s what was happening maybe he thought that the concert should just go on because this person’s being carried off by medical staff anyways and he’s not trained to be able to help these people but what he could have done at the very least was pointed them out make sure that they were getting the care that they were uh deserved but with all the chaos going on at this concert it’s hard to say right it’s really hard to say what his vantage point i mean what what he was thinking throughout this time but one thing that we can directly oh i guess here’s another one let’s take a look at this one um apparently there is a video of him calling out to have one of the bodies removed from the crowd but let’s listen in here let’s uh there’s a personal account from a few people discussing uh what this tragedy looked like so let’s listen to a couple of those and then we’ll get into the apology or not so apology of travis scott the next day after um so let’s listen to this it just felt like we was like literally like in [ __ ] hell bro like it felt like we was in a concert in hell you couldn’t breathe you couldn’t see like just imagine all the people they wanna find tonight who was in that crowd who nobody could see nobody could hear who passed out and everybody was just troubling on top of them the whole [ __ ] concert like i’m thinking it’s probably gonna be like at least a hundred people who dared tonight like i kid you not like in the vip section it was so many bodies laid out people was getting pulled out who was fainted and as people were trying to mention trying to give them cpr and they was flipping the moment like they was literally turning them and this guy looks terrified bro just by me alone it was probably like [ __ ] people laid out dead and like once the medic tried to help them they wasn’t responding they moved to the next person it was nothing they couldn’t do like this [ __ ] like this [ __ ] really [ __ ] me up and i really spooked me tonight like that was like some demonic [ __ ] what was so crazy like people were screaming help trying to tell us forever travis scott and it was like help the whole crowd just gonna help help help he just kept going bro it was like this [ __ ] was scary bro so demonic bro and mind you y’all see the type of music i make y’all see everything like you know like i’ve been so heavily influenced by travis but like after tonight bro like god really showed me like you know like stay away from that [ __ ] but like that [ __ ] not for you because like he sacrificed so many people’s lives tonight like for real notice the word are going sacrifice because they want to go to the [ __ ] travis scott concert and have fun you know he influenced people to be raging and all this [ __ ] so many people broke in and it was just chaos bro it was a living [ __ ] hell bro imagine seeing all those dead bodies and that was that was crazy we’ll watch one more before watching the uh apology anything the news says there’s no way that they can come out and say will die someone themselves literally saw dead people like because bodies lined up everywhere see there’s cpr being done in the crowds there’s like there’s it looks like what would be in my bush pit there’s no room for mosh pits there’s only room for the eight people on the ground that are dead having cpr done i wouldn’t believe really anything the news says there’s no way that they can come out and say people die someone themselves literally saw dead people like because bodies lined up everywhere see there’s cpr being done in the crowds there’s like there’s it looks like what would be a mock pit there’s no room for mosh pits there’s only room for the eight people on the ground that are dead having cpr done those were our mosh pits our mars pits were i was dying i picked up no subliminal messages from the website the tickets i didn’t look i didn’t see i wasn’t paying attention but now that i go back and look at the flyer and i look at everything and i was around in the set it’s absolutely disgusting we were literally being sucked into that spiraling hole of death that was portrayed in front of us we’re all suffocating dying and on the screen it reads see you on the other side along with all the illuminati symbols and the praying hand literally sucking our energy from us i am convinced that this was literally like an energy harvest like this was literally like a satanic ritual it was just kind of snatching souls literally snatching people’s souls i don’t even want to know who was forgotten about in there who couldn’t be heard who could be helped like when the people moved out like when the concert was over i don’t know how many people were laying on that floor so because it wasn’t eight people it wasn’t eight people it wasn’t eight just eight people dead it wasn’t just injured there’s probably hundreds dead in thousands injured i have grown up on travis scott the number one artist loved him i’ve been to multiple first mistakes even [ __ ] i’ve never experienced something like this that man is done so two people now saying that the amount of people that were dead the amount of people who were injured is more likely in the hundreds and injured more likely in the thousands than the eight that we’re hearing about in the that’s reported uh injured and which makes complete sense with people at that concert in the amount of chaos that we saw and and the first-hand accounts that we heard it makes complete sense right so let’s move on let’s look let’s listen into his uh apology and uh see see what he has to say about that i just want to send out prayers to the i just want to send out prayers to the to the ones that was lost last night okay i’m gonna stop it there first of all travis you don’t get to send prayers out to anybody we don’t want your prayers we don’t want your symbolism we don’t want your rituals we don’t want your energy harvesting we don’t want any of that the last thing you should be saying in this opening sentence is thoughts and prayers we’re actually working right now to identify their families so we can help assist them through this tough time you know my fans my fans like now see how many times you hear the word sorry i always just really want to leave them with a positive experience positive only he didn’t he kept going he watched them he pointed them out and then continued his show and if you’re watching his mannerisms and you’re watching his body language through all this he’s barely opening his eyes he’s scratching his head like he’s taking a math test his eyes aren’t even open he won’t even look at the camera because he knows what he’s doing i could just never imagine the severity of the situation we’ve been working closely we’ve been working closely with everyone to just try to get to the bottom of this city houston hpd fire department you know everyone uh you know help us help us figure this out so if you if you have any information um you know please just contact your local authorities still won’t look at the camera everybody continue to just keep your prayers i mean prayers the fact that this guy has the balls to talk about prayers when the entire premise of this