Secret Societies & The Founding of a Nation

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Statues all over the country idolize our founding fathers as though they were among the gods of the greek. When we think of these figures in American culture we tend to think of noble, intelligent, wealthy men of the law, who manifested freedom from oppression by sheer will. However, the truth of where their ideals came from is even more interesting. Many of our founding fathers, their beliefs and their actions, were reflections of the beliefs and decisions made in the shadows of secret societies and fraternities.

In this episode, we dive into the founding of our country, the influence of secret societies, and the kidnapping and murder that lead to the very first third-party candidate in US politics.

Come with me and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…


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Full Transcription

welcome to red pill revolution
my name is austin adams
red pill revolution started out with me
realizing everything that i knew
everything that i believed everything i
interpret about my life is through the
lens of the information i was spoon-fed
as a child
politics history
hollywood medicine money food all of it
everything we know was tactfully written
to influence your decisions and your
view on reality by those in power
now i’m on a mission
a mission to retrain and re-educate
myself to find the true reality of what
is behind that curtain
and i’m taking your ass with me
to the revolution
hello and welcome to red pill revolution
my name is austin adams and this is the
second episode of red pillar evolution
so excited to share this topic with you
guys it’s been something i’ve been
researching and looking into for oh geez
i don’t know months months now i’ve been
looking into this i’ve actually wrote
recently wrote a research paper on it
which makes it even more interesting to
talk about today and bring you some of
scholarly advice that i found myself
when researching it so um without
further ado let’s talk about it uh this
week’s episode is on secret societies
and the founding of a
nation and this might be one that you’re
familiar with it might not be so if it’s
not something you’re familiar with it’s
crazy crazy to find out some of the more
uh in-depth unknown history of our
founding fathers and the ideals that
they left behind
some of which weren’t their own they
were actually a part of these secret
societies like freemasonry
and so to start us off i’m actually
going to read a little excerpt from my
research paper
that i think will get us into a pretty
uh interesting conversation about this
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let’s start this revolution together
statues all over the country
idolize our founding fathers as though
they were the gods of the greek
when we think of these figures in
american culture we think of noble
intelligent wealthy men
manifested freedom from oppression with
sheer will
but the truth of where they got those
ideologies from and uh where they got
their ideas from is even more
interesting than that
many of the belief systems
and actions that these founding fathers
took were the result of well planned
decisions made in the shadows of these
secret societies
freemasons sons of liberties and
rosicrucians were among the most
prominent secret societies of the early
founding of our nation
and they planned
played a hand in directing
uh directly taking action against the
british monarchy and eventually leading
the war with them
although as the name suggests with these
it’s somewhat hard and difficult to
really extrapolate the effect uh that
they had to really know the
true effect of what they had on our
nation or our country as a whole
so a lot of it you kind of have to piece
together yourself
but even with the knowledge that we have
of these people
you know what little knowledge we have
compared to what
maybe the real truth and history of
these secret societies are uh still
leads us to believe the impact that they
had on our country is tremendous
so of the men who signed the declaration
of independence i believe there was     
of them
     of them
were free masons
six of them were sons of liberty
and one of them at least was a
rosicrucian that one being uh
interesting enough uh benjamin franklin
but uh
so to name some of those uh signers of
the declaration of independence you’d
think of people like uh george
a very prominent uh
freemason who actually was the head of a
lodge himself um
thomas jefferson
samuel adams
james mchenry
john hancock
all freemasons
now when you think of that in today’s
light when you think of freemasons a lot
of what people think today is like old
dudes sitting in a uh
i don’t know a banquet hall
and uh you know just
shooting the [ __ ] together and
networking and you know going to charity
events and
that’s not what it used to be freema
that’s not what freemasonry is or at
least that’s not what it was
the impact that this so let’s let’s go
back so when you think of our country
you think of you know          um our
country was founded they wrote the
declaration of independence or the
articles of confederation and we became
our own nation away from britain but
prior to that we we still had people
migrating here from all over the world
canada ended up being settled by
primarily the french mexico being
settled primarily by the spanish and
