Red Pill Revolution with Austin Adams

My favorite podcast
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Loving this show! Mostly listen as a podcast. While I may not agree on every thing he says, he gives great perspective. And like me, a lot of his thoughts and views come back to raising our kids in this world! Don’t stop making such great content!!
Literally my new favorite!
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Absolutely love the content, keep bringing others to the red pill side!!!
Such a great podcast!
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Austin does a really phenomenal job of putting together well-researched information, combined with objective critical thinking. He questions everything conventional, but without being overly cynical or pretentious. Take the red one.
Common Sense
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When it feels like the whole world has gone insane, I appreciate your common sense and bravery to speak up/out/against this crazy narrative that is being forced down our throats. Thank you!
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Austin tells it like it is! He gives out so much great information and is very entertaining. I love listening to him.
Everything you know about could be a carefully crafted lie...

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