Assassinations, Cover ups & The Cult of Science

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This week we dive deep into the rabbit hole. We discuss the root of the problem with the phrase “Trust the Science”. Possible assassinations and cover-ups are common themes when looking into the dark past of science and the pharmaceutical industry.

Come with me and see just how far the rabbit hole goes…


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Full transcription: 

welcome to red pill revolution  my name is austin adams red pill revolution started out with me realizing everything that i knew everything that i believed everything i interpret about my life is through the lens of the information i was spoonfed as a child religion politics history conspiracies hollywood medicine money food all of it everything we know was tactfully written to influence your decisions and your view on reality by those in power now im on a mission a mission to retrain and reeducate myself to find the true reality of what is behind that curtain and im taking your ass with me welcome to the revolution hello and welcome to the very first episode of red pill revolution my name is austin adams and thank you so much for watching this so excited to share these things that ive been learning about over the last couple years as ive been researching studying in kind of i know its kind of an overused term but awakening to whats actually happening around me i know you heard a little bit from the intro and hopefully that gives you a little bit about what this podcast is going to be talking about um but i think today should give you an even better idea and specifically i think this one statement could start to open your eyes to what my eyes have been opened to and hopefully start to peel back some of the layers of the statement as the podcast goes on and we have more episodes so um again thank you so much for joining me so excited to start this journey with you and uh without further ado lets move into it but before we do that i need you to do this one little thing for me and use a like and subscribe to this channel and you just share this to whoever you know [music] and i need you to go to i choose dot red dot com is for losers i choose dot red and sign up for my newsletter im gonna be keeping you guys updated im gonna be pushing out all of the articles that i referenced there im going to be putting out a weekly newsletter about the topics that we discuss and it will keep you updated moving forward i appreciate you guys so much like subscribe share lets start this revolution together so the one statement that i was talking about is this and i really think this helps to capture a lot of the elements of what the topics are going to be that we talk about on this podcast and i also think its going to start to give you some idea of where were going to go in the future and some of the details that were going to dive into so um that statements this uh the agenda the agenda of the worlds elite are legitimized by science passed as law by politicians pushed for acceptance by hollywood indoctrinated to the next generation through schools education and religion and enforced on people through corporations ill say it again because i think thats quite the statement and i think you should really start to piece that out the agenda of the worlds elites acceptance by hollywood indoctrinated to the next generations through academia and religion and enforced on people by corporations okay and so i think that gives you a really good clear idea of where were gonna go with this and again like i talked about were to start to peel back those layers as the episodes go on and but today were going to tackle the very first statement of that opening which is the agenda of the worlds elite is legitimized by science and i think this has become such its so funny to me that this has become a controversial topic because when i was in school i was taught the scientific method right we were taught that science is asking questions we were taught that science is a methodology not an ideology not something to be believed but something to be questioned and thats what gave it uh thats what gave it its legitimacy right and now were to a point after all of this that they just dont want you to even ask a single question about science and i think that really starts to open our eyes to what im starting to believe about science is science was hijacked and science has now become a religion or a cult in a sense where you dont get to ask questions and if you ask questions youre ostracized right youre no longer in the club youre no longer a part of that group and i think we can kind of start to look at that uh how that happened by looking back in history and were going to talk about some of those things and some of the key players and some of the organizations and some of the people who fought back and i think this a statement thats as simple as this might allow me to give you a picture of what im talking about if i asked you a question how far is the sun from the earth uh most people are going to do the same exact thing which is theyre going to you know what im talking about theyre going to pick up their phone theyre going to go to the google machine and theyre immediately going to look for an immediate answer from a computer and uh what theyre going to do by doing that is theyre going to get it spit out you know eight million i dont know i dont know what it is i probably should have looked at that however far it is that the sun is from the earth uh youre not gonna question it just like i wouldnt i would go to google i type in how far is the sun from the earth and then i would accept that answer and act as if i found that out myself which i didnt i didnt do any of the work i didnt do any of the equations i dont even know what the equations were to even get to that point and even if i did i wouldnt be able to utilize them properly to get the same answer because im not educated enough on the topic so theres a lot of problems with that and i think the biggest problem