then the colonies eventually leading
throughout the entirety of the continent
of what is today’s united states of
was founded by
mostly europeans so um people came over
here from britain early prior to         
and established freemasonry and
into the fabric of what the colonies
ended up being so they established
themselves in very high up levels of of
politics and they established lodges
actually benjamin franklin himself was a
part of establishing the very first
lodge of freemasonry in the early
so basically they came over here from
great britain and they establi they had
this ideology this idea in mind that
they were going to spread that they
wanted a nation
away from what great britain was great
britain being
basically ran by a monarchy which is
based on royal bloodlines and the
catholic church
simple enough right so they wanted to
get away from they wanted to find a
secular nation a nation away from
catholicism and once you
look a little bit more into freemasonry
and the rituals and the religious
aspects of it and you know some of that
you can start to piece a little bit of
these things together but one thing that
really helped me piece this together was
samuel adams letter
to thomas jefferson which he basically
um i don’t want to paraphrase samuel
adams so let me see if i can find the
quote for you um but he basically said
that the cop
let’s see here the kabbalistic church
being the catholic church
was uh
a monster that was
basically let’s get the exact quote
but he called catholicism in the
catholic church a monster to thomas
or benjamin franklin
which can only lead us to believe that
ideas of freemasonry also aligned with
that belief system
but he said that
kabbalistic christianity which is
catholic christianity in a letter to
benjamin franklin sorry not thomas
jefferson kabbalist of christianity
which is catholic christianity and which
has prevailed for          years has
received a mortal wound
of which the monster
samuel adams founding father of our
country calling the catholic church a
the monster must finally die
yes so strong in his constitution that
he may endure for centuries before he
which we still see obviously holding
true today
so the idea was that they were coming
here from britain and they wanted to get
away from the idea and away from the
reaches of the catholic church
and the
british monarchy right the british
monarchy being made of
long-standing royal bloodlines
so what they did is they came here they
established themselves very early on in
the founding of this country
and they
got very prominent men men like george
washington men like thomas jefferson men
like samuel adams all to be a part of
this organization to share their belief
systems and spread them through the
of our country
it all started there they wanted to get
away from the british monarchy
and so
once you
start to piece these little pieces
together what it overwhelmingly looks
what the theme of this looks to be
is the you know a lot of people will
point to freemasonry and uh
resecretionism and
illuminati and say that they’re
satanists or that they worship the devil
and they do these crazy dark magic
rituals and a lot of that’s true
and but one thing that doesn’t really
touch on
is the idea that
it’s a difference in religious ideology
it’s not that these people are like
sitting there worshiping the
red man who is the evil of all the world
no they have a different
perspective on the same stories
told within the bible and the
perspectives that they hold are that
the god that the catholic church
praises and
loves yahweh is an evil god and the god
who uh
in part put his wrath on humanity when
you know he flooded the the world and uh
let let noah
uh bring all of the people on the you
know the people and the animals onto his
boat to restart the world over basically
so they they believe that that that’s an
evil god and that he shunned
angel son lucifer
who’s the real good god and it’s really
interesting i don’t know enough about it
to really get too deep into it but to me
it’s a difference in
ideology it’s it’s not that they’re you
know mostly
all black wear and red horns and you
know there is some deep dark satanic
ritualistic [ __ ] that they do
but for them it’s
the for the good of humanity right
abraham or george washington himself
uh said that to enlarge the sphere of
social happiness is worthy of the
benevolent design of a masonic
continuing on to say
that the grand object of masonry is to
promote the happiness of the human race
so they believe they’re the good people
right they believe they’re getting us
away from the monarchy they believe
they’re getting us away from the british
clergy who was you know
obviously if you look at
some of the evil british monarchs like
vlad the impaler
we’ll get into that later too if you’re
in in
in the know you know why that’s a really
interesting topic to touch on
they wanted to
get away from the british monarchy and
establish a new country under the belief
systems of freemasonry and the
freemasonry being interwoven with the
religious aspects of resecretianism
and uh the idea of alchemy and dark
magic and rituals and symbolism and
uh but
one person that you’ll see kind of
into this early storyline of the
colonies and
rosicrucianism and
secularism and
freemasonry also being attributed to as
one of the the founding fathers of
freemasonry and uh it was sir francis
and sir francis bacon is is a is a