show was a gateway to hell and the satanic ritual now let’s let’s take away the idea let’s let’s first of all let’s let’s come from a completely logical perspective and not with all this conspiracy stuff even if it was for a show even if he doesn’t believe in that even if he’s not a satanist he’s not an occultist he doesn’t believe in the idea of harvesting energy from the people he doesn’t believe in the idea of um ritualistic sacrifices of people which is a long-standing history if you go all the way back to the s and further back to egyptian times a very very long hand standing historical account of people sacrificing people so even if he doesn’t believe in that even if it’s all for a show even if he’s trying to ride the [ __ ] coattails of little nas x in his bloody shoes don’t [ __ ] sit here and talk about prayers the entire premise of your show is satanism you don’t get to pull [ __ ] god card you don’t get to pull the prayer card when it’s convenient for you after people die from your show let’s just leave it at that for now your show of satanic ritualistic harvesting sacrifices of humans see you on the other side was all around the concert portals were all around in his posters and satanic imagery in illuminati symbolism symbolism was all around the entire show from the merch the shirt he was wearing to the backdrop of what was behind him to the flyers that you walked in with and saw on the walls all satanic ritualistic things now you want to use the word pray twice even if you don’t want to buy into the idea that travis scott is a ritual having satanist a part of this long-standing history of hollywood and musicians that have taken part in that just for a show let’s say just for a show you don’t get to use the word pray in this context i could never imagine anything like this just happening i’m gonna do everything i can to keep you guys updated still won’t look at the camera wow it’s disgusting it’s disgusting now let’s look at this and this is another theory that comes out of this some people are talking about it having to do with the coven vaccinations because you this is from the actual astro world poster um says patrons who are fully vaccinated may show proof of full covet vaccination instead of proof of a negative test um either option of a negative test or uh cova vaccination if you’re under you may use a school id or something similar basically encouraging people to get vaccinated so they can come to the show now here’s another theory that’s coming out of this between the uh hypothesis of random sudden cardiac arrests of people under the age of . It’s saying that basically within the covid vaccination there could have possibly been the use of graphene oxide uh reacting to uh allowing the reaction to frequencies and musical vibrations and g frequencies which again it’s a little outlandish but bear with me because here’s some examples of that use [laughter] i have no idea what the [ __ ] i’m looking at or what any of this means and i’m pretty sure the other people don’t either but basically what it looks like is a little black blob they’re paying they’re playing some type of music and it’s moving all around yeah not very convincing to me um but i guess if that was happening within your body that would probably not be very good so here’s an account by dr vivian burnett which is talking about the dangers of graphene oxide and g frequencies and it’s in some other language looks like french so let me read it for you she is saying the research on graphion oxide was started by a spanish doctor who lives in south france dr jose luis cevillanos even though that he describes himself as a small town doctor who accomplished an extensive epidemiological study on the region he started seeing that the most endangered patients were sharing similar living locations on the community research i speak faster than the french the common thing about the research location was the g antennas after this the environmental theory about coven was born it’s now confirmed that all vaccines transgene therapies all of them contain graphene oxide graphene’s main purpose is to travel directly to the brain and heart location which are the most electric organs in our body graphene oxide can also be spread to ovaries and testicles and can cause infertility it can also travel to red bone marrow that could activate medullary aplasia leukemia lymphomas and all types of blood cancer as well as autoimmune diseases of any kind please stop getting vaccinated this woman says the body can escape this first vaccine but do not allow them to give you a second or third dose interesting no idea who she is or what she’s saying is true um but it’s an interesting theory right it would explain some of this right and so i don’t know if i believe that theory i don’t know if it was just a mass stampede like cnn is trying to say what i do know is everybody who’s giving a first person account is saying that the body count was in the hundreds not uh the tens or even the eight that they are claiming and the injuries were in the thousands not the hundreds that were claimed so a really interesting intersection of satanic occultism vaccines hollywood illuminati symbolism and uh even if we even threw some g in there for you so yeah you got your money’s worth this week um so you know let me know what you guys think let me know leave a comment i want to hear your thoughts on this a lot of people are saying this is it was a satanic ritual a lot of people you know mainstream media is saying that it was a stampede and it was just a logistical issue and uh some scientist in france is saying that it was caused by metals traveling to the brain and your balls and giving you blood cancer [laughter] so you let me know uh what do you think leave a comment on the instagram page at red redpillrevolt uh go ahead and subscribe to this podcast uh wherever you get your podcast we’re on apple podcast iheartradio spotify uh wherever the hell else you get your podcast we’re most likely on there so thank you guys so much for joining me again let me know what you think i don’t know if i’m convinced one way or another but i do know that this was some crazy [ __ ] and it’s a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to all of the people who lost people and all the people who were just tragically horrifically scared as a result of this i mean i couldn’t imagine being in an environment like that where people are basically crushing you and they don’t have anywhere to go and you don’t have anywhere to go and i thought it was a really interesting account by that person just saying we were at the we were at the mercy of the wave of people because it’s not controlled by one person it’s controlled by one push which causes a reaction which causes a re just crazy to think of so again just a really scary situation um have your wits about you if you’re seeing a bunch of satanic cult [ __ ] um on the event you’re going to maybe reconsider because it might uh just be a satanic ritual sacrifice or not you tell me [laughter] thank you guys so much have a great day

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