is that weve just come to a point with science that we just accept it as fact without questioning it when again if we go back to what i said originally science is a methodology not an ideology science the whole idea behind science and the whole idea behind the scientific method is questions science is questions if nothing else it is not answers right and even if science has answers they should be questioned to legitimize them as science you dont trust science you dont you know the same way that you know somebody whos uh and thats where the religion aspect comes into it its like if you go into a church or you go into a mosque or you go into with just questions without just sitting and listening and kind of accepting these things that youre gonna start to get some pushback i think if we start to pull apart these questions right for this example its how far is the sun right well we dont know the equation were probably not educated enough to get there and in the same way that we look to a pastor for an answer or a priest or a pope or a prophet or something like that were looking to no longer prophets no longer pastors but were looking to google thats scary google is now the provider of truth right science is now the endall beall answer to all questions and if you question that answer you are now a conspiracy theorist right instead of a scientist is what that used to make you know science in todays world is synonymous with unquestionable answers right just like religion requires faith in the unseen to exist so does science right for at least for the general population right unless youre a molecular biologist atoms you just accept that theyre there right i dont know how they found that out i just accept that as truth i accept it as fact you know unless youre a gifted mathematician most of todays physics and answers to the largest most craziest questions requires faith in scientists faith in the process of science that got them that answer faith in you know the people who were providing the funding for that science not being corrupt in their reasoning right and that kind of segues us back to the entire [ __ ] point of science is to question yet your neighbors dumb ass sign says trust the science like i said before is a methodology not an ideology trust the science no [ __ ] question the science and if the science holds true then its real factual science and not some corrupt study that was put into place to manipulate your id your ideas and what you think about certain subjects to then manipulate your actions right and thats what were seeing today and thats what a lot of people are awakening to lets use a specific example right uh just something super noncontroversial something thats really easy to start us off so i dont stumble over myself on the very first episode of this podcast and for that well use uh covid and vaccination super non uh nobodys gonna get bothered by that right so coveted at the beginning of it and then now im not somebody who denies covet exists now im not somebody who thinks that its not real obviously its real theres tests to prove it but what i do think you know back in march was rewind back in march of uh nobody knew what this was right nobody had any idea what the severity of this was going to be we could have all died for all we knew right we thought it was the next plague and i didnt even want my wife going to the grocery store without putting gloves on it seems so silly now but the reason it seems silly now is because we have more information right we have the statistics and even though those statistics were manipulated and skewed and used by media companies to manipulate your beliefs and to try and cause this mass panic to drive more profits to these corporations like the news media like more power to the politicians like more money to the companies that are providing vaccinations and ppe and all of these things but as soon as we started to find these statistics out right as soon as the information came out and i was literally like playing i dont know if you guys ever played the game plague uh its an app on your phone where you make viruses and watch them spread and i was like playing that every night and like you know it was a silly thing to do but it was it was like we were entranced by this new crazy idea what that uh what that did for me like as soon as that information started to come out we started to see that you know we started to see that the uh you know the statistics problems that we started to see problems with i think the very first one was they started to manipulate it so that you didnt know whether people died of covid or with kovit two very separate conversations and two very separate things that uh for you to process in the severity of this um of this virus and then from that with kovid or died of kovid came the idea that once the more information and more statistics started to come out that they were forced to give we found out that there was  initially comorbidities with each covid death right so its like okay trust the science well if you cant stress the science and how you verify the sciences by looking at statistics right because were not going to run those studies we dont have access to the data but we can look into the statistics and the statistics were minimized right the statistics of with covid or of covid with deaths was minimized it was shoved to the side and if you brought it up you were stifled on social media the second problem we had was the core morbidities which is even higher now it to it was  i believe when i looked initially when these numbers were released by the cdc in but now theyre as high as like  right then we dont even we didnt even get into a little bit later we started to find out that the average age of death of kovid was higher than the average age of death in general weird and then we started to see a little bit more information came out about how we were testing because originally i saw all these figures and i saw these numbers like why are there so many deaths why are there so many cases and they couldnt possibly