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Hosted By: Austin Adams

Everything you know about history, religion, money, government, and even reality could be a carefully crafted lie designed to keep the powers that be in power & you in line.

Red Pill Revolution opens your eyes to a renewed perspective on all of it.

Current events, “Conspiracies”, Dark History- Nothing is off limits.

Follow me and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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World War 3: Ukraine Vs Russia Update | China & US Tensions Rise Over Taiwan Red Pill Revolution

  1. World War 3: Ukraine Vs Russia Update | China & US Tensions Rise Over Taiwan
  2. Uvalde Texas: Red Flags, Questionable Cops and Heroic Parents
  3. Memorial Day: Badass Medal of Honor Recipients

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About the Host

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, and Veteran; all of which lead me to be a voice of reason and truth during a time where doing so means being demonized, ostracized, and silenced for going against the mainstream narratives.

A stark constitutionalist, avid reader of philosophy, history nerd, wannabe jiu-jitsu practitioner, spiritual inquirer, and lover of sour patch kids (the big ones).

I started the podcast in October of 2021 as a response to an inner urge to speak out and do something after witnessing such orchestrated deceit. Red Pill Revolution is about questioning EVERY narrative; and taking a hyper-logical, open-minded approach to even the CRAZIEST of topics.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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