really interesting uh there’s a lot of
clouds surrounding uh or or
smoke around this man’s life he’s
attributed to being the real writer of
shakespeare he was the editor of the
king james version of the bible so once
you realize that sir francis bacon and
this will all kind of play into each
other it might seem like some crazy yarn
on a wall string [ __ ] and it is so give
me a minute
uh but sir francis bacon uh basically um
is allegedly the uh bastard son of queen
when he was given to the bacon family
uh gave him um
a lot of mentorship and made sure that
he was well taken care of and so she
james d with him to be his
and basically they allowed him to they
basically made it so he learned all of
these languages and he learned seven he
could speak seven languages fluently
including greek and latin and uh but he
also was a part of the team of people
who edited the king james version of the
bible which is
interesting to touch on when you
understand that he’s also attributed to
and founding resecrucianism and being
one of the prominent founders of rasa
crucianism which is a
uh out a dark black magic
alchemic belief system interwoven with
jewish kabbalism and
so basically the the the very the most
prominent version of the bible that
you’ll see when you walk into almost
all the
churches that you know today is going to
be the king james version of the bible
and that version of the bible was
edited right and when you think about
how things are translated
you watch a show watch squid games and
you’ll see the difference between the
subtitles and what they say in the dub
version is much different and because
the direct translation in the
translation of what the story they’re
trying to tell within the english
language are going to be different
and that’s based on cultural reflections
right and what they think americans
might like to see it compared to
and how we tend to phrase things in our
thought processes so when you control
the language of the bible you control
the perspective of the bible and what
the point of those stories are and then
also within the writing of the bible
which is the same
bible that you’ll find
in every single freemason lodge is the
king james version the bible which was
edited by sir francis bacon um i don’t
know i tend to call him sir for some
reason like i you know his royal subject
he edited the king james version of the
bible he also founded resecretionism is
the one of the main founders of the uh
freemasonry and is widely uh
thought to in the conspiracy world be
have reincarnated himself so basically
died off and came back as an enlightened
being but basically faked his own death
and came back as saint germain and saint
germain is believed uh to have been
present at the time of this signing of
the declaration of independence almost
uh being the puppet master and uh making
sure everything went over smoothly and
when people had uh
doubts about things would would stand up
and talk about it in a way that
everybody agreed with and so um in
another side note to that is once you
realize that every single person that
was in the signing of the declaration of
independence had they been found and
caught it was treason they were
committing illegal acts and so once you
realize that they were you know felons
in today’s world it’s it’s not too far
off to understand that they
were a part of these secret societies
and use their belief systems to push the
ideologies of them and weave them into
the fabric of our american society today
so one of the things that’s interesting
to note about freemasonry besides the
fact that almost      percent of the
signers of the declaration of
independence uh were a part of it um is
that the very first third party you know
one of the biggest problems with our
political system and i think most people
would agree with this today
one of the biggest problems that we have
is the two-party system it’s the
craziest you know it um
you know the two-party system that we
have is the
top three things i would say is the
problem with our political system today
but you know maybe between lobbying
those would be the top two at least
lobbying commercial lobbying and the
two-party system
right so the two-party system was
all well and dandy and fine i guess once
george washington
died and left thomas jefferson has his
successor and
thomas jefferson and
alexander hamilton basically hated each
other and founded the featherless and
the anti-featherless was the very first
to split off and become a two-party
system and then later on around the
        s after freemasonry basically took
up the entirety of our political sphere
it’s like said that      of      seats of uh
the sound of their congress were
basically held by freemasons at a single
given time
and what ended up happening it was there
was this man who was uh kind of a uh
degenerate according to the public of
the time
but captain william morgan and captain
william morgan was going to write a book
alongside this editor of a newspaper
he’s gonna write a book about
freemasonry and the evils of freemasonry
of the time and the rituals that they do
and the satanic
craziness behind closed doors
and as a result of that within weeks
freemason showed up at his door and
knocked on his door
took him to jail
for the
for basically a long-standing loan for a
shirt and tie that he had
and then once that basically fell
through they didn’t keep him um they
brought him back to jail for a   .    