inflate testings you know you either have it or you have antibodies or you dont or but then we started to learn more about pcr testing which theyre now starting to backtrack on and so pcr testing was came out by a scientist who ended up winning the nobel peace prize for coming up with pcr testing and at the time that it was released let me find the name for you guys the time that it was released uh the pcr testing i believe was in the early s and the person who came out with that was carrie mullis he was an american biologist or biochemist and had his recognition of his invention for the polymerase chain reaction technique he started he shared in the nobel prize in chemistry and what he came out with that and said was that pcr testing is not to be used for finding viruses and he said that its too sensitive he said and basically what the pcr testing does is it runs a piece of dna or a piece of dna and searches for certain molecules or and im an idiot dont you know look this stuff up for yourself but this is what i pulled from it and they run it through a certain amount of cycles and if you do enough cycles this is what kerry mullis said himself if you do enough cycles it starts to make you question a little bit about reality he says that if you run enough cycles you start to see the pieces of theres pieces of everything in everything you know the theory that you know the stardust theory or you know you can start to find a piece of anything that youre looking for if you extrapolate the dna to such a long sense or you do enough cycles and he said that would usually be right around cycles now when we were running pcr testing at its height we were running somewhere between uh lets see pcr testing cycles covid we were running cycles at almost between and cycles which would allow them to cause these false positives when they redid these studies they found that it was anything above that range leads to a potentially false positive rate for pcr testing now you want to get into a little bit more detail about kerry mullis he was a very big fauchy hater even through the early s from the scandals of fauci killing people with the drug azt which was originally used as a chemo or a cancer drug but it was killing so many patients and causing cancer to become so much worse than what it was originally that they pulled it from the shelves and all the pharmaceutical companies that were providing this we lost billions of dollars so they came to anthony fauci and said we need to repurpose this obviously you know i dont have the conversation thread here but they came to anthony fauci and anthony fauci went and decided that he was going to utilize azt as a drug for hiv in the aids epidemic which ended up killing tens of thousands tons of people as a result of him misusing that azt to try and help the pharmaceutical companies who were going to lose so much money from you know so much potential profits i guess not so much money but their profits that they could have potentially made so he came out and carrie mullis said that uh he wanted to basically chase down anthony fauci and would be the first person to uh punch him if he had the chance fast forward three months before the spark of coven carey mullis the nobel prize winning scientist biochemist who came out with the testing that was utilized to confirm kovid died in his house three months before the pandemic im not making this [ __ ] up go google it google it yourself and uh get the answer he died in his house um i believe they called it pneumonia but what are the odds of that the biggest uh outspoken person who would cause a problem for anthony fauci and the uh the manipulation of these positive results for kovid dies three months before the covet virus is released from the wuhan lab coincidence probably [ __ ] not but you know i digress lets move on so um very interesting story about kerry mullis do some research on yourself its crazy the fact that he died that close to covid and he was such an outspoken person regarding anthony fauci he hated fauci you can find those interviews and ill post it right here for you um and actually here lets cut to it right now what is it about humanity that wants to go to all the details and stuff and listen you know these guys like faulty get up there and start talking you know he didnt know anything really about anything and id say that to his face nothing the man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if its got a virus in there youll know it he doesnt understand electron microscopy and he doesnt understand medicine and he should not be in a position like hes in most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they dont know anything about whats going on in the bottom you know those guys have got an agenda which is not what we would like them to have being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way theyve got a personal kind of agenda they make up their own rules as they go they change them when they want to and they smuggly like tony fauci does not mind going on television in front of the people to pay his salary and lie directly into the camera you cant expect the sheep to really respect the best and the brightest they dont know the difference really i mean i like humans dont get me wrong but basically there is a theres a theres a vast the vast majority of them do not possess the ability to judge who is and who isnt a really good scientist i mean thats a problem thats the main problem actually with science id say in this century because science is being judged by people funding is being done by people who dont understand it okay who do we trust voucher fact she doesnt know enough to you know if factory wants to get on television with somebody who knows a little bit about this stuff and debate them he could easily do it because hes been asked i mean ive had a lot of people president of the university of south carolina asked about if hed come down there and debate me on the stage in front of the student body because i wanted somebody who was from the other side to come down there and balance my because i felt like well these guys can listen to me but i need to have somebody else down here thats going to tell me the other side but what she didnt want to do theyre not supposed to believe anything scientists are supposed to have some evidence that leads them tentatively to some conclusion or to some action theyre supposed to be able to show that to other scientists any interested person in fact whos willing to understand what it is that was used as evidence should be able to say yeah i agree with that makes sense using rules of inference that weve used for since aristotle okay and theres not its not complicated at all you learn it in the sixth grade most scientists forget it pretty quickly but science is not a set of beliefs i mean theres only one belief in science that has you have to retreat to commitment at a certain point you have to say we do believe that if a implies b and b implies c then a implies c and we do believe that if p is a proposition which is true then not p is a proposition that is false thats all we have to believe in science the rest of it is tentative awaiting further study and almost every single thing that is considered to be a fact in the th century in another years will look very silly you know if you just think picture yourself being a real bright egyptian mathematician and thinking that you really understand math and then see what youd look like from the point of view of somebody in the year did you really understand math nope was any of it right no it was all wrong in just a little way here a little bit there a little there were things wrong with it i wouldnt be surprised if years ago from now aristotelian logic turned out to not be you know its already starting to look kind of funny because of quantum mechanics sometimes things are true and not true at the same time some things sometimes affect precedes cause time isnt quite what we think it is either nothing is certain in science there are theres no room for beliefs are for people beliefs are for things where you want to have a belief that helps bolster your courage in something in order to act so thats what religions for you know that there you say im going to believe in something thats going to help me to get through this mess out here that ive got to get through and im going to do that because its useful for me to believe that and the harder i believe in it the more powerful i get in a way especially if i want to start be bossing a lot of people around and i can get them to believe the same thing thats a belief the difference between that and science was established clearly at least in england in the th century by the royal society the founding of the royal society is still around now they probably dont remember this that same bunch of [ __ ] that people would wont accept my papers anymore but they said theres a big difference between empirical signs empirical science is something that can be done in front of other people you can show it on a stage i can do my experiment in front of anybody who is interested in seeing the results and we should all agree on the results we dont have to worry about why you know we really dont we dont ever if you if you why long enough youll always come to a big because and you wont be able to always know but you can know what you showed you can say if i take this ball and i roll it down an inclined plane it rolls down at a certain rate it has to do i think with some kind of force were going to call gravity but i dont have to really know why it does i can just show you it does every time we can make cannons that will drop balls on peoples heads with the same principle it works i can show you that it works by making the can and i can show you by repeating the experiment i dont have to know why and i dont have to believe in balls because i can throw one at you know i dont believe in them they are there because i can pick them up i have them in my hand i dont believe in science i dont believe in polio do you believe in polio i mean we are under the impression that there was a disease called polio that it caught and it caused certain when it got into your brain it was terrible for you and some people died from it we have evidence for it but we dont believe in it its not in some church somewhere and if somebody came along years from now studied the whole thing and said you know what there wasnt ever a disease called polio it was a mistake it was something else it wasnt a disease it was just you know i mean then you change your mind about it in science youre always ready to have your favorite theory proven wrong and if youre not you shouldnt be doing science in fact most of the people that are doing science shouldnt be there children should not be encouraged to go into science by the way children should be encouraged to avoid it unless they just cant stand not being scientists its not a wonderful area where everybody is happy and heroes there are very few of us they get the chance to go over to stockholm and pick up a prize its a hard job there are a lot better jobs for people that have belief systems i mean if you want to believe in something you can be a lawyer you can believe in a law theres a lot of places in law where you can believe its okay you can be in church you can be a church person you can believe there you can be lots of other professions well you could be in real estate where you believe you dont do too well in real estate if you use too strict a belief system but science is a place for people that just are too ornery to believe in anything they say show me show me why you think this is one way and ill try to show you another way and well both do this and well enjoy doing that well debate about what is the actual outcome of the experiment and well do it over and over again until we all agree then well move on to the next step make some gunpowder something like that make cars you know we dont make we dont believe in cars its not a belief theyre there you can get run over by one you dont have to believe in them we believed in things like god the catholics have