death that he owed so captain william
morgan had freemasons knocking at his
door because he was going to write this
book about their satanic rituals
and they brought him to jail once it
didn’t work they brought him to jail a
second time it started to stick and then
they bailed him out so freemasons showed
up at the jailhouse bailed him out for
his uh debt of   .     cents
threw him in the back of a chariot to
the sounds of william
morgan yelling murder
and he was never seen again
and this was like widely known that he
was going to publish this the the public
in general was like really looking
forward to this publication and where
there was a lot of hysteria around the
freemasons of the time because it wasn’t
very widely known about this society
until he was going to write about it and
when he was going to write about it uh
he got kidnapped and murdered and was
never heard from again but what that
caused was more hysteria
what that caused them to do was realize
so basically what happened is the people
that were allegedly had kidnapped and
murdered william morgan
uh got anywhere from a month in jail to
two years in jail
and they thought that that was an
injustice in and of itself the people
the general public of the colonies did
and they realized
it’s true that the freemasons do
basically did take over politics and
were untouchable because you can kidnap
and murder somebody in broad daylight
and get a month in jail
side note
interesting side note uh william
morgan’s wife
later went on
so the person who was going to go to
speak out on freemasonry whose husband
was captured and killed as a result of
it later went on to marry
joseph smith the founder of mormonism or
the church of the latter day saints
which has a lot of interwoven freemason
symbolism beliefs rituals
just a side note don’t know too far into
that connection yet but i’m gonna be
looking into it
but anyways
um the
back to the founding of our very first
third political party
what happened after that was uh the
within five months of him being captured
and killed and these people getting off
and basically getting a month for
murdering william morgan
uh they
thurlow weed and john quincy adams
uh started uh
the third party the anti-masons
it was the anti-masonis was the very
first third party of the united states
the very first third political party in
the united states was a direct response
a secret
society with satanic rituals
they founded this third party and they
went after uh andrew jackson andrew
jackson being a real
interesting gangster uh president of the
uh john quincy adams immediately
proceeding the time that he was in
said as a result of this
during the anti-masonic movement which
he started to found himself said i do
conscientiously and sincerely believe
that the order of freemasonry
if not the grandest is one of the
grandest moral and political evils
under which the union is now laboring
a conspiracy of the few against the
equal rights of the many
masonry ought forever to be abolished
it is wrong
essentially wrong
a seed of evil which can never produce
any good
john quincy adams being the cousin of
samuel adams a freemason
uh john quincy adams being a son of
but uh that will lead us into
basically you know if there’s anything
that you can take from this entire show
today it’s that if there’s going to be a
prominent third party which they never
actually won anything
but if there was going to be any
prominent third party in the united
states against republicans and democrats
it’s going to probably take the
kidnapping and murder of a man who’s
about to
write a book about alleged secret
societies and cults that all of our
politicians are about uh so
the future looks bleak for the two-party
now let’s talk a little bit about the
sons of liberty the sons of liberty was
founded originally by the loyal nine the
loyal nine being some prominent members
in boston at the time and they realized
that in order to kind of spread their
philosophy they would need the help of
more members they couldn’t just have
nine people anymore and so they
recruited the likes of samuel adams
samuel adams being a prominent member of
the masons
and also being a very good networker
and so they recruited samuel adams and
some of the very well-known events of
the sons of liberty that you would know
are the boston tea party
is the
abolishing of the stamp act uh two
things that directly led to the
revolution against the british monarchy
now if you think about what the sons of
liberty actually did is they did the
bidding of the freemasons they were the
arm of the freemasons that a lot of
people they basically they met in the
same place as the freemasons they met in
a tavern called the green dragon and the
masons would meet on top and the sons of
liberty would meet in the bottom floor
so to think that they didn’t intermingle
completely and have very similar