sort of forgotten that and thats why they sort of took a hit by science its just the last century its a belief thing its faith thats totally different from science its silly to hear people saying you dont believe that hiv causes age you dont believe that i mean its just a word but its a very important distinction i think that you know thats why it and its becoming a very emotional kind of thing because people actually they get personally committed to what really is a body of evidence all right so now were going to talk a little about were going to go into kind of the beginning right maybe not the beginning because the beginning goes back farther than this but as far as vaccines go a big piece in history and this is another theme youre gonna find is right around the time of world war ii a bunch of crazy [ __ ] happens all of these restructuring of our governmental societies we basically take in all of the nazi scientists and formed nasa and you know uh the cia and out of it becomes these vaccine and pharmaceutical giants and one of those giants ended up being the so lets go back a little bit more so s during world war ii we had a massive amount of soldiers who were dying as a result of um a ton of different viruses whether it was gang green whether it was tons and tons of different silly reasons that they should not have been dying because they were shoving so many people into these small disgusting boats in all these areas they shouldnt have been in without proper clothing or proper food or proper taking care of themselves or boots or any of this stuff so they were dying in droves and there was there was almost as many people dying it was like one in four people were dying as a result of some kind of some type of sickness and uh so what they what basically happened is they decided there was now going to be a war viruses and so what they did is they found out that penicillin was a very um effective multiuse vaccination and so they basically put out a contract and said who can help us build this industrious aspect to try and pump out as many penicillin vaccinations as possible to our soldiers so that we can win this war on viruses and this war on uh germany so what they ended up happening as a result of that the company that won the biggest contracts for that and came to power because of it was lo and behold pfizer so pfizer got the biggest largest contract for penicillin throughout world war ii and um basically once the war was over and they had built all of these huge industrial buildings pumping out tons of penicillin just kind of like what we talked about before they needed to still make their profits they built these you know warehouses to build it and do all these things for them and they had nowhere to put the vaccines after the war was over and so what they did is they lobbied and lobbied and lobbied and right around the law was passed to mandate all school children k through were now mandated also to take vaccinations because if it helped our soldiers on a boat going to uh you know dday then why wouldnt it help your uh you know first grader whos going down the road to with a bunch of friends to probably in a lot healthier state than these soldiers but they need to make their profits right so they bought off the regulators at that time they bought out the cdc the ama the medical curriculum and as a result were able to push for all vaccinations to now be mandated which keep in mind they didnt even have any repercussions for any type of side effects they werent even they werent even required to list side effects until the mid s so they had a complete monopoly on who could give out these drugs because until it became a generic they couldnt be repurposed by other pharmaceutical companies so they have a complete monopoly theyre now legally mandated in schools and now they get to continue making their profits right whats even more interesting about is that you know heres another question the average not a question but a statement the average year old through from zero to years old now in todays world takes  now if you count covid and covet shot two and the booster now that theyre pushing thats three more thats vaccinations that are mandated for your child or your body before the age of  right were not even going to get too far into the causes of that in the uprisings of autism as a result of these vaccinations and the timing um during the mid s when these all started to get pushed out and how autism basically didnt exist until then but something to research on your own another conversation that we can go into about that is the um there was somebody during that time period and im going to talk a little bit from this book right here its called code blue and i was written by mike mcgee and its a book that im reading right now i find its really fascinating goes into the its called uh code blue inside americas medical industrial complex profit over uh health the fascinating infuriating story of how we built the worlds most expensive least equitable health care system and what we can do to fix it um great job shout out mike mcgee so if we go back here and were going to go all the way back if you have this book page which says major farm or sorry during world war ii the germans tested the compound called thalamide as an antidote to serine nerve gas after the war the patent rights wound up with chemi grutenthal the company that had the first introduced penicillin into the german market the compound was also licensed to usbased smith client and french which in and began to explore the drugs effectiveness as a sedative the company conducted a clinical study of americans including some pregnant women sound familiar after analyzing the results and noting the birth of at least one deformed baby they quietly buried the findings behavior that would not be discovered until more than a half century later when it was dug out by the plaintiffs attorneys despite the concerns over that deformed deformity doctors were actually broadcasting the indications for use one such physician was wellregarded australian obstetrician william mcbride who noted that thalidomide appeared effective in limiting morning sickness in first trimester pregnant women once his finding became public the use of the drug exploded so in standard medical industrial complex style when richardson marrow presented its application for approval of the thalidomide to understaffed fda in it was backed by an army so s im sorry it was backed by an army of lobbyists and plenty of friends in congress everyone expected quick approval especially considering that the drug was a drug was already widely used in europe canada and australia fortunately even if the fda as a whole was mostly a paper tiger the examiner it assigned to the case was an in fatigable lion now that infitigable lion goes by the name of francis kelsey and heres a quick excerpt from uh an article that was written in on the washington post on july th which was titled heroin of fda keeps bad drug off the market and it opens with these four short paragraphs this is the story of how the skepticism and stubbornness of a government physician prevented what could have been an appalling american tragedy the birth of hundreds or indeed thousands of armless and legless the story of dr francis oldham kelsey a food and drug administration medical officer is not just one of inspired prophecies nor of dramatic research breakthroughs she saw her duty in sternly simple terms she carried it out living the while with insinuations that she was a bureaucratic nitpicker unreasonable even she said stupid she saw her duty in plainly simple terms that such attributes could have been ascribed to her is by her own acknowledgement not surprising considering all of the circumstances what she did was refuse to be hurried into approving an application for marketing a new drug she regarded that safety is unapproved despite considerable data arguing that it was ultra safe now what ended up happening as a result of that um despite her vigilance kelseys vigilance richardson merrill had already exploited weaknesses in the legislation so even during the time that she was not stamping approval so here was the case there was people in the fda that worked at the time to approve pharmaceutical medications and of those people kelsey was one of them and she was the wrong one to mess with and when they started she started to connect the dots between these deformities and babies the legless armless children that were born all over the world as a result of this drug that they were now pushing as a morning sickness drug for pregnant women even though it was not approved in the united states they exploited weaknesses in the legislation which focused on minimal standards of safety rather than effectiveness and they distributed the name of research some  million drugs to american physicians under the guise of clinical testing subsequent lawsuits alleged that more than americans have received the product as a stress reliever as an antinausea in early pregnancy and or for headaches and insomnia and thats an estimated women of childbearing age of whom were believed to be pregnant were exposed and of those ultimately us children were born with birth defects during this period kelsey continued to stonewall the richardson mayoral request while she monitored medical journals from around the world in the meantime clinicians in europe began to report clusters of birth defect pharmac focomelia and an absence of limbs resulting from the lack of fetal growth of the long bones of the arms and lags of children the first known baby born with such defects the child of gruenthal worker the child of the worker from the company which had this drug put out in the first place had arrived christmas day of  what that shows us is all of those findings were hidden by the pharmaceutical companies they didnt they basically bullied kelsey they tried to ruin her entire reputation they did everything in their power to try and get this drug pushed through because they wanted profits over safety of humans which seems counterintuitive from a company who is there to help people not be sick right with pharmaceutical companies or medical companies or medical scientists but again that comes back to the war allopathic medicine which started in um by the rockefeller foundation the rockefeller foundation which originally wasnt a bad idea came in and changed what was basically snake oil salesmen and doctors who had no reason to be doctors and made legitimate pathways to become a doctor they established several schools but they also delegitimized any school that was not allopathic medicine allopathic medicine being the war on disease as opposed to the assistance of medications to help your body fight things so theres two belief systems in medical terminology well three theres allopathic medicine theres osteopathic medicine and then theres homeopathic medicine osteopath or allopathic medicine is what we have in the us today homeopathic medicine and osteopathic medicine are more common in europe this very day right now and um the reason that allopathic medicine is common in the united states which well see is all about profits over um health was started by the rockefeller foundation who bought out and basically pushed out all of these homeopathic osteopathic medicine practitioners basically bought out all of the major schools started the rockefeller school of medicine decided that it was more profitable to try and fight diseases as if it was a war on disease instead of realizing that your body has many of these things already or all the abilities to fight off many of the problems that you run into in your life and just might need some assistance with that help you cant bottle your immune system and if you could bet your ass itd be a you know pretty expensive medication im sure they wish that but so what they ended up doing was getting rid of all of the doctors who didnt align with allopathic medicine this actually came out and started during the time of the american medical association so the american medical association was basically the enforcer of this the