ideologies as silly samuel adams was a
part of both of them actually a lot of
the members of the freemasons were a
part of also the sons of liberty
and so the sons of liberty
uh let’s talk about the stamp act the
stamp act was basically a
taxation by the british on the colonists
saying that any piece of paper that you
have basically needs to get a stamp mark
from our stamp and we’re going to make
money off of it so every transaction
any transactional thing that was
happening any
legal thing that was happening had to go
through the british monarchy they had to
get a stamp of approval um so what the
sons of liberty did is they basically
dragged anybody who said that they were
gonna enforce this or going to be one of
the the people who give gave the stamps
dragged them in the street
tarred and feathered them publicly
they were gangsters the sons of liberty
they also went on to dump some       
barrels of tea into
the ocean of the uh what is it the
the east indian trade company
and so the sons of liberty were just
just doing all sorts of illegal [ __ ]
constantly to push the ideology of these
freemasons and to start this revolution
against the british clergy um and
against the
uh vatican and the catholic pope right
and we go back to that samuel adams
letter where he calls the catholicism a
monster that needs to be eradicated
so another interesting part of this
freemasonry is all of the symbolism in
the roster creations is all the
symbolism that was woven into the early
fabric of our country uh take out a
dollar bill right now and you’ll see
exactly what i’m talking about you’ll
flip it over and you’ll see not only the
all-seeing eye on the back of the top of
the pyramid the pyramid itself being a
symbolism of freemasonry um
but you’ll also see
the the seal the uh eagle
as it were and the eagle being our
you know the symbol of freedom and the
eagle actually comes from allegedly
benjamin franklin being a part of the
early commissioned group to
come out with our seal
they originally came to him with the
uh they originally came to me with the
phoenix which was a rasa crucial belief
system coming from the chemical wedding
the third part of that book series
released by the rossicrucians um
and the rashikrushian chemical wedding
book goes into
basically this crazy story of this man
who gets pulled into this uh you know
ross recruits himself being pulled into
this forest and there being four tablets
on trees and i’ll try to summarize this
pretty quickly um but he each for
symbolizing a different path that he can
and i basically what ends up happening
is a white bird falls in front of him a
raven comes to kill the bird and they
both fly off and he runs after him
passed down one of these tablets and he
doesn’t pick his
way specifically
but finds himself on this path the next
thing you know he’s uh you know a part
of this basically this uh ritualistic uh
uh almost
cultish uh ritual where
the this royal family dies and they’re
supposed to do this every however often
and what they do is they take all they
bring in all these people
and uh what they do is they take this uh
egg and the egg hatches and turns into a
phoenix and the phoenix has to be fed
the blood of these royal
family members who are dead in the other
room and as a result of it drinking this
royal blood it gets bigger and faster
and bigger and bigger and bigger until
eventually it turns into this uh white
being you know this white um
beautiful phoenix
the the royal family comes
back alive as a result of drinking you
know the the phoenix drinking the blood
of these royal family members and so
basically this occultist satanic ritual
on the the uh
ability to bring people back from the
and so benjamin franklin being a
practitioner of russia crucianism um was
a part of making this
symbol for the country and when
commissioned to do so they originally
brought him the phoenix and said this
should be it we are we are you know
coming from the ashes and turning into
this new great nation the new atlantis
and the phoenix would be the perfect
symbol to symbolize this new country um
the new atlantis being you know uh the
second book written within the russian
books released and uh being this
ideology behind showing up interestingly
enough the new world
showing up at a uh distant world and
uh the world being one where everybody
believes all these rasa khrushchev
beliefs and it’s just this utopia and uh
under the belief system of benjamin
franklin and rosicrucianism the phoenix
was the perfect symbol to symbolize the
new world and the only way that they
could convince um
the head the person who was making these
decisions to do it was by making it look
enough like an eagle and so they shifted
the symbol from being directly of a
phoenix to something that symbolized
what that phoenix was the eagle really
symbolizing that phoenix from the
rasakrushian uh second part of that book
or third part of the book the chemical
so there’s
where that comes from now this the next
really interesting part of symbolism
comes from the idea of the statue of
liberty the statue of liberty coming
from three french artists those three
french artists all three of them being
and uh made this statue of liberty
behind the goddess of libertas
gave it as a gift to the united states
for freeing themselves from the british
clergy from the british monarchy and
establishing this new world the new
world of the freemasons ran by the
freemasons ran by the roster
christianism belief system and ideology
woven into the fabric of all these
and that is where we find ourselves
you know interestingly enough uh
george washington at the time you know
you’ve heard of um so swallow me swear
on the bible
george washington at the time that he
was being inaugurated as the president
said and sent somebody back to the
mason’s lodge
send somebody back to the mason’s lodge
to get a bible because according to
freemason belief systems when you swear
on an oath you have to swear over the
king james version of the bible and so
they send somebody to get the bible puts
his hand over it and swears on it that
same bible today is held uh in a
some historical exhibit and it’s only
been used a few times in history again
and uh several of those times being i
let’s see
the several times that’s been used
throughout history
was also used by other people who were a
part of freemasonry or at least an
offshoot of it
the other inaugurations and appearances
where it made its showing was by warren
g harding by dwight eisenhower by jimmy
carter by george h.w bush
and was also going to be done by george
w bush so it’s interesting to note that
george w bush and george h.w bush were
skull and bones members from yale which
was founded by an early
uh beliefs to be a freemason
so spreading the belief systems into the
academic societies of our country
to further seed them into the high-level
institutions that would then make up the
powerful elite that we know today
harding eisenhower carter were all
freemasons bush and bush jr were skull
and bones
interesting to note that the only people
ever used whoever used george
washington’s bible the masonic bible the
king james version of     
     i believe yep dated         
fellow secret society members
so once you look into the fabric of our
country once you realize the founding
the events that took place the ideology
that was spread all comes from secret
societies it all stems from the writings
of rosicrucianism and it all intersects
to turn into what we know today as
liberty and freedom and it all comes
from the ideologies that were spread
through these secret societies
uh you know a lot of of what people
think about these early societies where
they are satanic real ritualistic cults
now it’s hard to find a lot on that but
it is easy to find
the actions and the letters of these
people who founded our country
and once you look into that deeper
i believe personally that we were
founded by the freemasons and
rosicrucianism and you can see that
easily interwoven into the fabric of
today’s society and then
what happened at some point and this is
pure speculation
what happened at one point is that uh
the masons wanted to dilute their
society and uh because it had become too
big the anti-mesa right after that
anti-masonic movement that third-party
uh political party that came out they
lost a lot of popularity amongst the
people after you know william morgan uh
captured and killed
and it was brought into the light of the
public they lost a lot of members a lot
of lodges shut down and closed down so
what i believe happened
is that they wanted to dilute the idea
of freemasonry and they wanted to take
the ideologies and this is the the real
and put them into different positions in
different organizations and spread the
ideology through new organizations with
the same belief systems and dilute the
freemasons completely into a bunch of
men who wear these silly looking robes
and like to give money to charity and
you know what we know as the masons
but that’s pure speculation i have no
[ __ ] idea of what i’m talking about
is true there um
or you know just check everything i say
and be on the safe side but
but there is your story and a little bit
of the understanding on how our country
was founded by the ideologies of these
early practitioners of secret satanic
and i hope you enjoyed some of that
today um and i hope you learned
something if you have any questions go
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share this with all your friends i love
doing this for you guys i love talking
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so thank you so much for joining me have
a great day

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