american medical association was basically a foundation of um or a grouping of doctors who came in and lobbied and pooled their money together each year to lobby in the direction of profits for the physicians that were within the american medical association so the point of all that is that this has been going on for a very long time which started during that war on illness in the s that came as a result of world war ii which was then pushed and utilized as a trojan horse to be able to cause massive monopolies and profits for these pharmaceutical companies such as pfizer such as merck which merks another one murks a crazy story so merc um merck is the one thats coming out with a pill thats supposed to help without being a vaccination and caused all the vaccination companies uh um stocks to plummet more recently but what a funny thing about merck merc was involved in so many scandals and uh there was emails that came out uh about the um doctors who were speaking up against the vioxx and vioxx was a certain medication that was released that was released lets see if we can find a dating here um so vioxx uh merck mayday basically made a hit list of doctors who criticized vioxx according to the testimony in a vioxx class action lawsuit case in australia the list email the list emailed between merck employees contained doctors names with the labels neutralize neutralized or discredit next to them according to the australian news network merck emails from show company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using vioxx one email said we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live the plaintiffs lawyer gave the assessment it gives you the dark side of the use of key opinion leaders and thought leaders if they say things you dont like to hear you have to neutralize them it does not suggest a certain culture within the organization about how to deal with your opponents and those who disagree with you this is on the heels the allegations came on the heels of the revelations that merck created a fake medical journal the austr australasian journal of bone and joint medicine in which to publish studies about their own drug vioxx they even made pop songs that they commissioned about vioxx to inspire their staff and paid ghostwriters to draft articles about the drug in a positive light so this is the lengths theyre willing to go theyre trying to turn their own companys employees into cults by coming out with songs about their pharmaceutical medications and then theyre threatening the lives of any doctors who come out to speak out against them and this is happening were seeing this now this was in but youre seeing this across the board now and youre seeing it being enforced by corporations which i talked about in that very first statement youre seeing enforced by facebook youre seeing it enforced by twitter by instagram youre seeing enforced by news networks youre everywhere that we have access to by hollywood how many of celebrities lets talk about nicki minaj nicki minaj is the only single big large celebrity to come out and talk against this vaccination and what happened to her she got decimated by news networks go back and look and see her tweets about the journalist who basically threatened to dox her cousin as a result of not wanting to speak to the news network this is still happening today this is in thats not that long ago but still happening today in just such a worse fashion this was just the company now they have the political backing of social media giants of news networks of academy academic of academics in our school systems right and they have the backing of politicians passing laws that are mandating that our children get vaccines that have not been tested that arent even legitimate vaccines theyre gene therapy right but lets not dive too far into that i digress so the point is that science has turned into a religion you can no longer question science which is what science was always about science is about questions not answers and you definitely never a proper scientist never accepts science as truth they question everything and confirm the truth for themselves utilizing certain formulas and uh studies now another big problem with todays scientific networks is how the difficulty to even be able to publish a study right its like if you want to actually verify and then to be fair most of our questions arent as simple now as how far are we from the sun right a lot of our questions require complex equations they require a certain amount of people to do studies you know and like i said the questions that we were asking the answers for no longer require simple math its much more about complex than but these answers are now only acceptable if you utilize millions and millions of dollars of funding mostly by corporations who are looking for the correct result hundreds if not thousands of subjects more yellow tape than uh than our kellys bedroom and to top it off most scientific articles have a clause in them have a clause at the bottom of the sign of when they sign on funding for your scientific study they have a clause in them that says at the end of the study when you come out with your results we get to see them first and once we see those results we either get to approve this for publication or deny it so if theres any unfavorable uh information in there regarding that corporation what theyre funding this study for they you never seize the light of day youre never going to see that study because it doesnt give and give the narrative of what theyre looking for from funding that study and from all the way back from s you know in world war ii the national foundation for science was established as a result and in seeing how all of the money that could be made as a result of these vaccinations and all the lobbying that was done by pfizer and these early but at the time most funding for scientific studies was funded through the government which probably isnt a great alternative either at this point because the governments been hijacked youll see a big shift and that shift happens over almost the last to years where corporations now are by far exceeding the amount of money thats being put into funding for these scientific studies now those corporations are only funding studies that will help their bottom line theyre not funding studies that are going to help further humanitys uh effort to be able to live longer or to be able to live or to get rid of some of these diseases that are caught you know you everybody hears this like cancers uh cancer is a business right and we a lot of people will tell you we have the cure for cancer now i dont know if thats true and i dont know if i believe that but what i do know is theyre not looking for the cure theyre not looking for a way because they already have so many big giants put in place so many pharmaceutical companies profit from cancer at this point that to eliminate cancer in general would be to eliminate all of those profits so if there was a single pill that you could take for a dollar that would be able to cure cancer theres no way these pharmaceutical companies are going to fund the studies to be able to get there if the studies do come out and show promising evidence theyre not going to allow it to see the light of day and if it does see the light of day theyre going to stifle that theyre going to utilize the politicians to pass laws like weve seen with ivermectin um in hydroxychloroquine which maybe isnt as effective as ivermectin but we see it with ivermectin with ivermectin is a extremely useful tool against covid but nobody not the news not politicians not uh social media you say anything about ivermectin youre going to get a flagged post on social media right now and the reason is because its a generic drug that doesnt cause profits its already there anybody can make ivermectin but mercs the only one that can make this new pill and hey if youre a doctor who says anything about it what was it were gonna find you in your house said merc in  just give you a couple other really quick instances of uh some of these studies in there was an influence of influential japanese study showing an association between passive smoking and lung cancer it was concluded that wives of heavy smokers had up to twice the risk of developing lung cancer as wives of nonsmokers and if the risk was dose related tobacco companies then funded academic researchers to study to create a study that would then refute these findings the tobacco companies were involved in every step of the funded work but kept the extent of their involvement hidden for decades they framed the research questions designed the study collected and provided data and wrote the final publication the tobacco companies did another example of this is that the sugar industry uh attempted to shift the focus away from evidence showing that an association between sugar and heart disease it was only recently revealed that in the s the sugar industry paid scientists at harvard university widely considered the most prestigious academic institute in the world to minimize the link between sugar and heart disease and to shift the blame from sugar to fat as being responsible for the heart disease epidemic you remember the uh the food pyramid you know with carbs at the bottom saying that every you know what you need most in your diet is carbs and what you need least in your diet is fats then above that you know all of that was lobbying all of that was an excess of bread all of that was all the sugar companies lobbying to try and get you know literally fats and like candy was in the same category as fats and avocado and skittles were put in the same category maybe thats skittles because sugar is skittles hmm i stand corrected but you get the point theyre willing to do anything to stifle this information and if you say anything against their truth their un their truth their um religion their belief trust the science they say dont question us if you question us im going to flag your instagram account im going to get rid of your ability to make scientific decisions im going to get rid of your medical license or your ability to practice law or your instagram story if youre nicki minaj if you say anything against these companies in their science thats now been hijacked and turned into a religion youre done for so where do we go from here what do we do about this and i think thats the hardest question of all it has to start with people you and me in this podcast and your podcast and we need to get it out there that were no longer just going to accept these things as truth right even though im not a biochemist or a virologist or a mathematician or a english major for that matter um i still have a brain i still have deductive reasoning and we still have the scientific method and the only way to prove science as fact is by questioning it and if we dont question it and if were not allowed to question it then science is no longer science is no longer a methodology it is an ideology is then a religion and the god of that religion is man and the man in charge of what that religion says and what the truth really is the one with the most money the one with the most ability to corrupt these pharmaceutical organizations the one with the enough money to corrupt the history books so they dont tell their these stories the one with the most money to fund the social media giants who are now stifling any dissent against their truth but we cant let that happen science is not a religion science is a methodology that begins with questions not answers and thats were going to leave off today thank you guys so much for joining me this has been the very first episode of red pill revolution and theres going to be many more to come next week were going to get into uh some new topics surrounding that same statement that i made at the beginning and to close this out im going to say that statement one more time passed as law by politicians pushed for acceptance by hollywood indoctrinated to the next generation welcome to the revolution see you guys next week you


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